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p. 88.

ward I. by G. Vertue. p. 357. Monument, chanan, by Houbraken. p. 76. Sir Thomas of K. Edward I. by G. Vertue. p. 386. Ed- | Smyth, by Houbraken. p. 81. William ward II. by G. Vertue. p. 388. Monument Cecil Lord Burleigb, by Houbraken. of K. Edward II. by C. Du Bosc. p. 404.

Thomas Howard Duke of NorEdward III. by G. Vertue. p. 406. John folk, by Houbraken. p. 101. James, Earl of Gaunt, by G. Vertue. p. 346. Edward of Morton, by Houbraken. p. 104.

Sir Prince of Wales, by G. Vertue. p. 438. Mo-Francis Drake, by Houbraken. p. 112. nument of Edward Prince of Wales, by C. Sir Francis Walsingham, by Houbraken. p. Du Bosc. p. 438. A genealogical Table of 124. Mary Queen of Scotts, by Houbraken. the Posterity of Edward III. p. 144. The p. 130. Mary Queen of Scots, by G. Vertue. Monument of K. Edward III. by C. Du Bosc. p. 132. Charles Howard, Earl of Nottingham, p. 444. Richard II. by G. Vertue. p. 453. by Houbraken. p. 135. The Speech of Q. EliMonument of K. Richard II. by C. Du Bosc. zabeth to her Army encamped at Tilbury in p. 476. ist. Genealogical Table of the Royal | 1588. p. 135. Robert Devereux Earl of Family of Scotland. p. 482. Henry IV. Essex, by Houbraken. p. 149. William by G, Vertue. p. 484. Geoffrey Chaucer, by Shakespear, by Houbraken. p. 154. Sir Houbraken, p. 502. William of Wickham, Philip Sydney, by Houbraken. p. 154. Moby Houbraken. p. 502. Monument of K. nument of Q. Elizabeth, by C. Du Bosc. Henry IV. by P. Yver. p. 503. Henry V. by p. 156. Monument of Mary Queen of Scots, G. Vertue. p. 504. Monument of K. Henry V. by C. Du Bosc. p. 156. James I. by G. by G. Vertue. p. 530. Monument of K. Henry Vertue. p. 158. Anne of Denmark, by V. by P. Yver. p. 530. Henry VI. by G. Houbraken. p. 162. Henry, Prince of Vertue. p. 532. John Duke of Bedford, by Wales, by Houbraken. p. 164. Thomas G. Vertue. p. 535. Edward IV. by G. Sackville, Earl of Dorset, by G. Vertue. Vertue. p. 595. W. Waynfleet, Bishop of p. 174. Henry Prince of Wales, by G. VerWinchester, by Houbraken. p. 616. Mo tue. p. 181. Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury nument of K. Edward IV. by C. Du Bose. (by Houbraken ?). p. 183. Robert Carr, Earl p. 628. Edward V. by G. Vertue. p. 629. of Somerset, by Houbraken. p. 184. ElizaMonument of K. Edward and his Brother beth, Pr. Pal. and Queen of Bohemia, by Richard, by G. Vertue. p. 636. Richard III. G. Vertue. p. 186. Sir Edward Coke, by by G. Vertue, p. 637. Henry VII. by G. Houbraken, p. 190. Sir Walter Ralegh, by Vertue.

p. 649. Elizabeth, Queen of K. | Houbraken. p. 196. Sir Francis Bacon VisHenry VII. (by Houbraken ?). p. 654. Monu count St. Albans, by Houbraken. p. 204. ment of K. Henry VII, and his Queen, by | Archbishop Williams, by Houbraken. p. 206. G. Vertue. p. 691. Monument of K. Abbot, Abp. of Canterbury, by Houbraken. Henry VII. by C. Du Bosc. p. 691. Henry p. 215. Ben: Johnson, by Houbraken. p. 236. VIII. by G. Vertue. p. 702. Catharine of A genealogical Table of the Posterity of James Arragon, by Houbraken. p. 704. William I. p. 236. Charles I. by G. Vertue. p. 237. Warham, Abp. of Canterbury, by G. Vertue. Thomas Lord Coventry, by Houbraken. p. p. 741. Cardinal Wolsey, by Houbraken. 244. Thomas Howard Earl of Arundel, by p. 753. Ann Bullen, by Houbraken. p. 775. Houbraken. p. 251. George Villiers, Duke Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, by Houbraken. of Buckingham, by Houbraken. p. 276.

Sir Thomas More, by Houbraken. Francis Lord Cottington, by Houbraken. p. 806. Jane Seymour, (by Houbraken ?). p. p. 294. John Hampden, by Houbraken. 812. Ann of Cleues, by Houbraken. p. 824. p. 296. Algernon Piercy, Earl of NorthumThomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex, by Hou- berland, by Houbraken. p. 314. John Pym braken. p. 826. Catherine Howard, by Esq. by Houbraken. p. 352. Thomas Houbraken. p. 830. Map of France. At Wentworth Earl of Strafford, by Houbraken. end of the volume. Vol. II. 1743. pp. 1- p. 374. Francis Russel the second Earl of 807, including the title page and a dis- Bedford, by Houbraken. p. 400. Edward sertation on the Whigs and Torys; index, Montague Lord Kimbolton (by Houbraken?). 16 pages; Rapin's letter to Robethon, er p. 406. George Lord Digby Earl of Bristol, rata, &c. three pages. Plates.---Tindal, by Houbraken. p. 406. Robert Earl of by B. Picart. Edward VI. by G. Vertue. Lindsey, by Houbraken. p. 456. William p. 2. Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, Cavendish Duke of Newcastle, by G. Verby Houbraken. p. 4. John Russel, the first tue. p. 466. Edward Sackville Earl of Earl of Bedford, by Houbraken. p. 19. Mo- | Dorset, by G. Vertue. p. 470. James Stuart nument of K. Edward VI. by G. Vertue. Duke of Richmond and Lenox, by Houp. 26. Mary, by G. Vertue. p. 27. Philip 11. braken, p. 508. Thomas Lord Fairfax, by King of Spain, by G. Vertue. p. 37. Eliza- Houbraken. p. 514. Usher Abp. of Arbeth, by G. Vertue. p. 50. Sir Nicholas magh, by G. Vertue. p. 572. William HarBacon, by Houbraken. p. 62. Robert Dud- vey, M. D. by Houbraken. p. 574. James ley, Earl of Leicester, by Houbrakėn. p. 64. Graham Marquess of Montrose, by HouFrancis, Earl of Bedford, by G. Vertue. braken. p. 580. General Ireton, by Houp. 69. Henry Lord Darnly King of Scot- braken. p. 582. Oliver Croniwell, by G. land, by G. Vertue. p. 70. George Bu- Vertue. p. 591. Oliver Cromwell, by Hou

P. 802.


The Interest of England with Regard to The Case of Authors by Profession or foreign Alliances. Lond. 1750. 4to. Trade stated, with Regard to Booksellers,

The Works of Sir Walter Ralegh, Kt. to the Stage and the Public. London, 1758. which is prefixed, a new Account of his Life 8vo. 2s. 60. An entertaining pamphlet, by Tho. Birch. London, 1751. 8vo. 2 vols. enumerating all the bitter evils incident to with portrait of Raleigh. Heath, 1715, 21. 2s. an employment so precarions, and so inadeNassau, pt. ii. 129, 11. 68. Gosset, 4296, quately rewarded. 11. 93. Willett, 2052, 31. 3s.

A critical Review of the public Buildings, Old English Valour : being an Account of Statues and Ornaments in and about London a remarkable Sea-Engagement, Anno 1591, and Westminster, by Mr. Ralph, reprinted written by Sir Walter Raleigh, Knt. Lond. with very large Additions. London, 1783. 1757. 8vo.

A report of an engagement small 8vo. Pp. xxxi. and 209, with index, near the Azores will be found in the first 5 pages. Nassau, pt. ii. 135, russia, 12s. volume of Pinkerton's Collection of Voyages

A notice of Ralph and of his various publiand Travels.

cations will be found in Dr. Drake's Essays. Poems of Sir Walter Raleigh, now first RAMBACH, John Jacob. Consicollected, with a biographical and critical derations on the Sufferings of Christ, Introduction by Sir E. Brydges. Kent, translated from the German. Lon1813. 4to. From the Lee Priory press. M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 1148, 13s.

Lond. don, 1759. 8vo. 3 vols. 1814. 12mo. 58. One hundred and fifty

Williams, 1488, LARGE PAPER? copies printed.

rocco, 31. A politique Discourse, by Way of Dispute, about the happiest Marriage for the

Meditations and Contemplations on the nioble Prince Henry. Written in Anno 1611. Sufferings of Christ. London, 1763. 8vo. Printed in the second volume of the Somers

2 vols. 12s. York. Svo. 6s. Collection of Tracts.

Ramback's Meditations on the Passion of Some Collections of Sir Walter Rawleys Christ, abridged by Samuel Benson, M.A. presented to King James, taken out of his 1827. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Remains, discovering England's Loss for Rambler. See Johnson, Samuel, Want of due Improvement of its native | LL.D. Commodities. 4to.

A paper with a similar title appeared in Sir W. Raleigl's Sceptick. 12mo. 1712, one number of which is preserved in

Memoirs &c. of Sir Walter Raleigh. See the British Museum.
CAYLEY, Arthur. RAWLEIGH, Carew.
THEOBALD, Lewis. See also Wood's Athen.

The Rambler's Magazine ; or, the AnOxon.

nals of Gallantry, Glee, Pleasure, and the RALPE, James. The Naval Chro- Bon Ton, for 1783, 4, 5, 6, 7. London, 8vo.

vols. 1--5. With plates. nology of Great Britain

Duke of York, - from the

4313, 31. 6s. Commencement of the War in

Rameau, John Philip. A Trea1803, to the End of the Year 1816. tise of Musick, containing the PrinLond. 1820. royal 8vo. 8 vols. With numerous engravings. Duke of from the French. London, 1752.

ciples of Composition, translated York, 4310, 11. 178.

4to. 5s. RALPH, James. History of Eng

RAMESEY see RAMSEY. land during the Reigns of K. Wil

RAMOND, Travels in the liam III. Q. Anne and K. George I. Pyrenees, from the French of M. with an introductory Review of the Ramond, by F. Gold. London, Reigns of Charles II. and James II. 1813. 8vo. Ios. by a Lover of Truth and Liberty.

A work principally relating to the formaLondon, 1744-6. folio. 2 vols. tion, natural history and meteorology of the

In this valuable tory history, published Pyrenees, written in an agreeable and lively anonymously, Ralph was assisted by his pa- style. tron Lord Melcombe. It was highly praised RAMSAY, Allan. The Poems of by that eminent statesman C. J. Fox: Nas- Allen Ramsay, a new Edition, corsau, pt. ii. 633, 41. 108. Marquis of Town- rected and enlarged; with a Glosshend, 2856, 41. 6s. LARGE PAPER.

sary: to which are prefixed a Life Use and Abuse of Parliaments. Lon

of the Author, from authentic Dodon, 1744. 8vo. 2 vols. Hollis, 1424, 4s. 6d. cuments (by George Chalmers), and Horne Tooke, 578, 188.

Remarks on his Poems, from a large

View of their Merits (by Lord a Discourse on Mythology. LonWoodhouselee). London, 1800. 8vo. don, 1730. 4to. 2 vols.

Roxburghe, 6414, 5s. 60. Frequently Reed, 7577, 11s. Roxburghe, 3446, reprinted in 8vo. and 12mo.-In French. 17s, 6d.

Edinb. 1721-8. 4to. 2 vols. Lond. 1730. 4to. First collective edition. Roxburghe, 3445, vol. i. 1720, 14s. 6d. Edinb. 1827-9. History of the Viscount de Turenne. 8vo. 2 vols. with portrait.

London. 1735. 8vo. 2 vols. Gordonstoun,

2025, 3s. 6d. The Evergrene, being a Collection of

Philosophical Principles of natural and reScots Poems, wrote by the Ingenious before

vealed Religion, explained and unfolded, in 1600, published by Allan Ramsay. Edinb.

a geometrical Order. Glasg. 1749. 4to. 1724. 12mo. 2 vols. Ramsay had the taste, liams, 1408, 21. 11s.

2 vols. 15s.


LARGE PAPER. 11. 5s. feeling and genius of a poet, but he wanted learning and judgınent as an editor. Gor

David. Sermon, or little doastoun, 840, 13s. Edinb. 1761. | Treatise upon the three last Verses small 8vo. 2 vols. Heath, 1877, 78,, Sir of the 17th Chapter of DeuteronoM. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 152, morocco, ll. 2s. Nassau, pt. ii. 136, Ss. Bibl. Anglo. Poet.

mie. Aberdene, 1629. 4to. 621, 11. Ils. 6d.

Inglis, 1129, 6s, Gordonstoun, 1927 (de

dication to the King wanting), 15s. The Tea Table Miscellany. Edinb. 1724, &c. - 4 vols. A well known collection of David, M. D. The History songs, English as well as Scotish, by several of the Revolution of South Carolina. hands. Stanley, 425, 21. 10s. 1750. Trenton, 1785. 8vo. 2 vols. 12mo. 4 vols.

Hollis, 1157, 10s. 6d. Horne Tooke, Musick for Allan Ramsay's Collection of

580, 15s. 71 Scots Songs in the Tea Table Miscellany, 6 Parts, with a front. Constable, 665, 13s.

The History of the American Revolution. The Gentle Shepherd, a Scots Pastoral

Lond. 1791. 8vo. 2 vols. Comedy. Edinb. 1725. First Edition. This

The Life of General Washington. Lonbeautiful dramatic poem exhibits rusticity don, 1807. 8vo. Hibbert, 6756, 4s. without vulgarity and elegant sentiment

Thomas. without affectation.'— Roscoe. Rhodes, 1922, II. 13s.

With a Glossary. Glasg. 1788. rica Vitæ Jacobi Eboraci Ducis. 4lo. with plates by David Allan. Bindley, Lond. 1682. 4to. pt. iii. 1598, 21. 2s. Proofs. Roxburghe,

Roxburghe, 2863, 6s. 5684, 31, 138. 6d. With Illustrations of the

RAMSEY, John. A Plaister for a Scenery ; &c. &c. Edinb. 1808. 8vo. 2 vols. Numerous other editions have been published.

galled Horse, by John Ramsy. Translations. · By W. Ward. Lond. 1785.

M.D.XLVIII. London by Thomas Svo. 2s.

By Margaret Turner. Lond. Raynalde. 4to. 1790. 8vo. Roxburghe, 5685, 2s. 6d. A poem of 23 octave stanzas consisting of By Cornelius Vanderstop. Lond. 1777. 8vo. 6 pages, exclusive of the title-page. Brand, Roxburghe, 5683, 2s.

pt. i. 1300, 31. 13s. 6d. New Miscellany of Scots Songs. 1727.

John. The comfortable ComCollection of Scots Proverbs. Edinb.

munication between a poore Man 1737. 12mo. Numerous editions.

and his Wife : wherein thou maiest RAMSAY, Andrew. Poemata sa- learne godly Lessons for thy better cra, Miscellanea et Epigramata. Instruction: set foorth by Iohn Edinb. 1633. 12mo. Roxburghe, 2862, 17s. Constable, 744,

Ramsye Minister. London by the 125. Ramsay's poems occur in Lauder's Assignes of Richard Day, 1585. Delectus Auctorum sacrorum Miltono Facem 8vo. perlucentium.

Contains C, in eights.

The Practise of A Warning to come out of Babylon, in a the Diuell. The auncient poiSermon preached by Master Andrew Ram- soned Practises of the Diuell, in say, Minister at Edinburgh, at the Receiving the Papistes, against the true Proof Mr. Thomas Abernethie into the Society of the truly reformed Church of Scotland. fessors of God's holy Worde, in these Edinb. 1638. 4to.

our latter Dayes. London for TiAnd. Mich. usually styled the mothie Rider, and are to be sold by Chevalier. Travels of Cyrus, with Henrie Kyrkham. 4to.

Climax panegy

C 2, in fours, written in the seven-line P. Rami Grammatica, ab eo demum restanza, and introduced with a • Preface to cognita : &c. Lond. 1589. 8vo. the earnest and louing Readers.' At the end Some other pieces by Ramus have been * Laurence Ramsey. See Brydges' Restituta, published in England. iii. 439-42. Ramsey, Tho. A false Jew; or, a

Ramusio, Gio. Bat. A shorte

and briefe Narration of the two wonderful Discovery of a Scot(Tho. Nauigations and Discoveries to the Ramsey) baptised at London a Northweast Partes called Newe Christian, circumcised at Rome to

Fraunce. First translated out of act a Jew, re-baptized at Hexham French into Italian by that famous for a Believer but found out to be a learned Man Gio. Bapt. Ramutius, Cheat. Newcastle, 1653. 4to.

and now turned into English by Reprinted Lond. 1654. 4to.

Iohn Florio. London, by H. BynThe converted Jew, the Declaration and neman, 1580. 4to. Confession of Joseph Ben Israel (alias Tho. Dedicated to "Edmond Bray, Esq.' after Ramsay) in the Publique Meeting House at which To all Gentlemen Merchants and Hexham. 1653.

Pilots' 80 pages. A copy is in the British Banners of Love, or an Answer to a Nar- Museum. rative stuffed with Untruths, by four New

Ranchin, Wm. du. A Review castle Gentleman. Lond. 1654. 4to. William, M. D. Astrologia

of the Councell of Trent, translated

Oxford, restaurata : or Astrologie restored by Gerard Langbaine. by William Ramesey, M. D. Lon- | 1638. folio. 7s. 6d. don, 1654. folio.

RANDALL, James. A Collection With portrait by Cross. Hibbert, 6743, 14s. of architectural Designs for Man

Dr. Ramesey or Ramsey published other sions, Cabins, Villas, Lodges and works on astrology and medicine. He is Cottages. London, 1806. 4to. alluded to in no. 582 of the Spectator. RAMUS, Peter. The Logike, tie Commendation of the Vertue of

Thomas. The high and mighnewly translated by M. Roll. London, by Thomas Vautrollier, 1581.

a Pot of good Ale, whereunto is Williams, 1489, morocco, 198. See Mil- added the valiant Battle fought be

tween the Norfolk Cock and the

Wisbich Cock. Lond. 1642. 4to. The three Partes of Commentaries, con Four leaves in verse. Written by Thomas taining the whole and perfect Discourse of Randall. the Ciuill Warres of Fraunce, With an Addition of the cruell Murther of the Ad

RANDOLPH, Bernard. mirall Chastilion, and diuers other Nobles, sent State of the Morea. London, committed the 24 Daye of August Anno 1689. 4to. 1572. Translated out of Latine into Eng

Nassau, pt. ii. 927, 5s. Roxburghe, lishe by Thomas Tymme Minister. Lond. 7251, 6s. Heath, 2632, 13s. 1686. 4to. by Francis Coldock, 1574. 4to. has a separate title page. The work, which in the original Latin consists of nine books,

The present State of the Islands in the has been by some attributed to John de Archipelago. Oxford, 1687. 4to. Nassau, Serres, and by others to Francis Hotoman. pt. ii. 926, 3s.

P. Rami Dialecticae Libri duo, Scholiis John, Bishop of London. G. Tempelli Cantabr. illustrati : quibus ac Enchiridion Theologicum, or a cessit, eodem Authore, de Porphyrianis Manual for the Use of Students in Prædecabilibus Disputatio : item, Epistolæ de P. Rami Dialectica contra Johannis Pis- Divinity. Third Edition. Oxford, catoris Responsionem Defensio. Cantabr. 1825. 8vo. 2 vols. 16s. 1584. 4to. pp. 344, dedicated to Sir Philip A very useful work. Contents.- Vol. 1. Sidney by G. Temple.

King Edward the Sixth's Catechism, ProThe Latine Grammar of P. Ramus, trans testatio Ridleii, Bishop Ridley's Treatise lated into English: whereunto is joyned, a against Transubstantiation, Juelli Apologia, grammatical Analysis uppon an Epistle of Noelli Catechismus, Bishop Taylor's Advice to Tullie. Cambridge, 1585. 8vo.

his Clergy, Pearsonii Annales Paulini, Bishop P. Rami Dialecticæ Libri. Defensio ejus- Stillingfleet's Discourse on Scripture Mystedem Dialecticæ, Authore Fred. Beurhusio, ries, and his second Dialogue on the Doc1589. Lond. 8vo.

trine of the Trinity and Transubstantiation

TON, John.

The pre

Each part


compared, Bishop Gastrell's Considerations A notice of Randolph will be found in on the Trinity.-Vol. II. Bishop Cony- Wood's Athen. Oxon. and in the Retrospecbeare's Discourse on Miracles, on Scripture tive Review, vi. 61-87. Mysteries, on Subscription to Articles of Thomas, D.D. The ProReligion, on the Expediency of a Divine Revelation, and on Scripture Difficulties, phecies and other Texts cited Bishop Gibson's first second, third and fourth in the New Testament, compared Pastoral Letters, Leslie's Short Method with with the Hebrew Original, and the the Deists, and Bentley's Remarks on Free Septuagint Version. To which are Thinking. Oxford, 1792. 12mo. 5 vols.

added Notes. Oxford, 1782. 4to. Williams, 1490, 11, 14s.

The substance of this exceedingly valuable RANDOLPH, Thomas. Poems,

tract is given in Horne's Introduction to the with the Muses Looking-Glass and Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scrip

tures. Amyntas ; whereunto is added the jealous Lovers. Oxford, 1668. A View of our blessed Saviour's Ministry small 8vo.

and the Proofs of his Divine Mission arising

from thence : together with a Charge, DisPp. 462. The fifth Edition with several Additions, corrected and amended.' These

sertations, Sermons and theological Lecadditions are Aristippus and the conceited

tures. Oxford, 1784. 8vo. 2 vols. Pedlar. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 613, 15s. Bind

Ranger.—The Ranger, a Collecley, pt. iii. 282, 2s. 6d. Reed, 7582, 2s. 6d. tion of periodical Essays, by the Roscoe, 1373, 10s. 6d. Oxford, 1638. Hon. M. Hawke, and Sir R. Vin4to. Rhodes, 1931, 5s. Field, 356, 58.

cent, Bart. London, 1795. 12mo. Nassau, pt. ii. 925, 14s. North, pt. iii. 790, with Randolph's autograph and complimen- 2 vols. 5s. tary verses by him in 11. 2s. - Oxford,

Originally published in 40 numbers, at 1640. small 8vo. pp. 358, with a frontispiece, Brentford, in 1794. 12mo. 2 vols. Fonthill, containing portrait of Randolph, by Mar

1569, 9s. shall. Each portion of the volume has a distinct title, with separate paging. Rox

Thejuvenile Adventures of David Ranger, burghe, 3900, 10s. 6d. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. Esq. London, 1756. 12mo. 2 vols. 6s. 612, 11. 7s. Reed, 7581, 3s. 6d. - Lond.

Pretended adventures of David Garrick. 1643, small 8vo. London, 1652, small Ranger's Progress : Consisting of a Va8vo. with a frontispiece. White Knights, riety of poetical Essays, moral, serious, 3460, russia, 8s. · London, 1664. small comic, and satyrical, by Honest Ranger of 8vo. pp. 462. This edition, as well as that

Bedford-Row. London, 17—. 2s. 6d. 12mo. of 1663, is entitled the fifth edition, but

Most of the pieces in this entertaining misthough the contents correspond they are

ceilany, originally appeared in Lloyd's Evenevidently distinct impressions. Bibl. Anglo- | ing Post. Poet. 614, 18s. Hibbert, 6759, morocco, Ranken, Alexander, D.D. The 53. 6d. Lloyd, 975, 5s. Nassau, pt. ii. | History of France, civil and mili137, 7s.

tary, &c. &c. from the Time of its Aristippus, or the jovial Philosopher. Conquest by Clovis, A.D. 486. London, 1630. 4to. Roxburghe, 5686, 5s. London, 1801, &c. 8vo. 9 vols. Hibbert, 6714, 4s. Nassan, pt. ii. 924, 11. 9s. Written on the plan of Henry's History Rhodes, 1927, 6s. 1631. 4to. Hollis, of Great Britain. Drury, 3507, 21. 5s. 1295, 4s. - 1635. 4to. 2s. 6d. Dub RANKING, John, Historical Relin. Inglis' old Plays, 85, 5s. 6d.

searches on the Wars and Sports of The jealous Lovers, a Comedy. Cambridge, 1632. 4to. Roxburghe, 5688, 3s.

the Mongols and Romans ; in which Rhodes, 1929, 3s, 6d. London, 1634. Elephants and wild Beasts were

employed : and the Agreement of Cornelianum Dolium, Comoedia lepidissi

History with the Remains of such ma; Auctore T. R. Londini, 1638. 12mo. Supposed to have been written by Thomas

Animals found in Europe and SiRandolph. Prefixed is a frontispiece by

beria. London, 1826. 4to. Marshall, representing Cornelius in a sweat Pp. xvi and 516, with a map and ten ing tub. Roxburghe, 3650, 5s. Bindley, plates. pt. i. 1443, 5s. White Knights, 1002, 6s. Nassaa, pt. i. 919, 14s.

Historical Researches on the Conquest of Hey for Honesty. 1651. See Aris- | Peru, Mexico, Bogota, Natchez and TaloTOPVANES.

meco, in the 13th Century by the Mongols,


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