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Parr, Elnathan, D. D. The Works: the fourth Edition, corrected and enlarged by the Author's own Hand. Lond. 1651. fol.

The works of this learned Puritan minister are held in considerable reputation.

— Richard, D.D. The Life of James Usher, Archb. of Armagh: with a Collection of 300 Letters between him and most of the eminent Persons of his Time, both in England and beyond the Seas. London, 1686. folio. 7s. M.

With portrait of the archbishop. Bishop of Ely, 1288, 14s. (id. Large Paper. Heath, 1590, It 15s.

— Samuel, LL.D. Works, with Memoirs of his Life and Writings, and a Selection from his Correspondence by John Johnstone, M.D. London, 1828. 8vo. 8 vols.

Published at 71. Is. Large Paper, at 121 12s.

Bibliothera Parriana, a Catalogue of the Library of the Rev. Samuel Parr, LL.D. London, 1827. 8vo. with portrait of Parr.

Parriana: or Notices of the Rev. Samuel Parr, LL.D. collected, and in Part written by E. H. Barker, Esq. London, 1828-9. 8vo. 2 vols.

Memoirs of the Rev. Samuel Parr, LL.D. by the Rev. William Field. London, 1828. 8vo. 2 vols.

— Thomas. See Taylor, John, the Water-Poet.

— Wolstenholme, M. A. The Story of the Moor of Venice, translated from the Italian, with Essays on Shakespeare, and preliminary Observations. London, 1795.8vo. 2s. 6d.

Parrhasiana; or Thoughts upon several Subjects, as Criticism, History, Morality, and Politics. London, 1700. 8vo. 8s. Gd.

At the end of this work, written by Le Clerc, under the feigned name of Theodorus Parrhasi, is a curious piece of criticism on his own works, and on some of the publications of his adversaries.

Parrincheffe, John. An Extracte of Examples, Apothegmes, and Histories, collected out of Lycosthenes, Brusonius, and others, translated into Englishe, and reduced into an alphabetical! Order of

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common Places by I. P. London (1572) 8vo.

Pp. 232, with a table at the end, dedicated to ' Doctor Humfrie.' Hibbert, 5993, russia, 8s. 6d.

Parrot, Henry. Epigrams, Satires, &c.

Many of Parrot's epigrams 'are worthy to be revived in modern collections.'—Warton. Notices of his publications will be found in Warton's History of Poetry, Brydges' Censura Literaria, and Restituls, Beloe's Anecdotes, and Earle's Microcosmography, by Bliss. In the title-page of the Scourge of Folly, by John Davies, of Hereford, is a plate intended to represent Parrot, undergoing a flagellation.

The Movs-Trap, by H. P. London, for F. B. 1606. 4to. A collection of epigrams. A—F, in fours, A 1 and F 4, blank. A copy is in the British Museum. Nassau, pt. ii. 583, 9/.

Epigrams (160) by H. P. London, 1608. 4to. pp. 64. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 553, IN.

The More the Merrier: containing threescore and odde headlesse Epigrams, shot (like the Fooles Bolt) amongst you, light where they will. By H. P. London, 1608. 4to. Steevens, 984, ll. 13s. Bindley, pL iv. 930, 20t

Laquei Ridiculosj: or, Springes for Woodcocks. In two Books. London, 1613. small 8vo. Pp. 252. Some copies have the author's initials, H. P. in the title-page. Steevens, 1000, l/.15s. Lloyd,913,5U7s.6d. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 554, lOt 10s. White Knights, 3066, morocco, 71. ts.

Cvres for the Itch. Characters. Epigrams. Epitaphs. By H. P. London, 8vo. pp. 142, not numbered.

The Mastive, or young Whelpe of theold Dogge. Epigrams and Satyrs. London. 4to. pp. 66. Steevens, 957, U. Bindley, pt. iv. 922, 25/. 10s. Perry, pt. ii. 1186. lit lis. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 458, morocco, 30/. Sotheby's in 1821, 8t 10s. Constable, 553, 8/.

Parrot.—Psittacorum Regio: the Land of Parrots; or the She-Land. London, 1669. 12mo.

Parrot.—The Parrot, from Aug. 2 to Oct. 4, 1746. 8vo.

Consisting of nine numbers, written by Eliza Haywood and others.

Parry, Edward, Bishop ofKillaloe. David restored, or, an Antidote against the Prosperity of the Wicked, and Afflictions of the Just. Oxford, 1660, 8vo.

With portrait by J. Dickson. Bindley, pt. ii. 2426, 2/. 9s.

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— James Anti-Pamela: or, Memoirs of the Life and Amours of James Parry, with the celebrated Miss * * • * of Monmouthshire. London. 12mo.

1741. Hibbert, 5994, 2s. — 1742. Nassau, pt. i. 47, 10s. — 1770. 8vo.

— John. A Selection of Welsh Melodies, &c. The characteristic Words by Mrs. Hemans.

— Robert. Moderatvs, the most delectable and famous Historie of the Blacke Knight. Lond. 1595. 4to.

Dedicated to Henry Townshend, Esq. after which are some verses in praise of the author, in Greek and Latin. X 3, in fours. In this romance, or Fancic, as the author tails it, are introduced several ditties, songs, &c

— William. An Enquiry into the Nature and Extent of the Inspiration of the Apostles and other Writers of the new Testament. 1797. 8vo. 2s.

This tract, I recommend to my young readers, as containing plain and excellent remarks upon the subject of inspiration.—Bp. Tontine. This dissenting clergyman published other tracts.

— William Edward. Voyages for the Discovery of a north-west passage, with the North Georgia Gazette, London, 1821, &c. 4to. 3 vols.

Drary, 3392, first and second voyage, with the supplement to the first Voyage, and North Georgia Gazette, 5/. 7s. 6d. Hibbert, 6073, two Voyages and North Georgia Galeae, 51. ts. 6d.

Journal ofa Voyage for the Discovery of a Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific performed in the Years 1819andl820. London, 1821.4to. Dent, pt. ii. 879, H. 3s. Nassau, pt. ii. 598, with the N. Georgia Galeae, 2/. 4s. Duke of York, 3894, 21. 16s.

Appendix of Natural History, &c. 4to. with plates. 7s. 6d.

Supplement to the Appendix containing the zoological and botanical Notices. Lond. 1824. 4to.

Journal of a second Voyage for the Discovery of a north-west Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, performed in the Years 1*21, 2 and 3. London, 1824. 4to. pp. 570. Duke of York, 3895,21.15s.

Appendix. 4to. It lis. Od.

Journal of a third Voyage for the Discovery of a northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific; performed in the

Years 1824, 25. London, 1826. 4to. with maps and plates. 21. 12s.

Narrative of an Attempt to reach the North Pole, in Boats fitted for the purpose and attached to his Majesty's Ship Hecla, in 1827. Lond. 1828. 4to.

Parsons, Abraham. Travels in Asia and Africa. London, 1808, 4to.

Fonthill, 3070, 11 17s. Duke of York, 3893, 7s. 6d. This volume contains a journey from Scanderoon to Aleppo: over the Deserts to Bagdad and Bussora; a voyage from Bussora to Bombay, and along the western Coast of India; a voyage from Bombay to Mocha and Suez in the Red Sea, and a journey from Suez to Cairo and Rosetta in Egypt.

— James, M. D. Remains of Japhet: being historical Enquiries into the Affinity and Origin of the European Languages. London, 1767. 4to.

Home Tooke, 516, 6s. 6d. Williams, 12S6, 18s.

A mechanical and critical Inquiry into the Nature of Hermaphrodites. London, 1741. 8vo. Towneley, pt. U. 1043, 6s. 6d. Reed, 1236, 8s. 6d.

Dr. Parsons published several other works.

— Sir Lawrence. A Defence of the ancient History of Ireland. Dublin, 1795.8vo.

One hundred copies printed. Bindley, pt. iii. 84, 9s. 6d.

—Philip,A.M. The Monuments and painted Glass of upwards of one hundred Churches, chiefly in the eastern Part of Kent, with an Appendix, containing three Churches in other Counties: to which are added a small Collection of detached Epitaphs, with a few Notes on the whole. Canterbury, 1794. 4to.

Pp. viii.and 549, with errata and indexes, 4 pages. Pp. 424-8 are omitted. Bindlev, pt. iii. 1017, 16s. Nassau, pt. ii. 599, U. Us.

Persons or Persons, Robert, the Jesuit. Works.

Accounts of Parsons the Jesuit will be found at the end of The Jesuits Downfall, by Dr. James, Oxford, 1612, and in Wood's Athen. Oxon.

A brief Disco Vts contayning ccrtainc Reasons why Catholiqncs refuse to goe to Church. Doway, 1580. 16mo. Seventy leaves, dedicated to Q. Elizabeth, by Jo. Howlct, i. e. Robert Parsons. Towneley, pt. i. 593, 7s. 6d. This book, the running title of which is A Treatise of Schism, was> printed at London by Will. Carter, who was executed for treason in 1584. — Douay, 1601. Hibbert, 6151, russia, 12s. (id.

A Cbecke or Reproofe of M. Howlets vntimely shrcecking in her Maiesties Eare*, with an Answer to the Reasons alleadged in a Discourse therunto annexed, why Catholikes (as they are called) refuse to go to Church. Lond. 1581. 4 to. Z z z, in fours. Inglis, 351, 5s. 6d. Written in answer to the former. See also Fulke, William. Field, John. Wiborne, P. •

A Discouerie of I. Nicola Minister, misreported a Iesuite, latelye recanted in the Tower of London. (1581). 16mo. Contains M 9, in eights. Gordonstoun, 1754, 3s. Answered by Tho. Lupton, in a book entitled A Discovery &e. London, 1582. 4to.

A Defence of the Censure, &c. Printed 1582. See Campion, Edmund.

De Persecutione Auglicana Epistola. Paris 1582. Bindley, pt. iii. 86, 21. 3s. — Rome, 1582. 8vo. Bindley, pt. ii. 2375, I'ii. 16s. (id. This work is also printed in a book entitled Concertatio Ecclesise catholicae in Anglia, &c. Aug. Trev. 1583. 8vo. & 1594. 4to. See Bridgwater, John.

An Epistle of the Persecution of Catholickes in Engiande. Translated out of Frenche into Englishe and conferred with the Latyne Copie, by G. T. To which there is added an Epistle by the Translator to the right honorable Lordes of his Majesties preeuie Councell touchynge the same Matter. Douay in Artois (1582). 16mo. M 4, in eights.

The Copie of a Letter wryten by a Master of Arte of Cambridge to his Friend in London. 1584. &c See Leicester, Robert Dudley, Earl of.

A Christian Directories guiding Men to their Saluation, deuided into three Bookes. Anno 1585. 8vo. F f f 4, in eights. Williams, 1327, morocco, 21. 10s. In the preface to this edition Parsons alludes to Bunny's edition. — First Edition. 1583. Svo. — 1584. Two editions,' one of which was done by a Catholic gent, living at Roan in Normandy, full of errors, but in sense the same.'—Ant. & Wood. — Lovan, 1598. 8vo. contains 718 pages, besides prefixes and affixes. 'These books of resolution, won our author a great deal of praise, not only in the judgment of R. Catholics, but of very learned Protestants.'—Ant. a Wood.

A Booke of Christian Exercise appertaining to Resolution by R. P. with a Treatise tending to Pacification, by Edm. Bunny. London, 1584. 16mo. < Altered to the

Protestant use.'—Ant. a Wood. 1585

— Oxford, 1585. 24mo. The Christian Exercise is divided into two parts, the first ends on p. 193, and the second on p. 493. The

Treatise tending to Pacification ii printed so as to sell separately, and contains 140 pages. The volume is dedicated to Edwin, Arab, of York, by Edm. Bunny, after which it in epistle to the reader dated the 9 of July, 1584. —London, 1586. 12mo. Ee 10, in twelves, dedicated to Edwin Archb. of York, after which are a preface and a table of contents. — London, 1589. 12mo. —London, 1594.24mo.

The second Part of the Booke of Christian Exercise, appertayning to Resolution. London, 1591. 24mo. Dedicated to Sir Thomas Heneage, Knight, after which is an epistle to the reader and a table. Y in twelves, or 527 pages. — 1592. — 1594.

Parsons, his Christian Directory, being a Treatise of holy Resolution, in two Parts, put into modern English, &c. London, U00. 8vo. Frequently reprinted.

Kelacion de algunos Martyres. 1590. See Martyrs.

Responsio ad Elizabeths Reginac Edictum contra Catholicos. Roma, 1593. 8vo. Published under the name of Andr. Philopatrr. — 1593. 4to.

A Conference about the next Succession to the Crowne of Ingland, divided into two Partes. Published by R. Doleman. Imprinted at N. with license 1594. 16mo. Part i. pp. 220. Part ii. pp. 267, with a large folding genealogical table (generally wanting). The intention of this book (which was so rigorously suppressed, that it was made high treason even to possess > copy) was to support the title of the Infanta against that of K. James, after the death of Q. Elizabeth. The real authors were Robert Parsons the Jesuit, Cardinal Allen and Sir Francis Englefield, and the printer is said to have been hung, drawn and quartered. Nassau, pt. i. 996, with a scarce portrait of Parsons inserted, 15/. Sir M. M.Sykes, pt. i. 980, 11 7s. Inglis, 455, 71. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt — 980, 7/. ts. Bindley, pt i1774, 21. 2s. — Copies without the genealogical table. Towneley, pt i. 346, 2/. 10s. ii. 390, 2/. 12s. 6d. North, pt. i. 981, 6s. M. Gordonstoun, 1759, 1/. 5s. — Reprinted with License, 1681. 8vo. Lloyd, 493, IiRoxburghe, 8497, 3s. Portions of the Conference have been frequently reprinted. For answers, see Conference. Craig, Sir Thomas. Haywarde Sir John, also Wood's Athen. Oxon. by Dr. Bliss, ii. 71-3, snd 83.

A temperate Ward-word to the turbulent and seditious Watch-word of Sir Francis Hastinges Knight, by N. D. Imprinted with Licence, 1599. 4to. 'Towneley, ptii. 1456, 3s. 6d.

A briefe Replie to a certaine odious snd slanderous Libel, lately published by N. Den titled A temperate Wardword to Sir Francis Hastings turbulent Watchword. &c. London, 1600. 4to. A work in three parts, inscribed to N. D. alias Noddie, after which is a preface to the reader. Each of the three tracts have a separate title-page, but the signature are progressive to E e 3, in eights.

A new Challenge made to N. D. London, 1600. 4to.

Refutation of a Conference between Msrli and Peron. Lond. 1600. 4to.

A britfe Apologie, or Defence of the catholike ecclesiasticall Hierarchie and Subordination in England, erected these latter Years by Pope Clement VIII. and impugned by certain Libells printed and published of late. (St. Omers, 1601). 12mo. Gordonstoun, 1755, G. 'Soone after were certain notes wrote on this by Humph. Ely.'—Ant. iWood.

Apologetical Epistle to the Lords of her Maj. Council, by Rob. Parsons, in Defence of his Resolution in Religion. Printed 1601. 8vo.

Manifestation of the Folly and bad Spirit of certain in England, calling them Secular Priests. Printed 1602. 4to.

A Decachordon of ten quodlibetical Questions, about the Contentions between the Seminary Priests and the Jesuits. Printed

1602. 4to. Quere, if not written by William Watson, secular priest.

De Peregrinatione, Lib. 1. 12mo. Not »e»n by Ant. a Wood.

The Warn-word to Sir Francis Hastinge's Wast-word. Permissu Superiorum, 1602. '«. Inglis, 1087, 1/. Answered by Mat. Sutcliffe.

Detection of notable Untruths gathered oat of Mr. Sutcliffe's new Challenge. 1602. Uroo. Gordonstoun, 1757, 2s. 6d.

Replies to a Libell called a brief Apologie of the Hierarchie, by W. C. 1603. 4to.

A Confutation of a vaunting Challenge made by O. E. unto N. D. by W. R. Printed

1603. 8to.

See Hastings, Sir Francis. Also Wood's Athen. Oxon. by Dr. Bliss, ii. 83.

Answer to O. E. whether Papists or Protestanti be true Catholics. Printed (1603). 8to.

Treatise of the three Conversions of England from Paganisme to Christian Religion, "J N". D. Imprinted 1603-4. 3 vols. 'Designed in answer to Fox, whom he profess*% opposes throughout a great part of his Second and third volumes.'—Kicolson. Sir M- M. Sykes, pt. Hi. 645, 21 3s. Sotheby's in April, 1823, 2*. 5s. Williams, 1328, monwo, 61 12s. 6d.

A Relation of a Tryal made before the K. •f France, in the Year 1600, between the Bishop of Eurenx and the Lord Plessis Mor"ay; about certain Points of corrupting and Waifying Authors, whereof the said Plessis was openly convicted. S. Omers, 1604.

Review of ten public Disputations, or Conferences held within the Compass of four Years, under K. Ed. and Q. Mary, concerning some principal Points in Religion, especially of the Sacrament and Sacrifice of the Altar. S. Omers, 1604. 8vo.

Fore-runner of Bell's Downfal j or, an Answer to Tho. Bell's Downfal of Popery. Printed 1605. 8vo.

The dolefvl Knell of Thomas Bell, by B. C. Student in Divinity. Roane, 1607. 8vo.

An Answer to the fifth Part of Reportes.

1606. See Coke, Sir Edw.

De Sacris alienis non adeundis Questiones duae, ad Usum Praxiraq; Angliaj breviter explicate. Audonare, 1607. 8vo.

Treatise tending to Mitigation towards Cath. Subjects in England against Tho. Morton (afterwards Bishop of Durham).

1607. 4to.

The Judgment of a Catholic English-man concerning K. James his Apology for the Oath of Allegiance. S. Omen, 1608. 4to. Answered by Will. Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln.

Sober Reckoning with Mr. Tho. Morton. 1609. 4to.

Discussion of Mr. Barlowe's Answer to The Judgment of a Catholic English-man concerning the Oath of Allegiance. S. Omers, 1612. Published by Tho. Fitzherbert.

The Liturgy of the Mass, of the Sacrament of the Mass. 1620. 4to.

A Memorial of the Reformation of England. Lond. 1690. 8vo. Published by the Rev. Edward Gee, who has prefixed an introduction, and added some animadversions.

Partenopex de Blois, gee Le Grand, J. B.

Parthenia, or the Maidenhead of the first Musicke that ever was printed for the Virginalls. Composed by three famous Masters, William Byrd, Dr. John Bull, and Orlando Gibbons. London, folio.

This work ' contains 21 lessons printed off from copper cuts, and was the prime book for many years that was used by novices and others that exercised their hands on that instrument.'—Ant & Wood. 'These lessons, though not equally difficult with some of those in the Virginal Books of Queen Elizabeth and Lady Nevill, are rather more dry and ungraceful' Burney. —1611. folio. White Knight*, 3193, U 8s.

Parthenia sacra, see A. H.

Partington, Charles Fred. The scientific Gazette, or Library of mechanical Philosophy, Chemistry and Discovery. Edited by C. F.

Partington. London, 1826.

Of this work 31 numbers have been published, number 1 appeared July 2,1825, number 31 Feb. 4, 1826.

An historical and descriptive Account of the Steam Engine. London, 1824. 8vo. 18s.

A Manual of natural and experimental Philosophy: being the Substance of a Series of Lectures, delivered in the London, Russell, Surrey and Metropolitan Institutions. 8vo. 2 vols, with 274 engravings. ll. o.

Parton, John. Some Account of the Hospital and Parish of St. Giles in the Fields, Middlesex. Lond. 1822. 4to.

Published at 5/. 5s. Large Paper. 10/. 10s. Twelve copies printed.

Partridge, James. Ayme for Finsbvrie Archers, newly gathered and amended by lames Partridge. London, 1628. 24mo.

— John. The Hystorie of the two famous notable Princes of the World, Astianax and Polixena, and the worthie Hystorie of the most noble and valiant knight Plasidas, gathered in English Verse, by John Partridge. London, by Henry Denham, 1566. 16mo.

Black Letter. Reed, 7058, 151

The most famouse and worthie Historie of the worthy Lady Pandauola, Daughter to the mighty Paynim, the great Turke. Lond. by Thomas Purfoote, 1566. 8vo. A-K 2, in eights

— John. The Treasurie of commodious Conceits and hidden Secretes. London, 1580. 16mo.

F, in eights, dedicated to 'Maister Richard Wistow Gent.' — 1573. 16mo. Ingli*, 1089,3a.

The End and Confession of John Felton the rank Tray tor, who set up the traytorous Bull on the Bishop of London's Gate. Who suffered, before the same Gate, for High-Treason, against the Queen's Majesty, the 8th. Day of August, 1570. With an Exhortation to the Papists, to take Heed of the ike. By J. Partridge, London, 1570. 16mo. One sheet, reprinted in the fifth number of Morgan's Phoenix Britannicus.

— John. Defectio Geniturarum; being an Essay towards the reviving and proving the true old

Principles of Astrology, London,

1697. 4to.

With portrait by White. Hibbcrt, 6232, russia by Roger Payne, with his bill, 2113s.

This celebrated student in astrology published other works.

— Samuel. Sermons, altered and adapted to an English Pulpit from French Writers. London, 1805-9. 8vo. 2 vols.

Paruta, Paul. The History of Venice, with an Account of the Wars of Cyprus, translated by Henry Carey, Earl of Monmouth. Lond. 1658. folio.

Politic Discourses in three Books, transl. by Robert Carey, Earl of Monmouth. Land. 1657. folio.

Parvula.—Longe Paruula (or Englysshe Rules). Lond. by W. de Worde, 1509. 4to.

Eight leaves. A copy is in Mr. Heber'i library.

Peruula. 4to. Six leaves, printed by W. de Worde.

Pascal, Blaise. Les Provinciales: or, the Mystery of Jesuitisme. The second Edition corrected with large Additions. London, 1658. 12mo.

With frontispiece, containing portraits of Loyola, Lessius, Molina, Vasquez, and Escobar. White Knights, 2190, 4s. — Load, 1657. 12mo. — 1664. 8vo. with frontispiece. Hibbert, 4245, 3s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1795,5s. —Lond. 1679. 8vo. with frontispiece. — 1688. Hibbert, 4246, 2s. M. Of these celebrated letters, a satire against the Jesuits, Voltaire observed, that ' Moliere'i best comedies do not excel them in wit, nor the compositions of Bossuet in sublimity.'

Life and Letters of Paschal. Lond. VH8vo. 2 vols. 7s. 6d. Large Paper. Williams, 1100, 2/. N.

Provincial Letters, containing an Expo- sure of the Reasoning and Morals of the Jesuits: to which is added a View of the History of the Jesuits, and the Bull for the Revival of the Order. Lond. 1816. Sw. 12s.

Thoughts on Religion and other Subjects a new Translation and a Memoir of the Author's Life by Edward Craig. Edinh. 1825. 12mo.

False Com

Pascalius, Charles, plaints, or the Censure of an un

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