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curious prints. - Oxford, 1655. 4to. Bind hood of that famous Monument of Antiquity. ley, pt. ii. 1989, russia, 81. 10s. pl. iv. 147, Sarum, 1730. 8vo. Pp. 31, exclusive of the imperfect, 21. 11s.

title. STOLBERG, Fred. Leopold, Count. A concise Account of Stonehenge, and Travels through Germany, Switzer

the Barrows round it, situate upon Salisbury

Plain. 12mo. 28 pages, with fine engrarland, Italy and Sicily, transl. from

ings on wood. the German by Thomas Holcroft. A Description of Stonehenge, Abiry, &c. London, 1796. 4to. 2 vols.

in Wiltshire ; with an Account of the Learn. With plates. Hibbert, 7732, 10s. 6d. ing and Discipline of the Druids : to which Towneley, pt. ii. 1440, 10s. 6d. Duke of is added an Account of Antiquities on SalisYork, 4958, 11. ls. Fonthill, 424, 11. 178. bury Plain. Salisbury, 1776. 12mo. 100

STONARD, John, D.D. A Com- pages, with six wood cuts. mentary on the Vision of Zechariah, Plain : to which is added, an Account of the

A Description of Stonehenge on Salisbury the Prophet ; with a corrected Fall of three Stones, Jan. 3, 1797. Salisb. Translation and critical Notes. 1800. 12mo. 92 pages, with five views of London, 1824. 8vo.

Stonehenge, engraved by H. Roberts.
An elaborate work.

Stonehenge, a Poem. London, 1792. 4to. 24 pages, including the title and adver

tisement. A Dissertation on the Seventy Weeks of Daniel the Prophet, by the Rev. John Ston Stoop, Theodore and Roderic. ard, D.D. London, i826. 8vo.

The Solemnity of the Earl of SandStonehenge.—The most notable Antiquity of Great Britain, vulgarly duct Queen Catharine to England,

wich's Embassy to Lisbon to concalled Stone-Heng, on Salisbury with her Reception, and the King's Plain, restored, by Inigo Jones : to

Procession the River from which are added, the Chorea Gigan- Hampton Court to Whitehall. tum, or Stone-Heng restored to the

The work contains seven plates, with deDanes, by Dr. Charleton; and Mr. scriptions in Latin, English, and Spanish. Webb's Vindication of Stone-Heng The artists were Flemings

, and Theodore

was afterwards appointed painter to the restored, in Answer to Dr. Charle

Queen of England. ton's Reflections ; with Observa

Stopes, L. An Ave Maria in tions upon the Orders and Rules of

Commendation of our most vertuous Architecture in Use among the ancient Romans. London, 1725. fol. Queene (Mary). London by Rich.

Lante. Baker, 563, 1l. 5s. Dent, pt. ii. 308,

A collection of four-line stanzas, on a morocco, ll. 15s. Bindley, pt. ii. 192, 11. 17s.

Constable, 1142, 21. 7s. single sheet. At end 'Amen. Qd. L. Stopes'. Roxburghe, 8564, 21. 8s. White Knights, Storch, Henry. The Picture of 4237, 27. 15s., Fonthill, 886, 34, 35, North, Petersburg. From the German of pt. ii. 698, 31. 15s. 41.175. Nassau, pt. i. 1973, 91. Collation. | Henry Storch. London, 1801. 8vo. Title, one leaf; memoirs, 6 pages; title to 6s. Jones' Stone-Heng, one leaf; two dedications, Storer, James. History and Anone leaf; the treatise, 72 pages ; title to Charleton's Chorea Gigantum, one leaf ; de tiquities of the Cathedral Churches dication, four pages; lines addressed to the

of Great Britain, illustrated with a author, 4 pages; the treatise, 48 pages ; title Series of highly-finished Engravto Webb's Vindication, one leaf; dedication, ings, by James Storer. London, 4 pages; treatise, 228 pages; and the index,

1814-9. 8vo. 4 vols. printed in double columns, 13 pages.


An esteemed work. volume contains 14 plates, including the por

LARGE PAPER, in trait of Inigo Jones by Hollar, also 14 plates super-roy. 8vo. with proof plates. LARGEST on the letter-press.

PAPER in quarto, with proofs on India paper. A Dissertation in Vindication of the An

Select Views in London and its Environs. tiquity of Stone-Henge; in Answer to the 1805. See London. Treatises of Mr. Inigo Jones, Dr. Charleton, The Antiquarian and Topographical Caand all that have written upon that Subject. binet; containing 500 Views of the most inBy a Clergyman living in the Neighbour- | teresting Objects of Curiosity in Great Bri


lain, by J. Storer and J. Greig, accompanied | partial History of the most material with letter-press Descriptions. London, Occurrences in Ireland during the 1806-12. fscap. 8vo. 60 nos. in 10 vols. published at 71. 10s. LARGE PAPER, in demy

two last Years, with a Continuation 8vo. with proof plates. Nassau, pt. i. 48, from the Time that Duke Schonberg with the Ancient Reliques, 2 vols. 61. Dent, landed with his Army to the 23d of pt. ii. 1315, with the Ancient Reliques March 1694. London, 1691-3. 4to. 61. 12s. 6d. Earl of Kerry, 628, 131. 2s 6d.

2 vols. LARGE PAPER in demy 8vo. with proofs on India paper. Duke of York, 117, 71. 7s.

Lloyd, 1278, 11. 14s. Nassau, pt. ii. Fonthill, 833, 121. 125. Marquis of Towns

1153, russia, 11. 15s. Hibbert, 7735, 21. 4s. hend, 2973, 9 vols. 141. 14s. White Knights, Towneley, pt. i. 765, 21. 4s. Story was 200, with the Reliques, 161.

an eye-witness and has intermixed in the Ancient Reliques. London, 1812. fsc.

work many curious accounts of the cus8vo. 16 nos. in 2 vols. LARGE PAPER in

toms and traditions of the several provinces demy 8vo. with proof plates. Earl of Kerry, and counties through which the army passed. 629, 21. 2s. LARGE PAPER, with proofs on

Collation.-Pp. 163, with two titles, dedicaIndia paper. Fonthill, 835, 31. 16s.

tion to C. Lord Viscount Morpeth and Sir

W. L. Gower, Bart. also preface, 6 leaves, A Description of Fonthill Abbey, Wiltshire. Illustrated by Views drawn and en

with maps at pp. 8 and 124. Continuation.

1693. Pp. 328, with two titles, epist. dedicat. graved by James Storer. London, 1812. super royal octavo. pp. 24, with eight plates. leaves, also maps at pp. 10, 16, 22, 44, 46,

to the King, preface, errata and contents, 12 LARGE PAPER in 4to. Duke of York, 4959,

88, 107, 135, 172 and 224. 11. The Antiquarian Itinerary. London,

John. A Declaration of the 1815, &c. fsc. 8vo. 42 nos. in 7 vols. LARGE Lyfe and Death of John Story, late PAPER in demy 8vo. Strettell, 7, 31. 3s.

a Romish Canonicall Doctor, by LARGE PAPER, in demy 8vo. with proofs on India paper. Fonthill, 834, 77. 10s.

Professyon, 1571. London by Thomas. The Life and Death | Thomas Colwell. 8vo. of Thomas Wolsey Cardinall. Lon

D, in fours, 32 pp. Reprinted in the

fourth nuniber of Morgan's Phoenix Britandon by Thomas Dawson. 1599. 4to. nicus, and in the third volume of the Harleian

Pp. 78, or 39 leaves. Steevens, 1091, Miscellany. date 1596 ? 11. 158. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 665, 211. resold Saunders, in 1818, 111. 11s. resold Hibbert, 7733, 61. 2s. 6d. Sir M. M.

A Copie of a letter lately sent by a GentleSykes, pt. iii. 523, morocco, 121. 15s. Re

man, Student in the Lawes of the Realme, printed in the second volume of the Heli

to a Frende of his, concerning D. Storie. conia, and also recently in 8vo. by Talboys (1571). 8vo. Two pages treating of the treaof Oxford. A notice of the work will be

son, confession and execution of Dr. John found in the Retrosp. Review, v. 275-83.

Story, reprinted in the eighth volume of the Stories, Old, reviv’d, being a Col

Harleian Miscellany.

An Account of John Storie, LL. D. will lection of above 500 Reports, Lies, be found in Wood's Athen. Oxon. and Stories, heretofore rais'd and

Thomas. A Journal of the propagated through the Kingdom. Life of Thomas Story the Quaker. London, 1746. 8vo. 5s. With a frontispiece containing nine por

Newcast. upon Tyne, 1747. fol. traits.

Sotheby's in 1826, 11. 38. Brockett, Stork, William. A Description

1591, 21. 10s. of East Florida, with a Journal Monumental Effigies of Great Bri

STOTHARD, Charles Alfred. The kept by John Bartram of Phila- tain; consisting of Etchings from delphia. Lond. 1769. 4to. 5s.

Figures executed by the Sculptor, STORRE, William. The Manner of the cruel outragious Murder of and Churches as Memorials for the

and introduced into our Cathedrals William Storre, Minister and Preach-Dead: from the Norman Conquest er at Market Raisin, in the County of Lincolne, committed by Francis and etched by C. A. Stothard. imp.

to the Reign of Henry VIII. drawn Cartwright, one of his Parishioners.

4to. 13 nos. Oxford, 1603. 4to. 15s.

An esteemed work, published at 11. 8s. Story, George. A true and im- cach number. LARGE Paper, in folio, with

old age.

xlii pages.

coloured plates, published at 1l. 16s. each. continued, corrected and much enlarged by Hibbert, 7792, 1 nos. 81. 8s.

A(nthony) M(unday). London, 1618. small Memoirs, including original Journals, Let 4to. Duke of York, 4960, 10s. Collation.ters, Papers and antiquarian of C. A. Stothard, Title, one leaf; two dedications, consisting of F. S. A. with connective Notices of his Life, 6 and 2 pages; a catalogne of authors, 2 and some Account of a Journey in the Nether pages; the survey, 980 pages, and a table, lands. By Mrs. Charles Stothard. London, 3 pages. Between pages 20-1, are four pages, 1823. 8vo. with a portrait, &c. 15s.

giving an account of the conveying the New STOTHARD, Mrs. Charles. Letters River Water to London. written during a Tour through Nor- larged by A(nthony) M(unday) and Henry)

The Survey of London, by Iohn Stow, in, France, in 1818. Lond. 1820. 4to.

D(yson). London, 1633. folio. Towneley,

pt. ii. 1494, 1l. Collation.—Title, one leal; A lively and picturesque narrative, with dedication, 4 pages; to the reader, signed coloured plates. Hibbert, 7736, 19s. Drury, C. I. two pages; the contents,


all 4053, 21.

the churches, &c. 3 pages; the survey, &c. Stow, Jobn. Works.

pp. 939; the tables or indexes, 28 pages. The writings of this celebrated antiquary Pages 527-34, containing “Spiritual Governare still held in the greatest estimation. It ment' are repeated, and pp. 653-4 and 77 1-2 is to be regretted, that a man to whom the are omitted. The paging is very incorrect. republic of letters is so much indebted, should A Survey of the Cities of London and have been compelled to solicit charity in his Westminster by John Stow, corrected, im

proved, &c. by John Strype, M. A. London,

1720.folio. 2 vol. Edwards, 651, 81. 8s. Dent, A Summarie of Englysh Chronicles. In pt. ii. 1296, with portrait of Strype inserted, Ædibus Thomæ Marshi, 1565. 16mo.

61. 10s. Bindley, pt. iii. 315, 41. 14s. 6d. Towneley, pt. i. 600, russia, 1l. 2s. Hib

Towneley, pt. ii. 1363, 21. 14s. Marquis of bert, 7625, in hog-skin, 11. 2s. Jadis, 59,

Townshend, 3068, 31. 13s. 6d. Collation.russia, 11. 6s. The first edition of Stow's preface, and dedications to the preceding

Vol. I. Title, one leaf; dedication, 2 pages; Summary appeared in 1561, of which edition a copy, supposed unique, is in the collection editions, xii pages; life of John Stow, &c. of the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.

Book 1. 308 pages. Book u. Lond. T. Marshe, 1566. Nassau, pt. ii.

208 pages. Book w. 285 pages. This vo643, 7s. London, 1570.

lume contains 41 plates, a two sheet plan of

London by Richard Tottle and Henry Binneman,

the City of London, Westininster and Sonth1575. 8vo. London, 1579. Lon

wark, and a plan of the city of London is

Q. Elizabeth's time. Vol. II. Title, one don, H. Denham & R. Newbery, 1584. London, 1587. Bindley, pt. iii. 645, 7s. 6d.

leaf. Book iv. 120 pages. Book v. 459 pages. London, R. Newbery, 1590. Sir P.

Book vi. 93 pages. An Appendix of certain Thompson, 668, 11. ls. London, R.

Tracts, &c. pp. 1-143, not including title. Bradocke, 1598. Hibbert, 7626, 13s.

An Appendix of Additions, 26 pages, and London, 1604. 16mo.

index 25 pages. The volume contains 25

plans and other engravings. Pages 153-6, A Survay of London by lohn Stow. Also containing a continuation of the shields of an Apologie concerning that City. With an Appendix, by William Fitzstephen.

arms, are repeated. Im

A Survey of the Cities of London and printed by lohn Wolfe, 1598 or 1599. small

Westminster, and the Borough of South4to. Collected out of our best historians

wark, by John Stow; corrected, improved and most authentic records, with much in

and very much enlarged in the year 1720, dustry and accuracy. Nassau, pt. ii. 1154, by John Strype, M. A. brought down to the russia, 11. 11s. Towneley, pt. i. 755, 1l. 8s.

present Time by careful Hands.

The sixth Field, 1716, date 1599, 11. Is. Collation.

Edition. London, 1754. folio. 2 vols. SterTitle, one leaf; dedication, 4 pages; a table, vens, 1835, 41. 5s. Garrick, 2628, 112. Os. 6d. 2 pages; the survey, 472 pages; errata, one

Heath, 4636, russia, 131. 13s. Willett, 2366, page. Pages 451-466 are omitted, and pp.

141. Hibbert, 7794, russia, 161. Nassau, 465-80 are repeated and follow p. 480. The

pt. ii. 1227, with portraits of Stow and paging is very incorrect.

Strype inserted, russia, 211. Collation.A Survay of London by Iohn Stow, in- Vol. I. Title, one leaf; life of Stow, by Strype, creased with diuers Notes of Antiquity. Im 20 pages; contents of both volumes, 8 pages, printed by John Windet, 1603. small 4to.

the survey, 758 pages. This volume conBindley, pt. iji. 1855, 6s. 6d. Collation.- tains 70 plates. Vol. II. 'Title, and the surTitle, one leaf; dedication, 4 pages; a table, vey continued, &c. pp. 1-838; index, 13 2 pages; the survey, 580 pages, and errata, pages; and directions to the binder, being one page.

the list of plates, one page. This volume A Survay of London, by John Stow, contains plates 71 to 132.



The Chronicles (or Annals) of England, , Grenville-Nugent Temple, Marquis from Brute vnto this present Yeare of Christ, of Buckingham. Bucking. 1797. 1580. Collected by John Stow, Citizen of London. London by Ralphe Newberie, at

8vo. the Assignment of Henrie Bynneman. 4to. Pp. 64, with 32 plates. The dedication Commencing with a list of authors, a dedica

to the Marquis of Buckingham is signed tion to the Earl of Leicester, whose arms are

J. Seeley, the publisher. Post QUARTO. on the opposite page, preface to the reader, Nassau, pt. ii. 1155, 8s. Post Quarto, with a table and errata. The Chronicle on 1215 proof plates (150 printed). pages, at the end, an account of our uni Stower, Charles. The Printer's versities, which is concluded on p. 1223. Grammar: or, Introduction to the Lond. R. Newbery, 1592. 4to.

hite - Art of Printing. London, 1808. Knights, 3991, russia, 10s. Ed. Gough, 3583, 11, 1s.

8vo. Lond. R. Newberry, 1600. 4to. Towneley, pt. ii. 1413, 16s. 6d. . Pre

A useful work, with plates. LARGE PAPER. fixed to this edition is a dedicatory ad

Nassau, pt. ii. 645, 11. 2s. dress to Archb. Whitgist, dated Nov. 24, 1600. See Dr. Dibdin's Library Companion.

Typographical Marks, used in correcting London, 1615. fol. Steevens, 1701, 11. 7s.

Proofs, explained and exemplified; for the Sir P. Thompson, 941, 1l. 11s. Hibbert,

Use of Authors. London, 1805. 8vo. 1s. 7793, 11. 11s. 6d. Heath, 4381, 11. 13s. The Compositor's and Pressman's Guide Dent, pt. ii. 1293, russia, 1l. 16s. White

to the Art of Printing. London, 1808. Knights, 4238, 21. 5s. Roscoe, 475, 21. 78. royal 12mo. 3s. 6d. London, 1631. folio. Best

The Master Printer's Price Book. Lon. edition. Dowdeswell, 790, 12. 158. Boswell, don, 1814. 8vo. 2063, 11. 15s. Reed, 4029, 11. 17s. Rox


Strabonis Rerum Geoburghe, 8361, 21. 2s.

Bindley, pt. iii. 406, graphicarum Libri XVII. Gr. et 21. Ils. Lloyd, 1352, 21. 14s. Dent, pt. ii. Lat. cum Variorum Animadver1295, russia, 31. Marquis of Townshend, 3067, 31. 4s. Willett, 2365, 31. 4s. Nassau, sionibus, Codicum mss. Collatiopt. ii. 1226, 41.

A copy in nem, Annotationes, et Tabulas geo1818 produced 61. 2s. 6d. Duke of Grafton, graphicas adjecit T. Falconer: sub887, 51. 18s.

jiciuntur Chrestomathiæ, Gr. et The Abridgement of the English Chro- \ Lat. Oxon. 1807. folio. 2 vol. nicle by E (dmund) H(owes). London, 1607. sm. 8vo. Bindley, pt. iii. 719, 7s.

Gough, 3415, 41. 9s. London, 1611.sm. 8vo. Gordonstoun, 1210, Hibbert, 7795, russia, 47. 58. Drury, 4085, 12s. Dowdeswell, 683, russia, 17s.

russia, 71. Dent, pt. ii. 1398, russia, 61. London, 1618. sm. 8vo. Sir M. M. Sykes,

Duke of Grafton, 715, 41. Is. pt. iii. 470, 8s.

Two Letters on the Articles in the EdinThe Successions of the History of Eng- burgh Review relating to the Oxford Strabo, land, from the Beginning of Edward VI. to

by the Rev. T. Falconer. 1811. 8vo. the End of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth; together with a List of the Dukes, Mar


A Visit to quises, Earls, Viscounts and Barons of Eng- the Province of Upper Canada in land, to this present Time, by John Stowe. 1819. Aberdeen, 1820. 8vo. 5s. London, 1638. folio. This is probably a

This book is by far the most interesting fragment of a larger work. There are 45 that we have seen on the subject, containing pages of the peerage, and three pages of a much information compressed into a very list of bishops; the reign of Edward VI be moderate compass, and conveyed in an ungins p. 333, and the book ends at p. 843, pretending and yet agreeable form.'—Quart. with the death of Q. Elizabeth.

Review. Stow, W. Remarks on Lon STRACHEY, Edward. Bja Gandon: being an exact Survey of the nita ; or, the Algebra of the HinCities of London and Westminster, doos. London, 1813. 4to. 15s. Borough of Southwark, and the Sub Will. Lawes, &c. for the urbs and Liberties. London 1722. Colony of Virginia. London, 1612. 12mo.

4to. Pp. 180, not including title, one leaf;

Strada, Fam. Of the Low Coundedication, 3 pages, and preface, 7 pages. try Warres, translated into English

Stowe.-A Description of the by Sir Rob. Stapylton. London, House and Gardens of George | 1650. fol. 5s.


Strettell, 1617, 21. 2s. White Knights, floating Island, a Tragi-comedy acted 3998, morocco, 21. 5s.

- 1774. 4to. PP. 158. One hundred copies printed. Kirgate,

before his Majesty at Oxford, by 408, 17s. Brockett, 2978, 198. Bindley, the Students of Christ Church. pt. iii. 969, 21. 15s. White Knights, 3997, London, 1655. 4to. morocco, 31. 3s. LARGE PAPER. Six copies Roxburghe, 5921, 3s. 6d. Rhodes, 2407, struck off. Kirgate, 409, 11, 12s. Baker, 6s. Inglis' Old Plays, 113, 10s. 6d. 821, date 1784 ? 14s. There was another Stroller.--The Strollers Packet edition of the Description of Strawberry Hill,

open'd, containing 65 pages, differing in the whole arrange

seven jovial ment of the letter-press from those of 1774 Drolls or Farces, calculated for and 1784.

the Meridian of Bartholomew and STREAT, William, M. A. The Southwark Fairs. London, 1742. Dividing of the Hooff; or seeming 12mo. Contradictions throughout Sacred Pp. 226, not including the title-page. Scriptures, distinguish'd, resolvid, Roxburghe, 4006, 7s.6d. Field, 37, 85. 6d. and apply’d. Lond. 1654. 4to. 8s.

STRONG, James. Joaneridos, or A meagre performance.

Feminine Valour at the Siege of STRETTON, Jane. Hartfordshire Lyme. 1645. 4to. Wonder; or strange News from In verse. Bindley, pt. ii. 1868, 31. 6s.

London, 1674. 4to. Boswell, 2394, Ware, being an exact Relation of

11. 11s, 6d. one Jane Stretton visited by unusual

STRUENSEE, Count. Authentic Fits, and abstaining from Suste- Elucidation of the History of Counts nance for 9 Months. London, 1699. Struensee and Brandt, and of the 12mo.

Revolution in Denmark in the Year STRIGELIUS, Victor. Proceed

1772, printed privately, but not ing in the Harmony of King David's published, by a Personage prinHarp, translated by Richard Ro- cipally interested. Translated from binson. London by John Wolfe, the German, by B. H. Latrobe. 1591. 4to.

London, 1789. 8vo. 4s.
Inglis, 1379, 8s.

Williams, 1075, 10s. It was reprinted by

the late Rev. Thomas Rennell of KensingThird Proceeding in the Harmony of

ton, in 8vo. 8s. King Davids Harp. London by Valentine Sims, 1595. 410. Inglis, 1380, 8s.

The Trial of Count Struensee, late Prime Part of the Harmony of King David's

Minister to the King of Denmark. TransHarp. 1582, 1593. See Psalms.

lated from the Danish and German Originals. STRIGLEY, Nathaniel. A true Re- London, 1775. 8vo. 2s.6d. lation of Virginia and Maryland, Struther, William. True Hap&c. London, by Tho. Milbourn. 4to. piness, or King Davids Choice.

Edinb. 1633. 4to. Stringer, Moses, M. D. Opera Constable, 1075, 9s. Struther is always Mineralia explicata : or, the Mi- characterized by Calderwood as a servile neral Kingdom within the Domi- follower of the court. nions of Great Britain displayed.

Christian Observations and Resolutions. (1713). 8vo. 5s.

Genevæ, 1608, Edinburgh, 1628. ConstaThis work contains a complete history of ble, 946, 19s. 1629. 12mo. 10s. 6d. the ancient corporations of the city of Lon A Looking Glass for Princes and People. don, of and for the mines, the mineral and Edinb. 1632. battery works.

Struthers, John. The British Stripping, Whipping and Pump. Minstrel, a Selection of Ballads, ing, or the five mad Shavers of ancient and modern; with Notes Drury Lane, strangely acted and biographical and critical. Glasgow, truely related. Lond. 1638. 12mo.

1821. 12mo. 2 vols. With a wood-cut. Gordonstoun, 2151, 31. 13s. 6d.

The Harp of Caledonia, a Collection of STRODE, William, D.D. The the best songs, ancient and modern, with

Five pages.

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