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New Holland. London, 171)3-4. 4to. pp. 54, with 16 coloured plates.

Tracts relating to Natural History. Lond. 179S. 8vo. pp. 312, with 7 coloured plates.

Compendium Florae Britannics. 12mo. Several editions.

Flora Britannica. Lond. 1800-4. 8vo. 3 vols. Gough, 3290,9s. Gd. White Knights, 3868,13s. —CtimNotis J. J.Romer. Turici, ISO 1-5. 12mo. 3 vols.

Exotic Botany, consisting of Figures and scientific Descriptions of such new, beautiful or rare Plants as are worthy of Cultivation in the Gardens of Britain, with Remarks on their Qualities, History and requisite Modes of Treatment. London, 180 1-5. 4to. 2 vols. Hibbert, 7529, russia, 11. 19s. White Knights, 3867, vol. i. 16s.

An Introduction to physiological and systematical Botany. London, 1807. 8vo. pp. 533, with 15 plates. Some copies have coloured plates. —1809. 8vo. —1819. 8vo.

A Tour to Hafod in'Cardiganshire, the SeatofThomasJohnes,Esq. London, 1810. super-royal folio.

Considerations respecting Cambridge, more particularly relating to its Botanical Professorship. By Sir J. E. Smith, M. D. &c. London, 1818. 8vo. pp. 60.

A Vindication of the University of Cambridge.—By the Rev. James Henry Monk, B. D. Second Edition. London, 1818. 8vo. pp. M.

A Grammar of Botany. London, 1821. Svo. pp. 241, with 21 plates. Some copies have coloured plates.

A Selection of the Correspondence of Linnaeus and other Naturalists, from original MSS. By Sir J. E. Smith, M.D. F.R.S. London, 1821. Svo. 2 vols. Published at 11. 10s.

The English Flora. London, 1823-5. Svo. 3 vols. Published at IL 16s.

See Abbot, John. Sowerby, James.

— Sir J. Knt. See Smyth, Sir John, Knt.

— John. The generall Historie of Virginia, New-England and the Summer Isles, with the Names of the Adventurers, Planters and Go vernours from their first Beginning Ano. 1584 to their present 1626.— Divided into sixe Bookes. By Captaine John Smith sometymes Governour in those Countryes and Admirall of New England. London, 1626. fol.

Towneley, pt. ii. 1511, 6/. 2s. 6d.—Collation. Title engraved by John Barra, at the top of which are portraits of Q. Elizabeth, K. James and K. Charles, one leaf; dedica

tion to * the Lady Francis, Duchesse of Richmond and Lenox,' one leaf; preface and complimentary verses, 3 leaves; contents, two leaves; the work, pp. 1-96, pp. 105-248. Plates. 1. Portrait of the Lady Frances Duchesse of Richmond and Lennex, by Pass. Before the dedication. 2. A Map of Virginia grauen by William Hole. p. 1. 3. A Plate containing the Adventures of Capt. Smith and a Map in six Compartments, p. 40. 4. Portrait, Matoaka als Rebecca Filia potentiss. Princ: Powhatani Imp: Virginie. Si: Pass sculpt Compton Holland excud: at p. 121. 5. A Plate containing the View of the Fortes, in the centre a Map of the Summer lis. p. 168. 6. A Map of New England, at one corner of which is the Portraicture of Captayne John Smith. — London, 1624, folio. Bindley, pt. iii. 1441, 11 2s. 6d. White Knights, 4223, with Smith's Travels, 1630, russia, 2/. 10s. Large Paper. Hunter in 1813, Mt. 6s. Hibbert, 7574, russia, 13/. 13s. In Eton College Library is a copy on large paper which formerly belonged to K. James I. — London, 1627. fol. The edition of 1626, with a new title-page, inferior in point of impression. — London, 1632. folio. Grave, 396, 21. 2s. Nassau, pt. ii. 1024, 11 Dowdeswell, 784, russia, 23/. 2s. Smith's History of Virginia, New England and the Summer Isles, will be found in the thirteenth volume of Pinkerton's Collection of Voyages and Travels.

A Map of Virginia, with a Description of the Covntrey, the Commodities, People, Government and Religion, written by Captaine Smith, sometimes Governour of the Countrey. Whereunto is added the Proceedings of those Colonies, &c, by W. S. Oxford, 1612. 4to. Jadis, 250, with the map, morocco, 3/. 3s. —Collation. Title, to the hand, signed T. A. a dictionary of words, 4 leaves; the description, pp. 1-39. The Proceedings of the English Colonies in Virginia, pp. 1-110, not including a title, and to the reader, signed T. Abbay, two leaves

A Description of New England: or the Observations, and Discoveries of Captain John Smith (Admirall of that Country) in the North of America in 1614: with the Successe of sixe Ships, that went the next Yeare 1615; &C. London by Humfrey Lownes, 1616. 4to. Jadis, 252, with the map, morocco, 21. 3s.—Collation. Title, epistle dedicatory to 'Charles Prince of Great Britaine,' 'To the Knights & Gentlemen of his IOjesties Councell,' 'To the right Worshipfull Aduenturers' and complimentary verses, together 8 leaves; the description, pp. 61, after which are complimentary verses by Ed. Robinson and Tho. Carlton, 2 pages. At page 1. is a folding map of New England, S. Passaeus sculp, at the corner of which is a portrait of Capt. John Smith.

New England's Trials, declaring the Successe of 26 Ships employed thither within these six Yeares: Ike. Written by Captaine Iohn Smith. London, 1620. 4to. Ten leaves, including the title.

New England's Trials, declaring the Success of 80 Ships employed thither within these eight Years; &c. Written by Captaine Iohn Smith. The second Edition. London, 1622. I to. Sign. A to D, in fours.

An Accidence, or the Pathway to Experience, necessary for all young Seamen, Sec. Written by Captaine Iohn Smith sometimes Governour of Virginia, and Admirall of New England. London, 1626. 4to. Sign. A to F 3, in fours. Inglis, 1359, 6s. Gordonstoun, 2122, lis.

A Sea Grammar, with the plaine Exposition of Smith's Accidence for young Seamen enlarged. London, 1627. 4to. Steevens, 1502, 2s. 6d. Inglis, 1361, 4s. Jadis, 217, with portrait of Smith inserted, lis. Nassau, pt. ii. 1124, with portrait of Smith, 13s. Gordonstoun, 2123, lis.

The Seaman's Grammer, by Captain John Smith, sometimes Governour of Virginia and Admiral of New England. London, 1653. 4to. Sign. A, two leaves, B to L 2, in fours, printed in black letter.

The Seaman's Grammar and Dictionary by Captain John Smith, now much amplified and enlarged. London, 1692. 4to. Sign. A to Z, in fours, with a plate of a ship, opposite which is a letter-press description.

The true Travels, Adventures and Observations of Captaine Iohn Smith, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, from 1593 to 1629. Together with a Continuation of his generall History of Virginia, Summerlies, New England, and their Proceedings, since 1624 to this present 1629; as also of the new Plantations of the great River of the Amazons, the lies of St. Christopher, Mevis, and Barbados in the West Indies. London, 1630. folio. Pp. 59, not including title, dedication to William Earle of Pembroke, &c. contents, verses, together six leaves. At the back of the title is a coat of arms, and at page 1 a large folding plate, in eight compartments, representing the various perils, &c. of the captain. Hibbert, 7577, 11. IN. Nassau, pt. ii. 1025, 31. 3s. Jadis, 348, it. 6s. Gordonstoun, 2203, 51. Inglis, 1435, til. 6s. Reprinted in the second volume of Churchill's Collection of Voyages and Travels.

Advertisements for the unexperienced Planters of New England, or any where. By Captaine John Smith, sometimes Governour of Virginia and Admirall of New-England. London, 1631. 4to. Sign. A to F, in fours, with a map, containing a portrait of Capt. Smith by Pass. Inglis, 1360, 1/. 3s. Jadis, 253, morocco, 11. Is. Gordonstoun, 2204, 31.

Smith, John, of St. John's College, Oxford. Works, published by Hart. Lond. 1637. 4to.

Third edition, corrected and amended. — 1629. 4to. According to Ant. a Wood, Smith ' was skilful in the original languages, an excellent text-man, and well read in writers that were of note in several ages of the church.'

— Sir John, Knight. Britannicse Virtutis Imago: or, the Effigies of trve Fortitvde expressed to the Life in the famous Actions of that incomparable Knight, Major Generall Smith, who is here represented, June, 1644. Oxford, 1644. 4to.

Pp. 28, not including title, and dedication signed E. W(alsingham). Nassau, pt. ii. 1125, 3s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2533, H. 1 Is. 6d.

— Capt. John. The Innocent cleared, or a Vindication of Captaine John Smith, Capt. Lieutenant under Colonell Itainsborough, against those false Aspersions raised against him by one Major Wylkes. London, 1648. 4to.

Seven leaves.

— John, of Queen's College, Cambridge. Select Discourses (9) with his Life, Death and funeral Sermon by Simon Patrick. London, 1660. <lto. 10s. 6d.

Smith was a writer of great erudition and strength of mind. — Cambr. 1673. 4to 6s. Williams, 1417, IN. — With Life by Sir David Dalrymple Lord Hailes. London, 1821. 8vo. — Edinb. 1756. 12mo. An abridgment edited by Sir David Dalrymple Lord Hailes. — Lond. 1820. 12mo. An abridgment by John King.

— John, M. D. Kings Solomon's Portraiture of Old Age: being a Paraphrase on Ecclesiastcs, Xh. 1-6. London, 1676. 8vo. 4s.

In this curious work the author attributes the discovery of the circulation of the blood to King Solomon. — 1752. 12mo. The substance of the work will be found in Poole's Synopsis.

John, Cytherea, or the enamouring Girdle, a Comedy. London, 1677. 4to.

Roxburghe, 5882, 3s. Rhodes, 2364. 6s. 6d.

— John. Chronicon Rusticum

Cominerciale : or, Memoirs of Wool, &c. London, 1747. 8vo. 2 vols.

An invaluable and erudite work. Marq. of Townsliend, 2939, IN. Willett, 2251, U Is. — 1756, 7. 4to. 2 vols. Reed, 1555, 11.13s.

— John. The Printer's Grammar. London, 1755. 8vo. 5s.

The principal parts of this work are inserted in Stower's Printer's Grammar. An abridgment was published in 1787. 8vo.

— John, M. D. Choir Gaur, the Grand Orrery of the ancient Druids, commonly called Stonehenge, on Salisbury Plain, astronomically explained, and mathematically proved to be a Temple erected in the earliest Ages, for observing the Motions of the Heavenly Bodies. Salisbury, 1771. 4to.

Brockett, 2856, lis. Hibbert, 7526, illustrated with plates, ll. b. Dent, pt. ii. 1041, morocco, ll. 8s.—Collation. Pp. vi & 74, with three folded plans of Stonehenge by Palmer, also two views of Stonehenge engraved by H. Roberts. These latter were not published with the volume.

— Rev. John. Galic Antiquities, consisting of a History of the Druids, particularly of those of Caledonia; a Dissertation on the Authenticity of the Poems of Ossian; and a Collection of Ancient Poems, translated from the Gaelic of Ullin, Ossian, Orran, &c. Edinb. 1780. 4to.

Hibbert, 7528, 3s. 6d. Towneley, pt. ii. 1430, 9s.

— John, of Cambleton, D. D. A summary View and Explanation of the Writings of the Prophets. Edinb. 1787. 12mo.

A judicious abstract of all that is valuable in the writings of Bishop Lowth, Abp. Newcome, Bishop Newton, and Drs, Kennicott and Blayney; it was originally compiled to accompany a Gaelic version of the Prophets, and was subsequently translated into English by the author himself. — Camb. 1804.8vo.

View of the last Judgment. Edinb. 1783. 8vo. 4s. Williams, 1629, 10s. 6d.

Lectures on the Nature and End of the Sacred Office and on the Dignity, Duty, Qualifications and Character of the Sacred Order. Glasgow, 1798. 8vo. 5s.

— John, D. D. The Life of St. Columba, the Apostle and Patron

Saint of the Ancient Scots and Picts, and joint Patron of the Irish; commonly called Column-Kille, the Apostle of the Highlands. By John Smith, D. D. Edinb. 1798. 8vo. 5s. Fonthill, 1590, 16s.

Letter to the Rev. Dr. Smith, containing a few strictures on his Life of St. Columba. By Alexander Cameron. Edinb. 1798. 8vo.

— John. Select Views in Italy, with Descriptions in English and French. 1792-6. oblong 4to. or fol. 2 vols.

Gough, 3398, 5/. 15s. 6d. Duke of York, 4931, morocco, 51. 15s. fid. Hibbert, 7527, morocco, 11. 10s. Dent, pt. ii. 1282, morocco, 7/. 10s. Edwards, 502, morocco, 01. 10s., 503, with proofs and many etchings, morocco, 13/. White Knights, 3971, morocco, 111. Baker, 813, with proofs and etchings, 13?. Fonthill, 1885, with a triple set of plates, &c. 30/. 9s.

— John Prince. Reports of Cases argued in the King's Bench and in the Court of Chancery, in the 44th, 45th, and 46th Years of Geo. III. Lond. 1804-7.8vo. 3 vols.H.lls.Od.

The above reports contain many cases not to be found in any other reporter.

— John Pye, D. D. The Scripture Testimony to the Messiah: an Inquiry, with a View to a satisfactory Determination of the Doctrine taught in the Holy Scriptures concerning the Person of Christ, London, 1818-21. 8vo. 3 vols. 2l.?.s.

This work, written by the theological tutor of the dissenting academy at Homcrton, contains, says Mr. Orme, * a treasure of Christian instruction with which no Christian minister ought to dispense.'

— John Thomas. Antiquities of Westminster, &c. London, 1807, (1809). royal 4to. 2 vols.

Duke of York, 4933, 41. 14s. 6d. Fonthill, 1724, 91. 19s. 6d. Dent, pt. ii. 1043, with many of the original coloured drawings, the stone plates, and original title-page, russia, 18/. MU.

Antiquities of London and its Environs. London (1791-1800). 4to. This volume consists of 96 plates. Dent, pt. ii. 1042,1/. 8s. Itoxburghe, 8636, 21. 5s. Nassau, pt. i. 2552, 1/. 13s. Folio. Fonthill, 1911,3/. 3s. 'Fifty copies of these plates, after having been four times retouched, were issued by the last possessor in a folio size, as proof impressions, for the purpose of illustration.'

Remarks on Rural Scenery with twenty Etchings of Cottages from Nature &c. Lond. 1797. 4to. Bindley, pt. Hi, 2005,5s. Fonthill, 1364, IL

Antiquities of Westminster; &c. London, 1807. Collation.—Half title and title; dedication to K. George III. signed John Thomas Smith: advertisement; preface, pp. iii-xv; list of plates, one leaf; the work and list of subscribers, pp. 1-27G. A plate at p. 48, 'Internal View of the Painted Chamber/ engraved on stone, is frequently wanting. The plate at p. 50 is a copy of it, with the addition of two figures, the draughtsman and his friend. Some few copies have a titlepage on which the name of John Sidney Hawkins appears, a dedication io George m. signed 'The Author,' also duplicate pages 251,2,3,4. On pages 252 and 254 will be found the name of Mr. Hawkins.

A correct Statement and Vindication of the Conduct of John Sidney Hawkins, Esq. F. A.S. towards Mr. John Thomas Smith. Drawn up and published by Mr. Hawkins himself. London, 1807. 8vo. pp. 87, with a separate leaf prefixed.

A Reply to Mr. John Thomas Smith's Vindication. By John Sidney Hawkins, Esq. F.A.S. London, 1808. 8vo. pp. vi & 79.

Sixty-two additional Plates to Smith's Antiquities of Westminster. London (1809). royal 4to. Immediately after the plates will be found Mr. John Thomas Smith's Vindication, 16 pages.

Ancient Topography of London. London, 1815. imperial 4to. Fonthill, 591, 17.15s. Strettell, 1461, 3/. lis. Bindley, pt. iii. 1S40, 4/. 4s. The volume consists of 32 plates, not including the engraved title-page, dated 1810, also a printed one, a preface, and the letter-press description, B to M, 84 pages.

Vagabondiana; or, Etchings of remarkable Beggars, itinerant Traders, and other Persons of Notoriety in London and its Environs, with an Introduction by Francis Douce. London, 1815-17. 4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 1841, 21. 9s. Strettell, 1462, tl. 5s.

Northcote and his Times, by John Thomas Smith. 8vo. 2 vols.

Smith, Matthew. Memoirs of secret Service. By Matthew Smith. London, 1699. 8vo.

Pp. xviii & 160; A character of R. F. &tc. pp. 24.

Remarks upon the D— of S—'s Letter to the House of Lords, concerning Captain Smyth. By Matthew Smyth. London, 1700. 8vo. pp. xvi & 31.

A modest Answer to Capt. Smith's immodest Memoirs of secret Service. By Rich. Kingston. London, 1700. 8vo.

A Reply to a Libel entitled A modest Answer to Capt. Smyth's immodest Memoirs of secret Service; and of his Remarks on the D. of S.'s Letter. Lond. 1700. 8vo.

Impudence, Lying and Forgery detected in a Rejoinder to Smith's Reply. By Rich. Kingston. London, 1700. 8vo.

— Miles, Bishop of Gloucester. Sermons (15). London, 1632. fol.

This prelate was one of those appointed to translate the Holy Scriptures by K.James I.

— Nic. Defence against Dr. Kellison on Ecclesiastical Hierarchy. Rouen, 1630. 12mo.

— Richard, D. D. The Assertion and Defence of the Sacramente. by Mayster Richard Smythe Doctoure of Diuinitie. London by Ihon Herforde, 1546. 16mo.

Black letter. White Knights, 3871, morocco, 1/. 10s.

A Defence of the Sacrifice of the M««. London by John Herforde, 1546. 16tno. Black letter, fol. C.Ixxxix, with dedication to K. Henry VIII. White Knights, 3870, 19*.

A brief Treatyse settynge forth divers Truthcs necessary both to be belieued of Chrysten People & kepte also, which are nut expressed in the Scripture but left to ye Church by the Apostles Tradition. London by Thomas Petit 1547. 16mo. Black letter. White Knights, 3872, morocco, 1/. 10s.

A playne Declaration made at Oxforde the 24 Days of July by Mayster Kicharde Smyth, Doctor in Diuinitie, vpon hys Retractation made & published at Paules Crosse in London, Jn the Yeare of our Lorde Lorde God, M.D.xlvij. the xv Daye of Maie. Lond. by Reynolde Wolfe. 8vo. Contains 22 leaves. Reprinted in Beacon's Works, iii. 271, a. — Another edition. Lond. by Reg. or Joan Wolfe, n. d. 4to. A work, entitled ' An Answere against the false Calumnies of Dr. Richard Smith,' printed without date by Reginald or Joan Wolfe, is mentioned in Ames' Typog. Antiq. by Dibdin, iv. 36.

A Boucher of the Catholike Fayth «f Christes Church conteynyng diueri butter, now of late called into Controuersy by the newe Gospellers. London by R. ToUel. 8v». fol. 80, dedicated to Quene Mary.

The seconde Parte of the Iiooke called a Bueklar of the Catholyke Fayeth, conteyninge seuen Chapiters. London by Rod. Caly, 1555. 8vo. L 4, in eights.

Notices of Smith, 'the greatest pillar for the Roman catholic cause in his time,' will be found in Wood's Athen. Oxon. and Slrype's Eccles. Memor.

— Richard, Bishop of Chalcedon,

in Greece. Florum Historic Ecclesiasticae Gentis Anglorum Libri VIII. Paris. 1654. fol. 11. 5s.

'An undigested heap of materials in which the author quotes the reformed writers as well as those of his own persuasion.'—NicoltoM. Large Paper. Heath, 4505, 21. N.

The prudentiall Balance of Religion. 1609. Svo. 5s.

Vita iliustrissims ac piisMmos Dominoc Magdalense Montis-Acuti in Anglii ViceComitissas. Rome, 1609. 12mo. pp.83. A notice of this work will be found in the Retrospective Review, N. S. i. 407-15.

De Auctore et Essentia Protestanicae Ecclesise et Religionis Lib. II. Paris. 1609. 8vo.

Collatio Doctrina Catholicorum ac Protestantium cum expressis S. Scripture Verbis duobus LibrU comprehensa. Paris. 1622. 4to.

Epistola historica de mutuis Officii» inter Sedem Apostolicam Magna; Britannia; Reges Christianos Anglice olim scripta ad Regem Jacobum per Ric. Smytheum, nunc Episcopum Chalcedonensem, Latine versa per Ricardum Lascelles. Colonise, 1637. 12mo. Dedicated to K. Charles [.

Monita qiuedam utilia pro Sacerdotibus Seminaristis Missionariis Anglise. Paris. 1647. 12mo.

A notice of Smith will be found in Wood's Athens Oxonienses.

— Robert, D. D. A compleat System of Opticks. Cambridge, 1738. 4to. 2 vols.

Hibbert, 7530, 1 Is. LARGE PAPER. Willett, 2284, 21 14s.

Harmonics, or the Philosophy of Musical Sounds. Cambr. 1749. 8vo. 4s. Large Paper. Hibbert, 7441. 5s. —Second Edition. 1759. 8vo. T- With a Postscript upon the changeable Harpsichord. Lond. 1762. 8vo.

A Postscript to Dr. Smith's Harmonics. Lond. 1762. 8vo.

The elementary Parts of Dr. Smith's System of Optics, selected and arranged for the Use of Students at the Universities, with Notes, &c. Lond. 1778. 4to.

Supplement a 1' Optiuue de Smith (par Duval le Roy). Brest, 1783. 4to. pp. 189, with plates.

— Simon. A true Narrative of the Royall Fishings of Great Brittaine and Ireland, instituted Anno 1632, and prosecuted by the right honourable Philip, Earle of Pernbrook and Montgomery, and his Associates, untill 164-0, from the

River of Thames, &c, &c, Lond. 1641. 4to.

— Sydney, M. A. Letters on the Catholics from Peter Plymley to his Brother Abraham. London, 1808. 8vo.

The reputed author of these letters is the Rev. Sydney Smith. Drury, 3916, tr.

Sermons. London, 1809. Svo. 2vols. 18s.

— Sir Thomas, Knt. De R8publica Anglorum: the Maner of Government or Policies of the Realme of England. London by Henrie Midleton, 1583. 4to.

Sixty-two leaves. In the later editions, alterations and additions have been made. Bindley, pt. iii. 2017, 5s. — 1584. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 1123, 5s. — 1589. 4to. — 1594. 4to. Boswell, 2369, 5s. White Knights, 3970, 9s. Bindley, pt. iii. 2019, 3s. 6d. — 1612. 4to. — 1621. 4to. — 1628. 4to. — 1635. 12mo. with front, by Marshall. Nassau, pt. ii. 491, 6s. —1C40. I2mo. —Latine. Lug. Bat. apud EIz. 1625. 24mo. — Lug. Bat. ex Oflic. Elzev. 1630. 24mo. — Lug. Bat. apud EIz. 1641. 24mo. 3s.

De recta & emendata Linguae Grsecas Pronuntiatione. Lut. apud R. Steph. 1568. 4to.

De recta ct emendata Linguae Anglicanse Scriptione Dialogus. Lutet. 1568.4to. Hibbert, 7531, 3s.

Life. See Strype, John.

— Sir Thomas, Knt. Sir Thomas Smithes Voiage and Entertainment in Russia, with the tragicall Ends of two Emperors, and one Erapresse, within one Month during his being there: and the miraculous Preseruation of the now raigning Emperor, esteemed dead for 18 Yeares. London for Nathanyell Butter, 1605. Mo.

Forty-seven leaves, viz. A and B, two leaves, C to M, in fours, N, misprinted M, 3 leaves. Bindley, pt. iii. 1867, 3/. 4s. Jadis, 222, russia, 71. 17s. 6d.

The Offer and Order giuen forth by Sir Thomas Smyth Knight and Tho. Smyth his Sonne, vnto such as be willing to accompany the sayde Tho. Smyth the Sonne, in his Voyage for inhabiting some Partes of the North of Ireland, the first Payment to begin four Years hence, 1576. London by H. Bynneman. A broadside and sixteens. Signed by Tho. Smyth's own hand. See Camden's

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