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Ovid de Tristibus: mournefull Elegies in English Verse by Zach. Catlin. London, 1639. 8vo. Bindley, pt. ii. 2048, 9s. Towneley, pt. i. 566, 8s. Garrick, 372, ll. IN.

All Ovid's Elegies: 3 Bookes by Christopher) M(arlow). Epigrams (48) by (Sir) J(ohn) D(avis). At Middleburgh (1598). 8vo. Forty-eight leaves. This volume was condemned and burnt at Stationers Hall, by an order of the Archb. of Canterbury and the Bishop of London, dated June 1,1599. There were at least two impressions. 'I believe there were five if not six different impressions, in despite of ecclesiastical interdiction. The first of these has appeared in 1596, as Harington's Metamorphosis of Ajax sufficiently astertains. A duplicate version of Eleg. xv. lib. i. is ascribed to B. J. probably Ben. Jonson, and if so, mnst have been his earliest printed production.'—Park. Nassau, pt. i. 2479, 2/. 15s. White Knights, 3034, 4t Hibbert, 5095, russia, It Bindley, pt. iii. 2211, one leaf, A 4 wanting, 5/. 10s. Bindley, pt. i. 1776, HI. 18s. 6d. White Knights, 3034, 41 Nassau, pt. i. 2477, 21. 15s. Strettell, 1055, morocco, 61. 12s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 593, morocco, 3/. Sotheby's in May 1823, 3/. 13s. M. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 489, 71. 7s. Reprinted 18—. Fifty copies struck off. Constable, 688, 7s. 6d. It was likewise reprinted in Pickering's edition of Marlowe's works.

Four Books of Elegies of Ovid de Ponto, translated into English by Wye Saltonstall. Second Edition. London, 1640. 8vo.

Ouid his Inuectiue against Ibis. Translated into English Meter (by Tho. Vnderdowne). Wherevnto is added by the Translator, a short Draught of all the Stories and Tales contained therein. Lond. 1569. 8vo. — London by Henry Bynneman, 1577. 16mo. M 4, in eights, with dedication to Lord Buckhurst and a preface. Bibl. AngloPoet. 767, 10/. 10s.

Ovid's Invective, or Curse against Ibis, translated into English Verse by John Jones. Oxford, 1658. small 8vo. pp. 192. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 398, 3/. 3s. — 1667. Nassau, pt. i. 2486, 5s. Drury, 2950, 5s.

Ovid's Banquet of Sence, Ike. See ChapMan, George.

Claws Ovidiana. A numerical Key to Ovid's Metamorphosis. Lond. 1715. 12mo.

Ovidius exulans, or Ovid travestie, a mock poem on five Epistles of Ovid. London, 1673. 8vo. pp. 100, with head of Ovid. Towneley, pt. ii. 1544, 5s. Bibl. AngloPoet. 508, U lis. 6d. Nassau, pt.i. 2487, 3s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2055, 13s.

The Witsparaphras'd: or Paraphrase upon Paraphrase, in a Burlesque on the several late Translations of Ovid's Epistles. Lond. 1680. 8vo. pp. 180. Bindley, pt. iii. 1150, 10s. 2185, 7s. 6d. pt. iv. 455, 5s. 6d. Perry, pt. iv. 278, 2s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 838, 13s. Hibbert, 8545, Is.

Ovid de Arte Amandi and the Remedy of Love englished in Verse; as also, the Loves of Hero and Leander, a mock Poem; together with choice Poems and rare Pieces of Drollery. Lond. 1705. 12mo. — 1696.12mo. Bindley.pt. ii. 2054, U Is.

Ovid travestie, a Burlesque upon Ovid's' Epistles. The fourth Edition. By Captain Alexander Radcliffe, of Gray's Inn. Lond. 1705. 8vo.pp. 142. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 627.

The Speech of Ajax to the Grecian Knabbs, attempted in broad Buchans, by R(obert) F(orbes), Gent. &c. Edinb. 1765. 12ino. is. To this edition the Polemo-Middinia is subjoined. — Edinb. 1754. 8vo.

Ovinoton. John. Voyage to Suratt in 1689. Lond. 1696. 8vo.

Willett, 1868, 5s. Hibbert, 5932, St. Fonthill, 2910, 7s. Heath, 2598, "s.

Owen, Charles. Essay towards the natural History of Serpents. London, 1742. 4to. 15s.

— Corbett. Carmen pindaricum in Theatrum Sheldonianum in solennibus magnifici Operis Exam niis. Oxon. 1669. 4to.

— David. Herod and Pilate reconciled: or, the Concord of Papist and Puritan (against Scripture, Fathers, Councels, and other Orthodoxall Writers) for the Coercion, Deposition, and Killing of Kings. Cambridge, 1610. 4to.

An interesting discourse on the tan" subject as Milton's Tenure of Kings and Magistrates.

Antiparseus: sive Determinatio de Jure Regio. Cant. 1622. 12mo.

— Henry, D. D. A brief Account, historical and critical, of the Septuagint Version of the Old Testament. To which is added, a Dissertation on the comparative Excellency of the Hebrew and Samaritan Pentateuch. Lond. 1787. 8vo.

This brief account ' should be read by every man who wishes to be acquainted with the history of that version.'—Bitlmf Marsh. The Rev. T. H. Home observe* all Dr. Henry Owen's works are characterised by sound criticism and laborious research.

Observations on the four Gospels; tending, chiefly, to ascertain the Times of their Publication j and to illustrate the Form an* Manner of their Composition. Lond. 1764.8«

Short Directions to young Students in Divinity, and Candidates for holy Orders. London, 1766. 8vo.

An Enquiry into the present State of the Septuagint Version of the Old Testament. London, 1769. 8vo. 'A work very deserving of the reader's attention.'—Bp. Watson. The Intent and Propriety of the Scripture Miracles considered and explained, in a Series of Sermons, preached in the Parish Church of St. Mary Le-Bow, in the Years 1*69, 1770, and 1771; for the Lecture (bounded by the Hon. Robert Boyle, Esq. London, 1773. 8vo. 2 vols. — 1755. 8vo. Itol

Critica sacra; or a short Introduction to Hebrew Criticism. With a Supplement, London, 1774-5. 8vo.

Critica Sacra examined. By Raphael Baruh. London, 1775. 8vo. To this examination Dr. Owen replied in a ' Supplement to the Critica Sacra' 1775. 8vo.

Collatio Codicis Cottoniani Geneseos cum Mime Romana ab J. E. Grabe olim facta, nunc edita ab H. Owen. Lond. 1778. 8vo. A collation of the MSS. of the Septuagint, as recommended by Dr. Owen, would certainly be very acceptable to the learned world.— Bp. WaUon.

A brief Account of the LXX. Version of the Old Testament. To which is added a Dissertation on the comparative Excellency of the Hebrew and Samaritan Pentateuch. London, 1787. 8vo.

The Modes of quotation used by the Evangelical Writers explained and vindicated. London, 1789. 4to. A learned and elaborate work, Gosset, 3957, 13s. Bindley, pt. Hi. 973, with a portrait inserted, IN.

Critical Disquisitions; containing some Remarks, I. On Masius's Edition of the Book of Joshua: and II. On Origen's celebrated Heiapla. London, 1784. 8vo.

OWEN, John. Ioannis Audoeni

Epigrammata. Lond. 1606. 16mo.

First edition of these esteemed epigrams.

Two editions appeared in this year. —

Lond. 1607. 16mo. — Lond. 1612. 12mo.

— Lugd. Bat. 1628. 24mo. Roxburghe, 2852, morocco, 16s. — Lond. 1633. 12mo. *uh. frontispiece. — Amst. 1640. 32mo.

— Amst. 1647. 24mo. 5s. Hibbert, 5935, morocco, 9s. 6d. — Lond. 1650. 12mo. with portrait. — Lond. 1668. 12mo. — Amst 1669. 12mo. with portrait of Owen.

— Paris. 1795. 18mo. 2 vols. 10s. Best edition, edited by Renouard. Large Paper in 12mo. Largest Paper in 8vo. Four copies printed. On Vellum. Four copies printed.

Certaine Epigrams out of the first force Bookes of Master Iohn Owen, translated into English by R(obert) H(ayman). Lond. 1628. A—F 3, in fours, dedicated ' To the Beauties of England.' This forms a portion of the QuodubeU by Robert Hayman.

"oho Owen's Latine Epigrams englished »T Tho. Harvey, Gent. Lond. 1677. 12mo. PP- 220. Dowdeswell, 536, 6s. Dent, pt.

ii. 65, 6s. Lloyd, Mr, 6s. Cd. Garrick, 1737, 8s. 6d. Inglis, 1080, 8s. (id. Nassau, pt. i. 2190, N. Hibbert, 5937, 10s. Bindlev, pt. ii. 2046, 10s. 6d. Roxburghe, 3409, 15s. 6d. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 345, U. 5s. — 1678. 12mo. Boswell, 2112, 5s. SirM.M. Sykes.pt. ii. 598, Ms.

For other versions of these celebrated epigrams see Harflete, Henry. Pecke, Thomas. Vicars, John.

Owen, John, D.D. The whole Works of John Owen, D.D. carefully collated with the best Editions by Thomas Russell, M.A.; with Life by William Orme and Index. Lond. 1826. 8vo. 21 vols. \2l. 12s. s

The works of this learned non-conformist are much esteemed.

Of the divine Original, &c, of the Scriptures; also, a Vindication of the Purity and Integrity of the Hebrew and Greek Texts. Oxford, 1659. 18mo. 7s. Answered by Walton in ' The Considerator considered.'

An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews, with preliminary Exercitations. By John Owen, D.D. Lond. 1668-84. folio. 4 vols. 31. 13s. 6d. This work is particularly valuable for its illustration of the Epistle to the Hebrews by the aid of Rabbinical learning. — By James Wright. Edinb. 1812-14. 8vo. 7 vols. 3/. 13s. fid. Large Paper in royal 8vo. 4/. 1 Is. (id. Owen's Exposition is not included in the new edition of his works.

An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews, revised and abridged by Edward Williams, D.D. Lond. 1790. 8v'o. 4 vols. A well executed abridgment. — 1815. 8vo. 4 vols.

A practical Exposition of the hundred and thirtieth Psalm. London, 1669. 4to. 5s. — Edinb. 1819. 12mo. 3s.

Discourse concerning the holy Spirit, his Name, Nature, Operations and Effects. London, 1674. folio. 15s. LARGE PAPER. ll. ls.

— Glasg. 1791. 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. — Glasg. 1817. 4to. It has been abridged by George Burder.

Works, containing several scarce and valuable Discourses. Lond. 1721. folio, with portrait by G. Vertue. U. 7s.

Collection of Sermons and Tracts. Lond. 1721. folio, with portrait by R. White. ll. ls. Large Paper. Williams, 1423, morocco, U. 12s. fid.

For extended notices of all the various works of this learned non-conformist, see Memoirs of him by Wm. Orme. Other memoirs of Dr. Owen appeared 1720. 8vo. 1758. 8vo.

— John. A compleat and impartial History of the ancient Britons, from the earliest Accounts to the End of the Reign of Hen: VIII, vol. i. Lond. 1743. 8vo.

Owen, John, A.M. Travels into different Parts of Europe, in the Years 1791 and 1792: with familiar Remarks on Places, Men, and Manners. Lond. 1796. 8vo. 2 vols. 9s. FonthiU, 2012, 11 7s.

— Rev. John. The History of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Lond. 1816-20. 8vo. 3 vols. 16s. L. p. 1/. 4s.

— Lewis. Specvlvm Jesviticvm, or the Jesuites Looking-glasse. By L. O. London, 1629. 4to.

Thirty-nine leaves, A—K 3, dedicated to 'Sr Henrie Martin Knight.' Gordonstoun, 1684, 18s.

The running Register: recording a true Relation of the State of the English Colledges, Seminaries and Cloisters in all forraine PartsI &c. Lond. 1626. 4 to. pp. 118. Steevens, 128, 10s. 6d. Gordonstoun, 1682, U.

The Unmasking of all Popish Monks, Friers and Jesuites in generall, &c. Lond. 1628. 4to. Gordonstoun, 1683, lis. Nassau, pt. ii. 580, 1 Is.

— Rev. N. British Remains: or, a Collection of Antiquities relating to the Britons. Lond. 1777. 8vo.

'Comprehending, I. A concise History of the Lords Marchers; their Origin, Power, and Conquests in Wales. II. The Arms of the ancient Nobility and Gentry of North Wales. III. A Letter of Dr. Lloyd, Bishop of St. Asaph's, concerning Jeffrey of Monmouth's History. IV. An Account of the Discovery of America by the Welsh, three hundred Years before the Voyage of Columbus. V. A celebrated Poem of Taliessin, translated in Sapphic Verse. The whole selected from original MSS. and other authentic Records. To which are also added, Memoirs of Edward Llwyd, Antiquary, transcribed from a Manuscript in the Museum, Oxford.' Hibbert, 5933, 6s. Dent. pt. ii. 67, IN.

— Robert, of New Lanarck. A new View of Society, or Essays on the Formation of the Human Character. London, 1816. 8vo. 5s.

Mr. Owen has published other tracts.

— Tho. Reports in the Common Pleas. London, 1656. fol. 6s.

Page 77—80 are wanting in all copies.
■— T. Agricultural Pursuits.

Translated from the Greek. London, 1805. 8vo. 2 vols.

Hibbert, 5934, 5s. This clergyman also published translations of Terentius Vano, and Palladius.

— William. A Dictionary of the Welch Language, explained in English; with numerous Illustrations, from the literary Remains, and from the living Speech of the Cymry. Lond. 1803. 8vo. 2 vols.

The first part of this valuable work, containing 100,000 words, was published in 1793. Prefixed is a Welsh Grammar. Large Paper in 4to. 21. 12s. 6d.

Heroic Elegies and other Pieces of Llywarchen Hen, Prince of the Cambrian Britons; with a literal Translation. Lond. 1792. 8vo. 5s. There is much curious matter in the preface ofthisvolume.andthc translation is considered elegant and literal.

The Cambrian Biography: or, historical Notices of celebrated Men among the ancient Britons. London, 1803. 12mo. 5s. 'A very curious work.'—George Ellis.

Owls.—The Owles Almanacke, prognosticating many strange Accidents which shall happen to this Kingdom of Great Britaine this Yeare, 1618. London, 1618. 4to.

With a wood-cut Inglis, 1126, 1M 5sGordonstoun, 1696, 3M0s. 'A curious and humorous old pamphlet, in which every day of the month has its appropriate fortune annexed to it.'—Gifford.

Laus Ululae, the Praise of Owls. 1727. Nassau, pt. i. 1878, 3s.

Oxenham, James. A true Relation of an Apparition in the Likenesse of a Bird that appeared hovering over the Beds of some Children of J. Oxenham. Lond. 1641I to. 6s.

Oxford, Edward Harley, Earl of. A Catalogue of the Pictures, Coins, and Medals of Edward Harley, Earl of Oxford. London, 1741-2. 4to.

A copy is in the British Museum.

See Harleian Library, MSS. and Miscellany, also Voyages.

— Robert Harley, Earl of. An Essay upon publick Credit. London, 1710.

By some attributed to Daniel Defoe. — London, 1797. 8vo. It is reprinted in the thirteenth volume of the Semen Collection of Tracts.

Oxford.Anonymous Publications relating to Oxford and its University.

Oxonicnsis Academix Antiquitalis Aswrtio. 1568. 1574. See Kay, Thomas.

The Answere of the University of Oxford lo the Petition of the Ministers of the Church of England desiring Reformation. Oxford, 1603. 4to. — Oxford, 1604. 4to.

Ilium in Italiam. Oxonia ad Protectionem Regis sui omnium optimi Filia, Pedisequa. Oxon. 1608. 8vo. This volume contains wood-cuts representing the arms of all the colleges at Oxford, with Latin verses beneath them. Bindley, pt. ii. 1087, 4i Us. 6d. Hibbcrt, 4086, morocco, 4/.

The Oxford Act, a Poem. London, 1613. 4to. A copy is in the British Museum.

Marmora Arundeliana:—publicavit et Commentariolos adjecit Joannes Seldenus.

I. C. Lond. 1629. 4to. Roxburghe, 8962, date 1628, 3s.

Statuta Oxon. 1634. folio. On Vellum two copies printed; one, with ms. additions, &c is in the British Museum, the other in St. John's College Library, Oxford.

Statva selecta e Corpore Statutorum Vniveriitatis Oxon. Typis Guil. Turner. 1638. l6mo. A, 4 leaves, B—O, in eights, P, 3 leaves, and Q, six leaves, the last containing the errata. At p. 20 should be a folded plate 1 Encyclopaedia seu Orbis Literarum' &c. Bindley, pt.iii. 1065, 37. 13s. 6d.

The Character of an Oxford Incendiary. 1643. 4 to. 8 pages. Reprinted in the fifth volume of the Harleian Miscellany. An edition of the date of 1645 is reprinted in Morgan's Phcenix Britannicus.

The Privileges of the University of Oxford in Point of Visitation; with the Universities Answer to the Summons of the Visitors. Anno 1647. 4to. Ascribed by Gough to Gerard Langbaine, D.D., but according to Buhop Humphreys, is said to be written by Dr. AUestnry.

Judicium Universitatis de solenni Liga et Fcedore, Ordinationibus, Sec. Lond. 1648. 8»o. Hibbert, 5939, 12s. 6d. — In English. Lond. 1659. 4to.

The Foundation of the Universitie of Oxford. 1651. Sec Lanobaine, Gerard, D.D.

Sundry Things from several Hands concerning tie University of Oxford, viz. I. A Petition from some well-affected therein.

II. A Model for a College Reformation. III. Queries concerning the said University, and several Persons therein. London, 1659. 4to. 12 pages. Reprinted in the sixth volume of the Harleian Miscellany.

Catalogvs Librorvm in Bibliotheca Aula Msgdalena. Oxon. 1661. 12mo.

Notitia Oxonicnsis Academix. 1665. 1675. See Fulman, William.

Parecboke; sive, Excerpta e Corp. Statut.

univers. Oxon. 1671. 8vo. Frequently reprinted.

Oxford Almanacks, from their first publication in the year 1674 to 1827 inclusive. Oxford, folio.

Theatri Oxoniensis Encxnia Julii 6. Oxon. 1677. folio.

Friendly Advice to the Correctour of the English Press at Oxford, concerning the English Orthographic". Lond. 1682. folio.

Oxoniensis Universitatis Habitus academici. 1715. Bindley.pt. ii. 2064, 1Z. 5s.

The present State of the new Buildings of Queens College in Oxford. 1730. Eleven plates. A copy, apparently imperfect, but supposed unique, is in the Bodleian library.

Marmorum Arundellianorum, Seldenianorum, aliorumque, Academic Oxoniensi <lonatorum: cum varus Commentariis et Indice, secunda Editio (edidit Mich. Maittaire). Londini, 1732. folio. This edition contains several things omitted in that of 1763. Willett, 1514, 13s. (i.l. Heath, 1463, 1/. 7s.

The Gentleman and Lady's pocket Companion for Oxford. 1747. Frequently republished with large additions. In ridicule of the Oxford Guide there appeared a very humorous production entitled A Companion to the Guide and a Guide to the Companion. See Warton, Thomas.

Memoirs of an Oxford Scholar. 1756. 12mo. 6s.

Marmora Oxoniensia (edidit Rich. Chandler). Oxonii, 1763. royal folio. Best edition. Drury, 2845, russia, 5/. 10s.

The Oxford Sausage: or, select poetical Pieces written by the most celebrated Wits of the University of Oxford. London, 1764. 8vo. This first edition does not contain the likeness of Mrs. Dorothy Spreadbury, inventress of the Oxford sausage. Nassau, pt. i.

2493, 14s. — n. d. 12mo. 'Adorned with cuts, engraved in a new taste, and designed by the best masters.' Bindley, pt. ii. 2034, 8s. 6d. — 1777. 12mo. Nassau, pt. i.

2494, 10s. — 1814. 8vo. with the original cuts, Large Fafer. Streltell, 1053, 12s. (id.

Corpus Statutorum Universitatis Oxoniensis: sivc PandcctesConstitutionumracademicorum, e Libris publicis et Regestis Universitatis consarcinatus. Oxonii, 1768. 4to. 329 pages.

A Specimen of the several Sorts of Types belonging to the University of Oxford at the Clarendon Printing House. 1768. 8vo. — 1786. 8vo.

Registrum Privilegiorum Atmse Universitatis Oxoniensis. Oxon. 1770. 4to.

Statuta Aula; Regis et Collegii de BrazenNose in Oxonio; subjicuntur Excerpta ex Compositionibus et Testamentis Benefactoruin et alia quxdam Notatu digna ad idem Collegium pertinentia A D. 1772. Svo. Prefixed to each copy was the following request, printed on a separate strip and pasted within the cover. 'This book was printed solely for the private use of the Members of that particular society to which it relates, and cannot be interesting to any others. When, therefore, it shall have answered the owner's purpose, and can be no longer of service to him, it is hoped and expected that he or his heirs will cause it to be either destroyed or returned to the college; and not permit it to fall into the hands of a bookseller, and be sold to any accidental purchaser.' Collation. —The statutes, 108 pages, not including the title; varia: lectiones &c. 8 pages; the abstracts, 62 pages, not including the title; also contents, index and errata, 8 page*.

The History of the Universily of Oxford. 1772. 8vo. — 1773. 4to. See Peshall, Sir John.

Oxonia explicata et omata. 1773. — mm See Tatham, Edward, D. D.

Specimen of a History of Oxfordshire. 1782. — 1783. 4to. See Warton, Thomas.

Marmorum Oxoniensium Inscriptiones Greccee, ad Chandleri Exemplar editors, curante Gulielmo Roberts, A. M. Oxon. 1791. 12mo. 268 pages. 3s. Large paper. 4s. Combe, 1165, IN.

A History of the University of Oxford, its Colleges, Halls and Public Buildings. London, 1814. elephant -1 to. 2 vols. One thousand copies with coloured plates printed for R. Ackermann. Nassau, pt. i. 141, russia, 8/. Folio. Twenty-five copies, with plates coloured. Dent, pt. i. 134, with a portrait of Lord Grenville upon India paper, Ill. Folio. Twenty-five copies on India paper, proofs.

Musci Oxoniensis litterarii Conspectus et Specimina, edit, a T. Burges. Oxon. 1792-7. Svo. fasc. 1 et 2.

Poemata Oxoniensia, Procmiis Cancellarii donata. Oxon. 181C. 2 vol.

A correct Account of the Visit of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent and his illustrious Guests to the University and City of Oxford, in June 1814. Towhichare added the English Poems recited on the occasion, accompanied by some general Remarks. Oxford, 1814. 8vo. 53 pages.

An Account of the Visit of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, and their Imperial and Royal Majesties the Emperor of Russia and King of Prussia, to the University of Oxford, in June, 1814. Oxford: printed at the Clarendon Press, 1815. folio, pp. 98, with a ground plan of the Radcliffe Library, a view, in outline, of part of the interior of the theatre, and a sheet containing specimens of the various types used at the Clarendon Press. This volume was not printedforsale. Bindley, pt.i. 128,2/. 12s. M. On Vellum. Twelve copies struck off for the Royal Personages, or Public Libraries. Duke of York, 761, 4/. 14s.

Catalogue of Oxford Graduates from

1659 to 1814, and from 1814 to 1820. Oxford, 1815—20. 8vo. 12s. and 2s.

The Oxford Spy, in four Dialogues, with an Introduction. Oxford, 1819. I2mo. Drury, 2952, 3s. 6d.

Arms of the University of Oxford, and of all the Colleges therein; to which is added those of Winchester, Sion, and Westminster, also St. Paul's and Merchant Taylors' Schools, by W. Jackson. 12mo. Nassau, pt. i. 1792, 1/. 10s.

A Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures in the Library of Christ Church (Oxford), which were bequeathed to that College by General Guise. To which is added a Catalogue of the Portraits in Christ Church Hall. Svo.

A Series of Portraits (38 in number, coloured) of those distinguished Persons who were the Founders of Colleges and public Buildings in the University of Oxford; from Pictures in that University and from private Collections. London elephant 4to. with arranged directions for the plates in the history of Oxford including the founders, one leaf. Folio. Twenty-five Copies on India paper, not coloured.

See Bodleian Library. Hicks, William. TerrB Filius.

Oxinden, Henry. Religionis Funus et Hypocritae Finis. Londini, 1G47. 4to.

A poem in Latin hexameters, consisting of 22 pages, with a portrait of the author. The portrait has been copied by Richardson.

Jobus Triumphans. 1651. small Svo. pp. 39. A poem consisting of 766 hexameter verses. Prefixed are commendatory verses.

See Wood's Athen. Oxon. and Brydgcs' Censura Literaria.

Oxley, John. Journals of two Expeditions behind the blue Mountains, and into the Interior of New South Wales, undertaken by Order of the British Government, in the Years 1817-18. Lond. 1820. 4to.

Pp. 408, with maps and views. A valuable work, particularly interesting from giving an authentic description of the interior of this singular country. Drury, MM, 31

Ozanam, Ja. Recreations in Mathematics and natural Philosophy, by M. Ozanam, recomposed and enlarged by M. Montucla, transl. and improved by C. Hutton, LL.D. London, 1803. Svo. 4 vols.

A valuable work, illustrated with near 100 folding plates. — Second Edition. London, 1823. Svo. 4 vols.

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