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pp. 390. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 578, 11. 11s. 6d. | London, 1658. small 8vo. with portrait by In the Savoy, 1718. 18mo. pp.

382. Faithorne and frontispiece. Nassau, pt. i. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 579, 11. 5s. 1777. | 115, 51. 12s. 6d. Bindley, pt. iii. 106, 41. 12mo. - n. d. small 8vo. with plates by Judgment and Mercy for afflicted Souls ; Marshall, &c. Towneley, pt. i. 583, 11. 185. or, Meditations, Soliloquies and Prayers. A Nassau, pt. ii. 105, 21. A notice of Quarles' new Edition with a biographical and critical Emblems will be found in the Retrosp. Re- Introduction, by Reginalde Wolfe, Esq. view, ix. 123-40. See also an article on (T. F. Dibdin, D.D.). London, 1807. crown the Emblems in the Critical Review for Sept. 8vo. pp. Ixiv and 332, with a portrait after 1801, attributed to Rob. Southey.

Marshall by Freeman. Anniversaries upon his Parante continued.

In Fuller's Abel. Redivisions are verses Lond. 1635. Bindley, pt. iii. 108, 8s.

'by Master Quarles, father and son, sufHieroglyphikes of the Life of Man. Lon- ficiently known for their abilities therein.' don, 1638. small 8vo. First edition, with QUARLES, John. Works. portrait and plates by Marshall. Hibbert, 6622, 11. 6s. Bindley, pt. ii. 103, 11. 58.

Poems. London, 1648. small 8vo. With Nassau, pt. ii. 108, 78. The hieroglyphics portrait of Quarles by Marshall. are appended to the later editions of the Fons Lachrymarum; or a Fountain of author's Emblems.

Tears: from whence doth flow Englands Observations concerning Princes and Complaint, Jeremiahs Lamentations paraStates upon Peace and Warre. Lond. 1642. phras'd, with divine Meditations; and an 4to. Bindley, pt. iv. 154, 1s. 6d.

Elegy upon Sir Charles Lucas. London,

1648. small 8vo. pp. 144, with a portrait of Barnabas and Boanerges : or, Wine and Quarles by Marshall. Strettell, 1176, 17s. Oyl for afficted Soules. Lond. 1644. 12mo.

Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 589, 41. 4s. 1649. - 1646. with frontispiece. Nassau, pt. ii. with portrait by Marshall. Hibbert, 6624, 109, 9s.

10s. Nassau, pt. ii. 111, 11. Bindley, pt. iii. The Shepherds Oracles, delivered in cer

102, 11. 5s. 1655. small Svo. pp. 144, tain Eglogues. Lond. 1644. dio. 5s.

with an allegorical frontispiece. Bibl. Anglo1646. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 914, 10s. Bibl.

Poet, 590, 16. 10s. - 1677. Anglo-Poet. 585, 11. 11s. 6d.

Regale Lectum Miseriæ; or, a Kingly Solomons Recantation enti,uled Eccle- Bed of Misery, &c. London, 1648. small siastes paraphrased. Lond. 1645. 410. pp. 8vo.—The second Edition. Printed in the 64, wiih a portrait of Quarles by Marshall. Yeare 1649. small 8vo. pp. 112. This ediThe best of his works, according to Granger. tion contains two prinis relating to Charles I. Bindley, pt. iii. 1435, with the Shepheards not in the first edition. Nassau, pt. i. 112, Oracles, 1646, 18s. 1646. 41o. wiih

11. 1s. Strettell, 1175, russia, 11. 5s. Bibl. portrait by Marshall. 1648. 4to. with Anglo-Poet. 591, 31. 3s.

Printed in the portrait by Marshall.

Year 1658, small Svo. pp. 80, with porir, of Profest Royalist's Quarrell with the King Charles. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 593, 18s. Times. London, 1645. 4to. with portrait by

The Tyranny of the Dutch against the Marshall. Bindley, pt. iii. 1434, morocco, English. London, 1653. 8vo. with front. 21. 5s.

by Vaughan, including portrait. Bindley, Midnights Meditations of Death : with pious and profitable Observations and Con- pt, iii

. 107, 31. 10s. A copy is in the Bri

Lish Museum. solations : published by E. B. London,

The Banishment of Tarquin : or,

the 1646. 12mo. Nassau, pt. ii. 110, 9s. Reward of Lust. Annexed to The Rape of

The Virgin Widow, a Comedie. Lon- Lucrece, By Will. Shakespeare, Gent.' don, 1649. 4to. Inglis' old Plays, 84, 12s. 1655. 8vo. Hibbert, 6694, 5s.6d. 1656. 4to. An Elegie on James Vsher, L. ArchRhodes, 1918, 3s. Reed, 8390, 5s. 6d. bishop of Armagh. London, 1656. 8vo. Roxburghe, 5676, 7s.

Continuation of the History of Argalus Enchiridion, containing Institutions di- and Parthenia. London, 1659. 12mo. vine, contemplative, practicall, moral, ethical, Divine Meditations upon several Subjects: conomical, political. London, 1652. 12mo. whereunto is annexed God's Love and Man's with portrait of Quarles (by W. Marshall). Unworthiness, with several divine Ejacula• Had this little piece been written at Athens tions. London, 1679. small 8vo. pp. 198, or Rome, its author would have been classed with portrait. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 594, 185 with the wise men of his country.'—Headley. Bindley, pt. iii. 105, 13s. Nassau, pt.

1654. 8vo. 1658. 8vo. Lloyd, 964, | 116, russia, 13s. Towneley, pt. i. 584, 2s. 6d. Nassau, pt. ii. 114, 6s. 1681. | morocco, 15s. Reed, 2793, 3s. Williams, 1477, with por Triumphant Chastity: or Josephs Selftrait of Quarles, morocco, 15s. 1702. conflict, when by his Mistress he was in12mo. - 182—. royal 16mo. with portrait ticed to Adultery. London, 1684. 8vo. See Retrosp. Review, v. 180-7.

pp. 126. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 595, 11. 113. 6d. The History of the most vile Dimagoras. Lloyd, 967, 2s. 6d. Bindley, pt. iii. 104, 125


- By

God's Love, Man's Unworthiness. Lon- collected and composed out of original ms. don. small 8vo. 1651. with front. acts of synods. Lloyd, 1384.

Quillet, Cl. Callipædia ; seu Quarll, Philip. The Life and de pulchræ Prolis habendæ RaAdventures of Philip Quarll. tione, Poema didacticon : acced. Westm. 1727. 8vo. 6s.

Scæv. Sammarthani Pædotrophia, Frequently reprinted.

seu de Puerorum Educatione PoeQuarterly Journal of Science and

Lond. 1708. sm. 8vo. 3s. the Arts, with an Index to the first

A good edition. LARGE PAPER. Stanley, 20 vols. London, 1816—27. 8vo. 224, morocco, 11. 2s. In English. Lond. 22 vols.

1710, 8vo. Nassau, pt. ii. 122, 5s. This work is still continued under the N. Rowe. Lond, 1720. Dowdeswell, 652, title of The Quaterly Journal of Science, 5s. 6d. Reprinted 1733. 8vo. A sort of Literature and Art.' Vol. vii. was pub- translation or imitation appeared in 1768. lished June 1830.

8vo. (price 2s.) entiiled “The Joys of HyQuarterly Review, The, from its men; or, the conjugal Directory: a Poem

in three Books.' Commencement in February, 1809,

QUILLINAN, Edward. Dunluce to December, 1830. London. 8vo. Castle, a Poem. Kent, 1814. 4to. 43 vols.

From the private press at Lee Priory. Strettell, 1174, 42 nos. 91. 9s. Brockeit, 2445, 28 vols. 91. 12s.

Stanzas. Kent, 1814. 4to. Brockett, Queen, The, or the Excellency 2579, 3s. 6d. of her Sex, an excellent old Play, Elegiac Verses addressed to a Lady. found out by a Person of Honour Kent, 1817. 8vo. Brockett, 2581, 3s.

Sacrifice of Isaby, a Poem. Kent, 1816. and given to the Publisher. Lond.

One hundred and twenty-six copies printed. 1653. 4to.

Mr. Quillinan has published oiher poems. Hibbert, 6697, 5s. 6d. Roxburghe,

Quin, James. The Life of Mr. 4262, 16s. Rhodes, 319, 8s. 60.

James Quin, Comedian, with the The Queens Closet opened. London, History of the Stage, from his com1655. 12mo. With portrait of Henrietta mencing Actor, to his retreat to Maria Queen of K. Charles I. by W. Faith-Bath, &c. &c. London, 1766. 12mo. orne. Nassau, pt. ii. 119, 4s. - 1671. White Knights, 3427, 5s. 1710. 12mo.

Pp. 116, not including title and dedication QUENTIN, Job. The Maner to trait of Quin. Field, 1227, 5s.

to David Garrick, 2 leaves, and an oval porlyve well, devoutly and salutarily every Day for all Persones of Quin's Jests; or, the facetious Man's meane Estate; translated out of pocket Companion. London, 1766. 12mo. Frenche into Englyshe by Robert pp. 104, not including title and introduction,

2 leaves. Copland. London. 8vo.

Michael J.

A Visit to Robert Copland was likewise the printer of this volume, which is ornamented with Spain ; detailing the Transactions wood cuts.

A copy is in the which occurred during a Residence library of King George III., now in the in that Country, 1822-3. London, British Museum.

1823. 8vo. QUEVEDO, Franc. de.


A sensible and impartial view of the state translated from the Spanish. Edinb. of Spain at this period, giving much insight 1798. 8vo. 3 vols.

into the character of the Spaniards. The Hibbert, 6628, 13s. - 1742. Goldsmid, work first appeared in a series of letters ad606, 15s. 6d. There have been other Eng- dressed to the Morning Herald. lish translations of portions of this satirist's

Walter. The Memorie of works.

Bernard Stuart, Lord D'Aubigni, QUICK, John. Synodicon in renewed; whereunto are added, Gallia reformata : or, the Acts, De- Wishes presented to the Prince at cisions, &c. of the national Councils bis Creation. London, 1619. 4to. of the reformed Churches in France. Thirty-eight leaves. Gordonstoun, 1898, London, 1692. folio. 2 vols. 41. 6s. Hibbert, 6700, 41. 8s. Bindley, pt. iii.

With portrait of the author by J. Sturt. 1437, 51. 18s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 596, Bishop of Ely, 1298, 11. This work was

101. 10s.




Sertvm poeticvm, in Honorem lacobi pleat Gardener in six Books, by Sexti — Scotorvm Regis, a Gvaltero Qvinno

M. de la Quintinye: to which is Dvbliniensi contextum. Edinbvrgi, excvdebat Robertvs Waldegraue Typographus Re- added, his Treatise of Orange gius, 1600. 4to. Sir M. M. Sykes

, pt. iii. Trees, with the Raising of Melons 253, 41. Sonnets, from this volume, will be omitted in the French Editions. found reprinted in Various Pieces of fugi- Made English by John Evelyn, tive Scotish Poetry, edited by D. Laing, Esa: Esq. London, 1693. folio.

Gratulatio quadrilinguis in Nuptiis Caroli I. et Pr. Henr. Mar. Fr. 1625. 4to.

Pp. 518, with plates. QUINTILIAN, Mar. Fab. De In

Quintus CURTIUS. See CCRTIUS, stutione oratoria Libri xii. ex tribus Q. Cod. mss. et octo impressis emen QUINTUS SMYRNÆrs. Select davit, ac Lectiones variant. adjecit Translations ftom the Greek of Edm. Gibson, accedunt Emenda- Quintus Smyrnæus, by the Rev. tionum Specimen, etc. Oxon. 1699. Alexander Dyce. Oxford, 1821. 4to.

8vo. An excellent edition. Roxburghe, 2246,

Quippes for ypstart newfangled Drury, 3633, russia, 17s. 6d. Heath, 4199, russia, 18s. Mac

Gentlewomen. London by Richard Carthy, 50 fr. 60 c. · Lond. 1714. 8vo. Ihones. 1595. 4to. 6s. With Notes by Turnebus and others. Pp. 14. A series of coarse raillery against Williams, 1482, morocco, 19s.

the fashions of the Elizabethan reign. Pre

fixed is a wood cut of a female, with a dog. Quintiliani Declamationes. Oxon. 1675. Roxburghe, 3335, 61. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 8vo. 2s.

597, 251. Saunders' in 1818, 111 11s. Sir Quintiliani de Institutione oratoria Lib.

M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 257, morocco, 121, 12s. xii. cum

brevibus Notis Caroli Rollin. Lond. 1738. 8vo. 8s.

Quir, Peter Ferdinand de. Terra – 1792. Towneley, pt. i. 206, 7s. Drury, 3498, 8s. 6d. Australis incognita, or a new South

M. Fabri Quinctiliani de Institutione ora erne Discoverie, containing a fifth toria Libri xii. juxta Edit. Jo. Matt. Ges- Part of the World. Lately found peri. Oxon. 1806, 8vo. 2 vol. 11. Drury,

out by Ferdinand De Qvir, a Spanish 3500, russia, 11. 19s. Brockett, 2448, 10s. Edinb. 1810. 12mo. 2 vols. 6s.

Captaine. Neuer before published. M. Fabii Quintiliani de Institutione Ora London, 1617. 4to. toria Libri duodecim, curante Jac. Ingram. Sixteen leaves, A-D, in fours, A i blank. Oxon. 1809. 8vo. 8s. A correct and useful

Quixote.—The History of Don edition. LARGE PAPER. Drury, 3501, mo

Quixote and Sancho Pancha. 1699.

Nassau, pt. i. 1596, 11s. 1686. 4to. - n. d. 4to.

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. The Declamations of Quintilian; being 892, 4s. an Exercitation or Praxis upon his twelve Books, containing the Institution of an

Quo Warranto.- Placita de Quo Orator (by Warr). London, 1686. 8vo. Warranto, Temp. Edw. I. II. & III. Roxburghe, 2316, 3s. M. Fabius Quinctilianus his Institutes of asservata. 1818. folio. 21. 125. 6d.

in Curia receptæ Scaccarii Westm. Eloquence : or, the Art of Speaking in

This volume of Quo Warrantos, arising Public, in every Character and Capacity.

from the commission issued 11th Oct. 1274, Translated into English, after the best Latin Editions, with Notes critical and explana- free warrens and fisheries ; also many royal

contains accounts of the boundaries of chases, tory, by William Guthrie. London, 1756. 8vo. 2 vols. 12s. Williams, 1484, 11. 5s.

charters, both to ecclesiastical and lay corpo.

rations not elsewhere recorded. · 1805. 8vo. 2 vols.

Quintilian's Institutes of the Orator, in twelve Books, translated from the original

A Writing of the Privileges of the City Latin, according to the Paris Edition of of London, by Charters and Acts of ParliaProfessor Rollin, and illustrated with critical

ment, on Occasion of the Quo Warranto, in and explanatory Notes, by J. Patsall, M. A.

the Reign of K. Charles II. In Stow's His. London, 1774. 8vo. 2 vols. This transla

tory of London, edited by Strype. tion is by many preferred to that of Guthrie.

The Pleadings and Proceedings upon the Edwards, 315, russia, 16s.

Quo Warranto, touching the Charter of the QUINTINYE, M. de la. Com- | City of London. 1696. 8vo.

rocco, 12s.

SA Dedicated to Sir Ro- wall in the County and Diocese of

R. A. Tonsor Aber R. H.-See ROBERTS, Henry, donensis. KOTPETE Ross, Hugh. ΑΠΟΞΥΡΟΣ, id est R. J.-A Discourse of the wonTonsor ad Cutem derfull Judgment of God of a monrasus. Lond. 1627. trous deformed Infant, begotten by

8vo. 7s. 6d. incestuous Copulation, born at Colbert Gordon. R. B.—The Legend of St. Cuth- January, 1599. By J. R. London,

Hereford, upon the sixt Day of bert. See Hegge, Robert.

1600. 4to. R. D. probably Donat Rourcke.

See Catalogue of Pamphlets in the HarSee BRIDGET, St.

leian Library, no. 313. R. F.-See Rous, Francis.

R. J.-The Trades Increase. R. H.–Ovr Ladys Retorne to London, 1615. 4to. England, accompanied with Saint Gordonstoun, 1970, 2s. Reprinted in Frances and the Good Jesus of the fourth volume of the Harleian MiscelViana in Portugal, who, comming


R. J.—The Spy, discovering from Brasell, arriued at Clauelly, in the Danger of Arminian Heresie Deuonshire, the third of June, 1592. and Spanish Trecherie. Strasburgh, London by A. I. 1592. 4to.

1628. 4to. A plain narrative, consisting of four leaves, giving the particulars of a voyage

In verse, with a folio print, finely enmade by a vessell called • Our Lady,' com

graved. Gordonstoun, 1977, 41. 16s. North, manded by Maister William Grafton' and pt. iii. 795, 17s, 6d. Inglis, 1372, 21. 12s. 60.

Hibbert, Vessels · Saint Francis' and Good Jesus." Bindley, pt. iii. 1985, 31. 15s. See Brydges' Brit. Bibl. iv. 50—2.

7714, 5s, 6d. R. H. - Honour's Conquest : RUTTER, Joseph.

R. I. or J.-See Rhodes, John. wherein is conteined the famous Hystorie of Edward of Lancaster; Penmen, or the Letter-writer, con

R. M.-President for young recounting his honourable Travailes to Jerusalem. Written by H. R. taining Letters of sundry Sorts,

with their severall Answers, &c. by Printed by Tho. Creede, 1591. 4to.

M. R. Fourth Impression. LonSeventy leaves. This is a romance, and only a second part, as appears in the en- don, 1638. 4to. trance; and the author promises a third, at Black letter. Gordonstoun, 1876, 9s. 6d. the end.

R. M.-The Pilgrims Pass to the R. H.-Mythomystes, wherein a New Jerusalem, by M. R. Lond. short Syrvay is taken of the Natvre

1659. 12mo. and Valve of true Poesy and Depth

With portrait by Cross. Inglis, 1108, 5s. of the Ancients above ovr moderne Nassau, pt. ii. 24, 19s. Towneley, pt. i. Poets : to which is annexed, the 576, 11. 10s. Tale of Narcissus briefly mytholo

R. N.-Proverbs, English, French, gized. London for Henry Seyle. Dutch, Italian, and Spanish, by N. 4to.

R. Gent. Lond. 1659. 12mo. Sixty leaves. The dedication inscribed

Hibbert, 6605, 12s. to Henry Lord Matruaers, is signed H. R. An extract, which contains all the observa

R. N. see RICHARDS, Nathaniel. tions relating to the English poets, is given

R. R, see Robinson, Richard. in Brydges' Brit. Bibl. iv. 343–9.

R. S.-Vox Cæli, or News from


by S. R.

LEY, Samuel.

Heaven, or a Consultation there held RABADAN, Mahomet. Mahometby Henry VIII. Q. Elizabeth and anism fully explained, translated Q. Anne, wherein Spaine's Ambi- from the Spanish and Arabic, and tion and Treacheries are unmasked illustrated with Notes, by Jos. MorLond. 1624. 4to.

gan. Lond. 1723-5. Svo. 2 vols. Nassau, pt. ij. 1371, 4s.

12s. R. S.-A Crew of kind London

RABBOTENU, Isaac. See Bee Gossips all met to be merry, com- Hiue of the Romish Church. plaining of their Husbands. With

RABELAIS, Fr. Works, translated their Xusbands Answers in their into English, with Notes, by Th. own Defence : to which is added, Urchard, Le Motteux and J. Ozell. ingenious Poems, or Wit and Drol- Lond. 1807. 12mo. 4 vols. lery, written and newly enlarged by • The English version of Rabelais by UrS. R. Lond 1663. 8vo.

quhart, Motteux and Ozell, may be consiLloyd, 363, morocco,


dered one of the most perfect specimens of R. S. see Rid, Sa. Robson,

the art of translation.' — Tytler. Duke of

York, 4302, 11. 3s. Brockett, 2453, 18s. Simon. RowLANDS, Samuel. Row-LARGE PAPER. By S(ir) T(homas)

U(rchard of) C(romarty). London, 1653.8vo. R. T.-An Essay concerning cri- 2 vols. 1693-4. 8vo. 4 vols. Bindley,

pt. iii. 247, 12s. · 1708. Svo. 2 vols. tical and curious Learning, by T.

Gough, 2969, 6s. 6d. Roxburghe, 6632, R. Lond. 1698. 8vo.

5s. Horne Tooke, 575, 12s. 6d. - 1737. R. T.-See RANDOLPH, Thomas. 12mo. 5 vols. HorneTooke, 576, 21. 12s.6d. Rogers, Thomas.

Garrick, 1968, 11. 19s. White Knights R. W.-The English Ape, the London, 1750. 12mo. 5 vols. Dowdeswell

, 3437, 11. 13s.

- Dublin, 1738. 4 vols. Italian Imitation, the Foote-steppes 567, 11. 13s. Nassau, pt. ii. 126, 21. 4s. of Fraunce: wherein is explained Steevens, 738, 21. 2s. Williams, 1485, mo

1784. the wilful Blindnesse of subtill Mis- rocco by Roger Payne, 4h 4s. chiefe, the Striuing for Starres, the 12mo. 4 vols. Hibbert, 6643, 18s. Brockett


2452, 13s. Catching of Moonshine, and the se

RABENER, G. W. Satirical Letcrete Sound of many hollow Hearts, ters, translated from the German. by W. R. London, by Robert Ro- Lond. 17—. 12mo. 2 vols, 5s. binson, 1588. 4to.


Dictionary This singular tract of 24 pages, inscribed of the German and English Lanto Syr Christopher Hatton, Knyght, appears to be a severe satire on the manners of the guage, in two Parts, by G. H. Noehage, particularly as they relate to dress. The den, LL.D.

Lond. 1814. square conclusion is an extravagant compliment to 12mo. 11. 1s. the Queen, whom the author calls" The

Racine, Jean. Cuvres. Londres, Phenix of the World.'

1723. 4to. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. R. W.-The Coronation of Queen An edition in little estimation. Willett, Elizabeth, by W. R. Lond. 1680. 1991, 11. 18s. Garrick, 2104, 18s. 2105,


Par. C. Gros. Lond. 1811. 12mo. 4to.

3 vols. A droll of three acts, played at Bartholomew and Southwark fairs. Reed, 7763,

Racing Calendar.-The Racing 21. 5s.

Calendar abridged. Vol. 1. from R. W.-Advice to Lovers. Lon- the earliest Accounts to the Year don, 1680. 4to.

1750 inclusive. London for Charles Lloyd, 1042, 5s.

Weatherby, 1829. 12mo. R. W.-Christmas Ordinary a The volume commences with the year private Show, by W. R. London, 1709-prefixed is a preface containing a no1682. 4to.

tice of the earliest horse-racing in England. Acted at a gentleman's house among other revels. A copy is in the British Mu- 1750, by John Cheny. 24 vols. From 1751

The Racing Calendar. From 1727 to seum. Rhodes, 66, 11. 2s. R. W.-See Rowley, William.

to 1768, by Reginald Heber. 18 vols. From 175 - to 17, by J. Pond. - vols. From

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