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LITT CTeIs Esdem de my 2

irin #Pramani Cor. jeze un e's star w in 2. mi ura e Bebe

bers smar. Lecd. 1750. 4to. ere

Is 10 mes at uply, written IEL. Tomas. 2.11a. Ir. H. 1 Tem a Dr. Jabasan, Loeiz ie Camarz. 2. S.

Ne Fusiki tauga, ts. - and 113:2*, .cn ie.

De Luna i Przecia et Lumlei Terneri Spania

Tu scri. Teo Coi Reg. ce . Dec. i6. 1745cum

CIL Dde Votu

rës # agus n ilu 23:0 et non 11.no

14. Tuwis zbias Buscia. Lood. 1773. ras. Vacias. Tie 1 uigscos. Parasces $ :5. James Calism and Arasus made 19 i rey Venus ESI cocpared in their Princecir Duos *.. 125- pies od Tecdeney. 1924. later on: ot e Fiend J. W Thus wirure work. cught to bare inesa e Tserer. Lcd .ce every discorical, and in every

CHALLOC Izrary-Qurt. Rerick. 400.

- Joca. See NICOLS, John. One brintred atas vita vie. Te volume » dedicated sa Sir Henry and > Sc

Pozsoss, Robert. PS: Suiser, I, 19 Jan Scail. :3 Nichols, John. Bibliotheca toaerei van iz Nessun pc pographica Britannica ; with Confor 5:, rusak, 1..65. Heaz. 25:4, in iisa

cavaton. London, 1750-97. 4to. brze, 1261, 3i. Goescos din, 16:3,

IÙ vois. 31. 132. bit. Sarth, p. 393. COCON.

Sorch, pt. ii. 1033, 8 rol. russia, 441. 2s. Towneley, pl. i. i 14.51 Niebour's Nami Heath, 1545, $ ro's 472 5s. Sir M. M. gations, tee will be found the gre reimane Spies, pr. ii. 621, 10 vols. russia, 841. of the Oxford Collecton of Voyages and Lord. 437.23 rols. 1750—97,511. TowneTravels.

bey, pt. i. 271. 9 vols. 602 Nassau, pt. ii. NICHOLL, John. An Houre-glasse

555. 10 vols. 641 Is. Bindley, pt. i. 725,

8 vols. uncut. 421. Beckford in 1817, no. of Indian Newes ; or, a Discourse 162, 10 vols. 731. 10s. Dent, pt. ii, 753, no. shewing Miseries, and distressed S and 9 of Supplement wanting, 431. Calarities indured by 67 Engiish-:

Cuiation.-VOL. I. General title, adverThen, which were sent for a Supply lumes, particular contents, a second title

tisement, general contents of the eiglit vo10 the Planting in Guiana, in the page · Antiquities in Kent and Sussex ;' &e. Yeare 1605. Lond. 1607. ito. , general contents of the first volume, pp.

A copy is in the library of K. George III. i-si. The general title-pages, &c. to the now in the British Museum.

eight volumes were delivered with no. lll. NICHOLLS, John. Recollections

No. I. containing, 1. Queries for the better

illustrating the Antiquities and valural Hisand Reflections during the Reign of tory of Great Britain and Ireland. 2. The George III. Lond. 1822. 8vo. 2 History and Antiquities of Tunstall in Kent

. yols.

By Edward Rowe Mores. London, 1780. Duke of York, 3779, 11. 3s.

Title and half-title, two leaves ; advertiseSutton. Prospects of the ment, &c. pp. i. --- xxvi (facing p. xvii is a most considerable Buildings in and pp. iii-vi; "the history &c. pp. 1–134,

folding pedigree of E. R. Mores); preface,

Page 74 is repeated with an asterisk, and PEGGE, M.A. To which are added, biograthe number contains six plates. The copy phical Anecdotes of Mr. Johnson, Vicar of belonging to K. George III. as far as page Cranbrooke ; and Extracts from the Registers 118, is on thick paper.

of that Parish. Lond. 1784. pp. 47, not inNo. vi. Parts 1. and 11. containing Mr. cluding two title-pages. Thorpe's Illustration of several Antiquities VOL. II. Title,. Antiquities in Middlesex in Kent, which have hitherto remained un- and Surrey' and general contents, iv pages. described. To which is added, a Letter from No. v. containing the History of St. KaDr. Plott, intended for the Royal Society. tharine, near the Tower of London, from its Lond. 1782-3. Title and half-title, 2 leaves ; | Foundation in the Year 1273 to the present Antiquities, pp. 1–64. After p. 28 is the Time (by Dr. Ducarel). London, 1782. pp. title-page to part ii. and the two parts con viii and 46; appendix, pp. 126; pages 74 and tain 13 plates.

75 of the appendix are repeated with asterisks, No. XVIII. The History and Antiquities and the number contains 19, not 17, plates. of Reculrer and Herne, in the County of Plates xii and xiii are on one leaf, plate xvii is Kent. By John DunCOMBE, M. A. Lond. on p. 40, and plates xviii and xix, also a por1784. Hali-title, title and advertisement, 3 tion of the appendix, pp. 113—26, were given leares; antiquities in Kent, pp. 65—162, in no. LII. Towneley, pt. ii. 610, 11. 5s. with eight plates.

No. IX. containing Sketches of the HisNo. Xlv. containing an Appendix to the tory and Antiquities of the Parish of Stoke Histories of Reculver and Herne; and Ob- Newington, in the County of Middlesex (by servations by Mr. Denne on the archiepisco- James Brown). 1783. pp. 53, not including pal Palace of Mayfield in Sussex. London, title and half-title, with two views of New1787. Pp. 163—212, not including the title, ington Church at p. 18, a trader's token of one leaf, and plates ix to xvi.

John Ball, on p. 19, and a pedigree of FleetNo. xxx. The History and Antiquities of wood, folded, at p. 28. the three archiepiscopal Hospitals at and near No. xiv.containing Additions to the History Canterbury; viz. St. Nicholas, at Harble- of Stoke Newington (by James Brown). down; St. John's, Northgate; and St. Thomas, 1783. pp. 55–70, not including the title, of Eastbridge; with some Account of the with the expenses of the funerall of John Priory of St. Gregory, the Nunnery of St. Dudlie, Esquier, 1580, 8 pages. This latter Sepulchre, the Hospitals of St. James and was delivered with no. LII. St. Lawrence, and Maynard's Spittle. By John No. XLIX. The History and Antiquities DENCOMBE, M.A. and Nicholas BATTELY, of Canonbury House at Islington, &c. By M.A. London, 1785. Two titles and de- John Nichols. Lond. 1788. pp. 76, not indication, 3 leaves; Herbaldown. &c. pp. cluding title and half-title, with five plates. 173—452, with 10 plates. Pages 201 to 204 No. xxvII. The History and Antiquities are repeated with asterisks.

of the archiepiscopal Palace of Lambeth. By No. XLII. containing I. The History and Dr. DUCAREL. Lond. 1785. pp. x and 132; Antiquities of Saint Radigund's, or Bradsole appendix, 72 pages, also 10 plates. TowneAbbey, near Dover. II. A Collection of ley, pt. ii. 1269, 11. 11s. See vol. x. no. v. Tradesmens Tokens issued in the Isle of No. xxxix. The History and Antiquities Thanet, and in such of the Cinque Ports as of the Parish of Lambeth, in the County of are within Kent. III. A Description of the Surrey (by John Nichols). Lond. 1786. pp. Moat, near Canterbury. IV. Sketch of vii and 128 (pages 15 and 16 are repeated Hawkhurst Church. v. Original Letter from with asterisks, and pp. 19-23 are on one dir. Essex, on Canterbury Cathedral. Dis- page); appendix, pp. 164. The number sertation on the Urbs Rutupiæ of Ptolemy, contains twenty plates. by Mr. DOUGLAS. VII. Memoirs of William No. XII. Some Account of Croydon. By Lambarde. London, 1787. Title, one leaf; Dr. DUCAREL. London, 1783. pp. 80, not history &c. pp. 453—532, not including the including two titles, advertisement, and contitle-page, with eight, not six, plates, and a tents, 4 leaves ; appendix, pp. 158. In the pedigree of Poynings. Pages 473 and 474 appendix, pages 25—28 are repeated with are repeated with asterisks, and pp. 488—492 asterisks, and pages 153— 156 are likewise are on one page. Pp. *473, 474, and two repeated. The number contains 10 plates, plates of Richborough castle, were delivered one of which, no. 7, containing 4 tokens was with no. LII.

cancelled, and another, containing 6 tokens, No. XXXIII. Two Dissertations on the delivered with no. LII. Celts, and other Arms of the Antients, found No. XLVI. The Case of the Inhabitants in this Island. By the Rev. James Douglas. of Croydon, 1673: with an Appendix to the Lond. 1785. pp. 32, including two title-pages, History of that Town. A List of the manewith two plates in aquatinta. Brockett, 1043, rial Houses which formerly belonged to the . Reed, 3778, ils. 6d.

See of Canterbury. A Description of Trinity No. xxv. An historical Account of the Hospital, Guildford; and of Albury House, Textus Roffensis ; including Memoirs of Mr. with brief Notes on Battersea, Chelsham, William Eistob and his sister. By Samuel Nutfield and Tatsfield, in the County of Sur

rey. Lond. 1787. pp. 159_238, not in- , Editor for those of Aldworth, Shottesbrook, cluding two titles, and 6, not 4, plates. An and White Waltham. Lond. 1783. pp. vii additional leaf to Surrey, pp. 237—8, with (including index) and 162, with 3 plates, two plates, Weston House at Sution, and a one at p. 43*. Pages 34, 43 to 45, 66 to portrait of John Aubrey, were delivered with 73, 73 to 84, and 81 to 92 are repeated with with no. Lu.

asterisks. VOL. III. Title, Antiquities in Lincoln No. viu. Collections towards the History shire' and general contents, 2 leaves. and Antiquities of Bedfordshire, viz. Pudding

No. xx. An Account of the Gentlemen's ton, Luton, and Dunstaple. Lond. 1783. Society at Spalding. Being an Introduction Title, one leaf; pp. i-v, 1-14, 11—166, to the Reliquiæ Galeanæ. Lond. 1784. pp. 169—208, 217--234, then a single leaf, convi; i-xxiv; i-lxi (pp. xxxv, xxxvi, xli, taining errata. Pages 49 to 55, 576-62 xlii in the latter are repeated with asterisks), | (this latter delivered with no. xxvi and xxıx) and pp. 115.

are repeated with asterisks, and the number No. II. Parts 1. II. and 111. containing contains 3 plates. Reliquiæ Galeanæ; or, miscellaneous Pieces No. XXVI. containing Collections towards by Roger and Samuel GALE. Lond. 1781-2. the History and Antiquities of Bedfordshire : No. 11. Part I. 1781. Title, half-title, ge- being Additions to Luton and Dunstaple. neral preface and contents, 6 leaves; preface, Lond. 1784. pp. 235 to 252, not including pp. i–xvi; a Tour &c. pp. 1–48, with two the title. With this part were delivered pp. plates and folded pedigree of Gale ; Mr. S. 57* to *62, as also a plate described in no. Gale's Account &c. pp. 49* to 96*: Queries vill. p. 169. proposed to the Nob &c. pp. 49–56. No. xxix. An historical Account of the No. 11. Part 11. 1781. Additions, &c. pp. Parish of Wimmington, in the County of [49] and [50]; pp. 49 to 220, not in Bedford. By Oliver St. John Cooper. Lond. cluding title, and 3 plates. No. 11. Part Ill. 1785. pp. 26, not including the two title1782. pp. 221 to 266, not including title ; pages. With this number were delivered 4 pp. 221 to 480, pp. 253 to 256 are repeated pages, viz. pp. *63 to *66 Luton Hoo. with asterisks, pp. 485 to 500. This part No. xliv. An historical Account of the contains two plates.

Parish of Odell, in the County of Bedford. No. XI. This History and Antiquities of By Oliver St. John Cooper. Lond. 1787. Croyland Abbey (by Richard Gougu). Lond. pp. 31–61, not including the two title-pages, 1783. pp. xvi and 112, pp. 76, 77 are re and genealogies of Wahut and Chetwode. peated with asterisks; appendix, pp. 162; No. xl. The History and Antiquities of pp. 83 to 86, and 131 to 142 are repeated Fotheringay in the County of Northampton. with asterisks. This number contains 6 With several Particulars of the Execution plates, besides one containing an inscription and Funeral of Mary Queen of Scots. Lond. *ATO' &c. at p. xvi and a plan of Croy- 1787. pp. xiii and 118, with three plates. land Abbey Church at p. 88, and facing pp. Pages 79 to 86 are repeated with asterisks. 25 and 26 of the appendix are two leaves Pp. 113–18 were delivered with no. Lil. containing extracts from Domesday.

Page 118 contains a list of the fifty-two No. XXII, containing Mr. Essex's Obser- numbers of the Bibl. Topog. Brit. vations on Croyland Abbey and Bridge; No. xvi. Extracts from the black Book and other Additions to the History of that of Warwick. To which are added, Mr. Abbey. London, 1784. pp. 163 to 204, not PEGGE's Memoir of Guy of Warwick, and including the title, and a folded sheet con Sir Thomas More's Narrative of a religious taining iwo plans. For second appendix, Frenzy at Coventry. Lond. 1783. pp. viii and see vol. x.

42, with a plate of Guy Earl of Warwick. VOL. IV. Title, “ Antiquities in Bedford No. xxi. The History and Antiquities of shire, Berkshire, Derbyshire, Northampton- Eccleshal Manor and Castle; and of Lichshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire' and field House in London. By Samuel Pegge. general contents, iv pages.

Lond. 1784. pp. 20, including the titles, &c. No. XII. Some Account of the Parish of No. XXXII. Sketch of the History of BolGreat Coxwell, in the County of Berks. sover and Peak Castles, in the County of Lond. 1783. pp. v. and 26, with 6 plates, Derby. By the Rev. Samuel Pegge. Illusand two pedigrees, viz. of Mores of Great trated with various Drawings by Hayman Coxwell, and of Pleydell and Pratt. Page 8 Rooke. Lond. 1785. pp. 30, not including is repeated with an asterisk.

the two title-pages and seven plates. No. xvi. Collections towards a parochial No. xxiv. The Roman Roads, IkenildHistory of Berkshire. Being the Answers street and Bath-way discovered and investi

. returned to Mr. Mores's circular Letters and gated through the Country of the Coritani, Queries for the Parishes of Bisham, Chadles or the County of Derby. To which is added, worth, Coleshill, Cumner, East-Garston, A Dissertation on the Coritani. By Samuel Shaw, Shifford, Sparsholt, Speen, Stanford, Pegge, M. A. Lond. 1784. pp. 59, including Suthamstede and Yattendon. To which are the title-pages. added, a few Particulars collected by the VOL. V. Title' Antiquities in Cambridge

shire, Suffolk, Scotland and Wales' and con No. iv. Memoirs of Sir John Hawkwood. lents, iv pages.

Lond. 1782. pp. 36, not including title and No. XXXVIII. The History and Antiquities half-title, with one plate. of Barnwell Abbey and Sturbridge Fair. No. xix. containing Additions to the Lond. 1786. pp. 1–84, 1–104, and 1–32, Memoirs of Sir John Hawkwood. 1784. pp. with iwo plates.

37—-47, not including the half-title, with a No. xxi. The History and Antiquities plate. of Hawsted, in the County of Suffolk. By No. xv. Extracts from the ms. Journal of the Rev. Sir John CULLUM, Bart. London, Sir Simonds D’Ewes, with several Letters to 1784. pp. vii and 247, with four plates, also and from Sir Simonds and his friends. From the pedigrees of the Cloptons, the Drurys the Originals in the British Museum. Lond. (which consists of four parts), and the Cul- 1783. pp. xx and 82, not including two titlelums. Reprinted with additions in 1813. pages. See CULLUM, Sir John.

No. xxxi. A short genealogical View of No. LII. Collections towards the History the Family of Oliver Cromwell. To which and Antiquities of Elmeswell and Campsey is prefixed, a copious Pedigree. Lond. 1785. Ash, in the County of Suffolk. Lond. 1790. 4to. pp. xviii and 64, with two pedigrees. Pp. 32, not including two title-pages, with The preface is signed Richard) G(ough). one plate. With this, the last number, was No. xxxv. Archbishop SHARPE S Obserdelivered title-pages, plates, &c. a list of vations on the Coinage of England. With which will be found on the back of the first his Letter to Mr. Thoresby, 169. London, title-page.

1785. pp. viii and 89, with one plate. Page No. III. containing a Description of the 89 is a folded strip, containing an account of Chanonry in Old Aberdeen, in the Years the gold and silver coined for each reign 1724 and 1725. By William OREM, Town- from July 26, 1650, to June 24, 1754 incluClerk of Aberdeen. Lond. 1782. pp. xlviii sive.' and 192, with title and half-title, also a map No. xxxiv. Biographical Anecdotes of by G. and W. Paterson, 1746. Pages xxxvii the Rev. John Hutchins, M.A. Author of the xxxviii. of the preface are omitted.

History of Dorset, &c. Lond. 1785. pp. 5No. XLVII. The History and Antiquities 19, not including two title-pages and an adof St. Rule's Chapel, in the Monastery of St.

vertisement, Andrews, in Scotland. By Mr. George Mar No. XXVIII. Some Account of suffragan TIN, of Clarmont : with Remarks by Mr. Bishops in England (by the Rev.John Lewis, Professor Brown. To which are added, the of Margate, and the Rev. Sam. PEGGE). LonRiding of the Parliament of Scotland in 1606 don, 1785. pp. 52, not including two titleand 1681, and the Ceremonials observed in pages and an advertisement. 1685; the Statutes and Fees of the Order of No. XLI. A Sylloge of the remaining authe Thistle, &c. The Suspension of Lyon thentic Inscriptions relative to the Erection King of Arms; and a particular Description of our English Churches; embellished with of the Regalia of Scotland. Lond. 1787. a Number of Copper Plates, exhibiting Facpp. 193—240, not including two title-pages, similes of some of the most material. By with three plates.

the Rev. Samuel PEGGE. Lond. 1787. pp. No. XXXVI. Remarks on the Progress of v-xvi, and 1—136, not including two titlethe Roman Army in Scotland during the sixth pages, and a dedication to Richard Gough, Campaign of Agricola; with a Plan and De- Esq. with 29 plates, not including one of inscription of the Camp at Raedykes (by scriptions, at p. 130, engraved by Basire, and the Earl of Buchan). * Also an Account of delivered with no. li. the Roman Camps of Battle Dykes and Haer No. XLVIII. Fragments of English and fauds, with the Via militaris extending be Irish History in the ninth and tenth Centween them, in the County of Forfar, by the tury. In two Parts. Translated from the Rev. Mr. JAMESON (of Forfar). Lond. 1786. original Icelandic, and illustrated with some Pp. 26, not including two title-pages, with Notes by Grimr Johnson THORKELIN,

LL.D. Lond. 1788. pp. xii. 59 and [95] No. XXXVII. An historical Description of with a map. the Zetland Islands. By Thomas GIFFORD, VOL. VII. Title • Antiquities in LeicesterEsq. Lond. 1786. pp. xviii (not xvi) and shire' and general contents, iv pages. Pre

fixed is a portrait of John Nichols, after No. X. Containing a short Account of Towne, by Cook. Holyhead, in the Isle of Anglesea (by the No. VII. Containing the History and AnRev. John Price, Keeper of the Bodleian tiquities of Hinckley, in the County of LeiLibrary, Oxford). Lond. 1783. pp. iv and cester ; including the Hamlets of Stoke, Dad36 with two plates. Pp. 35 and 36 were de- lington, Wykin, and The Hyde. With a livered with no. LII.

large Appendix. (By John Nichols.) VOL. VI. Title Antiquities biographical Lond. 1782. pp. vi and 240, with 13 plates. and miscellaneous' and general contents, ir Pages 55 and 56 are repeated with asterisks, pages.

and at page 134 is the genealogy of Cleiveland.

six plates.

104, with a map.

No. xlii. The History and Antiquities the Families and Gentry, both antient and of Aston Flamville and Burbach, including modern, of that Parish. By the Rev. Henry the Hamlets of Sketchley and Smockington SANDERS. Lond. 1794. pp. xv and 365, and the Granges of Leicester and Horeston, with a view of Shenston. in the Counties of Leicester and Warwick. VOL. X. No. v. Historical Particulars of With an Appendix to the History of Hinck- Lambeth Parish and Lambeth Palace ; in ley; and genealogical and biographical Col- addition to the Histories by Dr. Ducarel in lections for the County at large. By John the Bibliotheca Topographical Britannica. Nichols. Lond. 1787. pp. vi and 241– By the Rev. Samuel DENNE. Lond. 1795. pp. 420, also pages *421_*426. In this num-i-iv and 165—468. See vol. ii. no. XXVII. ber are 16 plates, and five folded genealogi No. vi. The History and Antiquities of cal tables, viz. of the families of Turvile, De Twickenham. By Edward IRONSIDE, Esq. Ferrars, Oneby, Wrighte, and Chapman. London, 1797. pp. 156, not including the Pages 253, 254, also 341 to 360, are repeated two title-pages, with 8 plates. with asterisks.

A second Appendix to the History of No. L. Collections towards the History Croyland ; illustrated with ten Plates of the and Antiquities of the Town and County of legendary History of St. Guthlac (by Richard Leicester. Published by John Nichols. Gough). London, 1797. pp. 205-98, not Lond. 1790. pp. 421–714, not including including the title, with ten folded plates. two title-pages, and four pages of queries, Reprinted 1815, with an additional engraywhich latter are soinetimes placed at the con- ing of Croyland abbey, by J.Carter, engraved clusion of vol. viji. Pages 426, 427, 436, by Basire. 437, 450, 451, 459 to 486, 461 to 466, 465 A Comment upon Part of the fifth Jourto 470, 483 to 518, 539, 540, 545, 546, are ney of Antoninus through Britain. То repeated with asterisks, and pp. 438—440 are which is added, a Dissertation on an Image on one page. The number contains 19 plates. of Jupiter found at Castor. By the Rev.

VOL. VIII. Title • Antiquities in Leices- Kennet Gibson. Enlarged with the Histershire' and general contents, two leaves. tory of Castor, an Account of Marham, &c.

No. Li. Additional Collections towards (by Richard Gough). London, 1800. pp. the History and Antiquities of the Town and iv. and 302, with 13 plates. Reprinted 1819. County of Leicester. Published by John royal 4to. with additions and four additional Nichols. Lond. 1790. pp. x and 715– plates. LARGE PAPER, in imperial 4to. 1508, misprinted 1058. Pages 1175, 1176, Thirty copies printed. 1233 to 1248, 1307 to 1312, 1317, 1318, A List of the Members of the Society of 1485, 1486, are repeated with asterisks, and Antiquaries of London, from their Revival in the number contains forty plates.

1717, to June 19, 1796. Arranged in VOL. IX. Half title • Miscellaneous Anti-chronological and alphabetical order. Lonquities, (in Continuation of the Bibliotheca don, 1798. pp. 83, not including the halfTopographica Britannica,) No. I one leaf. title and title. Pp. 1–6 occupy five leaves.

Manduessedum Romanorum : being the History and Antiquities of the Parish of and Antiquities of the County of

Nichols, John. The History Manceter, [including the Hamlets of Hartshill, Oldbury and Atherstone], and also the

Leicester. London, 1795–1815. adjacent Parish of Ansley, in the County of folio. 4 vols. in 8. Warwick. By the late Benjamin BARTLETT, North, pt. iii. 639, russia, 521. 10s. LARGE Esq. Lond. 1791. pp. v-viii, not including Paper in royal folio. Marquis of Towns. title, 1–118,119*_*124, 121–122, 121– hend, 2458, vol. i. ii. and iij. and pt. i. of 136, 137*_*167, 137—142, *143—* 146, vol. iv. 351. 14s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 143—168. On p. viii will be found directions 547, russia, 105l. Baker, 566, 572. 155. for placing the 24 plates, &c. A chronologi- Beckford in 1817, no. 96, uncut, 861. 2s. cal chart faces p. 35.

Dent, pt. ii. 921, vol. iii. pt. ii. on small No. 11. Hawkherst. A Sketch of its His- paper, russia, 601. Collation.—Vol

. I. Part I. tory and Antiquities, upon the Plan suggested Containing Introduction and History of the in the Gentleman's Magazine, for procuring Town of Leicester. Title, dedication to George parochial Histories throughout England. the Third, &c. pp. i–xiv; half-title, dedicaLond. 1792. pp. 24, not including the two tion of the introduction to the Rev. Sir Chas. titles, with two plates.

Cave, Bart. 2 leaves; Leicestershire, exNo. w. An History of the Manor, and tracted from Domesday Book, pp. 1-III; Manor-house of South Winfield, in Derby- a dissertation on Domesday Book, shire. By Tho. Blore. Lond. 1793. pp. - liv; conspectus &c. tab. i–xxiii, 24 pages: 100, not including two title-pages, and a leaf essay on the mint &c. pp. xli— xlviii ; Testa containing the errata, and directions for the de Nevill, &c. pp. xlvii—clxxii; a catalogue (7) plates.

&c. pp. clxxvii—ccviii; returns made to No. iv. The History and Antiquities of parliament, pp. 1–134; half-title and deShenstone in the County of Stafford, illus- dication to the Earl of Leicester, two leaves; trated. Together with the Pedigrees of all history, pp. 250; appendix and index, 51



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