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Peltier, John. Paris pendant l'Annee 1795,jusqu' a l'An. 1802. Londres. 8vo. 35 vols.

This work consists of 250 numbers. Fonthill, 106, 87. 8s.

L' Ambigu. Londres. fol. — vol. & 8vo.—vols. Fonthill, 115, Feb. 1803 to Janv. 1815. 1 vol. folio, and 52 vols. 8vo. 8/. 12s. Roxburghe, 8104, 3 vols, folio, ll. ls.

Trial of Peltier for a Libel. London, 1803. 8vo. Hibbert, 6125, 10s.

Pemble, William. The Workes of William Pemble, containing sundry Treatises and Expositions. Third Edition. London, 1635. fol.


The works of this Puritan minister, who was a Calvinist of the old school, are held in considerable estimation.

Pembroke, Henry Herbert, Earl of. Military Equitation: or, a Method of breaking Horses, and teaching Soldiers to ride. The fourth Edition. London, 1793. 4to.

With plates. 1761. 12mo. 2s. 6d. — The third Edition. London, 1778. son. 8vo.

— Mary Herbert, Countess of. See Garnier, Robert. Mornay,

Philip of.

To this lady, sister of Sir P. Sidney, the well-known romance of the Arcadia is dedicated. Some of her psalms are printed in Harington's Nugae antique.

— Philip Herbert, Earl of. The Life and Death of Phillip Herbert, Earl of Pembrock Moungomerie.

1649. 4to.

A satire in verse. Lloyd, 776, 10s. 6d

The last Will and Testament of Philip Herbert, Burgesse for Barkshire, vulgarly called Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, who dyed of Foole-age, Jan. 28,1650. With his Life and Death, and severall Legacies to the Parliament and Councell of State. Also, his Elegy, taken verbatim, in Time of his Sicknesse, and published to prevent false Copies by Michael Oldisworth. Nodnol,

1650. 4to. One sheet.

There were several other satirical tracts published against this nobleman about that period.

— Philip Herbert, Earl of. The Marble Antiquities at Wilton by Creed. Anno 1731. 4to.

The volume contains 70 etchings, and was published at 35 shillings. Steevens, 1584, 17. 3s. Willett, 1753, 74 plates, 21. 15s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1221, 6/. 6s.

— Another, containing only sixteen etchings, 4to. Published at eight shillings. —Another, containing forty etchings. 4to. Published at 20 shillings.

Wilton Garden (26 Plates engraved by Isaac de Caus). A copy is in the British Museum. Gough quotes another to which a title-page is prefixed.

A Description of the Earl of Pembroke's Pictures; now published by C. Gambarini of Lucca, being an Introduction to his Design. Westm. 1731. 8vo. pp. 126, including the title, errata, and preface.

A new Description of the Pictures, Statues, Bustos, Basso-relievos, and other Curiosities at the Earl of Pembroke's House at Wilton, by James Kennedy. Lond. 1764. 8vo. 114 pages, with an engraving of the busto of Apollonius Tyanseus. The first edition appeared in 1758, and it has been several times reprinted.

,/Edes Pembrochianoe: by Mr. Richardson. London, 1774. 4to. 141 pages. — 1784.

A Description of the Antiquities and Curiosities in Wilton House. Sarum, 1786.4to. pp. xxxviii. and 117 (marked 93) with 25 engravings.

— Thomas Herbert, Earl of. Numismata antiqua; collegit olim, et JEre incidi vivens curavit, Thomas Pembrochiae et Montis Gomerici Comes. 1746. 4to.

This work consists of four parts: part i. contains 38, part ii. 98, part iii. 129, and part iv. entitled Nummi Anglici et Scotici, 41 plates, besides each part has a titlepage. An index by Jos. Ames, published subsequently, is found in some copies of the work. Hollis, 1095, russia, 57. Large Paper in folio. Brockett, 2354, russis, 1H. lis. Dent, pt. ii. 1083, with Ames' index, russia, 67. 16s. 6d. Willett, 1814, 107. 10s. Combe, 1895, with additional portraits and index, russia, 167. 10s. — Index by Ames. 4to. Brockett, 2329, 5s. 6d.

— William Herbert, third Earl of. Poems written by William Earl of Pembroke: Whereof many of which are answered by way of Repartee, by Sir Benjamin Ruddier, Knight. With several distinct Poems, written by them occasionally, andapart. Lond. 1660. 8vo.pp. 124.

Pp.124. Reed, 7887, 27.4s. 7888, SI. 13s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2230, 91. Bibl. Anglo-Poet545 (severalleaves ms.), 67. 6s. Nassau,pt. i, 2522, russia, 27. I Is. — With a Preface by Sir E. Brydges. London, 1817. 100 copies printed. Nassau, pt. i. 1562, 8s. Cancelled leaves to be found in some copies, vii. pp73, 74, 91,92, 93, 94, 95 and 96.

Pssa, Juna Ant. de la. A Relation of the royall Festivities made by the King of Spaine to honour the espousall Treaties of the Prince of Wales with the Lady Infanta Maria of Austria. London, 1623. 4to.

Reprinted in the second volume of the Semen Collection of Tracts.

— Pet. Stirpium Adversaria nova, Authoribus Petro Pena et Mathia de Lobel. Londini, 1570. folio.

A valuable work, from which Gerarde took his method. — Lond. 1576. folio. »ith additions. — Lond. 1605. folio. White Knights, 1180, 17s.

Pendleton, Henry, D.D. A Declaration in his Sickness of his faith in all Points, as the Catholic Church teacheth against sclaunderous Reports against him. London by Robert Caley, 1557..

Pendragon; or, the Carpet Knight his Kalendar. Lond. 1698. 8vo.4s. Pp. 191. A poem in hudibrastic measure, intended as a satire on that active and mercenary writer in the cause of arbitrary power, Sir Roger L'Estrange. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 546, 10s. 6d.

Penqelly, Sir Thomas. Some private Passages of the Life of Sir Thomas Pengelly, Lord Chief Baron, of the Exchequer, written by a Lady. London, 1733. 8vo. 3s.

Penhodet, de. Letters

describing a Tour through Part of South Wales. Lond. 1797. 4to.

Peninsula.—Recollections of the Peninsula, by the Author of Sketches of India. Lond. 1823. 8vo. Pp. 262. An esteemed work.

Penkethman, —. Jests, or Wit refin'd. The second Part. 1721. Hibbert, 6129, 11. 10s.

— John. Onomatophylacium: on the Christian Names of Men and Women, now used within this Realme of G. Britaine, alphabetically expressed, as well in Latine as in English, with the true Interpretations thereof; digested in several Tables, &c. by I. P. publike Writer. Lond. 1626. 12mo.

Penn, Granville. A comparative

Estimate of the mineral and mosaical Geologies, revised and enlarged with Relation to the latest Publications on Geology. London, 1825. 8vo. 2 vols.

'A most powerful proof and vindication of the harmony subsisting between geological discoveries and the Mosaic history.' — First Edition, with a Supplement. London, 1822. 8vo.

An Examination of the primary Argument of the Iliad. Lond. 1821. 8vo. Drury, 3090, 8s. 6d. An article on the ' History of the ^Eolic Digamma,' with a notice of this work, appeared in the Quarterly Review, xxvii. 39—70.

— John. Poems, consisting of original Works, Imitations, and Translations. London, 1801. royal 8vo. 2 vols.

With engravings after Stothard and Smirke. Fonthill, 1059, 16s.

Critical, poetical, and dramatic Works. London, 1797-8. 8vo. 2 vols. Reed, 7295, 7s. 6d.

— William. A Collection of the Works of William Penn. London, 1726. folio. 2 vols.

A life of this celebrated Quaker, the founder of the province of Pennsylvania, has been published by Clarkson.

The select Works of William Penn. London, 1782. 8vo. 5 vols. A reprint has lately appeared.

Penna see Pena.

Pennant, Thomas, LL. D. Various Works.

The works of this celebrated traveller, naturalist and antiquary are much esteemed. Sotheby's in May 1823, 29 vols, russia, 40/. 19s. Hibbert, 6251, 17 vols. 16/. Dent, pt. ii. 889, 27 vols, in 23, some with coloured plates, 53/. lis. Bindley, pt. iii. 1018, 10 vols. 10/. Duke of York, 3901 & 2, 24 vols. MI. 4s. Nassau, pt. ii. 744, 24 vols, with some additional plates, cu, 3s.

British Zoology. Lond. 1766. imperial folio. Published under the inspection of the Cymmrodian Society. The volume consists of 4 pts. containing pp. 162 and index with 107 coloured plates, viz. nine quadrupeds and ninety-eight birds. Hibbert, 6306, 5/. 18s. Dent, pt. ii. 1084, russia, 91. N. Nassau pt. ii. 424, IN. 12s. Willett, 438, 28/. 7s. Stanley, 95, MI. 16s. —London, 1768. 8vo. 2 vols. Bindley, pt. iv. 304, 5s. Willett 1887, 4 vols. 1768-70, 2/. IN. 6d. —Warrington and London, 1776-7. 8vo. 4 vols. Garrick, 1779. ll. ls. Quarto. Sotheby's in 1826, 21. 7s. Heath, 4750, 24/. -

London, 1812. 8vo. 4 vols. Collation.—
Vol. i. pp. xli and 568, with 66 plates.
Vol. ii. pp. viii and 451, with 48 plates.
Vol. Ill. pp. viii and 545, with 84 plates.
Vol. iv. pp. xvi and 379, with 95 plates.
large Paper. Roscoe, 1782, 6/. 12s. fid.
Sotheby's in 1821,2/. 15s.

Indian Zoology: Parti. London, 1769. folio. This part consisted of 12 coloured plates. — Second Edition (with Improvements). Lond. 1790. 4to. pp. 161, with — plates, plain. 14s. coloured. Stanley, M, 11. 6s.

A Tour in Scotland Mdcclxix. Chester, 1771. 8vo. —1774. 8vo. —Warrington, 1774. 4to. — Fourth Edition. London, 1776. 4to.

The Additions to the Quarto Edition of the Tour in Scotland, 1769, and the new Appendix, re-printed for theJAccommodation of the Purchasers of the first and second Editions. London, 1774. 8vo.

A Tour in Scotland and Voyage to the Hebrides. 1772. Chester and Lond. 1774-5. 4to. 2 vols.—Second Edition. Lond. 1776. 4 to. 2 vols.

Tours in Scotland, 1709 and 1772. London, 1776. 4to. 3 vols. Hoxburghe, 7210, 3/. 6s. Heath, 4746, 61 16s. fid. — Fifth Edition. 1790. 4to. 3 vols, Large Paper. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 770, 5/. 5s. Pennant's Tours in Scotland will be found in the third volume of Pinkerton's Collection of Voyages and Travels.

A Synopsis of Quadrupeds. Chester, 1771. 8vo. pp. 382, with 31 plates.

History of Quadrupeds. London, 1781. 4to. 2 vols. Heath, 4752, U 10s. — London, 1793. 4to. Sotheby's in 1825, 1/. 8s. Laroe Paper. Stanley, 97, 4/. 4s. Vol. i. consists of 306 pages, with 60 plates. Vol. ii. of 324 pages, with plates 61—139.

— Third Edition. Lond. . 4to. 2 vols.

With additions, both in letter-press and plates, and many of the old plates re-engraved.

Genera of Birds. Edinb. 1773. 12mo.

— 1781. 4to. pp. 68 and xxv, with sixteen plates. Heath, 4753, 17s.

A Tour in Wales. London, 1778, M. 4to. 3 vols. Garrick, 1846, vol. i. 13s. fid. Hcalli, 4747, 2 vols, with the supplement, SI. 18s.

The Journey to Snowdon. Lond. 1781. 4to. and supplementary plates.

A Tour in Wales. 1784. 4to. 2 vols. — London, 1810. 8vo. 3 vols. Roscoe, 518, 32. 2s. Large Paper. Sotheby's in 1821, 21. 2s. Ditto in 1821, with proofs on India paper, russia, 61

Arctic Zoology, with Supplement. London, 1784, 5, 7. 4to. 3 vols. Sotheby's in 1825, 21. 15s. in 1826, 91. 8s. LARGE Paper. Heath, 4751, 4£6s. —London, 1792. 4to. 2 vols. Vol. i. pp. cc and 185, with Splates. Vol.ii.pp. 187—586, withplates 9—23. Supplement pp. 183, with 2 maps.

Historie naturelle des Oiseaux, pat le Comte de Buffon, et les Planches cnlununees; systematically disposed. Lond. 1786. 4to. ts. (id.

The Journey from Chester to London, London, 1786.4to. Heath,4749, 616s. Roxburghe, 7211, 11. Ms. Pp. 452, not including an engraved title-page, an advertisement of two pages, list of (xxii) plates and errata, two pages, and an index six pages. Large Paper. A few copies on large paper were finely illuminated on the margin with views, coats of arms, 8rc. 8tc. — With Notes, London, 1811. 8vo. Ms. Pp. 622, besides half-title, title, advertisement of 2 pages, itinerary, two pages and six plates, Laeoe Paper in royal 8vo.

Of the Patagonians: from the Relation of Father Falkener a Jesuit, who had resided among them thirty Years; and from the different Voyagers who had met with this tall Race. Darlington, 178S. 4to. — n.d. Brockett, 227, 21. 15s.

Some Account of London (with the Additions). London, 1790. 4to. This work, though not quite accurate in some particulars, is one of the most pleasing topographical performances that has ever appeared, Large Paper. Second Edition. London, 1791. 4to. pp. 479. This edition is much improved. Heath, 4748, U. lis. 6d. Roxburghe,8635, N. 3s. Laroe Paper? Collation.— Pages 479, not including the engraved title-page, and advertisement, pp. i—vi, instructions to the binder, one page, and index, eight pages. This edition contains fifteen plates.—Third Edition. Lond. 1793.4to. Large Paper. Lloyd, 1024, 19s.—Fourth Edition. Lond. 1805. royal 4to. Large Paper in imper. folioTwelve copies struck off, for the purpose of illustration. Baker, 569, 6t2s.6d. —Fifth Edition. London, 1813. 8vo. Large Pafk in royal 8vo.

A copious Index to Pennant's History of London, arranged in strict alphabetical Order, by Thomas Downes. London, 1814, 4to. pp. 66, including the advertisement. Fouo. Published at It lis. 6d.

One hundred and twenty Views and Pottraits to illustrate the fourth Edition of Pennant's Aceount of London; accompani"1 with a numerical List of Plates. London, 1815. 4 to. There are six plates not enumerated in the printed list, making in all 1MIllustrations to Mr. Pennant and Mr. Lysons' History of London, Westminster, and its Environs. London, sold by Faukfcr. 4to. 34 Plates, with title and index to ph><» the plates in the third Edition of Pennant* London.

The literary Life of the late ThomM

Pennant, Esq. by himself. London, I'M

4to. pp. 144, with port. Gough, 2902, «•

History of the Parishes of Whitefcrd vA

Holywell. London, 1796. 4to. with"

plates. LARGE PAPER. Edwards, 664, ll, 5s. Roxburghe, 8647, 1/. 8a. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 774, 1/. fls.

Outlines of the Globe. London, 1798— 1800. 4to. 4 vols. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. m, 3/. In. Contents.—Vols. i. and ii. The View of Hindostan. Vols. iii. and iv. The View of India, Extra Gangcm, China, Japan, the Malayan Isles, New Holland and the Spice Islands.

h Journey from London to the Isle of Wight. London, 1801. 4to. 2 vols. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 772, with the Tour to Alston Moor, 1801, 31 Laroe Paper. Roxburghe, 7213, 27. 2s. Collation.—Vol. i. pp. 205, not including half-title, title, preface, advertisement and list of plates in vol. i. Vol. ii. pp. 217, not including half-title, title,

advertisement and list of plates in the second

volume. A portrait of W. Harvey, M. D.

but called William Chillingwortb on the

plate, at p. 5, is not mentioned in the list of

plates. A Tour from Downing to Alston Moor.

London, 1801. Ito, pp. 189, with 27 plates.

Proofs. Roxburghe, 7212, ll. 5i.
A Tour from Alston Moor to Harrowgate

and Brimham Crags. London, 1804. lto.

pp. 125, with nine plates. Sir M. M. Sykes,

pi. ii. 773, 17a.

Miscellanies. Darlington. Iirockett, 226,

It 8s.
Catalogue of my Works. Two leaves

printed at Allan's private press at Darlington.

Brocket!, 228, 9s.

Pennbcuik, Alexander, M. D. The Works, containing the Description of Tweeddale, and miscellaneous Poems. A new Edition, with copious Notes, forming a complete History of the Country to the present Time. To which are prefixed, Memoirs of Dr. Pennecuik, and a Map of the Shire of Peebles, or Tweeddale. Leith, 1815. 8vo.

Pp. xi, and 418. Other Editions. Edinb. 1715. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 612, 10s. Roxburghe, 8786, It 3s.—Edinb. 1720. Hibbert, 6130, 2s. fid. Constable, 697, 6s. Roxburghe, 3444, 14s. —Edinb. 1762. -lto. pp. ME Sir M. M. Sykes, pt ii. 775, 11 6s. — Edinb. 1769. 12mo. — Edinb. 12mo. A spurious edition. Constable, 698, lis.

An historical Account of the Blue Banket, or the Craftsmen's Banner. The second Edition, enlarged and adorned with the fourteen Incorporations' Arms, Edinburgh, 1780. 12mo. This tract was originally compiled in 1722. Roxburghe, 8812, 9s.6d.

Poems revived, The blythe Man's Ban

quet, or an Entertainment for the Curious. Edinb. 1734. 8vo.

A poem, by Pennecuik, entitled Caledonia triumphans, 1699, will be found in 'Various Pieces of fugitive Scottish Poetry, edited by Laing.

Pennington, Isaac. A true Declaration and just Commendation of the Care of Isaac Pennington, Lord Mayor of London, in advancing and promoting the Bulwarks and Fortifications about the City and Suburbs, with a Vindication of his Honour from all the malicious Aspersions of Malignants. Published and presented to his Honour by W. S. London, 1C43.

With a wood cut portrait of Pennington.

— Isaac, the Younger. Works, in two Parts. London, 1681. fol.

The works of this writer are in considerable estimation among the Quakers.

— Rev. Montagu. See Carter, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Penny wise Pound foolish, or a Bristow Diamond set in two Rings, and both cracked. Profitable for married Men, pleasant for young Men, and a rare Example for all good Women. London, 1631. 4to.

Black letter with a wood-cut. Gordonstoun, 1859, 3/. 16s.

Perry. John. A Defence of that which hath bin written in the Questions of the ignorant Ministerie and the Communicating with them. By John Penri. 1588. lflmo.

Sixty-three pages. Written against Rob. Some, D. D. of Cambridge.

A View of some Part of such publike Wants 8t Disorders in the Service of God, in a Petition to the High Court of Parliament. (1588). 8vo. Pp. 83, subscribed atthe end 'John Penri.* The running title, 'A Suppliestion to the High Court of Parliament' Gordonstoun, 1748, 10s. 6d.

An Exhortation unto the Governours and People of Wales, to labour earnestly to have the Preaching of the Gospell planted among them. 1588.18mo. 10s.6d. There aretwoeditionsof this tract, one without date, the other has some additions.

Th' Appellation of John Penri to the High Court of Parliament, from the injurious Dealing of th'Archb. of Canterbury. 1589. 16mo. Pages 52. In this, as indeed in most of the tracts relating to the Puritanical controversy, there are several anecdotes of the affairs and persons of those times.

A Treatise wherein is manifestly proved, that Reformation, and those that sincerely favour the same, are unjustly charged to be Enemies unto her Majesty and the State. Printed 1590. 4to. Hibbert, 6252, 10s. 6d. Answered by Nash in a work, entitled Pasquil's Apology.

The Historie of Corah, Oathau and Abiram, &c. Numb. 16. Chap, applied to the Prelacy Ministerie and Church-assemblies of England. By Mr. John Penry. the Martyr of Iesus Christ. Imprinted in the Yeare 1609. Pp. 45, also title and preface, 2 leaves. Hibbert, G264, with two puritannical tracts, attributed to Penry, 11 2s.

A Demonstration of the Truth of that Discipline which Christe hath prescribed in his Worde for the Government of his Church, in all Times and Places, until the End of the Worlde. 16mo. Gordonstoun, 1750, 7s. Hibbert, 6132, with 'A Supplication unto the High Court of Parliament,' 9s.

See Martin Marprelate.

Pentalogia sec Tragocdiae.

Pentateuchus Hebra»o-Samaritanus, Charactere Hebraico-Chaldaico editus, Cura et Studio Benj. Blayney. Oxonii, 1790. 8vo.

The text of Walton has been adopted as the basis of this edition, to which have been added various readings from Kennicott's edition of the Hebrew Bible. Gosset, 794,

6s. 6d. LARGE PAFER. 9s.

The Pentateuch, by Leon Soesmans, corrected and translated by David Levi. Lond. 1785—99. 8vo. 5 vols. 21. 2s. The original Hebrew is printed on one side of the page, with the vowel points, &c, and the common English translation is on the other. At the bottom of the pages of the translation are short notes, chiefly compiled from Rabbinical writers. To each book is affixed the Haphtorah with an English translation.

Quinque Libri Moysis Prophets in Lingua jEgyptiaca ex MSS. descripsit ac Latine vertit Dav. Wilkins. Londini, 1731. 4to. 21.2s. Two hundred copies printed.

The Pentateuch, translated by William Tindal. Marlborow in the Land of Hesse, by me Hans Luft, M.CCCCC.XXX. 16mo. Of TindaTs translation of the Scriptures Dr. Geddes remarks,' few first translations will be found equal to it.' Saunders' in 1818, imperfect, 31. 4s. White Knights, 3096, some leaves supplied from another edition, 1/. 16s. Collation.—Title 'The fyrst boke of Moses called Genesis,' on the reverse ' W. T. to the reader,' occupying 7 pages; a prologue, 8 pages; ' The fyrst Boke,' &c. fol. i—lxxvii, after which is a table, 7 leaves, on the last of which is a colophon, Exodus, fol. i—Ixxvi,

including title, before which is a ' prologe' of eight leaves. Leviticus, fol. i—iii, with title, but not including 'prologe,' eight leaves. Numbers, fol. i—lxvii, with title, but not including 'prologe,' ten leaves. Deuteronomy, fol. i—lxiii, and 'a prologe,' four leaves. At the end of the volume is an explanation of some Hebrew words. Genesis and Numbers are printed in Gothic, thirtyone lines in a page, the others in Roman, except the letter W, with twenty-eight lines in the page. There are some marginal notes throughout, but no wood-cuts, except in Exodus. Copies will be found in the British Museum, Bodleian Library and Baptist Museum, Bristol, and a specimen of the translation from Genesis will be found in Cotton's List, and copious notices will be found in Lewis' History of the English Translations of the Bible.

The Pentateuch, newly correctyd and amendyd by W. T. MDXXXIIII. 16mo. Copies are in St. Paul's Library, in the Baptist Museum at Bristol, and in the Earl Spencer's collection. Collation.—Title, between four wood-cuts j ' Unto the Reader. W. T.' xi pages. Genesis begins on the reverse of the last page of the preface, and the next leaf is paged i. It ends on fol. lxxxi. b. At the end is' The end of the first boke off Moses called Genesis. Printed in the Roman letter. The other four books are as in the edition of 1530. There are a few marginal notes.

The Pentateuch, after the Copy that the Kyng's Majesty hath set forth, 1544. London by Jhon Day and William Seres, 16mo. See Lewis' History of the English Translations of the Bible, and Ames' typog. Aniiq. by Herbert, pp. 616 and 622.

The Pentateuch. London by Jhon Daye, 1551. 16mo. A copy is in the British Museum. Collation.—The title is within a wooden compartment, on the back is an address to the reader by John Daye, after which is Tyndales prologue, seven pages. The leaves of the volume are not numbered, but the signatures run in eights, A—V. Aa—Vu. A full page contains thirty-three lines, the prologues, heads of chapters, marginal notes and references are printed in a smaller letter. A colophon on a separate leaf will be found at the end of the volume.

A critical and practical Exposition of the Pentateuch, with Notes and two Dissertations (by Jameson). London, 1748.

folio. A compilation from various authors, originally published in numbers.

A new and literal Translation, from the original Hebrew, of the Pentateuch of Moses, and of the historical Books of the Old Testament, to the End of the Second Book of Kings, with Notes critical and explanatory, by Julius Bate. London, 1773. 4to. Gosset. 486, 1/. 18s. Large FArER. Bate was one

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