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Pflacherus, Moses. Analysis '.ypica omnium, cum veteris turn iui Testamenti, Librorum histogram ad intelligendam Rerum em et Memoriam iuuandam, ac'odata. Lond. 1587. 4to. VV. See Phiston, William. -DRUs. Fabularum /Esopia- Libri V. et Publii Syri et aliorum Veterum Sententiae, ex Recensione et cum Notis Ric. Bentleii. See Terentius.

Phudri Aug. Csesaris Liberti Fabularum isopiarum libri V. Interpretatione et Vein» in Usum sercn. Delphini. Londini, 1688. 8vo. Frequently reprinted.

Phadri Fabuls, cum Avieni Fabulis (edente Mich. Maittaire). Londini, 1713. 12mo. 3s. A neat and correct edition, with «good index. White Knights, 3198, morocco, 5s. L.iuui: PAPER.

Phadri Augusti Csesaris Liberti, Fabularum jEsopiarum Libri V. cum Paraphrasi papetua, Opera Tho. Johnson. Londini, 1714. 12mo. 2s. A good edition. — 1701. — 1708. 8vo.

Phsdri Fabula;. Lond. 1750. 18mo. 2s. Brindley's edition.

Pha-dri Fabula;, ex Recensione P. Burnunni. Glasg. 1741. — 1751. 8vo. Laroe Paper. Williams, 1351, with Pomponius Mela, 1752, morocco, 10s. Cd. — 1762. — 1783.

Phadri Fabula?, ex Recensione Cunin«amii; accedunt P. Syri et aliorum Veterum Sentential. Edinb. 1757. small 8vo. 4s. A 'try accurate edition, Large Paper. 10s. (id. A poetical Translation of the Fables of Phcdrus, with the Appendix of Gudius, and »n accurate Edition of the Original on the opposite Page, to which is added, a parsing Index for the Use of Learners, by Christopher Smart, A. M. Lond. 1765. 12mo. 3s. Numerous other editions of Phsedrus, chiefly for schools, by Bailey, Sterling, tyche, Sic. Sec.

Phaek, Thomas. The Regiment of Life, whereunto is added, a Treatise of the Pestilence, with the Booke of Children, newly corrected and enlarged by Thomas Phaire. London, 1553. 16mo.

Bb 7, in eights. Inglis, 1102, 6s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2417, 7«. 6d. — 1544. 16mo. — 154«. I6mo. — 1560. 16mo. Reed, 12«, J», _ 1567. 16mo. Reed, 557, 5i.6d. —1596.4s. Gordonstoun, 1831, 3». 6d. — n. d. 16mo.

Phaer published a translation of the first wvtn books of Virgil's JEneia, and was a

contributor to the Mirror for Magistrates. See Wood's Allien. Oxon.

Phalaris. Francisci Aretini Oratoris Phalaridis Epistolarum e Greco in Latinum Versio. Oxonie (Theod. Rood et Tho. Hunte), 1485. 4to.

WiUet, 96, 85£ Is. The signatures extend to m, inclusively. Of these a, b, c, d, f, h, k, and I, are in eights: and e, g, i, and m, are in sixes.

Phalaridis Epistoke, Gr. et Lat. Versionc, Annotat. &c. Car. Boyle. Oxon. 1695. 8vo. 2s. In the British Museum is a copy with R. Bentley's ms. notes, Large Paper. Steevens, 285, 8s. Duke of .Grafton, 299, 1 Is. Drury, 3129, morocco, 14s. 6d. —Oxon. 1718. 8vo. Best edition. 3s. 6d. Gosset, 4039, 6s. 6d. Large Paper. Heath, 4280, 7s. 6d. Dent, pt. ii. 171, morocco, U. 3s. Williams, 1355, morocco, 1/. 6s. 1356, morocco, 1/. 18s. — Oxon. Joh. Crooke. 8vo. Large Paper. Williams, 1357, morocco, 1/. 9s.

A Dissertation upon the Epistles of Phalarus, 8:c. 1694. 8tc. See Wotton, William. A View of the Dissertation upon the Epistles of Phalaris, Theomistocles, Sic. lately published by the Rev. Dr. Bentley: also of the Examination of that Dissertation by the Hon. Mr. Boyle (by John Milner). London, 1698. 8vo. Gosset, 425, 7s. 6d. Bishop of Ely, 918, 4s.

Bentley's Dissertation on the Epistles of Phalaris and the Fables of jEsop, examined by the Hon. Charles Boyle, Esq. London, 1698. 8vo. Roxburghe, 6473, 2s. 6d. Large Paper. — 1699. 8vo. — London, 1744. 8vo. Gossett, 862, 3s. 6d. —1745. 8vo. Gossett, 863, 5s.

A Dissertation on the Epistles of Phalaris, with an Answer to the Objections of the Hon. C. Boyle, Esq. by Richard Bentley. London, 1699. Svo. Gosset, 424, 6s. Heath, 192, 3, with Boyle's Examination. 1698, 1/. 2s.

A Letter to Bentley upon the Controversy. London, 1699. 4to. 4s.

Dialogues of the Dead, relating to the present Controversy concerning the Epistles of Phalaris. London, 1699. 8vo.

A short Review of the Controversy between Mr. Boyle and Dr. Bentley. Lond. 1701. 8vo. Gosset, 864, 10s. 6d. Roxburghe, 6474, 3s.

H. Dodwelli Exercitationes dute: prima de jEtate Phalaridis; secunda de iEtate Pytlmgora Philosophi. Londini, 1704. 8vo. 4s.

A particular Account of the Controversy concerning Phalaris's Epistles. See BudOell, Eustace.

According to Pope; Boyle wrote only the narrative of what passed between him and the booksellers, which too was corrected for him i that Freind, the master of Westminster, and Atterbury wrote the body of the criticisms; and that Dr. King of the Commons wrote the droll argument to prove Dr. Bentley was not the author of the Dissertation of Phalaris and the Index.

The Epistles of Phalaris, translated by W. D. London, 1634. 12mo. Nassau, pt. ii. 14, 2s. Gordonstoun, 1874, 15s. 6d.

The Letters of Phalaris, translated into English by J. S. London, 1699. 8vo.

Epistles of Phalaris. 1718. 12mo.

Some select Letters of Phalaris, translated by Eustace Budgell. London, 1732. 8vo. In Budgell's Memoirs of the Earl of Orrery.

The Epistles of Phalaris, translated from the Greek by Tho. Francklin, D.D. Lond. 1749. 8vo. 5s. LARGE PAPER. Williams, 1359, 19s. Dent, pt. ii. 172, russia, 1110s.

Pharamond see Calprenede, G. tie C. de la.

Pharasmus see Snelling, Thos.

Pharos.—The Pharos: a Collection of (50) periodical Essays. London, 1787. 12mo. 2 vols.

The production of a lady, author of Constance, a novel, Fonthill, 1395, IN.

Pheander, the Maiden Knight. 1661. 4to.

Phelps, Thomas. Account of his Captivity at Machaness in Barbary, and of his strange Escape in Company of Edmund Baxter and others, as also of the Burning of two great Pirate Ships belonging to that Kingdom. Lond. 1685. 4to.

Bindley, pt. iii. 1213. Reprinted in the second volume of the Oxford Collection of Voyages and Travels.

Phelps, W. A botanical Calendar. London, 1810. 8vo.

Hibbert, 6178, 5s. 6d. Large Paper. 10s. 0.1.

Phenix.—A Phenix, or the solemn League and Covenant. Edinburgh, printed in the Year of Covenant Breaking. 12mo.

Inglis, 1103, 3s. 6d. Reed, 5351, 5s. Nassau, pt. ii. 16, 10s. Dowdeswell, 546, 14s.

— The Phenix: or, a Revival of scarce and valuable Pieces. Lond. 1707-8. 8vo.

An interesting collection of tracts, Heath, 1750,11s. Hibbert, 6179, lis. 6d. Rox

burghe, 6988, 12s. Bishop of Ely, MW, Ms. Nassau, pt. ii. 17, 19s.

Philadelphia. — Transactions of the American philosophical society of America, from January 1769. Philadelphia, 1771-1818. 4to. 6 vols.

Transactions of the historical and literary Committee of the American Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia, for promoting useful Knowledge. 8vo. vol. i. 18s.

Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Philad. 8vo. — vols.

See America.

Philadelphia, Eus. Dialogi ab Eusebio Philadelpho Cosmopolita in Gallorum et caeterarum Nationum Gratiam compositi. Edinb. ex Typogr. Iacobi Iamaei, 1574. 8vo.

This work is by some attributed to Theod. Beza, by others to Nich. Barnaud. Though bearing the imprint of Edinburgh it was struck off at Geneva. Roxburghe, 8007, 9» Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 953, 10s.

Le Reveille Matin des Francois etde leun Voissins. Edinb. de 1' Impr. de Jaqoa James, 1574. 8vo. Bindley, pt. i. 718,7s. 6d. Gordonstoun, 367, lis. Lloyd, 9J2, russia, IN.

— Hieronymus. Epistola de Regimine Ecclesise Scoticanae, ejusque Vindicae contra Calumnias Johannis Spotsvodi. Lug. Bat. 1708. 4to.

Philalethes, Eugenius tee Vaughan, Tho.

Iren^us, see Moulin, Lewis.

London, 1797. crown Bvo. 3s.
A series of essays, 35 in number.

The Philanthropist. London, 1811-78vo. nos. i—xxiv. A quarterly publication, edited by William Allen. Hollis, 1638, 1&

Philbert of Vienne. The Philosopher of the Court, written by Philbert of Vienne in Champaigne, and englished by Geo. North, Gentleman. London, 1575. 8vo. Bindley, pt. ii. 2411, lis.

Phileleutherus Lipsiensis >■(■ Richard Bentley.

Philemo. Philemonis Lexicon Technologicum, Graece, a Biblioth. Parisiens. edidit Car. Burney. Lond. 1812. 8vo.

Large Paper, 4to. Twelve copies printed for sale. Drury, 3412, morocco, 1/. 10«

Philemon. 1761. 8vo.

Written by Thomas Phillips, author of the Life of Card. Pole. It was privately printed and afterwards suppressed. Reed, 275S, 5s. Gd. Bindley, pt. iv. 281, 1/. 6s.

Philidob, A. D. on Chess. London, 1803. 8vo. 2 vols.

Analyse du Jeu des Echecs. Lond. 1/77. 8vo. 3s. with portrait of Philidor by Bartolozzi. Large Paper.

Philip II, King of Spain. Apologia pro Rege Catholico Philippo II. contra varias et falsas Accusationes Elisabethae Angliae Reginae. Authore Didymo Veridico. Constantly (1592). lGmo.

Stewart, W. & A. in Feb. 1828, 2/. 2s.

A Declaration of the Sicknesse, last Wordes and Death of the King of Spaine, Philip, the second of that Name. London, by EJin. Ifollifant, 1599. Ito. Reprinted in the second volume of the Harleian Miscellany. — Edinb. by Robert Walde-g'raue, 1599. 4to. See Brydges' British Bibliographer, ii. 207.

See Elder, John. Junius, Hadr. Mary, Queen of England.

Philip III, King of Spain. Relation of the Solemnitie wherewith K. Phillip the Third and Quene Margaret were receyued in the English Colledge ofValladolido, the22d of August, 1600. (Printed abroad) 1601.

Bindley, pt. iii. 1155, ll. 15s.

The triumphant and svmptvous Arch erected by the Company of English Merchants residing in Lisbone upon the Entry made thereinto. London, 1619. 4to. A copy is in the British Museum.

Philip IV. King of Spain. Two royal Entertainments. 1623. See Charles I. King of Great Britain. Pena, J. A. de la.

Royall and graciovs Priviledges granted by him March 19, 1645, unto the English Merchants, transl. from the Spanish. Lond. 1M5. 4to.

Philip, John, D. D. Researches in South Africa. Lond. 1828. Svo. 2 vols.

With a map and other engravings, publUhed by the London Missionary Society.

Philipot, John. The Cities Advocate, in this Case, or Question of

Honour and Arms, 'Whether Apprenticeship extinguished Gentryy London, 1629. 4to.

Forty leaves, published anonymously. In the volume will be found a plate of the arms of London, as also the figure of the Lord Fitzwalter, bannerer to the city of London in his coat of armour, 4c. Nassau, pt. i. 839, russia, II. 2s. Gordonstonn, 1833,11. Is. Towneley, pt. i. 418, 21. 2s. — 1630. Bindley, pt. iv. 110, 15s. —Lond. 1674. 12mo. pp. 77. See Wood's Fasti, and Beloe's Anecdotes, vi. 317-23.

The Catalogue of the Chancellors of England, the Lord Keepers of the Great Seal, and the Lord Treasurer's, of England, with a Collection of divers that have been Masters of the Rolls. London, 1636. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 754, 5s.

A prospective Glasse for Gamesters. London, 1646. I to.

A perfect Collection or Catalogue of all Knights Batchelaurs made by King James since his Comming to the Crown of England. London, 1660. 8vo. pp. 94. Dedicated to Sir Edward Nicholas.

— Nicholas. Reasons and Proposals for a Registry or Remembrancer of all Deeds and Incumbrances of real Estates, to be had in every County. Oxford, 1671. 4to.

Pp. 10, reprinted in the third volume of the Harleian Miscellany.

— Thomas. Villare Cantianum: or Kent surveyed and illustrated, by Thomas Philipott; to which is added, an historical Catalogue of the High-Sheriffs of Kent, by John Philipott. Lond. 1659. fol.

A valuable performance, supposed to have been written by John Philipot, and published by his son Thomas. Marq. of Townesend, 2660, II. 3s. Hibbert, 6509,10s. 6d. Dent, pt, ii. 1089, russia, ll. hr. Heath, 4653, russia, 1/. Ms. Lloyd, 1070, 7s. Bishop of Ely. 1287, II. Is. Towneley, pt. ii. 1310, 7s. 6d. Sir M.M. Sykes, pt, ii. 685,russia, II. 1 ls.6d. Dowdeswell, 628, II. 8s. Collation.—Pp. 401, besides title, one leaf; dedication, two pages; addenda, three pages; lines by John Bois of Hode, one page; second addenda, four pages, and preface, four pages; also a Map of the County, by W. Hollar, p. 1, and four plates on the letter-press, at pp. 8, 10, 49, and 374. — 1664. folio. Bindley, pt. ii. 2365, II. 9s. Nassau, pt. ii. 429, russia, ll. 6s. Willett, 1826, russia, 41. 4s. — The second Edition corrected. Lynn, 1776. fol. Brocket!, 2594, II. Laiioe Paper. Heath, 4654, russia, II. 17s. Collation.—Pp. 490, besides title, dedication, lines by John Hci. of Mode, three leaves; preface, four pages, and index, eleven pages. Plates. 1. Map of the County. 2. The Banner of the Romans, and Cits Cote-House, p. 8. 3. Bromley, College, T. Badesdale del. J. Harris, sc.

Poems. Lond. 1646. Svo. pp. 64. Ililibert, 6182, 5s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2278, 21. 12s. 6d. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 563, 3/. 3s. 564, 21. 16s. Lloyd, 933, Ms. 6d.

A brief historical 1 Discourse of the Original and Growth of Heraldry. Lond. 1672. 8vo. 3s. fid. Pp. 143, besides dedication to John Earl of Bridgewater and preface, four pages, and an advertisement to the reader, two pages. A pedantic little work.

Thomas Philipot published several other works.

Philippart, John. Memoirs and Campaigns of Charles John, Prince Royal of Sweden. London, 1814. 8vo.

With a portrait of Charles. Philippart has published several other military histories.

Philippes, Morgan. See Lesley, John, Bishop of Ross.

Philipps see Philips.

Philips, Ambrose. Pastorals, Epistles, Odes, and other original Poems. London, 1765. 12mo.

This author was stiled namby-pamby Philips His poems will be found in Chalmers' and other collections of the Poets.

The Life of John Williams, Archbishop of York. Camh. 1700. Svo. With portrait of the Archbishop. Bindley, pt. ii. 2433, 1 Is. Williams, 1361, morocco, IN. — Camb. 1703. 8vo.

— E. See Phillips, Edward.

— Fabian. Veritas inconcussa: or a most certain Truth asserted that King Charles the First was no Man of Blood, but a Martyr for his People, &c. London, 1660. 8vo.

With portrait of Charles. Boswell, 2182, 7s. 6d. Lloyd, 934, 10s. Dowdeswell, 547,12s. Towneiey, pt. i. 586, 17s. Bindley, pt. ii.2418, It Is.

A list of this author's works, upwards of twenty in number, with a short memoir, will be found in Wood's Fasti, pt. ii.

— H. The Grandeur of the Law: or, an exact Collection of the Nobility and Gentry of the Kingdom, whose Honours and Estates have by Name of their Ancestors been acquired or considerably augmented by the Practice of the Law. London, 1684. 12mo.

With portrait of Lord Chancellor Guildford. Dowdeswell, 241, 8s. (Id. Nassau, pt.ii. 21, 9s.—The second Edition, to which is added, a Catalogue of all the Lord Chief Justices of the King's Bench and Common Pleas, and the Lord Chief Barons of the Exchequer, from their Institution. London, 1685 or 6. 12mo. pp. 304, with an index of

10 pages, and a portrait of Francis Lord Guildford, to whom it is dedicated.

— J. See Phillips, John.

— Judeth. The Brideling, Sadling and Ryding of a rich Churle in Hamsphire, by the subtill Practice of one Judeth Philips, a professed cunning Woman, or Fortuneteller. With a true Discourse of her unwomanly Using of a Trype wife, a widow, &C. London, by T. C. 1595. 4to.

Eight leaves. Sir M. M . Sykes, pt. L 552,5/. See Brydges' British Bibliographer, i. 412-6.

— Katherine. Poems by Mrs. Katherine Philips, the matchless Orinda: to which is added Monsieur Corneille's Pompey and Horace, Tragedies, with several other Translations out of French. London, 1667. folio.

The genuine edition, consisting of pp. 352, with portrait, a bust by Faithorne, inscribed Orinda. BiM. Anglo-Poet. 543,

11 Is. — London, 1664. 8vo. pp. 256, with portrait by Vandergucht. A surreptitious edition. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 542, 10s.6d. — 1669. 1678. with bust by W. Faithorne, and preface to Sir C. Cotterell. — 1710. Large Paper, with port. Bindley, pt-ii. 2235, russia. Hibbert, 6184,3s. 6d.

Letters from Orinda to Poliarcbus (Sir Charles Cotterel). London, 1705. Svo.

— Pet. Madrigals for eight voices. Antwerp, 1599. 4to.

Dedicated to Sir Will. Stanley. Philips according to Ant. a Wood was organist to Albert, Archduke of Austria.

Phillimore, Joseph, LL. D. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Ecclesiastical Courts of Doctors Commons and in the High Court of Delegates. London, 1816. Svo.

Phillip, Arthur. The Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay; with an Account of the Establishment of the Colonies of Port Jackson, and Norfolk Island. To which

[blocks in formation]

Extracts of Letters from Arthur Phillip, Esq. Govemorof New South Wales, to Lord Sydney; to which is annexed a Description of Norfolk Island, by Philip Gidley King, Esq. and an Account of Expenses incurred in transporting Convicts to New South Wales, &c. In two Parts. London, 1791-2.4to.

— Barth. The Counsellor, englished by I(ohn) T(horius). London, 1589. 4to.

Pp. 191, dedicated to ' M. Iohn Fortescue, Esq. Gordonstoiin, 1802, Us.

— J. see Phillips, John.

— William. A true and perfect Description of three Voyages, so strange and wonderfull that the like hath never been heard of before, translated by William Phillip. London, 1609. 4to.

Steevens, 1879, 51 12s. 6d.

See East Indies. Schouten, W. C.

Phillips, Charles. Speeches delivered at the Bar, and on several public occasions in Ireland and England. London, 1817. 8vo.

— Edward. Theatrum Poetarum: or, compleat Collection of the Poets. London, 1675. 1:2mo.

The hand of Milton may be often discovered in this publication of his nephew. Among many criticisms in this volume, which must be attributed to Milton, those on Shake speare and Marlowe are eminently conspicuous. In the preface are more manifest marks of Milton's hand than in the book itself. The imprimatur is dated Sep. 14. 1674. The date in the title-page in most copies is battered and defaced. Nassau, pt. ii. 18, 5s. Bindley, pt ii. 2390, 6s. Reed, 7309, 6s. — Enlarged (by Sir S. E. Brydges, Bart.). Canterbury, 1800. 8vo. 7s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2219, 10s. 6d. LARGE PAPER. Hibbert, 6183, ll. ls. Largest Paper. Twelve copies printed. Baker, 609, 1/. 3s. Dent, pt. ii, 173, U. 13s. Nassan, pt. ii. 19, 2/. 9s.—By Sirs. E. Brydges, Bart. Geneva, 1824. royal 8vo. One hundred copies printed.

The Mysteries of Love and Eloquence: or, the Arts of Wooing and Complementing; as they are managed in the Spring Garden, Hide Park, the new Exchange, and other eminent Places. London, 1658. 12mo. — Lond. 1685, 8vo. pp. 422, with a frontispiece. Nassau, pt. i. 2405, russia, IN. Perry, pt. ii. 832, 13s. Roxburghe, 6695, 17s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 484, 2i 2s.

Tractatulus de Modo et Ratione formandi Voces derivativas Linguse Latinse. Lond. 1682. 4to.

Enchiridion Linguse Latinse. Lond. 1684. 8vo.

Speculum Lingua: Latinse. Lond. 1684. Svo. Both this work and the Enchiridion 'were all or mostly taken from the Latin Thesaurus, written by Joh. Milton.'—Ant. d Wood.

A Poem on the Coronation of King James II. and Queen Mary. London, 1685. folio.

The Minority of St. Lewis, with the politic Conduct of Affairs by his Mother, Queen Blanch of Spain, during her Regency. London, 1685. l'.'nio. A translation from the French.

A new World ofWords. London, 1720. folio, with a front. Best edition. Nassau, pt. ii. 430,7s. — First Edition. London, 1657. folio. — 1662. folio. — 1669. folio. — 1671. folio, with front, Dent, pt. ii. 1090, 13s. — 1678. folio, with a frontispiece, containing 10 portraits. Marquis of Townshend, 2661, U — 1696. folio. — 1700 or 1706. folio. Bindley, pt. ii. 2153, 3s.

A World of Errors discovered in the new World of Words, or general English Dictionary and in Nomothetes, or the Interpreter of Law Words and Terms. By Thin Blount. London, 1673. folio.

See Buchlerus, Joh. Perez de MonGalvan, Juan.

Life. See Godwin, William. An account of Phillips will likewise be found in Wood's Athen. Oxon.

— Henry. Pomarium Britannicuin, an historical and botanical Account of Fruits known in Great Britain. London, 1821. royal 8vo.

Pp. 378, with 3 coloured plates. — 1820. 8vo.

Flora liistorica: or, the three Seasons of British Parterre; with Observations on Planting. London, 1824. Svo. 2 vols.

Floral Emblems. London, 1825. 8vo. with plates.—With coloured Plates. Duke of York, 4072, H. 7s.

— John. A Commemoration of the Ladye Margrit Duglasis, Countis of Lennox, Daughter to Princesse Margrit, Queene of Scotland, espowsed to King lames the fourth,

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