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et Lamcntationes Jeremis, sine Punctis, ed. G.Robertson. Cantab. 1685. 18mo. 4s.

Psalmorum Liber (Heb. et Lat.) in Versiculos raetrice divisus et cum aliis Critices Subsidiig, turn praecipue Metrices Ope, inultis in Lot-is Integritati suae restitutus: cum Dissertatione de antiqua Hebreeorum Poesi, ic edidit Fran. Hare, Episc. Cestrensis. Lond. 1736. 8vo. 2 vols. The hypothesis of Hare met with an able antagonist in Bp. Lowth, and a defender in Dr. Edwards. Williams, 1464, 18s.

The Hebrew Psalter, divided according to the Verses of the Psalms in the Liturgy, by John Reeves. Lond. 1804. 12mo. 5s.

The Psalms in Hebrew, revised by G. Offer. Lond. 1820. 12mo. 3s. fid.

The Book of Psalms, with Points; corrected &c. Glasg. 1821. 8vo. A beautifully and accurately printed edition, chiefly designed to assist in the acquisition of the Hebrew language.

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Liber Psalmoruml praemissis Psalmorum Argumentis, additis Locis parallelis e veteri et novo Testamenti; una cum decern Praeceptis e Capite vigesimo Libri secundi Mosaici et Oratione Dominica e Capite sexto Erangelii Matlhaei, Arahice, in Usum Christianorum Jugo Turcico subjectorum. Sumptibus Societatis de propaganda Cognitione Christi apud Exteros. Lond. 1725. 8vo.


Psalterium, juxta Exemplar Alexandrinum, Gr. et Lat. Oxon. 1678. 8vo. Williams, 1463, morocco, 15s. Large Paper.

Psalmorum aliquot Davidis Metapurasis Grasca Joannis Serrani, et Precationes ejusdem Grsecolatinae: Appendicis Loco accessere Henrici Stephani, atque Gracorum quorundam Lyricorum, Poeraata sacra, edidit Franciscus Okely, A.B. Lond. 1770.12mo. 5s.

Psalterium Graecum e Codice ms. Alex•ndrino, qui Londini Bibliotheca Musei Britannia asservatur, Typis ad Similitudinem ipaus Codicis Scripture fideliter descriptum, Curaet Lahore H. H. Baber, M.A. Lond. 1812. folio. 12s. An exact fac-simile. At the end of the volume there is a collation of the various readings of the Alexandrian MS. with the Roman edition of the Vatican text of the Septuagint printed in 1587. On Vellum. Tea or twelve copies printed. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 146, 51 18s. Dent, PL ii. 1206, morocco, ill. 9s.

Psalterium. Westmonast. perWynandum de Worde, 1499. 8vo. A—S, in octaves, "ith a kalendar on 12 leaves. — 1502. — 1504.

Psalterium. Lond. per Guill. Faquez.

1504. 8vo. The volume contains a to u viij with a calendar, and A to C iv in eights.

Psalterium cum Hymnis scd'm Vsum et Consuetudinem Sarum et Eboracen. Parisiis, Expensis et Sumptibus Gwilhelmi Bretton. 1506. 4to. The psalms contain fol. cxxxvi. also eight leaves of prefixtures, the hymns, with a table, 40 leaves. — (Per Rich. Pynson. 1506). 4to. — Paris. 1516. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 50, 17s. — Paris. 1522. 16mo. — Ante, 1524. 8vo. On the titlepage,' Venundantur Londouii apud Petrum Kaetz.' —Paris. 1535. 16mo. —Paris. 1535. 4to. — Lond. Tho. Marshe, 1555. 8vo. — Impr. per Ant. Kytson. The almanack commences 1555.

Psalterium ad decandandain ChoroOfficia Ecclesiastica accommodatissimum. &c. Lond. apud Joh. Renis. 1530. 16mo. Prefixed is a calendar, an almanack from 1529 to 1578, a table for the new moons from 1529 to 1554; also a table of the eclipses 1530—51, with explanations, 24 leaves. After the Psalter and customary additions, on folio exxxvii 'Sequntur Hymni' &c which are concluded on fol. clxxvi. Then two tables 8 leaves, the last blank.

Psalmorum omnium iuxta Hebraicam Veritatem Paraphrastica Interpretatio, Authore Joanne Campensi: &c. Accessit Athanasius ad Marcellinum in Librum Psalmorum Capnione Interprete. Paraphrasis in Concionem Salomonis Ecclesiaste succintissima : &c. per eundem Joannem Campensem. Paris per Franc. Regnault. Expensis Tho. Bertheleti. 1534. 4to. I have an English translation of them (adds Herbert) without the printer's name in sixteens.

Psalmi seu Precationes ex variis Scripturae Locis collectae. Lond. in Officina Thonue Bertheleti, 1544. lfimo.

Psalterium Dauidicum, cum aliquot Canticis Ecclesiasticis. Litanie. Hymni Ecclesiastici. Paris. Fr. Regnault, 1552. 8vo.

Liber Psalmorum Dauidis, Prophets 8: Regis. Lond. apud Reg. Wolfium, 1572. lfimo. Contains T in eights, half sheets. The title is dated 1571.

Psalmi Dauidis ex Hebraso in Latimim conuersi, Scholiisque pernecessariis illustrati ab Imman. Tremellio et Franc. Junio. Lond. 1580. 8vo.

Psalmorum Dauidis et aliorum Prophetarum Libri quinque, Argumentis et Latina Paraphrasi illustrati, ac etiam vario Carrninum Genere Latine expressi. Theo. Beza Vezelio Auctore. Londini, 1580. lfimo. 3s. fid.

Paraphrasis Psalmorum Davidis poetica, Authore Georgio Buchanano. Impensis H. Denham. 1580. lfimo. This admirable version has been frequently reprinted. — Paris. 1564. 8vo. First edition. — Edinb. 1737. 8vo. 6s. An excellent variorum edition, published by the Ruddimans, with 'Alex. Julii Ecphrasi.' The editors were Robert Hunter, John Love, and Thomas Ruddiman. LARGE OR Fine Paper. Constable, 95, morocco, 16s. Dent, pt. i. 351, morocco, ll.

Psalterium Dauidis Carmine reddilum per (Helium) Eobanuin Hessum, cum Annotationibus Vti Theodori Norimbcrgensis: cui accessit Ecclesiastes Solomonis, eodem Genere Carminis redditus. Lond. 1581. lGmo.

Ecphrasis Paraphraseos Georgii Buchanani in Psalmos Davidis, ab Alexandra Julio Edinburgeno. Lond. 1C20. 8vo. 5s. — Edinb. 1699. 18mo. Roxburghe, 2829, 3s.

Psalmorum Davidis Paraphrasis poetica, et Canticum Evangelicorum, Auctore Arturo Ionstono Scoto. Aberdonia?, 1637. 12mo. A very beautiful Latin version of the Psalms, which occasioned a good deal of controversy respecting the comparative merits of Buchanan and Johnston. Roxburghe, 2828, 12s. Inglis, 834, 9s. lid. The version has been frequently reprinted. — Interpretatione, Argumentis, Nutisqueillustruti. Lond. 1741. 4to. An elegant edition, published by Wm. Benson, Large Paper. — Lond. 1741. 8vo. Edited by Wm. Lauder.

Psalms translated from the Armenian Language into Latin, by Dudley Lofius. Dublin, 1661. 8vo. See Wood's Athen. Oxon. by Dr. Bliss, iv. 429.

Octupla; hocest,octo Paraphrases poeticae Psalmi civ. Authoribus totidem Scotis. Edinb. 1696. 8vo. Roxburghe, 2855, 7s. 6d.

Psalmi Davidis quinquaginta priores Versibus elegiacis Latine redditi, Interprete Johannes) H(anway). Lond. 1723. 4to. — Lond. 1726. 8vo. Best edition.

Psalterum Davidis Latino-Saxonicum vetus, a Johanne Spelmanno editum e vetustissimo Exemplari ms. et cum tribus aliis collatum. Lond. 1640. 4to. 18s.

The Psalter of David, in Englishe, purely and faithfully translated after the Texte of Feline (i. e. Martin Bucer), every Psalme havynge his Argument before declaring brefly Thcntente and Substance of the whole Psalme. Argentine by Francis Foye, 1530. llimo. Copies of this volume, consisting of 235 leaves, besides the table, are in the British Museum and in the Public Library at Cambridge. See Lewis' History of the English Translations of the Bible, 86-7.

David's Psalter, diligently and faithfully translated by George Joye, with brief Arguments before every I'salme, declaring the Effect thereof. (Antwerp by) Martyne Emperour, 1534. Ilium. A copy is in the Public Library at Cambridge. See Lewis' History, 87-8.

An Epitome of the Psalmes. 1539. See Capito, Wolfangus.

Goostly Psalmes and spiritual Songes drawen out of the holy Scripture, for the


Comfort and Consolacyon of such as love to rejoyse in God and his Worde. Imprinted by a Julian Gough (1539). 4to. By Miles Coverdalc. A copy, supposed unique, is in Queen's College library, Oxford. A particular description of the book, and a specimen of the versification will be found in Dr. Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible and Parts thereof, pp. 56, 143 Si 157. See Fox's Book of Martyrs, first edition.

The Psalter or Boke of Psalmes both in Latyn and Englyshe wyth a Kalender, and a Table. Ricardus Grafton excudebat- IMO. 8vo. The Psalter contains fol. exxviii. On the back of the first title is an almanack for 30 years, beginning 1541, then a kalendar. The second title is before the English translation.

D,mills Harpe ful of nioosl delectable M. mony newely strynged and set in Tune by Theodore Basille (Tho. Becon). London, by John Mayler for John Gough. 1543. 8vc The whole contains sig. m, in eights.

Psalmes or Prayers taken out of holye Scripture. Lond: by Tho. Berthelet. 1545. 8vo. Contains L, in eights. These are not the psalms of David, but pious ejaculations in like manner. — Lond. by Edw. Whytchurche, 1517. 8vo. — Lond. by Tho. Berthelet, 1548. 8vo. — London by W. Copland, 1550. 8vo. — London by W. Copland, 1559. lfimo. The volume contains xx Psalmes and three Prayers to O 8, with the Litany and Suffrages on eight leaves more. — London by Iohn Waley, 1539. 16mo. — London by W.Seres, 1559. lCmo, — London by H. Wykes, 1562. 16ruo.

The Psalter of David in English truly translated out of Latyn: wherevnto is annexed in Thende certayne godly Prayers commenly called Collectes. London, impr. by Ed.Whytchurche (1547). 8vo. A copy of this edition of Martin Bucer's (O translation is in the British Museum, and a particular description of the volume will be found in Dr. Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible and Parts thereof.

Certayne Psalmes chosen out of the Psalter of David, and drawen into Englishe Metre by Thomas Sternhold Grome of y Kynges Maicsties Robes. London, Ed. Whitchurche. 8vo. Dedicated to K. Edw. VI. Contains D in eights, D 7 containing a cut, D 8 blank. This edition was doubtless prior to that of 1549, as it contains only 19 psalms, viz. the first five, 20, 25, 27, 29, 32, 33, 41, 49, 73, 78, 103, 120, 122, 13S. Brindley, pt. iii. 1075, 5/. 15s. 6d. — Lond. by Edw. Whitchurche, 1549. 8vo. Toil edition contains 51 psalms. —London by the Widows of Jhon Harrington, 1550. — London by Edward Whitchurche, 1551. I61110. G, in eights. See Brydgcs' Censura Literaria. — London by Edward Whitchurche, 1552. I61110.—Fourescore and seven Psalmes of Dauid in English Metre by Thomas Sterneholde and others: whereunto are added, the Songe of Simeon, the ten CommandmentsandthcLord's Prayer. 1561. 32mo. 154 leaves. Bindley, pt. ii. 2413, 61. 7s. 6d. See Brydges' Censura Literaria. — 1562. 4to. With 'apt notes to sing them withal,' &c, — First Parte of the Psalmes collected into Englishe Meter by Thomas Stemholde. Imprinted by John Day, 1564. Bindley, pt. ii. 2255, "L 17s. M. The modern editions of Sternhold's version have suffered considerable alteration from the early impressions. The language is modernized without being improved, and the translation nried without approaching nearer to the original. Numerous other editions of Sternhold and Hopkins' version of the Psalms are mentioned in Dr. Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible and Parts thereof. Some after the appearance of the psalms by Brady and Tate in 1695, this version was altered into the form and language into which it is printed to this day. Observations upon the metrical Versions of the Psalms have been published by the Rev. H.J. Todd. London, 1822. 8vo.

Psalter, by John Day and William Seres. (1549). In 'John Day's Descant on the Psalms,' 1620, mention is made of the English Psalter; a translation set forth in K. Edward's time, 'printed my Father and William Seres.'

Certaine Psalmes chosen outof the Psalmes of Dauid commonly called vij Penytenliall Psalmes, drawen into Englishe Meter by Sir Thomas Wyatt, Knyght, whereunto is added aPrologof the Aucthore before euery Psalme very pleasant and profettable to the godly Reader. London by Thomas Raynald and John Harryngton, 1549. 8vo. Reprinted in the second volume of Chalmers' edition of the Poets.

The Psalter of Dauid newely translated into English Metre: whcrunto is added a Mote of four Partes, wyth other Thynges as shall appeare in the Epistle to the Reader. Translated and imprinted by Robert Crowley, 1549. 4to.

The Psalter or Psalmes of Dauid after the Tranlacion of the great Bible, poynted as it shall be songe in Churches. Cantorbury by John Mychell, 1549. 4 to. Prefixed is a kalendar; and annexed, Te Deum, Bene

dicite, The Song of Zacharie, of Mary,

Symeon, Quicunq; vult, The Letany and Suffrages, and a table of the Psalms, Sec. A copy is in the Earl Spencer's collection. — Worcester by Jhon Oswen, 1549. 4to. A copy is in the library of King George III. now in the British Museum. It contains A—P 7, not including title, &c. 9 leaves, in all 128 leaves. — Canterbury, 1550. 4to. — London by Edward Whytchurehe (1552). 4to. A—K 4, in eights, then A a, 8 leaves. At the end of the volume are 'Certain godly Prayers, to

be used for sondryc Purposes.' — 1553 • ltinio. White Knights, 3408, morocco, 2/. IN. 6d.—With certayne Additions of Collectes, &c. 1560. London by William Seres. 4to. J in fours, besides title, and almanack for 22 years, 'the order how the psalter is appointed to be read,' 'a table for the order of the psalmes,' and a ' kalendar.' — 1560. London by Richarde Jugge and John Cawood. 4to. Printed by assignment from Will. Seres, who had an exclusive privilege for printing the Psalter. Anno. 1564. —London by Richarde Jugge and John Cawood. folio. A—H, in eights, I and K, in sixes. — London by W. Seres, 1565. 16mo. — London, by W. Seres, 1569. 4to. — London by Richard Iugge, 1575. 32mo. A—O, in eights. The date is on the title page. — London by H. Denham, 1583. 4to. — London by H. Denham, 1586. 4to. — London by the Deputies of Chr. Barker, 1595. 8vo. — London, by the Deputies of Chr. Barker. 4to. — London, 1615. 4to. —London, 1616. 12mo. Certayne Psalms chosen out of the Psalter of David and drawen forth into English Meter by William Hunnis. London by the Wydow of John Herforde, 1550. 8vo. See Hunnfs, William.

Certayne Psalmes select out of the Psalter of Dauid, and drawen into Englyshe Metre, with Notes to euery Psalme in iiij Parts to synge by Francis) S(eager). London by Wyllyam Seres, 1553. 16mo. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 51, date 1551? 3/. lis.

The whole Psalter, translated into English Metre (by Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury), which contayneth an hundreth and fifty Psalmes. The first Quinquagene. London by John Daye (1557). 4to. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 759, morocco, Ill. lis. Bindley, pt. iii. 1167, morocco, 171 17s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 534, 15/. 15s. A particular description of the volume and a specimen of the versification will be found in Dr. Cotton's List of the various Editions of the Bible and Parts thereof, pp. 57, 146, 161. See Strype's Life of Parker, Warton's History of English Poetry, Ames' Typog. Antiq. by Dibdin, and Brydges' Reatituta.

The Book of Psalms and godly Prayers. Geneva by Rowland Hall, 1559. Svo.

The whole Psalmes in four Parts, which may be song to all musical Instruments, set forth for the Increase of Vertue and Abolishing of other vaine and trilling Ballades. London by John Daye, 15T>3. 4to. A copy is in Brasen-Nosc College Library, Oxford.

A Psalme Buik. Edinb. by Thomas Bassindane, 1568. At 'the end whereof was printed ane lewd song called, Welcome Fortunes.' The printer was ordered to call in the book and ' expunge the lewd song.' See Ames' typog. Antiq. by Herbert, iii. 1491.

The Psalter. London by R. Wolfe, 1571. 16mo.

The Psalmes of Dauid and others, with M. John Caluin's Commentaries (by Arthur Golding). Anno Do. M.D.l.xxl. London by Tho. East. 4to. 10s. 6d. See Lewis' History, 263-4. — 1576.

The CL. Psalmes of David in English Metre, with the Forme of Prayers, and Ministration of the Sacraments, &c. used in the Churche of Scotland. Whereunto besydes that was in the former Bookes, are also added sundrie other Prayers, with a new aud - exact Kalendar for xvi Years next to come. Edinburgh, by Thomas Bassandine, 1575. A copy of this book is in the collection of Mr. George Chalmers. — Edinb. be Henrie Chartcris, 1594. 8vo. This edition contains 'the Catechisme of M. Iohn Caluine.' Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 560, imperfect, 27. 12s. M.

The Booke of Psalmes, with briefe and apt Annotations in the Margent, &c. London by Henry Denham, 1578. 16mo. 4s. 6d. Dedicated to the Queen ' from Geneua this lOofFebru. 1559.'

The Psalmes of Dauid in English Meter, with Notes of foure Partes set vnto them, by Gulielmo Damon, for John Bull, to the Use of the godly Christians for recreating themselves, instede of fondc and unseenely Ballades. Contratenor. London by John Daye, 1579. long 8vo. Contains 80 pages. — 1591. 4to. In four Parts. See Burney's History of Music.

The Psalmes of Dauid truly opened and explaned by Paraphrasis, &c. Translated from the Latin of Th. Beza, by Anth. Gilbie, and by him newlie purged from sundrie Faultes escaped in the first Print, &C. London by H. Denham, 1581. 24mo. 4s. The whole by signatures, Q ii, in twelves. Dedicated 'To Ladie Katherine, Countess of Huntingdon.' — 1590. 24mo. 4s.

Part of the Harmony of King David's Harp, conteining the first xxi Psalmes, briefly and learnedly expounded by the Reu. D. Victorious Strigelius, Professor ofDiuinitie in the Vniversitie of Lypsia in Germany. Newly translated into English by Rich. Robinson. London by Iohn Wolfe, 1582. 4to. 130 leaves. II. Is.—Part 2, containing 23 Psalms, translated by Richard Robinson. London for Abr. Kitson, 1593. 4to. See Ames'typog. Antiq. by Herbert, ii. 1171. Other portions of the Psalms by R. Robinson have been published.

The Psalmes in Music of five and six Partes, made by John Cosyn. London by John Wolfe, 1585. 8vo.

The whole Booke of Psalmes, with their wonted Tunes, as they are song in Churches, composed into foure Parts. London by Thomas Est, 1592. 8vo. ll. ls. — 1594. In this edition the psalm-tunes vary much.

Bindley, pt. ii. 2438, 7s. 6d. See Buraey't History of Music.

The Psalter. London by the Deputies of Chr. Barker, 1594. folio.

Psalms and Catechisms of the Church of Scotland. Middleburgh, 1594. — Middleburgh, 1597. — Dort, 1601. A beautiful edition. — Dort, 1603.

The Psalmes of Dauid in Metre, the plaine Song beeing the common Tunne to be sung and plaide vpon the Lute, Sic. by Richard Allison. London, 1599. folio. Dedicated to the Countess of Warwick. See Burney's History of Music.

Psalms in Prose and Metre. Dort by Abraham Canin, 1601. 16mo. The prose is the Genevan version, the verse, Sternhold's.

The seven penitential Psalms in Verse by R(obert) V(erstegan). 1601. 8vo.

Psalmes of David in Meeter, with divers Notes and Tunes augmented to them, also with the Prose on the Margen. Middleburgh by R. Schilders, 1602.12mo. 10s. 6<J. Williams, 1470, morocco, 4/. 4s.

The Psalms of David in Metre. Edinb. 1603. 24mo. Gordonstoun, 1723, imperfect, 8s. Edinb. 1608. 24mo. —Edinb. 1609. 4to. — Edinb. 1611, 8vo. with the Forms of Prayer, Catechism, &c. Roxburghe, 78, 11. 10s.

The Mindes Melodie, containing certaine Psalmes of the kinglie Prophete David, applyed to a new pleasant Tune, verie comfortable to evcrie one that is rightlie acquinted therewith. Edinburgh, be Robert Charteris, 1605.sm.8vo.sixteen leaves. This selection consists of Psalmes 1. 4. 6. 8. 15. 19. 23.43. 57.91. 101. 117. 121. 125. and 128. with the Song of Simeon. What the 'new pleasant tune' might be does not appear. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 476, 71 7s.

Psalms in Prose and Metre. Edinb. 1611. 8vo. — Aberdene, 1613. 8vo. Roiburghe, 79, 1/.

The Psalms in Metre by King James, with the Prose (1611). 8vo. The volume has no imprint or date, and contains 3S pages, the title is an engraved one. A copy is in Sion College Library. — Oxford, 1631. 12mo. pp. 320. The title engraved by Marshall contains a portrait of K. James. Bibl. Anglo-Poet, 396, li 15s. Bindley, pt. ii- 2439, 11. Is. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 41, morocco, I/. 4s. — Edinb. 1631). folio. — London, 1636. fol. — 163". with portrait of K. James and frontispiecr. Nassau, pt. i. 1795, old morocco, U 6s. — London, 1646, 8vo. Sir William Alexander, afterwards Earl of Sterling, was the principal author of this work.

The Psalms in Prose and Metre by Henry Ainsworth. Amsterdam, 1612. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 819, 8s. — 1617. 4to. — Aug. 1644. 8vo. Boswell, 2285, 4s. See AinsWorth, Henry.

The Psalms in Metre by William Johnson. Amsterdam, 1613. 8vo.

Fifti select Psalms, paraphrastically turned into English Verse (by Sir Edwin Sandys) and by Robert Tailour set to be sung in five Parts. London, 1615. 4to. 1/. lis. 6d. See Wood's Athen. Oxon. by Dr. Bliss, ii. 474.

Psalms, in Verse and Prose, with the Songs of Moses, Deborah, &c. translated by H. Dod. 1620. 8vo. Perry, pt. i. 1355, 1/. 6s. At the end is an act for enjoining a public thanksgiving on the fifth of November, 'composed into easie meter, a song meete for yong and old.' This act together with Psalm xix are reprinted in Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible. According to the preface, a former edition was published in 1603.

Psalms and Hymns, with the Music in iv. Parts by Tho. Ravenscroft. London, 1621. 8vo. Bindley, pt. iii. 78, 10s. Nassau, pt. ii. 140, 12s. Sir M. M. Sykes. pt iii. 611, 11. 18s. — 1633. 8vo. Among these Psalm-tunes are many with the name of John Milton, the poet's father. The work contains a melody for every one of the hundred and fifty psalms, many of them by the editor himself, of which a considerable number is still in use. See Barney's History of Music.

The Psalms in Prose and Metre, and Forms of Discipline and Prayers, according to the Church of Scotland. Aberdcne, 1623. 8vo. — Aberd. 1633. 8vo. Bindley, pt. ii. 2412, 11. Is. — Edinb. 1635. 8vu. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 52, 1/. 5s. Boswell, ?286, 7s. 6d. — Edinb. 1640. Boswell, 2271,3s. Frequently reprinted.

Certaine Psalmes (viz. i. xii. xc. civ. cxxvi. cxxxvii. cxlx.) in Verse, by Francis Lord Verulam. London, 1625. 4to.

The Psalms in Prose, translated by Alexander Top. Amst. 1629. folio.

The Psalmes of David in Meter, according as they are sung in the Church of Scotland. Aberdcene, 1629. 12mo. Gordon•toun, 1724, 11. 10s. Inglis, 1245, lis.

The Psalmes of David, translated into Lyrick-verse according to the Scope of the Original, and illustrated, with a short Argument, and a brief Prayer or Meditation before and after each Psalme, by George Wither. Neatherlands, 1632. 16mo. Pp. 316, dedicated to the 'Princesse Elizabeth, Queene of Bohemia.' Bibl. AngloPoet, 795, with Wither's Hymnes and Songs of the Church, London, 1623, 5/. 5s. Nas«»u, pt. ii. 1260, 11. 5s. White Knights, 4489, morocco, 31. Williams, 1471, morocco, 3 J. 13s. 6d.

Psalms accorded to the Verses and Tunes generally used in the reformed Churches of France and Germany. London, 1632. 12mo. Nassau, pt. ii. 97, G.

Psalmes of David, in Prose and Meeter, with their whole Tunes in foureor more Parts,

and some Psalmes in Reports, whereunto is added many godly Prayers and an exact Kalendar. Edinburgh, 1635. 8vo. 6s.

Psalms by G. S. 1636. &c. See Sandys, George.

The Psalms of David and other holy Prophets by R. B. London, 1638. 12mo See Brathwait, Richard.

The Psalms in Metre. Rotterdam, 1638. 12mo. A copy of this anonymous version is in the Lambeth library.

The Psalms in Metre. 1640. 4to. A specimen of this anonymous version will be found in Dr. Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible and Parts thereof.

The CL. Psalmes of David. Edinburgh, 1640. 1 Ctii... pp. 496. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 551, 4/. 4s.

The Psalms translated into English Metre by Francis Rouse. 1641. A puritanical version, printed by order of the House of Commons. According to Neale, in his History of the Puritans, the Assembly of Divines, in 1645, recommended the new version of the Psalms by Mr. Rouse, to be used instead of Sternhold's, which was grown obsolete. — London, 1646, small 8vo. 6s. See Wood's Athen. Oxon. by Dr. Bliss, iii. 468, and Dr. Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible and Parts thereof, p. 68.

Psalmes or Songs of Sion: turned into the Language, and set to the Tunes of a strange Land by W(illiam) S(latyer). Lond. (1642). 12mo.

The Psalmes of David in four Languages (Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English) and in four Partes set to the Tunes of our Church, by W(illiam) S(latyer). (London) 1643. 1643. 12mo. pp. 68. The book is engraved on copper; with nine leaves of letterpress, ' the epistle to the reader.' Boswell, 2275, H. 8s. White Knights, 3409, morocco, 11. lis. Bibl. Anglo-Poet, 658, 6/. 6s. Nassau, pt. ii. 99 , 11. 3s. Roxburghe, Suppl. 641, 21. 18s. — 1652. 12mo. with portrait of Slatycr, with a large beard. Perry, iv. 317, date 1653, IN.

The whole Booke of David's Psalmes, both in Prose and Meeter, with apt Notes to sing them withal). London, 1643. 16mo. pp. 384. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 552, 1/. Is.

The Psalms in Metre, close and proper to the Hebrew, with musical Notes (by William Barton). London, 1644. 12mo. A : specimen of this edition of Barton's Psalms is given in Dr. Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible and Parts thereof. — In 1651 was published Psalms and Hymns composed for the public Thanksgiving, October 24, 1651, by W. Barton. 8vo. For other editions ot j Barton's version of the Psalms, see Dr. Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible and Parts I thereof.

The Psalter, with Titles and Collects (by ! Jeremy Taylor, Bishop of Down and Coni nor). Oxford, 1644. 8vo. 5s. Published by

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