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of the greatest defenders of the I lutchi nsonian tenets.

A new Translation of the Pentateuch, by Isaac Delgardo, Teacher of the Hebrew Language. London, 1789. 4to. This translation and notes discover the influence of Jewish prejudices. Gosset, 1688, IN.

The Pentateuch, or the five Books of Moses illustrated; being an Explication of the Phraseology incorporated with the Text, for the Use of Families and Schools, by the Rev.S. Claphara. London, 1818. 12mo.

Pepusch, John Chr. Treatise on Harmony. 1731.

This work contains many elementary rules of composition that are practical and useful; but it likewise contains many prejudices and exploded doctrines, which, to revive, would shackle genius and throw the art back into Gothic times.—Barney.

Pepys, Samuel. Memoirs of Samuel Pepys, Esq. comprising his Diary from 1659 to 1669, deciphered by the Rev. John Smith from the original short-hand MS. in the Pepysian Library, and a Selection from his private Correspondence. Edited by Richard Lord Braybrooke. London, 1825. royal 4to. 2 vols.

Drury, 3395, russia, 91. 7s. 6d. Thick Paper in royal 4to. Twelve copies printed for presents, Folio. Three copies struck off.

Memoires relating to the State of the royal Navy of England for ten Years, determin'd December 1688. London, 1690. 8vo. 5s. Prefixed is a portrait of Pepys by R. White after Kncller. Willett, 1889, 7s. 6d. Lloyd, 923, 12s.

Perceforest, Roi de la GrandcBretagne. La tres-elegante, &c. Histoire du noble Roi de laGrandeBretaigne, ensemble les Entreprises and Fails belliqueux de Gadiffer, Roi d'Ecosse. Paris, 1528. folio. 6 vols. en 3.

Tovmeley, pt. ii. 1317, russia, 71. 2s. M. Roxburghe, 6180, 30/. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 678, tot. — Paris, 1531-2. folio. 6 vols in 3. White Knights, 3382, morocco, 16/. 5s. 6d. Hibbert, 6307, 9/. 9s. An Italian translation was published Venetia, 1558. 8vo. 3 vols.

Perceval, George. The History of Italy, from the Fall of the Western Empire to the Commencement of the Wars of the French

Revolution. London, 1825. 8vo. 2 vols.

Duke of York, 4044, 14s.

Percey, William. The compleat Swimmer: or, Art of Swimming. London, 1658. 12mo.

With a frontispiece. White Knights, 3098, morocco, 19s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2262, 19s.

Percival, Richard. Bibliotheca Hispanica by Ric. Percyuall, Gent. London, 1591. 4to.

Bindley, pt. iii. 1208, 6s. fid. Reed, 212, 1/. 2s. Inglis, 528, 21 5s. Collation.— On the back of the title-page are the arms of the Earl of Essex, to whom the book is dedicated, after which are 'To the reader'; some verses, Latin and English, and an analytical grammar. The grammar ends on 1' 1, in fours, the dictionary has a separate title-page, and signatures, with a preface, Spanish and English, and contains Z in fours — Enlarged, &c. by John Minsheu, London, 1599. folio. Title, dedication, to the reader, and directions for the vnderstanding of this dictionarie, 4 leaves; the dictionary, 391 pages. Sir M.M. Sykes,pt. ii. 280,12s. —1623. folio. Bindley, pt. ii. 1050, 7s. Steevens, 44, 4s. 6d.

A Spanish Grammar first collected and published by Richard Perciuale, Gent, now augmented and increased by Iohn Minsheu. London, by Edm. Bollifant, 1599, or 1600. folio. Pp. 1—84, not including title, &c, 4 leaves. Dialogues in Spanish and English. Pp. 1—68, besides title and epistle dedicatorie to 'Don Eduardo Hobby.' — 1599. folio.

— Capt. Robert. An Account of the Island of Ceylon. To which is added, the Journal of an Embassy to the Court of Candy. The second Edition, with an Appendix. London, 1805. 4to.

Pp. xii and 446, with a map, three charts and four plates, large Paper. —1803. Ho. Hibbert, 6261, 6s. Gough, 2903, lis. Roxburghe, 8874, 14s.

An Account of the Cape of Good Hope; with a View of the Advantages which might be derived from its Possession by G. Britain. London, 1804. 4to. pp. xii. and 339. Gough, 2904, 8s.

—Thomas, M. D. Works literary, moral and medical; to which are prefixed, his Life and Correspondence. London, 1807. 8vo. 4 vols.

Hollis, 1029, 10s. Hibbert, 6138, 15s.

Percival Family.—A brief Account of the Family of Percival. 12mo.

Percivall, Plain, the Peacemaker of England. See Nash, Thomas.

Percy, James. The Case of James Percy, Clayraant to the Earldom of Northumberland. London, 1685. folio.

Pp. 12. There is a curious and interesting review of this case in Brydges' Restituta.

The Claim, Pedigree, and Proceedings of James Percy, now Claimant to the Earldom of Northumberland, humbly presented to both Houses of Parliament. Lond. 1680. fol.

His Petitions, folio.

— Thomas, Bishop of Dromore. Reliques of ancient English Poetry: consisting of old heroic Ballads, Songs, and other Pieces of our earlier Poets, (chiefly of the lyric Kind) together with some few of later Date. London, 1765. small 8vo. 3 vols.

The most agreeable selection, perhaps, which exists in any language. Ellis. Steevens, 1004, Us. Field, 1576, 18s. Gough, 2736, U 13s. Roburghe, 3176, 11 lis. 6d. — 1767. 3 vols. Heath, 1765,11 18s. Home Tooke, 523, 21. 6s. Goldsmid, 527, 21. 2s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2226, 18s. 6d. — 1775. crown 8vo. 3 vols. Fonthill, 1184, U. 5s. Nassau, pt. i. 2525, 19s. Gough, 2737, U. 17s. Steevens, 1005,16s. Bibl. AngloPoet. 571, morocco, 21. 15s. — Francfort, 1790. 3 vols. — London, 1794. 3 vols. Dent, pt. ii. 92, 11. 8s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2227, 17s. (id. Steevens, 1006,15s. Roxburghe, 3177, U lis. 6d. Reed, 7299, ll. ts. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 572, morocco, 21 5s. — 1812. 3 vols. Strettell, 983, russia, 21. 2s. Prefixed is a very ingenious and elegant 'Essay on the ancient English Minstrels,' some of which were struck off separately.

Five Pieces of runic Poetry, translated from the Icelandic Language. London, 1763. 8vo. Dent, pt. ii. 93, morocco, 12s. M.

The Hermit of Warkworth. London, 1771. 4to. — Alnwick, 1807. With cuts by Bewick, Large Paper. Brockett, 181, 7s. 6d.

A Key to the new Testament, giving an Account of the several Books, their Contents, their Authors, and of the Times, Places and Occasions, on which they were respectively written. London, 1779. 12mo. 2s. M. Best edition. This valuable little manual originally appeared in 1769, and

has been frequently reprinted. A remarkable blunder in it is noticed in the Quarterly Review, iii. 215-6.

An Essay on the Origin of the English Stage, particularly on the historical Plays of Shakspeare. 1793. 8vo. Field, 537, 12s.

Specimens of all the known Writers of English blank Verse before Milton. The whole impression, with the exception of four copies, was destroyed by fire.

See China. Mallet, P. H. Matron*. Northumberland, H. A. Percy, Earl of. Solomon.

— William. Sonnets. London by Adam Islip for W(illiam) P(ercy, the Author), 1594. 4to.

Pp. 26. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 93, morocco, MI. Bibl. Anglo-Poet 570, morocco, 451 — Kent, 1818. 4to. From the Lee Priory press.

— W. The Cuck-Queanes and Cuckolds Errants, a Comoedye. By W. P. 1824. 4to.

Privately printed for the Members of the Roxburghe Club by i. Lloyd, Esq. Dent, pt. ii. 1226,3/. lis.

The Percy Anecdotes by Sholto and Reuben Percy, Brothers of the Benedictine Monastery Mont Berger. Lond. 1820-3. 12mo. 20 vols.

Of this elegant and interesting little work two hundred and sixty thousand parts were sold. It consists of 41 parts, published at 2s. fid. each, with 20 portraits. Sotheby's in 1824, 3£ 13s. 6d.

The History of London; or, interesting Memorials of its Rise, Progress, and present State, by Sholto and Reuben Percy. 1824. IS mo. 3 vols. 16s.

Perefixe, Hardouin de. The Life of Henry IV. of France, translated by M. Le Moine. Paris, 1785. 8vo.

From Didot's press. This valuable historical work has been attributed to M. Mezeray. Large Paper. Twelve copies printed on large thick Dutch paper. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 704, 11 Dent, pt. ii. 95, morocco, 15s. Hibbert, 6141, portrait inserted, morocco, 11 3s. — Translated by J. D. Lond. 1663. 8vo. 2s. 6d. — 1672. Svo.

Peregrinatio Humani Generis. London by R. Pynson, 1508. 4to.

In ballad verse, or stanzas of seven lines.

Pererius, Benedict. The Astrologer anatomized, translated by Percy Enderbie. 1661. .

Gough, 2739, 12». — 1674. 8vo.

Peres, John. Comfort against all Kinde of Calamine, written in Spanish by John Peres, translated by John Daniel. London, 1576. lGmo.

One hundred and sixty-seven leaves, dedicated to 'Edmonde, Archbishop of Canterburie.'

Perez, Juan, de Montalvan. Vida y Pvrgatorio de S. Patricio, por el D. Ivan Perez de Montaluan. Lisboa, 1646. 24mo.

Pp. 266, not including title, &c, eight leaves. A copy is in the British Museum.

The illustrious Shepherdess. The imperious Brother. Now made English by Edward) P(hiUips). Lond. 1656. 8vo. These two novels have distinct signatures and paging, and separate titles, besides the general title.

Aurora Ismenia and the Prince. See Stanley, Thomas.

Pericles.—Painful Adventures of Pericles, Prince of Tyre, being the true History of the Play as it was lately presented by the worthy and ancient Poet, John Gower. Printed by T. P. for Nat. Butter, 1608. 4to.

Nassau.pt. ii. 745, 221. lis. 6d. — n. d.

12iuu. 4s.


-. General History of all Voyages and Travels through the old and new World, from the first Ages to the present Time. Lond. 1708. 8vo.

Roxburghe, 7148, 2s. 6d.

Peritsol, Abr. Itinera Mundi, Heb. et Lat. cum Notis per Th. Hyde. Oxon. 1691. 4to. 5s.

This interesting work will also be found in the first volume of Hyde's Syntagma.

Perkins, Joh. The amorous Passions of two Gentlemen, &c. Lond. 1590.

Mentioned by Ant. a Wood in his Fasti


— John. Profitable Book treating of the Laws of England, principally as they relate to Conveyancing. Fifteenth Edition with Notes, &c. by J. Greening. Lond. 1827. 12mo.

An esteemed work. The first edition appeared in 1528.

— William. The Works. London, 1608-10.fol. 3 vols, lf.lls.6d.

The works of this Puritan are distinguished for their piety, learning, extensive knowledge of the Scriptures, and strong

Calvinistic augmentation. — 1621. folio. 3 vols.

Perlin, Estiennc. Description des Royaulmes d'Angleterre et d' Esosse. Paris, 1558.

Bindley, pt. ii. 2280, morocco, 51. 15s. 6d.

Description des Royaulmes d' Angleterre et d'Escosse: compose par Estienne Perlin, Paris, 1558. Histoire de l'Entree de la Reine Mere dans la Grande Bretagne . par P. de la Serre, Par. 1639. Illustrated with Cuts and English Notes. Lond. 1775. 4to. Published by R. Gough. Hibbert, 6265, 5s. Bindley, pt. iii. 1416, ll. 13s.

Pernassus see Parnassus.

Pernaw.—A true Report of three straunge and wonderful Accidents lately happened at Pernaw a Cittie in Lifflande. Lond. 1603. 4to. A copy is in the British Museum.

Perneby, William. A Direction to Death. Lond. 1599. 16mo.

Pp. 493, besides dedication to Sir Thomas Vane, Knight, and ' To the Christian Reader.1

Pernety, Dom. The History of a Voyage to the Malouine (or Falkland) Islands, in 1763 and 1764, under the Command of M. de Bougainville, in order to form a Settlement there; and of two Voyages to the Streights of Magellan, with an Account of the Patagonians. Translated from the French. London, 1771. 4to.

Illustrated with plates. — 1773. 4to. This later edition is somewhat abridged.

Pernius, Joh. Exemplar Literarum missarum e Germania ad D. Gul. Cecilium, Consiliarum Regium (per Jo. Pernium). Sine Loco, 1592. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

Perottds, Nic. Grammatica Ni colai Perotti, cum Textu Jodoci Badii Ascensii. Lond. 1512. 4to.

Ninety-six leaves and index, printed by W. de Worde. White Knights, 3339, 4/.

Perotjse, J. F. G. de la. A

Voyage round the World, 1785—8, under the Command of John Francis Galoup de la Perouse: Translated from the French. London, 1799. 4to. 2 vols.

Accompanied by a folio volume of charts and plates Roxburghe, 7175, 31. Dent,

pt. ii. 885, russia, 4/. 4s. — 1798. 8vo. 3 vols. Edwards,473, l/.2s. Roscoe, 1841,118s.

Perrault, Claude. A Treatise of the five Orders of Columns in Architecture, made English by John James. London, 1708. fol. 6s.

Reprinted in 1722. folio.

Perreau, Robert and Daniel. A Collection of Tracts relative to the Perreaus and Mrs. Rudd.

Nassau, pt. ii. 749, illustrated with prints, 41 Baker, 605, eleven tracts, with portraits and extracts from newspapers, 3/. 5s.

Observations fcn the Trial of Mr. Robert Perreau. With Mr. Perreau's Defence, as spoken on his Trial; in which many unaccounted-for Omissions in the Sessions-paper are supplied, from a Copy sent to the Author by Mrs. R. Perreau, &c. &c. 8vo. The Defence by Robert Perreau, of uncommon art and ability, elegance and pathos, was supposed to be written by Hugh M'Aulay Boyd.

A solemn Declaration of Mr. Daniel Perreau; addressed to the Public. Written by himself; and published at his dying Request. London, 1776. 8vo.

An authentic Account of the Particulars which appeared on the Trials of Robert and Dan. Perreau. Nassau, pt. ii. 746, 5s.

The History of the Life, Character and Conduct of Mr. Daniel and Mr. Robert Perreau, and Mrs. Rudd. London. Svo.

The Female Forger; or, the fatal Effects of unlawful Love. Being a minute and circumstantial Account of the late extraordinary Forgery of the Mess. Perreaus, Sic Svo.

Genuine Memoirs of Mess. Perreaus. By a Gentleman, very intimate with the unfortunate Families. 8vo.

Genuine Memoirs of the Mess. Perreau. 12mo.

Mr. Daniel Perreau's Narrative of his unhappy Case. Wherein every Transaction between Mrs. Rudd, his Brother, and himself, from the commencement of Mr. Daniel Perreau's Connection with Mrs. Rudd, until the Time of his Trial, is most truly and candidly laid before the Public; together with his Defence. Published by himself. London, 1775. 8vo.

A Letter to the R. H. Earl of Suffolk, one of his Majesty's principal Secretaries of State; in which the Innocence of Robert Perreau is demonstrated. Svo.

Facts: or, a plain and explicit Narrative of the Case of Mrs. Rudd, published from her own MS. and by her Authority. London. 8vo.

Prudence triumphing over Vanity and Dissipation: or the History of Mr. Robert and Mr. Daniel Perreau and Mrs. Rudd. London. 12mo. with portrait of Mrs. Rudd.

She is and she is not: a Fragment of the true History of Miss Caroline de Grosberg, alias Mrs. Potter, &c, &c. London, 1776. 8vo.

An Account of the Arguments of Counsel, with the Opinionsat large, of the Honor able Mr. Justice Gould, Mr. Justice Ashhurst, and Mr. Baron Hotham. Upon the Question at the Session at the Old-Bailey, on Saturday the 16th of September, 1775, whether Margaret Caroline Rudd ought to be tried. By Joseph Gurney. London, 1775. 4to.

Law Observations relating to the Case of Mrs. Rudd. By a Gentleman of the Inner Temple. Svo. Is. 6d.

The Case of Mrs. M. C. Rudd, from her first Commitment to her final Acquital at the Old Bailey. By a Barrister at Law. Svo. ls.6d.

The Trial of Mrs. Rudd, Dec. 8, 1775. Elucidated by such Matter as never before transpired. By Mr. Bailey, Barrister at Law. Ito.

Mrs. M. C. Rudd's Case considered, respecting Robert Perreau; in an Address to Henry Drummond, Esq. and the Gentlemen of the Jury who tried Robert Perreau: with a comparative View of his Trial and his last solemn Declaration. 8vo.

Mrs. M. C. Rudd's genuine Letter to Lord Weymouth; with several authentic Anecdotes of the late Messrs. Perreaus: together with an Explanation of the Conduct of a certain great City Patriot. 8vo.

A Letter from Mrs. Christian Hart to Mrs. M. C. Rudd, elucidating several Circumstances which did not appear on the Trial; and relating a circumstantial Account of her transactions during the time Mrs. Hart lived Servant with her. 8vo.

Authentic Anecdotes of the Life and Transactions of Mrs. Margaret Rudd. 12mo. 2 vols. 5s.

Perriere, G. de la. See Mirror of Policy.

Perriers, Bonaventure des. Cymbalum Mundi: or satyrical Dialogues on various Subjects. London, 1723. 8vo. 6s.

Title and advertisement, 8 pages; the preface, 4 pages; the table, 2 pages; a letter by Prosper Marchand, xliii pages; Cymbalum Mundi, including the second title-page, 77 pages. Prefixed to the volume is a neat frontispiece by J. Clark.

The Magpie and her Brood, a Fable, by Horace Walpole, (afterwards Earl of Orfbrd). 4to. Seventy-two lines, printed at the private press of Strawberry-hill.

Perrin, John Paul. The His- tory of the old Waldenses and Al

bigenses, translated by Tho. Bray.
London, 1711. folio. 14s.
An esteemed work.

Luther's Fore-runners: the History of the Waldenses, translated out of French by Sampson Lennard. Lond. 1624. 4to. with portrait of Leonard.

Perrihchief, Rich. The royal martyr : or, the Life and Death of King Charles I. Lond. 1676. 8vo.

Reprinted 1727. 8vo.
Sre Agathocles.

Perronett, E. The Mitre, a Mtyricall Poem. 8vo.

This satire, printed without a title-page »t a private press, was suppressed. Hibbert, mt, 9s. 6<L

Perrot, James. The first Part of the Considerations of human Condition. Oxford, 1600. 4to.

Dedicated to Tho. Lord Buckhurst. Bindley, pt. ii. 139, 15s.

A Discovery of discontented Minds. Oxford, 1596. 4to. Dedicated to Robert Earl of Essex.

Meditations and Prayers on the Lord's Prayer and ten Commandments. Printed 1630. 12mo.

— Sir John. The History of Sir John Perrott, Knight of the Bath, and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. London, 1728. 8vo. 7s.

Published from the original iris., written about the latter end of the reign of Q. Elizabeth, by Richard Rawlinson. Marquis of Townshend, 2484, 7s. 6d. Roxburghe, 9324, 9s. Hibbert, 6148, 4s. 6d. Pp. 315, not including title, and to the reader, 3 leaves, also an index, 5 pages. LARGE Paper. Lloyd, 123, 16s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1132, portrait inserted, II. lis. 6d.

The Gouemment of Ireland vnder Sir John Perrot Knight, 1584—1626. By E. C 8. London, 1626. 4 to. with port of Perrot. Lloyd, 525, If. Gordonstoun, 2187, tt 19s.

Perrot see Parrot.

Perry, Charles, M. D. A View of the Levant, particularly of Constantinople, Syria, Egypt and Greece. Lond. 1743. folio.

This work, which has been twice translated into German, is much less known than it deserves to be. Bindley, pt. ii. 2144, 5s. 6d. Nassau, pt. ii. 427, 6s. Towneley, pt. ii. 1316, 7s. Drury, 3263* 7s. 6d. Fonthill, 4*8, 12s. WiUett, 1818, 15s.

— Elizabeth. The Case of Eli

zabeth Perry, of Penshurst-Place, in Kent, respecting her Claim to the Barony of Sydney of Penshurst. Lond. 1782. folio.

A full statement of this case will be found in Cruise on Dignities, p. 205—11.

The Trial at Bar between the Earl of Leicester and Elizabeth Perry. 1782. 4to.

— Francis. A Series of English Medals. Lond. 1762. 4to.

Pp. 22, suppl. pp. 4, also 13 plates. Brockett, 2528, 10s. 6d. Hollis, 1114, ll. 12s. Sir M. M.Sykes, pt. ii. 777, II. 13s.

Views (14) in Kent, etched by F. Perry.

— George. Conchology, or a natural History of Shells, illustrated by coloured Engravings. London, 1811. folio.

Duke of York, 4466, russia, il. 12s. 6d. Fonthill, 3698, 62. 7s. fid. Stanley, 112, 111. 0s. 6d.

— Henry. Welch Grammar. 1595. 4to.

See Bibl. Harleian. vol. ii. no. 15650.

— Joan. A true and perfect Account of the Examination, Confession, Trial and Execution of Joan Perry, and her two Sons, John and Richard Perry, for the supposed Murder of Will. Harrison, Gent. (1676). 4to.

Stanley, 758,9s. — Lond. 1743. 12mo.

— Capt. John. An Account of the Stopping of Daggenham (Dagenham) Breach. London, 1721. 8vo.

Nassau, pt. i. 2527, 6s. Reed, 5345, 6s. Marquis of Townshend, 2485, 7s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2358, 8s. Hibbert, 6149,9s. Willett, 1895, N. M. Collation.—Pp. 181, with a plan by H. Moll.

The State of Russia under the present Czar. Lond. 1716. 8vo. 3s. An accurate account with a map.

Proposals for the draining the Fens in Lincolnshire. 1727. folio.

— William. The Boy of Bilson: or a true Discovery of the notoriovs Impostvres of certaine Romish Priests in their pretended Exorcisme, or Expulsion of the Diuell out of a young Boy named William Perry. London, 1622. 4to.

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