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uack. The M. Sykes, pt. iii. 252, 9s. 1677. White
Quack's Acade- Knights, 3426, 5s. Roxburghe, 6407, 12s.

· 1687. 12mo. pp. 144. 5s. Bibl. Anglo-
my : or, the

Poet. 584, 15s. 1726. with port. and Dunce's Direc-plates. Nassau, pt. ii. 117, 6s. - n. d. 4to. tory. London, with front. by Cecill. Reed, 2668, 7s. 6d. 1678. 4to.

Bindley, pt. iv. 929, 3s.

Job militant; with Meditations divine
Pp. 6.

A very and moral. London, 1624. 4to. Lloyd,

humorous exposure 1040. Nassau, pt. ii. 912, with portrait, of medical empiricism, reprinted in the se

15s. cond volume of the Harleian Miscellany.

Sions Elegies wept by Jeremie the Pro

phet. Lond. 1625. 4to. The Quack's Miscellany. 1730. With a frontispiece. Perry, pt. iv. 457, 7s.

Divine Poems. Lond. 1630. small 8vo.

The volume has an emblematical
Quakers.--The Quaker's Dream; 1 pp. 400:

frontispiece by Cecill, opposite which is a or, the Devil's Pilgrimage in Eng- leaf containing eight metrical lines in explaland. Lond. 1655. 4to.

tion. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 586, 31. 3s. King and Lochée's in 1810, 16s. 6d. 1633. small 8vo. pp. 502, with two titleNassau, pt. ii. 911, 11. 3s.

pages, one printed, the other engraved by T.

Cecill, bearing date 1630. Bindley, pt. iii. The Quakers Art of Courtship; or the 101. - 1638. with port, and plates. Nassau, Yea and Nay Academy of Complements. pt. ii. 107, 13s. - 1664. with portrait. Sir London, 1689. 8vo. With a frontispiece. M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 225, morocco, 12s. Lloyd, 962, 8s. 6d. Sotheby's in 1821, 1669. Reed, 7573, 13s. 6d. 1674. 10s. 6d.

small 8vo. pp. 486, illustrated with sculpAn Abstract of the Sufferings of the Peo-tures. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 587, 21. 2s. ple call'd Quakers. Lond. 1733. 8vo. 3 vols. 1680. - 1706. 12mo. pp. 444, illustrated

Epistles from the yearly Meetings of the with sculptures. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 588, Quakers. 1760. folio. Gough, 2950, 8s. 11. ls. - 1717.

A Collection of Testimonies concerning The Historie of Samson. Lond. 1631.
divers deceased Ministers of the Gospel 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 913, 4s. 1632. In
among the People called Quakers, deceased : this elaborate work, among several extra-
with some of their last Expressions and Ex- vagancies indeed of imagery and expression,
hortations. Lond. 1760. 8vo. Bindley, pt. are some spirited passages.
iv. 272, 33. 60.

Divine Fancies, digested into Epigrammes,
QUARLES, Francis. Works. Meditations and Observations. Lond. 1633.

Quarles is an author not of such little 4to. pp. 220. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 580, merit as generally has been supposed. He 11. 11s. 6d. Brockett, 2577, 7s. 1638. is often eloquent and often extremely pa 4to. pp. 220. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 581, 11.Ss. thetic.'-Rev. H. T. Todd.

1641. 4to. 1652. with port. and

front. Nassau, pt. i. 113, russia, 11. 1s. A Feast for Wormes ; in a Poem on the 1657. Lloyd, 963, 13s. 1660. 12mo. History of Jonah. London, 1620. 4to. pp. 212. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 582, 8s. 6d. Lloyd, 1040. 1626. 4to. Sir M. M. | 1687. Hibbert, 6623, 7s. Sykes, pt. iii. 249, 11. 5s. 1633. small Emblems. Lond. 1635. small 8vo. pp. 8vo.

332. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 576, with port. of Pantelogia, or the Quintessence of Medi- Quarles by Faithorne inserted, and at the tation. London, 1620. 4to. Lloyd, 1040. end of the emblems is a plate with a Latin 1626. 4to.

poem by Benlowes, supposed unique, 101. Hadassa, or the History of Queen Esther. resold Hibbert, 6621, 31. 7s. White Knights, Lond. 1621. 4to. Lloyd, 1040.

8424, 19s. A considerable part of this much Argalus and Parthenia, a Poem, in three esteemed work is borrowed from the EmBooks. London, 1621. 4to. Reed, 7572, blems of Hermannus Hugo, many of whose 78. 6d. 1629. 4to. 1631. 4to. are taken from Andrew Alciat. Camb: 1647. 4to. pp. 160, with an engraved front. 1643. sm. 8vo. pp. 390. Nassau, pt. ii. 106, by Cecil. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 583, 11. ls.russia, 13s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 577, 41. 4s. - 1656. 4to. Hibbert, 6695, 58. Sir M. - 1660. 12mo. Lond. 1676. small 8vo.



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six ai

frey prefi By A 1783

Th their į clearn publis) 4to.

Dr. of whi the Ari


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The Taher. Landini T. Similer, nisi

The Palmes of Dent si TER TO
M. Joha Cana - Commentares to hun.

se depta de
Golding, Anne De Ll. En
by The East. tar is baie on it is
tory, 263-4. - 15ik

The CL. Psalmes of Devii a E.
Metre, with the Forme of Prayers at -
nistration of the Sacraments, &c. * ***
Churche of Scotland. Where to be se
that was in the former Bootes are 100
added sundrie other Prayers, with a v sout
exact Kalendar for wi Years ser: me.
Edinburgh, by Thomas Bossance, 15*1
A copy of this book is in the covere at
Mr. George Chalmers. - Edna be Herce
Charteris, 1594. 8vo. This editiva cotes

the Catechisme of M. Iohn Cause.' Bible
Anglo-Poet. 560, imperfect, 22 12. AL

Notes animes ene u trc.
The Booke of Psalmes, with brief and risen tie dierea
apt Annotations in the Margent, &c. Le begin sta bila
don by Henry Denham, 1578. lima kalians

- Duration
Dedicated to the Queen from Geoen társ
10 of Febru. 1559.

The Psalmes of Dauid in English Menet. Lämt
with Notes of foure Partes set rata tem, 3T


Gulielmo Damon, for John Bu£, - dele Firmw?,
of the godly Christians for recrease is
selves, instede of fonde und unseren

The Simas Mens SANE
lades. Contratenor. Loeise S2:2 Dayz Patres at the mein Fitombente
1579. long 8vo. Co S.

THAI I 1 DIU: Intem 1591. 4to. la bour Parts Sou Bum: Tu I BE DIENST The Psalmes of Dance - menet mi

Chmus. bla.. ko stes. explaned by Paraphra & Furstue

PRIN, ISS Palme: from the Latin c T Best 25 Bori, Gilber * 5.9...: and by hum * et fa sunda "hem the song or smas Faultes escaped in the trs Pat Low

mes pinasar tune mes ** don by H. Deaban :: Amets. The

DELL Bina Ingle-Pe whole by signatures Q2. mies De

Psalne i PS a la dicated To Lase Kucheme. Teste

1671 B. - Sherdens L
Huntingdon.' – 154 2426 45.

burgu. 7,12
Part of the Harmony of Emg Duriz's
Hars, conteining the first w Psalmns with the Pere 102.
briedy and learned F expounded by the Ret has no ingrinte sa
D. Virsonious Striccius Perlesser air Dhuinitie

pinges, the titk $
in the riverside of Lyps in Germany. Sin Sim Celize Ii
Newly translated into English by Rich 12ma. . i
Robinisat London by loba Wolfe, 1382. Masinal sounds
40 134 lesves. IL is-Pur 2, curtaining

Bibl Angle-Pes
23 Psalms, translated by Richard Rolwsm.
London for Abt. Kitson, 1398. 4.n.
Ames' typog. Antiq. by Herbert, ii. 1173.

Other portions of the Psalms by R. Robin Witti

India, the M


Best lished a


History of Music

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son have been published.

The Palmes in Masis of Eve and siz
Partes, made by John Cosyal London
John Wolt, 1585. Sra.

The whole Booke at
wanted Tunes, as the

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Robert Hunter, John Love, and Thomas Comfort and Consolacyon of such as love to Ruddiman. LARGE OR FINE PAPER. Con- rejoyse in God and his Worde. Imprinted stable, 95, morocco, 16s. Dent, pt. i. 351, by me Johan Gough (1539). 4to. By Miles morocco, 11.

Coverdale. A copy, supposed unique, is in Psalterium Dauidis Carmine redditum Queen's College library, Oxford. A partiper (Helium) Eobanum Hessum, cum An- cular description of the book, and a specimen notationibus Vui Theodori Norimbergensis : of the versification will be found in Dr. Cotcui accessit Ecclesiastes Solomonis, eodem ton's List of Editions of the Bible and Parts Genere Carminis redditus. Lond. 1581. thereof, pp. 56, 143 & 157. See Fox's 16mo.

Book of Martyrs, first edition. Ecphrasis Paraphraseos Georgii Bucha The Psalter or Boke of Psalmes both in nani in Psalmos Davidis, ab Alexandro Julio Latyn and Englyshe wyth a Kalender, and a Edinburgeno. Lond. 1620. 8vo. 5s. Table. Ricardus Grafton excudebat. 1540. Edinb. 1699. 18mo. Roxburghe, 2829, 3s.


The Psalter contains fol. cxxviii. On Psalmorum Davidis Paraphrasis poetica, the back of the first title is an almanack for et Canticum Evangelicorum, Auctore Arturo 30 years, beginning 1541, then a kalendar. Ionstono Scoto. Aberdoniæ, 1637. 12mo. The second title is before the English transA very beautiful Latin version of the Psalms, lation. which occasioned a good deal of controversy Dauids Harpe ful of moost delectable Arrespecting the comparative merits of Bucha- mony newely strynged and set in Tune by nan and Johnston. Roxburghe, 2828, 12s. Theodore Basille (Tho. Becon). London, by Inglis, 834, 9s. 6d. The version has been John Mayler for John Gough. 1543. 8vo. frequently reprinted. - Interpretatione, The whole contains sig. m, in eights. Argumentis, Notisque illustrati. Lond. 1741. Psalmes or Prayers taken out of holye 4to. An elegant edition, published by Wm. Scripture. Lond: by Tho. Berthelet. 1545. Benson.

Lond. 1741. 8vo. Contains L, in eights. These are not 8vo. Edited by Wm. Lauder.

the psalms of David, but pious ejaculations Psalms translated from the Armenian | in like manner. Lond. by Edw. WhytLanguage into Latin, by Dudley Loftus. churche, 1547. 8vo. Lond. by Tho. Dublin, 1661. 8vo. See Wood's Athen. Berthelet, 1548. 8vo. London by W. Oxon. by Dr. Bliss, iv. 429.

Copland, 1550. 8vo. London by W. Octupla; hoc est, octo Paraphrases poeticæ Copland, 1559. 16mo. The volume contains Psalmi civ. Authoribus totidem Scotis. Edinb. xx Psalmes and three Prayers to ( 8, with 1696. 8vo. Roxburghe, 2855, 7s. 6d. the Litany and Suffrages on eight leares Psalmi Davidis quinquaginta priores Ver

London by lohn Waley, 1559. sibus elegiacis Latine redditi, Interprete 16mo. — London by W. Seres, 1559. 16mo. J(ohanne) H(anway). Lond. 1723. 4to. London by H. Wykes, 1562. 16mo. Lond. 1726. 8vo. Best edition.

The Psalter of David in English truly

translated out of Latyn: wherevnto is anPsalterum Davidis Latino-Saxonicum vetus, nexed in Thende certayne godly Prayers a Johanne Spelmanno editum e vetustissimo commenly called Collectes. London, impr. Exemplari ms. et cum tribus aliis collatum. by Ed. Whytchurche (1547). Svo. A copy of Lond. 1640. 4to. 18s.

this edition of Martin Bucer's (?) translation

is in the British Museum, and a particular The Psalter of David, in Englishe, purely description of the volume will be found in and faithfully translated after the Texte of Dr. Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible Feline (i. e. Martin Bucer), every Psalme and Parts thereof. havynge his Argument before declaring Certayne Psalmes chosen out of the brelly Thentente and Substance of the whole Psalter of David, and drawen into Englishe Psalme. Argentine by Francis Foye, 1530. Metre by Thomas Sternhold Grome of you 16mo. Copies of this volume, consisting of Kynges Maiesties Robes.

London, Ed. 235 leaves, besides the table, are in the Bri- Whitchurche. 8vo. Dedicated to K. Edw. tish Museum and in the Public Library at VI. Contains D in eights, D 7 containing Cambridge. See Lewis' History of the a cut, D 8 blank. This edition was doubtEnglish Translations of the Bible, 86-7. less prior to that of 1519, as it contains only

David's Psalter, diligently and faithfully | 19 psalms, viz. the first five, 20, 25, 27, 29, translated by George Joye, with brief Ar- 32, 33, 41, 49, 73, 78, 103, 120, 122, 138. guments before every Psalme, declaring the Brindley, pt. iii. 1075, 51. 15s. 6d. — Lond. Effect thereof. (Antwerp by) Martyne Em- by Edw. Whitchurche, 1549. 8vo.

This perour, 1534. 16mo. A copy is in the edition contains 51 psalms. London by Public Library at Cambridge. See Lewis' the Widowe of Jhon Harrington, 1550. History, 87-8.

London by Edward Whitchurche, 1531. An Epitome of the Psalmes. 1539. See 16mo. G, in eights. See Brydges' CenCAPITO, Wolfangus.

sura Literaria. London by Edward Goostly Psalmes and spiritual Songes Whitchurche, 1552. 16m0.-Foure score and drawen out of the holy Scripture, for the seven Psalmes of Dauid in English Metre by


Thomas Sterneholde and others: whereunto be vsed for sondrye Purposes.' 1553: are added, the Songe of Simeon, the ten 16mo. White Knights, 3408, morocco, Commandments and the Lord's Prayer. 1561. 21. 12s. 6d.—With certayne Addicions of 32mo. 154 leaves. Bindley, pt. ii. 2413, Collectes, &c. 1560. London by William 61. 7s. 6d. See Brydges' Censura Literaria. Seres. 4to. J in fours, besides title, and al

1562. 4to. With apt notes to sing them manack for 22 years, the order how the withal,' &c. First Parte of the Psalmes psalter is appointed to be read,' .a table collected into Englishe Meter by Thomas for the order of the psalmes,' and a kaSternholde. Imprinted by John Day, 1564. lendar.' 1560. London by Richarde Bindley, pt. ii. 2255, 71. 178. 6d. The Jugge and John Cawood. 4to.

Printed by modern editions of Sternlold's version have assignment from Will. Seres, wbo had an suffered considerable alteration from the early exclusive privilege for printing the Psalter. impressions. The language is modernized Anno. 1564. - London by Richarde Jugge without being improved, and the translation and John Cawood. folio. A-H, in eights, varied without approaching nearer to the I and K, in sixes. London by W. Seres, original. Numerous other editions of Stern- | 1565. 16mo. London, by W. Seres, hold and Hopkins' version of the Psalms are 1569. 4to. London by Richard Iugge, mentioned in Dr. Cotton's List of Editions 1575. 32mo. A-0, in eights. The date is of the Bible and Parts thereof. Some after on the title page. London by H. Denthe appearance of the psalms by Brady and ham, 1583. 410. London by H. DenTate in 1695, this version was altered into ham, 1586. 4to. London by the Deputhe form and language into which it is ties of Chr. Barker, 1595. 8vo. London, printed to this day. Observations upon the by the Deputies of Chr. Barker. 4to. metrical Versions of the Psalms have been London, 1615. 4to. — London, 1616. 12mo. published by the Rev. H.J. Todd. London, Certayne Psalms chosen out of the Psalter 1822, 8vo.

of David and drawen furth into English Psalter, by John Day and William Seres. Meter by William Hunnis. London by the (1549). In John Day's Descant on the Wydow of John Herforde, 1550. 8vo. See Psalıns,' 1620, mention is made of the HUNNIS, William. English Psalter ; a translation set forth in Certayne Psalmes select out of the Psalter K. Edward's time, printed my Father and of Dauid, and drawen into Englyshe Metre, William Seres.'

with Notes to euery Psalme in iiij Parts to Certaine Psalmes chosen out of the Psalmes synge by F rancis) S(eager). London by of Dauid commonly called vij Penytentiall | Wyllyam Seres, 1553. 16mo. Sir M. M. Psalmes, drawen into Englishe Meter by Sir Sykes, pt. iii. 51, date 1551 ? 31. 11s. Thomas Wyatt, Knyght, whereunto is added The whole Psalter, translated into Enga Prolog of the Aucthore before euery Psalme lish Metre (by Matthew Parker, Archvery pleasant and profettable to the godly bishop of Canterbury), which contayneth Reader.

London by Thomas Raynald an hundreth and fifty Psalmes. The first and John Harryngton, 1549. 8vo. Re- Quinquagene. London by John Daye printed in the second volume of Chalmers' (1557). 4to. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 759, edition of the Poets.

morocco, 111. 11s. Bindley, pt. iii. 1167, The Psalter of Dauid newely translated morocco, 171. 178. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 534, into Englysh Metre : wherunto is added a 151. 158. A particular description of the Note of four Partes, wyth other Thynges as volume and a specimen of the versification shall appeare in the Epistle to the Reader. will be found in Dr. Cotton's List of the Translated and imprinted by Robert Crowley, various Editions of the Bible and Parts there1549. 4to.

of, pp. 57, 146, 161. See Strype's Life The Psalter or Psalmes of Dauid after of Parker, Warton's History of English the Tranlacion of the great Bible, poynted as Poetry, Ames' Typog. Antiq. by Dibdin, and it shall be songe in Churches. Cantorbury Brydges' Restituta. by John Mychell, 1549. 4to. Prefixed is a The Book of Psalms and godly Prayers. kalendar; and annexed, Te Deum, Bene-Geneva by Rowland Hall, 1559. 8vo. dicite, The Song of Zacharie, of Mary, The whole Psalmes in four Parts, which Symeon, Quicunq; vult, The Letany and may be song to all musical Instruments, set Suffrages, and a table of the Psalms, &c. A forth for the Increase of Vertue and Abolishcopy is in the Earl Spencer's collection. ing of other vaine and trifling Ballades. Worceter by Jhon Oswen, 1549. 4to. A London by John Daye, 1563. 4to. copy is in the library of King George III. is in Brasen-Nose College Library, Oxford. now in the British Museum. It contains A Psalme Buik. Edinb. by Thomas A-P7, not including title, &c. 9 leaves, Bassindane, 1568. At the end whereof in all 128 leaves. Canterbury, 1550. was printed ane lewd song called, Welcome 4to. London by Edward Whyt- Fortunes. The printer was ordered to call churche (1552). 410.

A-K 4, in eights, in the book and 'expunge the lewd song.' then A a, 8 leaves. At the end of the See Ames' typog. Antiq. by Herbert, i. volume are • Certain godly Prayers, to


A copy

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