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1713. 8vo. and by Thomas Bishop, DD. Lond. 1729. 8vo.

Vindiciae Epistolarum S. Ignatii. Isaaci Vossii Epistole dua ad versus Davidem Blondeflum. Cantab. 1672. 4to. 9s. Both Boyle and Bentley in their Dissertations on Phalaris speak highly of this work. Heath, 959,13s. Large paper, Bishop of Ely, 1363, Ss. fid.

Opera posthuma chronologies, &c. viz. de Serie et Successione primorum Roma Episcoporum Dissertationes dua: quibus prafigantur Annales Paulini et Lectiones in Acts Apostolorum. Singula Praia tradidit, deode euravit et Dissertationes novis Addilioiiibus auxit H. Dodvrellus, A. M. Lond. 1688. 4to. 12s. The Annales Paulini are inserted by Bishop Randolph in his Enchiridion theologicum.

A Translation of Bishop Pearson's Annals of Saint Paul j to which are added geographical and critical Notes, illustrative of the Life and Labours of that Apostle, taken from the most approved Annotations, by J. H. Williams. Cambridge, 1826. 12mo.

— Richard, D. D. Enoch's Translation; a Sermon at the Funerall of Thomas Lord Elgin, on Heb. xi. 5, Lond. 1664. 4to.

With portrait of his Lordship by Faithome. King and Lochcc's in March 1810, 61 10s. A copy is in the British Museum.

A Sermon preached at the funeral of Dr. Ambrose Atfield. Lond. 1684. 4to.

— William. Select Views of the Antiquities of Shropshire; with a descriptive Account of each Building. Lond. (1807). oblong 4to.

Forty views, with title, dedication, advertisement, and list of plates. Hibbert, 6305, proofs, 10s. 6d. Duke of York, 3899, 15s. Urge Paper. Nassau, pt ii. 608, 18*.

Twenty picturesque Views of the parochial Churches of London. By W. Pearwi. London, 1810. elephant 4to. ll. ls. Royal folio. U 5s.

Selection of Antiquities in the County of s»lop.l824.4to. Large Paper. Hibbert, 6246, 7s. 6d.

Peblis.—The thrie Tales of the Priests of Peblis; containing many notabill Examples and Sentences. Edinb. Rob. Charteris, 1603. 4to.

Black letter. Attributed by Pinkerton to David Steill, and by Sibbald to Holland.

Peck, Francis. Desiderata curiosa. London, 1732-5. folio. 2 vols.

A very curious collection of original pa

j pers, relating chiefly to matters of English history. Dent, pt. ii. 1081, 4/. 10s. Gougb, 2730, 21 5s. Drury, 3263, II. lis. 6d. Roxburgh^, 8579, russia, 31. 5s. Edwards, 577, W. Large Paper. Nassau, pt. ii. 423, russia, :">/. 5s. Dowdeswell, 625, 21. 6s. Willett, 1813, 6/. 8s. fld. Collation.—Vol. I. 1732. Title, one leaf, dedication to Lord William Manners, 2 leaves; preface, 3 leaves; subscribers' names, 2 leaves; contents, 3 leaves; Desiderata curiosa, lib. i. pp. I—66 j lib. ii. pp. 1—26; lib. iii. pp. 1—52 ; Hb. iv. pp. 1—50 ; lib. v. pp. 1—44; lib. vi. pp. 1—56; index, directions for placing the (six) cuts and errata, six leaves. Prefixed to the volume is a portrait of Peck, by R. Collins. VOL II, 1735. Title, one leaf; dedication to Richard, Bishop of Lincoln, 2 leaves; preface, one leaf; contents, 5 leaves; subscribers' names, 2 leaves; lib. vii. pp. 1—68; lib. viii. pp. 1—58; lib. ix. pp. 1—52; lib. x. pp. 1—32; lib. xi. pp. 1—50; lib. xii. pp. 1—36; lib. .viii. pp. 1— 32; lib. xlv pp. 1—56; lib. XV. pp. 1—25; index, books by the author, errata and directions for placing the (3) cuts, 19 pages. —A new Edition, greatly corrected, with some Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Mr. Peck (byT. Evans). Lond. 1779. 4to. Dowdeswell, 606, russia, 3/. 6s. Marquis of Townshend, 2569, 1/. 17s. Hollis, 1109, 21. 2s. Bindley, pt. iii. 1006, 1/. 5s. Lloyd, 1020, 11. 8s. Large Paper. Heath, 4437, 31. M. Beckford, in 1817, no. 92, russia, 6/. 8s. Collation.—Vol I. Pp. xxiv. and 238, also index and directions for placing the (ix) cuts, &c. 5 leaves. To this volume is prefixed a portrait of Peck. Vol. II. Title, dedication, preface and contents, Sec.

8 leaves; lib. vii. cic.pp. 239—581; index,

9 pages.

Academia tertia Anglicana; or, the antiquarian Annals of Stanford in Lincoln, Rutland and Northampton Shires. London, 1727. folio. Marquis of Townshend, 2659, ll. 18s. Dent, pt. ii. 1082, russia, 21 2s. Bishop of Ely, 1286, U Us. 6d. Downdeswell, 626, 3/. 3s. Large Paper. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 676, russia, 5/. 18s. Nassau, pt. ii. 422, 3/. 3s. Fonthill, 1372, 6/. 7s. Heath, 4617, russia, ^l lis. Willett, 1812, 61. 12s, 6d. Collation.—Titlepage, dedication to the Duke of Rutland, preface and the subscribers names, xvi pages. A prospect of the town of Stanford, by VanderGucht after Tellemans, faces the title, and the arms of the Duke of Rutland are at the head of the dedication. Book i. 26 pages, with a plate of the common hall, at p. 1. Book ii. 48 pages. Book iii. 36 pages, with Speed's draught of Stamford, at p. 33. Book iv. 26 pages, with two plates at p. 1 and 8. Book v. 18 pages. Book vi. 22 pages. Book vii. 24 pages. Book vill. 56 pages, with 4 plates, at pp. 33, 27, 51, and 55. Book ix. 58 pages. Book x. 24 pages. Book xi. 68 pages (pp. 7 and 8 are omitted), with 2 plates at pp. 9 and 29. Book xii. 43 pages. Book xiii. 14 pages. Book xiv. 74 pages, with Hi plates, one at p. 23, two at p. 35, one at p. 56, five at p. 67, four at p. 68, one at p. 69, one at p. 70, and one at p. 71. The Distribution of the chief Materials of this Work, 24 pages. The Survey and Antiquitie of the Towne of Stamford by Richard Butcher, Gent. pp. vi and 31, with two plates at p. 17. Two Letters by the Rev. William Forster, 17 pages, with four plates, one at p. 10, one at p. 11, and two at p. 12.

A Catalogue of all the Discourses written both for and against Popery, in the Time of King James II. London, 1735. 4to. Pp. 62, not including title, preface and contents, 4 leaves.

Memoirs of John Milton and Oliver Cromwell. London, 1740. 4to. 2 vols. Hibbert, 6248, U. 9s. Nassau, pt. ii. 609, It 18s. Bindley, pt. iii. 1007, 21. 2s. Towneley, pt. ii. 1303, 21. 3s. Gough, 2899, 2/. 5s. Heath, 1593, 21. 9s.

New Memoirs of the Life and poetical Works of Mr. John Milton. London, 1740. 4to. Roxburghe, 9319, 16s. Large Paper. Dent, pt. ii. 882, russia, 21. Collation.— Title, dedication to Arthur Onslow, Esq. preface, subscribers' names, errata, directions to the binder, and half-title, six leaves; memoirs, &c. pp. 1—437, pp. 361 and 2 are repeated; and before p. 265 is B title page and contents to the poem of Baptistes, 2 leaves; the legend of Sir N. Throckmorton. Kt. pp. 57, not including title and dedication to Dr. John Newcorae, two leaves; Herod the Great, a Poem, pp. 34, not including title, one leaf; on the Resurrection, a Poem, pp. 7,not including half-tiilc.one leaf; A Discourse on the Harmony of the Spheres, pp. 6, not including a half title and a leaf containing 'books by the publisher.' Plates. 1. Milton by J. Faber (a fictitious portrait). 2. Medal of Milton, by I. Hulett.

Memoirs of the Life and Actions of Oliver Cromwell; as delivered in three Panegyrics of him. London, 1740. 4to. Marquis of Townshend, 2568, 1/. 6s. Large PaPer. Dent, pt. ii. 883, russia, U. 16s. Collation.—Title, dedication to Mr. Auditor Benson, and contents, xii pages; preface, 47 pages; Panegyricus Cromwelli unus, &*c. pp. 1—130, not including the title-pages to the panegyrics, both originals and translations, 6 leaves, on each of which are engravings; a Collection of curious historical Pieces. &c. 116 pages. The volume should contain a mezzotinlo portrait of Peck by J. Faber after Highmore, a ditto of Cromwell by J. Faber after Sir P. Lely, likewise portrai^of Robert, Earl of Essex, Sir Thomas Fairfax, and Hambdenby I. Hulett.

Pttk, W. A topographical Account of the Isle of Axhblme, being

the west Division of the Wapentake of Manley, in the County of Lincoln. Doncaster, 1815. 4to.

One hundred copies printed, Royal Paper. Twenty copies. Collation.—Vol. I. pp. 281, with title and advertisement, 2 leaves, also nine appendices, forming in the whole, 77 pages, with seven plates, three of them in colours.

A topographical History and Description of Bawtry and Thome, with the Villages adjacent (viz. Austerfield, Finningley, Hatfield and Lindholme). Doncaster, 1813-4. 4to- One hundred copies printed. CWhtion.—Title and dedication to Dr. Cayley Illingwortb (on the reverse of which an errata is pasted), two leaves; preface, two pages; history, 112 pages; appendix and index, pp. i—xxii. Pp. 59, 60, 75, 76, 109, 110, and 111 are repeated with asterisks. The volume contains a plan of Bawtry and 9 wood-cuts by Green, besides several others on the letter press. A Supplement. Doncaster, 1814. Titleand preface, pp iv. additional pages with asterisks, 61, 77, 89, 91,92—7, 113—7; appendix, pp. i-iv; index, 2 pages ; errata, the separate slip, and a wood-cut of a Horse and Stag.

Peckard, P. D.D. Memoirs of the Life of Mr. Nicholas Ferrar. Cambridge, 1790. 8vo.

Pp. 332, with a port, of Ferrar after C. Johnson, by P. W. Tomkins, and a folding genealogical table. Nassau, pt. i. 2516, 5s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2210, 7s. Hibbert, 6110, with ms. additions, lis. Reprinted with additions, from a ms. in the archiepisropal libraryat Lambeth Palace, in the fifth volume of Wordsworth's ecclesiastical Biography.

Pecke, Thomas. Parnassi Puerperium. London, MS59. small 8vo.

Pp. 198. The following is the title of this volume. Parnassi Puerperiura : or some Well. J ishes to Ingenuity, in the Translation of six hundred of Owen's Epigrams; Martial de Spectaculis, or of Rarities to be seen in Rome; and the most select in Sir Tho. More. To which is annext a Century of heroick Epigrams, sixty whereof concern the twelve Caesars ; and the forty remaining, several deserving persons. Bibl. AngloPcet. 561, 2/. 10s. Stanley, 394, II 15s. Strettell, 1097, lis. White Knights, morocco, 1/. 5s.—With portrait. Grave, 253, 21. Nassau, pt. L 2517, morocco, U 18s. Hibbert, 6112, 1/. 15s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2277, 4/. 5«.

Peckham, Sir George. A trve Reporte of the late Discoucries, and Possession, taken in the Right of the Crowne of Englande of the Newfound Landes: By that valiaunt and worthye Gentleman, Sir Humirey Gilbert Knight. Wherein is also breefly sette downe her Highnesse lawfull Tytle therevnto, &C. London by l(ohn) C(harlewood) for Iohn Hinde, 1583. 4to.

Dedicated to ' Sir Francis Walsinghara Knight, &c. by G. P. (Sir George Peckham). Then follow commendatory verses and the table of contents. The report on 23 leaves. At the end are annexed the article between the principal assignees of Sir H. Gilbert and a, four sorts of adventurers with them in this voyage. The report may be seen in Hakluyt's Collection of Voyages.

Peckham, John, Abp. of Canterbury. De summa Trinitate et Fide catholica. 16mo.

From Pynson's press. Peckwell, Robert Henry. Cases of controverted Elections, in the second Parliament of the United Kingdom; begun and holden August 31, 1802. London, 1805-6. 8vo. 2 vols. Pecock, see Peacock. Pecunia.—The Lady Pecunia's Journey into Hell. 1653. folio.

Pedantius, Comcedia alim Cantal>rig. acta in Coll. Trin. Londini, 1631. 12mo.

This piece is by some attributed to Thomas Beard, who was Oliver Cromwell's Schoolmaster, and by others to M. Wing6eld. Pp. 168, not including two leaves, <w which are the title, two neat engratings, representing Dromodotus and Pedantius, Sic. Boswe)l,2I54, 10s. Dowdeswell, 540, 18s. Nassau, pt. ii. 1110, 8s Bindley, pt. ii. 2389, U. Is. Roxburghe, 3643, 10s. S

Pedlar.—The Pedlars Prophecie. London by T. Creede, 1595. 4tc.

A copy of this poetical dialogue is in the British Museum. Roburghe, 4243, no title, U 3s. Sotheby's in 1823, 4/. N.

Peck, Richard. Three to one: being an English Spanish Combat, performed by a Westerne Gentleman, with an English Quarter Staffe, against three Spanish Rapiers and Poniards at Sherries in Spaine, the 15 of Nov. 1625, &c London, 1C26. Mo.

With a wood-cut. Gordonstoun, 18C4, 3'. 14s.—n. d. 4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 1203,2/.

Peele, George. The Works of George Peele, with some Account

of his Life and Writings, by the Rev. Alex. Dyce, B. A. London, 1829. crown 8vo. 2 vols.

Second edition with additions. The former appeared in 1828.

The Araygnement of Paris, a Pastorall, presented before the Queenes Maiestieby the Children of her Chappell. London by Henrie Marsh, 1584. 4to. E, in fours. Published without the author's name. A copy is in the British Museum. Inglis' old Plays, 82, 15r.4s.,6d. See Retrosp. Review, iii. 97-126.

The Device of the Pageant borne before Woofstone Di.xi, Lord Maior of the Citie of London, An. 1585. October 29. London by Edwarde Allde, 1585. 4to. A copy is in the Bodleian Library. It is reprinted in the tenth vol ime of the Harleian Miscellany, and also in the second volume of Nichols' Progresses of Queen Elizabeth.

An Eclogue gratulatorie, entituled to the honorable and renowned Shepheard of Albion's Arcadia, Robert Earle of Essex and Ewe for his Welcome into England from Portugal!. 1589. 4to. A transcript by Malone was sold among the books of the late James Boswell in 1825, and is now in Mr. Heber's collection. It is not printed in Mr. Dyce's editions of Pecle's works.

A Farewell entituled to Sir Iohn Norris and Syr Frauncis Drake, Knights and all their brave and resolute Followers: whereunto is annexed, a Tale of Troy. London by I(ohn) C(harlewood), 1589. 4to. Pp. 21. See Brydges' Censura Literaria.

Polyhymnia, describing the honourable Triumph at Tylt, before her Maiestie, on the 17 of November last past, being the first Day of the three and thirtith Yeare of her Highnesse Raigne: with Sir Henrie Lea his Resignation of Honour at Tylt, to her Maiestie, and received by the Earle of Cumberland. London by Richard Jhones, 1590. 4to.

Descensus Astroeae. The Device of a Pageant, borne before M. William Web, Lord Maior of the Citie of London, on the Day he took his Oath; being the 29th of October, 1591: whereunto is annexed, a Speech delivered by one, clad like a Seanymph; who presented a Pinesse on the water, bravely rigd and mand, to the Lord Maior, at the time he tooke Barge to go to Westminster. Printed for William Wright. 4to. Four leaves. Bindley, pt. iv. 509] 15/. 15s. King and Lochee's in March 1810, 6/. 10s. It is reprinted in the tenth volume of the Harleian Miscellany.

The famous Chronicle of King Edward the first, sirnamed Edward Longshankes, with his Returnc from the Holy Land; also' the Life of Lleuellen, Rebell in Wales ; lastly the Sinking of Queene Elinor, who sunck at Charingcrosse, and rose againe at Pottershith, now named Queenehith. London by Abell Jefles, 1593. 4to. I, in fours. See Retrosp. Review, iii. 97-126. — London by W. White, 1599. 4to. I, in fours. Roxburghe, 5603, 3/. 15s. Edward the first is reprinted in the new edition of Dodsley's old Plays

The Honour of the Garter displaced in a Poeme gratulatorie to the Earle of Northumberland. London for John Busbie, 1593. 4to. Eleven leaves.

The Battle of Alcazar, fought in Barbaric, betweene Sebastian King of Portugall and Abdelraelec King of Morocco, with the Death of Captaine Stukeley, as it was sundrie Times plaid by the Lord High-Admfrall his Servants. London by Edward Allele, 1594. 4to. Published without the author's name, but proved by Mr. Dyce to have been written by Peele. A copy is in the British Museum. Reed, 7487,1/. Rhodes, 33,ll. 3s. Roxburghe, 4054, 2/. 5s. Hibbert, 178, 21. 8s. Field, 41, 2/. 8s. WhiteKnights, 135, 3/. 7s. InghY old Plays, 138, 5/.

The old Wives Tale, a pleasant conceited Comedie, played by the Queene Maiesties Players, written by G. P. Lond. by John Danter, 1595. 4to. F 3, in fours. In all probability Milton in hisComus had an eye on this ancient drama. Steevens, 1259, russia, 12/. Roxburghc, 5605, 12/. 17s.

The Love of King David and fair Bethsabe, with the Tragedie of Absolon, as it hath ben diuers Times plaid on the Stage. London by Adam Islip, 1599. 4to. White Knights, 3333, 5/. 15s. 6d. Sotheby's in April 1821, 37. 10s. in November, 1826, 31 13s. Hibbert, 6250,3/. 18s. Roxburghe, 5604, 2/. Rhodes, 1843, ll. 8s. This play is reprinted in the second volume of Hawkins' Origin of the English Drama.

Merrie conceited Iests of George Peele. London, 1627. 4to. Pp. 21. Roxburghe, 6685, 71. ts. Gordonstoun, 1858, 6/. Inglis, 1148, 5/. 15s. 6d. This edition is reprinted in Mr. Dyce's edition of the Works of George Peele. — 1607. — 1626. — 1657. — 1671. — n. d. This edition was reprinted in 1809. 4to. 2s. 6d.

The Hunting of Cupid. No copy of this dramatic pastoral is at present known.

The Turkish Mahomet and Hyren (Irene) the faire Greek. Never printed.

Peele, James. The Maner and Fourme how to kepe a perfecte notable Accompte of Debitour and Creditour, set foorthe in certain Tables, &C. London by Richard Grafton, 1553.

Andrews, in his continuation of Dr. Henry's History of Great Britian, ii. 244, states that James Peele taught the Italian method of book-keeping in England, A. D. 1569, and his work in black letter is now extant.

Pathe-waye to Perfectness. 1569. folio.

Peenb, Thomas. The pleasant Fable of Herniaphrodittis and Sal

macis. By T. Peend, Gent. With a Morall in English Verse. Anno Domini 1565. Mehse Decembris. Printed by Colwell. 16mo.

Three sheets, A—C, in eights. A copy belonging to Ant a Wood is in the Ashmolean Museum, no. 87, and another is in the Earl Spencer's collection. A specimen of the version will be found in Brydges' British Bibliographer, ii. 344-9.

The Historie of John Lorde Mandoise (translated from the Spanish by Thomas De la Peend. 1565). lfimo. Extracts from an imperfect copy (supposed unique) of this curious poetical work will be found in Brydges' British Bibliographer, ii. 523-32, and 587-93.

Peerage.—The Peerage of England, by A. Collins.

The early editions of this valuable work viz. from 1709 to 1717, were published andnymously. Set Collins, Arthur.

Peerage Bill in 1719. An excellent article, with a list of the various tracts published on the subject of the peerage bill, will be found in the Retrospective Review, new Series, ii. 118, &c

An Inquiry into the Manner of creating Peers. 1719. See West, Richard.

Sale of the House of Peers. 1782. 4to. Duke of York, 4689, with a ms. key, 2/. 2s.

The new Peerage; or, present State of the Nobility of England, Scotland and Ireland. London, 1790. 8vo. 3 vols. Fourth edition. Dent, pt. ii. 89, lis. — 1769. 8vo. 3 vols. At the end of some copies are corrections and additions to April 20, 1770. 1778. 8vo. 3 vols. — 1785. 8vo. 3 vols.

The English Peerage; or, a View of the ancient and present state of the English Nobility: To which is subjoined, a chronological Account of such Titles as have become extinct from the Conquest to the Beginning of the Year 1790. London, 1790. 4to. 3 vols. By Charles Cotton, R. A. herald-painter. Towneley, pt. ii. 639, It Duke of York, 1938, It 6s. Sotheby's m 1821, 2/. 16s. Sotheby's in 1824, with plates of the arms emblaroned, 4/.

Reflections on the late Augmentations of the English Peerage, to which are added a short Account of the Peers in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, and a Catalogue of all the Knights created in that illustrious Reign. London, 1798. 8vo. pp. 137. 3i. 6U By Sir S. E. Brydges, Bart.

A biographical Peerage of the Empire of Great Britain and Ireland; in which are Memoirs and Characters of the most celebrated Persons of each Family : the Arms engraved on Wood. London, 1808-17. 18tno. 4 vol* This work is generally attributed to Sir St Egerton Brydges, Bart.

Reports (4) from the Lords Committees t

pointed to search the Journals of the House, Rolls of Parliament and other Records and Documents, for Matters touching the Dignity of a Peer of the Realm, &c, &c, 1820-5. folio. .See Edinb. Review, no. Lxix. for March 1821, and the Retrosp. Review, new series, ii. 276-300. for a notice of these most valuable inquiries into the original constitution of Parliament, and the history of the Peerage.

A Catalogue of Works on the Peerage and Baronage of England, Scotland and Ireland, in the Library of Chas. George Young, York Herald. 1827. 8vo.pp.87. Privately printed.

A Letter to the Duke of Wellington on the Propriety and Legality of creating Peers for Life. With Precedents. 1830. 8vo. Privately printed.

Peersons, Martin. Basses, Mottects or grave Chamber Mvsique. London, 1630.

'Containing Songs of fine Parts of seuerall Sorts, some ful, and some verse and chorus, but all fit for Voyces and Vials, with an Organ part; which for want of Organs, may be performed on Virginals, Base-Lute, Bandora or Irish Harpe. Also a mourning Song of »ixe Parts for the Death of Sir Fvlke Grevil, Lord Brooke.' This volume is dedicated to Robert Lord Brooke, and contains twenty-five pieces of musick.

Pegge, Samuel, LL. D. An Assemblage of Coins, fabricated by Authority of the Archbishops of Canterbury, &c. London, 1772. 4to.

Brockett, 2324, 6s. 6d. 2326, 5s. 6d.

A Series of Dissertations on some elegant l"'-l very valuable Anglo-Saxon Remains, with a Preface, wherein the Question, Whether the Saxons coined any Gold or not, is candidly debated with Mr. North. London, '7-56. 4to. Brockett, 2323,5s.

Memoirs of the Life of Roger ile Weseham, Dean of Lincoln, Bishop of Coventry *nd Litchfield, and principal Favourite of Robert Grosseteste, Bishopof Lincoln. Lond.

!■'■!- Ito.

An Essay on the Coins of Cunobelin. London, 1766. 4to. Brockett, 2325, 5s.

The Forme of Cury, a Roll of ancient English Cookery (with Notes and an Index by Sam. Pegge). London, 1780. 8vo. Baker, 60J, morocco, ML 2s. Hibbert, 6113, ii. Nassau, pt. i. 2521, lis. Fonthill, 2238, U. G. Lloyd, 921, 13s. 6d. Brockett, 2244,16a. — 1791. Roxburghe, 1957, lis.

The Life of Robert Grosseteste, the celebrated Bishop of Lincoln; with an Account of the Bishop's works, and an Appendix Land. 1793.4to.

An historical Account of Beaurhief Abbey

in the Countyof Derby. Lond. 1801. 4to. Towneley, pt. ii. 1298, H. lis. Oil.

Anonymiana ; or, ten Centuries of Observations on various Authors and Subjects. London, 1809. 8vo. Brockett, 2246, lis. Hibbert, 250, 10s. Nassau, pt. i. 41, 7s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2198, 6s. 6d.

This indefatagible antiquary wrote many articles in the Archeeologia, Nichols' Bibl. Topog. Brit. Gentleman's Magazine, &c.

— Samuel. Curialia: or, an historical Account of some Branches of the royal Household, &c, &c. In three Parts. London, 1791. 4to.

Towneley, pt. ii. 1297, 3/. 5s. Bindley, pt. iii. 1209, 31. 4s. Dent, pt ii. 884, 31. Gough, 2901, ll. ts. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 7691, 21. 16s. Nassau, pt. i. 2519, 16s. Collation.—General title, date 1791,one leaf; parti. 1782. pp. 78, including title; part ii. 1784. pp. vii. including title, and 126; part iii. 1791. pp. 133, not including title, one leaf.

Anecdotes of the English Language; chiefly regarding the local Dialect of London and its Environs. London, 1814. 8vo. 12a. — London, 1803. 8vo. Bindley, pt. ii. 2251, 5s. Hibbert, 6114, 7s. 6d. Brockett, 2247, 9s. Roxburghe, 2182, lis. Nassau.pt. i. 2520, 16s. Gosset, 3974, 18s. Home Tooke, 521, with ms. notes by Tooke, U. 13s.

Peirce, James. A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistles of Saint Paul to the Colossians, Philippians and Hebrews, after the Manner of Mr. Locke; edited by Joseph Hallett, Jun. London, 1733. 4to.

The best edition of a very able and esteemed work, by a dissenting minister. Bishop of Ely, 1368, 8s.

Peleoromius, Simon. Synonymorum Sylva in Anglicanum transfusa, &c. per H. F. Accesserunt Synonyma quaedam poetica. Lond. 1598. 16mo.

Pellham, Edward. Gods Power and Providence: shewed, in the miraculous Preservation and Deliverance of eight Englishmen, left by Mischance in Greenland, Anno 1630, nine Moneths and twelve Dayes. London, 1631. 4to.

A—F 2, in fours, with a map of Greenland. This map is frequently wanting. Lloyd, 1022, ll. 8s. Gordonstoun, 1895, with the map of Green-land, il. Reprinted In the fourth volume of the Churchill Collection of Voyages and Travels.

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