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A worthy Worke, profitable to this whole Kingdome, concerning the Mending of all high Wayes; as also, for Waters and Iron Works. London by Edward Allde. 4to. — Lond. 1610. 4to.

Of the Knowledge and Conduct of Warres. 1578. See P. T.

Proctor.—The Proctor and Parator their Mourning. 1641. 4to.

With a frontispiece. Reed, 2468, 6s.

Prodigies and Apparitions, or England's warning Pieces. Are to be sould by Tho. Bates, in ould Bailey.

With cuts. Nassau, pt. ii. 92, 3/. 1 Is.

A critical and philosophical Enquiry into the Causes of Prodigies and Miracles as related by Historians. See Warburton, William.

Prodinus, Ant. Descriptio Regni Hiberniaj, Sanctorum Insula;, et de prima Origine Miseriarum et Motuum in Anglia, Scotia et Hihernia, regnante Carolo primo. Rom. 1721. 4to.

Productions, Hasty. Norwich, 1791. See Orfoed, George, Earl of.

Profligate, The, a Comedy. See Taylor, Watson.

Prognostications various.

Prognosticacion, by Gaspar, late of Antwcrpe, calked upon the Meridyan of the same Citie, for the Yerc of our Lorde God,


A Prognostication of the Emperour Charles the fifth, made by Maister Salomon a Jew. 1543. 4to. See Maunsell's Catalogue, ii. 22.

A mery P(ro)nostication For the Yere of Chrystes incarnacyon A thousande fiue humlreth fortye and foure &c. Without Place, Printer's Name or Date. 4to. Three leaves. Written in the Manner of Poor Robin's Almanack, in like verse. Placed among the books printed by W. de Worde in Dibdin's edition of Ames' Typogr. Antiq. Sotheby's in 1821, morocco, hL 15s. 6d. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 478, morocco, IN.

A faithful and true Prognostication vpon the Ycare 1548, and perpetually after the Worldes End, gathered out of the Prophesies and Scriptures of God, by the Experience and Practyse of his Workes very comfortable for all Christen 11 cites; devided into seven Chapters. Translated out of high Almaine by Miles Couerdale. London by Richard Kele. Svo. Another for 1549.

Prognostication everlasting of ryght good Effecte, fruteful of many compendious Rules, manyfolde Wayes profitable to al nianer Men of Understanding. 1556. 4to. Black letter, with cuts. 5s. fid.

PrognosticationsofthcChangeofWeather. London by J. Wolfe, 1591. Inglis, 1236, 6s. 6d.

Prognostication drawen out of the Bookes of Ypocras, Auicen & other notable Aucthors of Physicke shewynge the Daunger of dyners Sycknesses, that is to say, whether Peryll of Death be in them or not, the Pleasure of Almyghte God resented. Impr. by me Robert Wyer. lfinio. Contains D in fours, or 16 leaves.

A Prognostication for euer of Erra Pater, a Jewe borne in Jewrye, and Doctoure in Astronomye and Fhisicke. Profitable to kepc the Bodye in Health. And also Ptholomeus saith the same. (Impr. by Robert Wyer). lfinio. Contains B 8, the last page blank. Frequently reprinted.

Prognostycacion & Almanacke of two Shepherdes, necessarye for all Housholden. Impr. by Robert Wyer. lfimo. Contains B, in fours. The book consists of short moral sentences relating to the economy of human life.

A perfyte Pronostycacion perpetuaD. London by R. Wyer. 16mo.

A general Prognostication for ever. Edinburgh, 1619. White Knights, 3316, 13s.

A new and merrie Prognostication: deuised after the finest Fashion.

Made and written for this present yean?,

By foure witty Doctors as shall appeare,

Spendall, Whoball and Doctor Dews-ace,

With them Will Sommer takes his place,

They have consulted all in deede.

To solace them, that this shall reede.

London, 1623.4to. A—E 2, with wood cuts.

Projector—The Projector, a periodical Paper. Lond. 1811. 8vo. 3 vols.

By Alexander Chalmers.

The Projectors Downfall, or Times Changeling. London, 1642. 4to. White Knights, 3548, 9s.

Prologues and Epilogues.—h Collection and Selection of English Prologues and Epilogues; commencing with Shakespeare, and concluding with Garrick. Lond. 1779. crown Svo. 4 vols.

Reed, 8380, 10s. Duke of York, 427*. 12s. Heath, 1925, 12s. 6<L

Prolusiones Poeticte. Poetical Essays. Lond. 1687. 8vo.

Pp. 64. Sotheby's in 1821, 12s. td. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 569, 21. 12s. 6d.

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Prolusions, or select Pieces of ancient Poetry See Capel, Edward.

Prompter.—The Prompter, a theatrical Paper, by Aaron Hill, Wm. Popple and Eust. Budgell. London, 1734-6. folio.

One hundred and seventy-three numbers complete. It a censured for its abuse in the Memoirs of the Society of Grub-street. Field, 985, ll. 15s. Bindley, pt. i. 2063, with Sir Rob, Howard's four Plays, 1665, SUs.

The Prompter, a theatrical Paper. 1789folio. Nineteen numbers, all published.

The Prompter. A work with this title, similar to Egerton's theatrical Remembrancer, was commenced by Mr. Haslewood, but afterwards abandoned.

Promptorius Puerorum. Promporium Paruulorum, sive Clericorum. Medulla Grammatice. Impr. per Rich. Pynson, 1499. folio.

It contains sign, f; a and b in octaves, the rest all sizes ; printed in double columns. Richard Fraunces, (according to Herbert) a preaching or black friar, was the author of this first English and Latin Dictionary, in which are many old English words, no where else explained. Inglis, 1216, 38/. 17s. A copy is in the Earl Spencer's library. See Dr. Dibdin's iEdes Althorp. ii. 241.

Promptuarium Paruuolorum Clericum quod apud nos Medulla Grammatice appellatur Scholastinsque maxime necessarium. Lond. per W. de Worde. 4to.

Seventy leaves. A copy is in the collection of the Rt. Hon. Thomas Grenville.

— Lond. per W. de Worde. 1512. 4to.

— Lond. per W. de Worde. 1516. 4to.

— Lond. per W. de Worde. 1528. 4to.

— (Lond. per Jul. Notarium). 4to.

Propertius, Sex. Aur. See Catullus also Tibullcs.

Propertii Monobiblos: or, that Book of the Elegies of Propertius, entitled Cynthia; translated into English Verse : with classical Notes (and the Latin Text). Lond. 1782. 8to. 2s. 6d. A faithful and close transla""i, but the rhymes are harsh and dissonanL

Prophecies various.

The whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, Ireland, France and Denmark, prophesied by Thomas Rymer, Marvellous Merling, Beid, Berlington, Waldhave, Eltrain, Bannester and Sybilla. In Latin Verse and

Scottish Metre. The earliest known edition of this collection was published by Andrew Hart in the year 1615. — 1603? 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 802, 11. 19s. —Edinb. 1617. Nassau, pt. ii. 94, 21. 3s. — Edinb. 1683. 8vo. Lloyd, 959, 6/. Perry, pt. iv. 290, 6t 6s. — Edinb. 1718. Bindley, pt. iii. 1540,15s. —Edinb. 8vo.

Prophecie in English Verse against the Roman Catholick Religion. Amst. 1633. 12mo. Probably by Eleanor Audley. Gordonstoun, 1849, 1/. 2s.

The wonderfull Works of God, declared by a strange Prophesie of a Maid, that lately lived neere Worsop in Nottinghamshire.

1641. 4to. A copy is in the British Museum. Nassau, pt. ii. 803, 5s.

Six strange Prophesies predicting wonderful Events to betide these Years of Danger, &c. viz. Mother Shipton's Prophecies, Ignatius Loyolla, Sybilla's Prophecies, &c.

1642. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 804, 8s. Bindley, pt. iii. 1376, with portrait of Mother Shipton, 17s. 6d.

Seven several! strange Prophecies. Lond.

1643. 4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 1978, with portrait of Mother Shipton, 12s. 6d.

Twelve strange Prophecies besides Mother Shiptons. Lond. 1648. 4to.

Thirteen strange Prophecies besides Mother Shipton's. Lond. 1648. I in.

Sundry strange Prophecies of Merline, Bede, Becket and others. Lond. 1652.4to. Hibbert, 6670, 4s. 6d.

Forraign and domestic Prophecies, both antient and modern, foretelling the Revolution which shall yet befall the Scepter of England. Lond. 1659. I to.

Prophecie of all Transactions past and to come, in Verse, written in the Time of Elisabeth. London, 1659. 4to. White Knights, 3549, 10s.

An ancient and true Prophecie in Verse in the latter End of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth and found in Sir Rob. Cotton's Library. London, 1659. 4to. Perry, pt. i. 210, 12s.

A strange Prophecie presented to the King by a Woman-Quaker (all in white) called Ahivali. 1660. ho. Nassau, pt. ii. 813, 7s.

Prophecies of Christoph. Kotterus, Christiana Poniatovia and Nich. Drabicius, three famous German Prophets &C. London, 1664. 8vo. Published by Rob. Codrington.

A Collection of many wonderful Prophecies relating to the English Nation.plainly foretelling the Revolution. 1691. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 816, 6s.

Illustrations of Prophecy. 1796. See Towers, Joseph Lomas.

Prophets.—An Attempt towards an improved Version, a metrical Arrangement, and an Explanation of the twelve minor Prophets, by William Newcome, D. D. Bishop of Waterford. London, 1785. 4to.

This work may be considered as a continuation of Lowth and Blayney'slranslalions of the Pro;>hets. Gosset, 3930, lfis. fid. Gougb, 2078, IN. — Pontefract, 1809. 8vo. This edition is enriched with the addition of the most important of Bishop Horsley's criticisms on Hosea and those of Dr. Blayney on Zachariah, but there are unfortunately numerous errata in the Hebrew words.

Prose.—British Prose Writers. London, 1819-21. royal 32ino. 50 nos. in 25 vols.

With 50 engravings, published by Sharpe at 2s. 6d. each number.

Prosody.—The Tour of Dr. Prosody. London, 1821. royal 8vo.

With coloured plates. Duke of York, 5059, It 3s.

Prosopopoeia Britannica. See Wither, George.

Protestants Vade Mecum, or Popery displayed in its proper Colours, in 30 Emblems in Verse, curiously engraved on Copper-plates. 1G80.

Sotheby's in Dec. 1822, 1/. 4s. White Knights, 3398, morocco, 31. 10s. Hibbert, 6599, It 5s.

Protestants Theologie, containing the true Solutions and Groundes of Religion, this Day maintained and entreated betwixt the Protestants and Catholics, by the Rev. F. F. William Patersonne, Vicar Generall of the holy Order of S. Augustin, through the Kingdom of Scotland. Imprinted with Licence 1620. Constable, 833, 11 Is.

The Protestant Tutor; with Bishop Usher's Prophecies.—With cuts. Nassau, pt. ii. 95, 12s.

The Protestant System: containing Discourses on the principal Doctrines of natural and revealed Religion, compiled from the Works of the following Protestant Dissenters, viz. Abernethy, Amory, Barker, Benson, Bulkley, Chandler, Doddridge, Duchal, Emlyn, Fordyce, Foster, Grove, Holland, Leechman, Mason, Morris, Newman, &C. &C. To which are added, Four Discourses never before printed. London, 1758. 8vo. 2 vols. Williams, 1456, 11 8s. 1457, U n.

Proverbs see Solomon.

Proverbs various.

Carminum Proverbialium Loci communes. Lond. 1579. 16mo. — 1588. 16mo. — 1595. 16mo. Gordonstoun, 202, 2s. M. — 1603. — 1627. Nassau, pt. ii. 96, 2s.

Select Proverbs, Italian, Spanish, French, English, Scottish, British, &c. London, 1707. 8vo. fis. Marquis of Townshend, 2554, 15s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2425, 14s.

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Proverbs; or, the Manual of Wisdom, being an alphabetical Arrangement of the best English, Spanish, French, Italian, and other Proverbs: to which are subjoined the wise Sayings, Precepts, &c. of the most illustrious Antients. London, crown Svo. a.

Proverbs and Paradoxes breaking forth in the Day of Contention between the Parliament and Army. 4to.

Crossing of Proverbs: a merry Book. London. 12mo.

Prujean, Thomas. Avrorata, by Thomas Prviean, Student of Gonvile and Caius Colledge in Cambridge. London, 1644. 12mo.

A copy is in the British Museum Bindley, pt. iii. 82, 13/. 13s. Two of the poems in this volume are entitled Juliet to Romeo and Romeo to luliet. See Collier's poetical Decameron, ii. 191-5. Collation.—A—F 4, in eights, 44 leaves.

Pryce, William, M.D. Miners. logia Cornubiensis; a Treatise on Minerals, Mines and Mining: to which is added, an Expiation of the Terms and Idioms of Miners. London, 1778. folio.

Towneley.pt. ii. 1313, 11 16s. Dent, pt. ii. 1114, russia, 3/. Is. Willctt, 2025, 37. Brockett, 2601, It Ms. Nassau, pt.ii. 628, 2t 10s. Collation..-- Title, dedication to George Prince of Wales, and directions to the bookbinder, 3 leaves; preface, 5 pages; contents, 14 pages; introduction, 14 pages; an account of all the copper ores, one page; the work, 331 pages. The volume contains 7 plates, at pp. 110, 147, 160, 172, 23!, 280, 317 ; a portrait of the author, and two tables at pp. 160 and 283.

Archseologia Cornu-Britannica; or, in Essay to preserve the ancient Cornish Language. Sherborne, 1790. 4to. Bishop of Ely, 1369, N. 6d. Dent, pt. ii. 984, 16s. Roxburghe,2177, U. la.

Prydden, Sarah. The genuine History of Mrs. Sarah Prydden, usually called Sally Salisbury, and her Gallants, London, 1723. Svo. 6s.

Pp. vii. and 70.

Authentick Memoirs of the Life, Intrigues and Adventures of the celebrated Sally Salisbury, with true Characters of her most considerable Gallants, by Capt. Charles Walker. Lond. 1723. Svo. Pp.150, not including title, epistle dedicatory, contents and errata, 16 leaves.

Prynne, William. An exact cronological and historical Demonstration of our British, Roman, Saxon, Danish, Norman, English Kings supreme ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in and over all spiritual or religious Affairs, &C. London, 1666, 1665, 1C68 or 1670. folio. 3 vols.

Copies of the three volumes, usually called Prynne's Records, are in the Lincoln's Inn Library, in the Bodleian, All Souls, Christ Church, St. John's, Oriel and Exeter College Libraries, Oxford, and in the Library of King George III. now in the British Museum. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 824, with two frontispieces, russia, 117/. 12s. Dent, pt. ii. 1234, with three frontispieces, morocco, 126;.—. Large paper, Duke of Grafton, 893, 76/. 13s. Willett, 2025, 152/. 5s. A copious notice, ike. of the work will he found in Oldys' British Librarian, pp. 11—21, reprinted in Savage's Librarian, i. 211—5, 270—3, and ii. 29—34. Collation.—Vol. I. 1666. Title, one leaf; epistle dedicatory to Charles the II. 18 leaves; epistle to the readers, 4 leaves; contents, one leaf; the first tome, pp. 1—1206, then pp. 1207, 1246—51, to the reader, errata, &c. 3 pages. With this volume, which is exceedingly rare, is sometimes found a frontispiece similar to that prefixed to vol. ii. In the address to the reader Prynne observes that not 'above 70' of this volume were 'rescued from the fire' of London. Many copies of vol. ii. were likewise destroyed. Vol. II. Title, date 1665, and imprimatur 'Januarii. 1664.' two leaves; epistle dedicatory to Edward, Earl of Clarendon, 4 leaves; • second title-page date 1666, seldom found in the volume, one leaf; the epistle to the reader, 3 leaves; general contents, one leaf; Mt engraved frontispiece, representing King Charles II, and the Pope on their thrones, Prynne presenting his book to the King, Ike, with two printed leaves of explanation; a brief necessary introduction, pp. 1—80; the second tome, pp. 225—1070; an additional appendix, pp. 1—30; fifteen indexes, to the reader and errata, 72 leaves. King and Lochee's in March 1810, 31. 4s. Bishop of Ely, 1291, 71 17s. 6d. Vol. III. 1668. Title, one leaf; epistle dedicatory, 21 leaves; epistle to the reader and table, 24 leaves; the third tome, sign. A to S, [T] to [Y], R to 8 C, all in fours and 8 D, two leaves. The Paging in this volume is in many placesirregular. Bishop of Ely, 1290,Ms. Hibbert, 6733, 10s. Gough, 2948, 12s. Brockett, 2605, l'.lls.6d. Sotheby'sin 1824, It 2s. Vol. IV. A copy of this volume, supposed unique, !" in the library at Stowe. It has no titlepage, the first leaf is not paged, the second leaf is paged p. i. and the volume is carried on to p. 400 inclusive, ending ' Coepiscopi ■ui et coma.' According to the Rt. Hon. Thomas Grenville ' it is evidently that intro

duction which Prynne describes as not yet compleated swelling to an entire volume.' See Clarke's Repertorium Bibliographicum.

Healthe's Sickness, or, a compendiovs and brief Discourse of the Sinfulness, &c, of drinking 11 tilths. London, 1628. 4to. Gordonstoun, 1731,8s.

The Vnlouelinesse of Love-lockes. Lond. 1628. 4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 1186, 5s. 6d. Gordonstoun, 1730, 15s.

Histrio-mastix. The Player's Scourge, or Actors Tragedies London, 1633. 4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 1185, 16s. Strettell, 1435, 11 Brockett, 2571, 21. 2s. Rhodes, 2824, ll. ls. Garrick, 2100, 18s. Roxburghe, 4011, 11 Is. Hibbert, 6C72, 11 2s. Towneley, pt. i. 838, II. lis. 6d. Gordonstoun, 1738, 21. 8s. For the publication of this work the author was sentenced by the Star-chamber to pay a fine to the King of 50001., to be degraded from his profession of the law, and to lose his ears in the pillory. The sentence, &c, is reprinted in Godwin's Lives of E. and J. Philips.

A divine Tragedie lately acted: or, a Collection of sundry memorable Examples of Gods Judgements upon Sabbath-breakers. Lond. 1G3G. lto. Gordonstoun, 1733, 15s. Newes from Ipswich, discovering certaine late detestable Practises of some domineering Lordly Prelates, Sec. Ipswich (1636). 4to. with a wood cut. The two last articles were the grounds of the severe punishment inflicted upon Prynne, along with Burton and Bastwick, by the Star-Chamber. Gordonstoun, 1734, with a copy of the third edition, printed at Ipswich in 1636, 11 2s. — 1641. Ilo.

A Breviate of the Prelates intollerable Usurpation, both upon the King's Prerogative Royall and the Subjects Liberties, by William Huntley. 1637.4to. Usually attributed to Prynne. Hibbert, 4139, 5s. 6d. Hollis, 664, 10s. 6d. — Third edition much enlarged. 1637.410. Gordonstoun, 1127, 7s.

The Antipathie of the English Lordly Prelacic both to regall Monarchy and civill Unity. London, 1641. 4to. 'A large dunghill book, containing all the dirt that had been thrown at any of our bishops.'—Nicolson. Bindley, pt. iii. 1180, 4s. 6d. Hollis, 1289, 2 pts. 15s.

Movnt-Orgveil: or divine and profitable Meditations, &c. London, 1641. 4to. Roscoe, 1360, 7s. 6d. Nassau, pt. ii. 817, 8s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 528, with portrait of Prynne, 11 5s.

A pleasant Pvrge for a Roman Catholic to evacuate his evill Hvmovrs (in Verse). London, 1642. 4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 1178, 9s. Nassau, pt. ii. 818, with portrait, 10s.

A new Discovery of thePrelatesTyranny in their late Prosecutions of Mr. William Prynn, Dr. Iohn Bastwick, and Mr. Henry Burton. London, 1641. 4to. Lloyd, 1037, 3s. Roscoe, 1850, date 1644, 7s. 6d. To some copies are prefixed oval portraits of Prynne, st. 40,1640, and Bastwick, at. 47, 1640.

The sovernigne Power of Parliaments and Kingdomes: divided into fovrc Parts, together with an Appendix. London, 1643. 4to. Hibbert, 6673, 7s. Koscoe, 1845, 9s. 6d. Brockett, 2572, ll. ls.

A Catalogue of printed Books written by William Prynne of Lincoln's Inn, Esquire, before, during, (and) since his Imprisonment. London, 1643. 4to.

A Breriate of the Life of William Laud, Arch-bishop of Canterbury: Extracted (for the most Part) verbatim out of his owne Diary, and other Writings under his owne Hand. London, 1644. folio. 35 pp. with title and dedication, 3 leaves. Prefixed is a plate of the Trial, by W. Hollar. Hibbert, 6732, 6s. 6d.

Hidden Workes of Darkenes brought to publike Life, or a necessary Introdvction to the History of the Archbishop of Canterburies Triall. Lond. 1645. folio. Prefixed is a plate of the trial.

The Arraignment of Mr. Persecution, by the Rev. Young Martin Mar-Preist. Europe, 1645. 4to. This tract is usually ascribed to Prynne.

Canterburies Doome: or, the first Part of a compleat History of the Commitment, &c. of William Laud, late Abp. of Canterbury. London, 1646. folio. With frontispiece by Hollar and portraits of Prynne and Laud. Roxburghe, 999, 7s. Sir. M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 825, with the Breviate, 1644, 15s. Bishop of Ely, 1289, with the Introduction, 1645, 1/. 2s. Brockett, 2603, with the Breviate, 1644, IL 2s.

Jus Patronatus. London, 1649. 4to. 1 A collection of ancient usages in presentations by lay-patrons.'—Nicolson.

Mr. William Prynn his Defence of StagePlays, or a Retractation of a former Book of his called llistrio-mastix. Lond. 1649. 4to. Reed, 8634, with a Treatise against Stage Playes, 1625, 51. 5s. — (18 — ) 4to. One hundred copies printed. Rhodes, 2825, 6s.

A seasonable, legally and historical! Vindication and chronological Collection ofLiberties Franchises, &c. of all English Freemen. In three Parts. London, 1654, 5, 7. 4to. Part i. was reprinted in 1655.

A short Demurrer to the Jewes long discontinued Remitter into England. In two Parts. London, 1655-6. 4to. 'This work is worthy of being read, because it contains a history of the cruel treatment which the Jews suffered in this country, drawn from authentic records.'- Quart. Itcview.

An exact Abridgment of the Records in the Tower. 1657 or 1689. See Cotton, Sir Robert.

A brief Register, Kalendar, and Survey of the several Kinds, Forms of Parliamentary Writs London, 1659, 60, 62, 64. 4to. 4 vols. A work 'miserably deficient in ar

rangement.' Brockett, 25*9, 3U 10s. Gough, 3119, 161 So. Marquis of Townshend, 2615, 14/. Dent, pt. ii. 983, russia, 10/. 10s. Roxburghe, 1115, 18/. Williams, pts. i. and iv. on large paper, pt. ii. on small paper, pt. iii. wanting, IL 10s.

An exact Catalogue of Books and Papers written by Wm. Prynne, before, during, (and) since, his Imprisonment. London, 1660. 4to.

Brief Animadversions on, Amendments of, and additional explanatory Records to the fourth Part of the Institvtes of the Laws of England concerning the Iurisdiction of Counts compiled by Sir Edwarde Cooke, Km. Lond. 1669. folio. Bindley, pt. ii. 2155, 1/. 10s. Brockett, 2604, 1/. 3«.


The History of King John, K. Henry III, and the most illustrious K. Edward 1. Lond. 1670. folio. This is the third volume of Prynne's Records, with a new title-page.

Index to the History of K. John, K. Henry M. and K. Edward I. London, for T. Payne, 1775. fol. pp. xviii. not including title.

Antique Constitutiones Regni Anglic sub Regibus Joanne, Henrico III. et Edoardo primo circa Jurisdictionem et Potestatem Ecclesiasticam. Lond. 1672. folio. Brockett, 2606, 4/. 7s. This is likewise the third volume of Prynne's Records, with a new title-page, and the addition of a short Latin address to the reader.

A large collection of tracts, &c. by and against ' voluminous and rancorous Prynne' will be found in the British Museum and in the Bodleian and Oriel College Libraries, Oxford. Another said to be the most extensive collection in existence at the sale of Mr. Brockett's library, no 2568, produced 152/. 5s. A copious notice of Prynne and of his publications will be found in Wood's Athen. Oxon.

Psalmanazak, George. Memoirs of * * * * commonly known by the Name of George Psalmanazar. London, 1765. 8vo.

With portrait. Fonthill, 1468, 8s. — 1764. 8vo. Bindley, pt. ii. 2220, 3s. 6d.

An historical and geographical Description of Formosa. London, 1704. 8vo. Fonthill, 1460, I5s. —1705. 8vo. Roxburghe, 6413, 5s. 6d.

Dialogue between a Japanese and a Formosan. Lond. 1707. 8vo.

An Enquiry into the Objections against George Psalmanaazar of Formosa: with his Answer to M. d' Amalvy of Sluice. Lond. Sro.

Psalms.—The Book of Psalms.

The Hebrew Text of the Psalms and Lamentations, with the Reading in English Letters, by W. Robertson. Lond. 165S. 8vo. 5s.

Psalmorum Liber, Hebraice, cum Pnnctis;

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