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NEWCOURT, Ric. Repertorium headed Church Government in New Eng.

land. Lond. 1646. 4to. Hibbert, 7518, ecclesiasticum parochiale Londi

78. 6d. nense : an ecclesiastical parochial

A brief and true Narration of the late History of the Diocese of London. Wars arisen in New-England. London, Lond. 1708-10. folio. 2 vols.

1675-6. 4to. Two parts. Marquis of Townshend, 2456, 31. 15s.

A Narrative of the Troubles with the InEdwards, 616, russia, 51. 5s. Bindley, pt. dians in New England from the first Plantii. 1468, 51. 10s. Dowdeswel!, 621, 21. 5s. ing thereof in the Year 1607 to this present Heath, 4638, 31. 5s.

Sir | Year 1677. Boston, 1677. 4to. Roscoe, M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 546, russia, 101. North, 1856, 14s. pt. ii. 1429, 81. Towneley, pt. i. 1174, Many tracts, &c. relating to New Engrussia, 91. 198. 6d. Nassau, pt. ii. 410, land, 1622—1761, are in the British Mů91. 9s. Dent, pt. ii. 789, 91. Vol. i. 158. LARGE PAPER. 11. Is. Collation.-Vol. I. Newenham, Thomas. A View Comprising all London and Middlesex, with of the natural, political, and comthe Parts of Hertfordshire and Buckingham- mercial Circumstances of Ireland. shire to the said Diocese belonging. Pp. 928, Lond. 1809. 4to. 15s. not including half-title, title and dedication to Henry Compton, Bishop of London, 3

A valuable mass of historical and statistileaves ; preface, 7 pages; and errata, one

cal information. Newenham has published page. Pages 67, 68, and 871-80 are omit- other tracts, &c. relative to Ireland." ted; pp. 71, 72 are repeated; pp. 764, 765, New-Exchange.-A Narration of 768, 769, 772, 773, follow page 761; and the late Accident in the New-Exafter p. 773 are pages 776, &c. The paging is change, on the 21st and 22d of Noerroneons in many places. Plates.-1. Portrait of the Author, J. Sturt, sc. 2. View of

vember 1653. Written by Don old St. Paul's Cathedral, p. 1. 3. The west Pantaleon Sa, extraordinary Legate End of old St. Paul's Cathedral. p. 2. 4. South in England. Lond. 1653. 4to. View of the present Cathedral. p. 4. 5. Views

Pp. 14. Nassau, pt. ü. 383, 14s. Reof St. Peter's Church, Westminster, &c. p. printed in the third volume of the Harleian 709. Vol. II. Pp. 692, including appendix ; Miscellany. also half-title and title, 2 leaves ; list of sub See Ladies. scribers, 4 pages ; index, 51 pages, and a Newfoundland. -A short Disfolded map of the diocese of London.

course containing Reasons and InNewELL, Rev. R. H.

Letters ducements for planting that Counon the Scenery of Wales. 1821. trey. Dublin, 1633. 4to. 10s. 6d. royal 8vo.

With plates. Hibbert, 5692, 13s. His Majesty's (K. Charles I.) Commission New England.—A briefe Rela- In the second volume of the Oxford Collec

for the Well-governing of Newfoundland. tion of the Discovery and Plantation tion of Voyages and Travels. of New England. Lond. 1622. 4to. Newgate.—Discouery of a Lon

Gordonstoun, 2031, 7s. 6d. North, pt. don Monster called, The Black Dog ii. 593, 10s. 6d.

of Newgate: profitable for all Relation; or Journall of the Beginnings Readers to take Heed by. Lond. and Proceedings of the English Plantation 1612. 4to. settled at Plymouth, in New England, by Black letter. Pp. 46, with a frontispiece. certaine English Adventurers, &c. London, Written by Luke Hutton.

Reed, 1780, 1622. 4to. Gordonstoun, 2030, 12s. Jadis, 71. 12s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 224, 25l. resold 297, 11. 8s.

Saunders' in 1818, 111. 11s.

1638. 4to. Relation of the late Battell in New Eng- Bindley, pt. iv. 128, 11. 175. Roxburghe, land between the English and the Salvages. 6672, 31. 13s. 6d. - London, by G. SimLond. 1637. 4to. 1638. 4to.

son and N. White. 4to. A-F 2, in fours, An Abstract of the Lawes of New Eng- A 1 blank. On sign. D 2 commences. A dialand. Lond. 1641. 4to.

logue (in prose) betwixt the author and one New England's first Fruits in Respect of Zawny, who was a prisoner in Newgate, and the Conversion, &c. of the Indians. " Lond. perfectly acquainted with matters touching 1643. 4to.

the discouerie of the superlative degree of History of New England from the Eng- cunni-catching.' lish Planting in 1628 untill the Yeere 1652. Lond. 1654. 4to.

The Newgate Calendar. Simplicities Defence against a

Sanders. Lond. 1764. 8vo. 6 vols.

By Robert



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Annals of Newgate, or Malefactor's Re A copy of this dramatic satire is in the gister. Lond. 1776. 8vo. 4 vols.

British Museum. New Newgate Calendar, by W. Jackson. 1818. 9 vols.

The second part of the Tragi-Comedy New Guinea.—Discoveries of the called New-Market Fayre, or Mrs. ParliaFrench in 1768 and 1769, to the ments new Figaryes, written by the Man in South-East of New Guinea, with the 1821, 13s. 6d.

the Moon. 1649. 4to. Sotheby's in April subsequent Visits to the same Lands

The Muse of New-market, or Mirth and by English Navigators, who gave Drollery, in three Farces. Lond. 1680. 4to. them new Names : to which is pre New-market; or an Essay on the Turf. fixed, an historical Abridgement of London, 1771. small 8vo. 2 vols. the Voyages and Discoveries of the


John. Newnam's Spaniards in the same Seas. Trans- Nightcrowe, a Bird that breedeth lated from the French. Lond. 1791. Braules in many Families and

Households. London, 1590, 4to. Pp. xxiv and 323, with 12 plates. Willett, This tract, consisting of pp. 50, dedicated 715, 11s. Drury, 1552, russia, 15s. LARGE to Thomas Owen, Esq. Sergeant at Law, is

divided into two parts; the first is concerning New Holland.—The History of fathers, and the second part upon stepNew Holland, from its first Disco- mothers. Nassau, pt. ii. 551, russia, 31. 5s, yery in 1616 to the present Time. Bindley, pt. iii. 776, 5., Roxburghe, 6873, Lond. 1787. 8vo, 5s.

44 18s, Newlin, Tho. Sermons on se

News out of Hell : a Dialogue veral Occasions.

Oxford, 1720. betweene Charon and Zebul, a DeSvo, 2 vols.

uil. London by John Byddell, Williams, 1246, 2.

1536. 8vo. Newman, Arthur. The Bible In it (says Ames) mention is made of Bearer, by A. N. of Trinity College, Bulney; Rastall their advocate, 1536, a wa

Harry VIII. and Cromwel, Hunne and Oxford. Lond. 1607. 4to.

terman belong to Temple bridge and dwellBlack letter, consisting of 23 leaves. ing in Chancery-lane. Bindley, pt. i. 892, 9s. Williams, 231, morocco, 31. 5s. It is a shrewd satire upon all

Newe Newes, contayning a short Rebypocritical, puritanical, and sanctified sin hearsall of Stukeley and Morice's Rebellion, ners, all trimmers, time-servers and holy 1579. cameleons, or conformists to any preachers, Newes from the North, or a Conference parties, or fashionable principles, who are only between Simon Certain and Pierce Plowman. politically pious for profit or preferment.' 1579. 4to. Roxburghe, 3321, 121. 12s.

Pleasvres Vision with Desert's Wonderfull and strange Newes out of SufComplaint: and a short Dialogue of folke and Essex, where it rayned Wheat, a Woman's Properties between an

the Space of 6 or 7 Miles, on Feb, 1. 1583,

12mo. old Man and a young. Lond. 1619.

Newes from Spayne and Holland, Anno 16mo.

1593. 8vo. See Ames' typog. Antiq. by Pp. 62. Perry, pt. iv. 305, ms. title, Herbert, iii. 1724-5. 3 4. Steevens, 990, 21. 3s. Bibl. Anglo Newes from Rome concerning the blasPoet. 501, 202.

Hibbert, 5693, 41. 8s. phemous Sacrifice of the Papisticall Masse, Bindley, pt. ii. 2018, 211. 10s. 6d. Sir M. transl. by Randall Hurleston. Canterbury, by 11. Sykes, pt. Ü. 560, 41. 8s.

J. Mychell, for E. Campion, Inglis, 1057,

16s. Selig. A Grammar of the

Newes aut of Cheshire of the new found
Hebrew Language, with Points ; Well. 1600. with a frontispiece. Bindley,
together with a short Shetch of the pt. iii. 783, 21. 11s.
Chaldee Grammar. Lond. 1827.

Newes from Gravesend. London, 1604,

4to. Sotheby's in 1821, 11. 3s. Newmarket Fayre : or, a


News from Lough-Foyle in Ireland, of ment Outcry: or State Commodo- Tilly-me-Reah Mac Davy,

the Rebellion of Sir Carey Adougherty and

1608. · 4to, ties set to Sale; a Tragi-comedy. King and Lochée's in March 1810, 148. 6d. London, 1619. 4to.

Newes from the Sea of two notorious

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Pyrals, Ward and Danseker. 1609. 4to. as this Story following doth truly relate. With cuts. Bindley, pt. iii. 794, 21. 3s, Printed in the Yeare 1641. 4to. Two

Newes from Spain. London for Na- leaves. thanial Butter, 1611. 4to. 12 pages. Newes out of Germany. 1612. 4to.

Old Newes newly revived, or the DisWofull Newes from the west Parts of

covery of all Occurrences happened since the

1641. 4to. England of the lamentable Burning oi Te Begining of the Parliament. verlon. 1612. 4to. with frontispiece. Bind

White Knights, 3152, 11. 5s.

News from the narrow Seas, of the fearley, pt. iv. 958, 12s. Strange Newes of a prodigious Monster Trump. 1642. 4to. Jadis, 304*, 5s.

full Fight between the Danes and Van born at Adlington. 1613. 4to. with fron

News from the narrow Sea. Being a tispiece. Nassau, pt. ii. 178. Newes from Spain. Lond. 1618. 4to. of Frizeland. Lond. 1642. 4to.

Relation of a mighty Fight upon the Coast Fonthill, 3646, 11. 11s.

Lamentable and sad News froin the Newes from Italy. 1618. 4to.

North. Lond. 1642. 4to.
Newes from Mamora. 1614. 4to.
Good Newes from Florence.

Newes, true Newes, laudable Newes, 1614.

Citie Newes, Court Newes, Countrey Newes : 4to.

The World is mad, or it is a mad World my Newes from Gulick and Cleve. 1615. Masters, especially now when the Antipodes 4to.

these Things are come to passe. 1642. 4to. Newes from Perin in Cornwall of a Mur- Nassau, pt. ii. 396, 10s. ther committed by a Father on his owne Newes from Sally: or a strange Delivery Sonne (lately returned from the Indyes). of foure English Captives from the Slavery Anno 1618. 4to. Black letter. From this of the Turkes. 1642. 4to. pamphlet Lillo took his tragedy entitled Happy Newes to England, sent from Ox• The fatal Curiosity. Bindley, pt. iii. 780, ford. 1642. 4to. with a wood-cut. King 41, 4s.

and Lochée's in March 1810, 12 s. 6d. Newes from Spayne. 1620. 4to. with Newes from the King's Bath. Bristoll, plates.

1645. 4to. Good Newes to Christendome sent to a

Strange Newes from Campania. 410. Venetian in Ligorne, from a Merchant in Attalia, 1647. Sotheby's in 1821, 11. 2s. Alexandria. 1620. 4to. with wood-cut.

Newes from Smith the Oxford Jaylor. Bindley, pt. iv. 146.

1645. 4to. with a frontispiece. King and The certain Newes of this present week. Lochée's in March 1810, 13s. Published by Nathaniel Butter, who was

News out of the West ; or, the Character proprietor of several of the intelligencers, of a Mountebank. 1647. 4to. Lloyd, 998, from 1622 to about 1640.

10s. Strange Newes out of divers Countries, Strange News from Scotland, or a strange never discovered till of late Years, by a Relation of a terrible and prodigious Monstrange Pilgrim. Lond. 1622. 4to.

ster, borne to the Amazement of all SpeciaNewes from Parnassus. 1622. 4to. Reed, tors, in a Village neere Edenborough, called 2450, 75.

Hadensworth, Sept. 14, 1647, and ihe Words Weekly News and Affairs of Europe. the said Monster spake at its Birth. 4to. 1622-5, 3 vols. King and Lochée's in with a wood-cut. Inglis, 1346, 6s. MarMarch 1810, 21. 2s.

quis of Townshend, 2832, 7s. 6d. Newes and strange Newes from St. Chris Newes from the New Exchange. 1650. tophers of a tempestuous Spirit, which is See Ladies. called by the Indians a Hurry-cano or Whirl Newes from the Dead.

1651. See wind; whereunto is added, the true and last Greene, Arns. Relations (in Verse) of the dreadful Accident News from Newcastle, a Poem. 1651. which happened at Witticombe in Devon-4to. Towneley, pt. i. 720", 10s. 6d. Bindshire, 21 Octobre 1638. London, 1638. ley, pt. iii. 787, 11. 2s. 12mo, with a wood-cut. Gordonstoun, 1675, Strange News from the West, being an Il. 18s. Inglis, 1287, 1l. 8s.

Account of several miraculous Sights seen in Newes from the North, or Dialogue the Air, westward, by divers Persons of Crebetwixt David Darmeslash, a Souldier, and dit, standing upon London Bridge. Two Walter Wheeler a rich Northerne Fariner. Great Armies marching forth of two Clouds 1641, 410, with front. King and Lochée's in and encountering each after, but after : March 1810, 11, 5s.

sharp Dispute they suddenly vanished, &c. Sad News from the Seas, being a true 1661. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 1159, 5s. Relation of the Losse of that good Ship Newes published for the Satisfaction of called the Merchant Royall, which was cast the People. 1664. 4to. Bindley, pt. ji. away ten Leagues from the Land's End, on 764, 9s. Thursday Night, being the 23 of September Bloody News from Shrewsbury a true ReLast, 1641; having in her a World of Treasure, lation of a horrible Villain, by name Thomas

Reynolds, who before he was eighteen, mur rible Earthquake that happend there. 1679. dered Alice Stephens and her Daughter 4to. Lloyd, 995, 4s. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. Martha, and set their House on fire. He 1709, 5s. Likewise set on fire one Goodman Merick's News from Pannier Alley, or a truc ReHouse, and twice attempted to murder one lation of some Pranks the Devil hath lately Miss Corfields. 1673. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. played with a plaster Pot there. 1687. 4to. 358, 9s.

Nassau, pt. ii. 405*, 13s. Newes from Puddle Docke, or a Narra Strange News from Arpington, near tive of Apparitions and Transactions in the Bexley in Kent, a true Relation of a young House of Mr. E. Pitts at Puddle Dock. Maid who was possest with several Devils or 1674. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 399, 12s. Evil Spirits, &c. 1689. 410. North, pt. iii.

Newes from Kensington; being a Rela- | 701, date 1679, 7s. Nassau, pt. ii. 403, tion how a Maid there is supposed to have 12s. been carried away by an Evil Spirit. 1674. Newes from Ipswich. 4to. with a woodito. Nassau, pt. ii. 400, 5s.

cut. King and Lochée's in March 1810, Strange and Terrible News from Shore- | 15s. ditch of a Woman that hath sold herself to Newes from Ipswich, on the Practises of the Devil

, living in Badger Alley. 1674. Lordly Prelates. 4to. with a wood-cut. King 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 1160, 7s.

and Lochée's in March 1810, 16s. Strange and terrible News from Oaking Newes newly revived. 4to. with a woodham, in Berks, of a Thunder Clap, &c. 1675. cut. King and Lochée's in March 1810,

News from Sussex, or, the barbarous 11. 5s. Robber strangely convicted. 1676. 4to. Strange and fearfull Newes from Plaisto, Nassau, pt. ii. 401, 5s.

in the Parish of West Ham, of one Paul Fox, News from St. John Street of a Monster a Silk Weaver, where is dayly to be scene brought forth by a Sow. 1676. 4to. Towne- throwing of Stones, Brickbats, &c. 4to. ley, pt. i. 719, 31. 7s.

Gough, 3589, 11s. News from Buckinghamshire, or a per Strange News from Satton in Cornwall : fect Relation how a young Maid hath been or true Relation of a cruel bloody Murther for twelve Years and upwards possest with committed by one J. R. upon his own Father the Devil. 1677. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 402, for Lucre of enjoying his Estate, written by 13s.

W. Reddish. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 373, 3s. Horrid Newes from St. Martin's Relation More strange Newes : of wonderfull Acof a Girl not 16 poysoning her Mother, a cidents hapning by the late Overflowing of Servant Maid, and two Gentlewomen. 1677. Waters, in Summersetshire, Gloucestershire, 4to.

Norfolke, and other Places of England. 4:0. Lamentable and Bloody News from St. Black Letter. Lloyd, 800, 11, 14s. Albans, an Account of the late great Rob An excellent account of Newes Pambery and barbarous Murder committed there phlets,' of which Burton, in 1614, complained, by Highwaymen. 1677. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. as being along with play books almost the 365, 6s.

exclusive reading, will be found in Mr. George Strange News from the Deep, with an Chalmers' Life of Ruddiman. Account of a large prodigious Whale. 1677. NEWSTEAD, Christopher. An 4to. with a wood-cut. Nassau, pt. i. 1487. Apology for Women, or the Wo

Strange and Wonderful News from Bridewell of a converted Whore. 1677. 4to.

man's Defence. London, 1620, Nassau, pt. ü. 1131, 4s.

12mo. News from Bartholome-Fair. (1678). 4to.

Gordonstoun, 1658, 18s, with a wood-cut. Lloyd, 994, 13s. 6d. Newte, Thomas. Prospeets and

Bloody News from Angel Alley, being a Observations on a Tour in Enga true Account of the cruel murdering of one Dorothy Jewers, who was barbarously robbed land and Scotland : natural, oeconoand killed by two of her Lodgers. 1678. mical and literary. London, 1791. 410. Nassau, pt. ii. 367, 9s.

4to. News from Maidstone, a Narrative of the

With a map of Scotland and plates. Tryals and Condemnations of four noto- Nassau, pt. ii. 552, 10s. Fonthill, 745, rious House-breakers, &c. 1678. 410. Nas- 17. 8s. sau, pt. ii. 404, 3s. News from Wicklow, a Relation how Dr.

A Tour in England and Scotland in 1785. Moore was taken invisibly by his friends. By an English Gentleman. London, 1788. 1678. 4to. Nassau, pt. ü. 405, 5s.

8vo. with six views by Heath. 4s. News froin Dullidy-Wells of a barbarous Father who kill'd his own Son.

Newton, Henry. Epistolæ, Ora

1678. 4to. Bindley, pt. iä. 788, 18s.

tiones et Carmina. Lucæ, 1710, Strange and wonderful News from Glas- | 4to. gow, being a full and true Account of a ter Prefixed is a portrait of the author, kdo


was the friend of Lord Somers, and Envoy | the Laws of the Moon's Motion according to extraordinary to the Court of Tuscany. Gravity, by J. Machin. London, 1729. 8vo. Newton, Sir Isaac. Opera quæ 2 vols. Hibbert

, 5695, šs. — With Additions extant omnia, Commentariis illustra- by W. Davis. London, 1803. 8vo. 3 vols.

18s. bat Samuel Horsley, Episc. Roffen

- London, 1819. 8vo. 3 vols. 18s.

Mathematical Principles of natural Phisis. Londini, 1779-85. 4to. 5 vols. losophy, by Sir Isaac Newton, Knight,

Duke of Grafton, 172, 71. 10s. Bishop translated into English, and illustrated with Randolph, 1143, 71. 14s. 6d. Heath, 1316, a Commentary, by Robert Thorp, A. M. SI. Willett, 1763, 81. 7s.6d. Hibbert, London, 1777. 4to. vol. i. 15s. - 1802. 5803, 91. Nassau, pt. ii. 553, russia, 121. 4to. Williams, 1165, in pig-skin, 132. 13s.


The first three Sections of Newton's Prinedition of Newton's philosophical works, pre- cipia with copious Tables, Illustrations and pared with learning and ability, is still a Problems by the Rev. John Carr, M. A. desideratum.

Second Edition. Lond. 1829. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Principes mathematiques de la PhilosoOpuscula mathematica, philosophica, etc. phie naturelle, trad. par Mme. la Marquise collegit Jo. Castillioneus. Lausannæ, 1744. du Chastelet. Paris, 1759. 4to. 2 vols. 15s. 4to. 3 vols. Hibbert, 5805, 17s. 6d. This translation is accompanied by a com

Opticks : or, a Treatise of the Reflections, mentary of Mme. du Chastelet, illustrations Refractions, Infections and Colours of Light: by Clairaut, and an historical preface by also two Treatises of the Species and Mag- | Voltaire. nitude of curvilinear Figures. London, 1704, Arithmetica universalis, sue de Composi4to. Roxburghe, 1627, 4s. 6d. 1730. tione et Resolutione arithmetica Liber. Can8vo. 3s. 60. London, 1740. 4to.

tab. 1707. 8vo. Printed under the inspecOptices Libri III. Latine redditi a Sam. tion of Whiston without the author's conClarke, necnon ejusdem Tractatus duo de

Lond. 1722. 8vo. Roxburghe, Speciebus et magnitudine Figurarum curvi- 1538, 3s. Lugd. Bat. 1732. 4to. linearum. Londini, 1706 vel 1719. 4to. Commentariis illustrata et aucta a

a J.A. 5s. Genev. 1740. 4to.

Lecchi. Milan. 1752. 8vo. 3 vols. Cum A French translation by P. Coste. Paris, Commentariis Joh. Castillionei. Amst. 1761. 1722. 4to. 6s.

4to. 2 vols. Hibbert, 5806, 16s. A French translation by Marat, published Universal Arithmetick, (by Sir Isaac by Nich. Beauzée. Paris, 1787. 8vo. 2 vols. Newton): to which is added Dr. Halley's 6s.

Method of finding the Roots of Æquations Optical Lectures read in the publick arithmetically. Translated from the Latin Schools of the University of Cambridge. by Raphson and revised and corrected by London, 1728. 8vo.

Cunn. Lond. 1720. 8vo. · 1728. 870. Lectiones opticæ in Scholis publicis ha Universal Arithmetic, to which is added bitæ. Londini, 1729, 4to. 6s.

a Treatise upon the Measures of Ratios, by Philosophiæ naturalis Principia mathema- James Maguire, A. M. The whole illustratica. Londini, 1687. 4to. Roxburghe, 1533, ted and explained in a Series of Notes, by 4s, 6d. Cantab. 1713. 4to. Published the Rev. Theaker Wilder, D. D. London, with a preface by Roger Cotes, at the desire 1769. 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. of Dr. Bentley. Roxburghe, 1534, 5s. 6d. — Arithmétique universelle, trad. du Latin Amst. 1714. 4to. 5s. Amst. 1723. 4to. 5s. avec des Notes par Noel Beaudeux. Paris.

Lond. 1726. 4to. 10s. 6d. Best edition, An 10. 4to. 2 vols. published by Dr. Pemberton, with portrait of Analysis per Quantitatum Series, FluxiNewton. LARGE PAPER. Roxburghe, 1535, ac Differentias, cum Enumeratione morocco, 21. 12s. 6d.

LARGEST PAPER, in Linearum tertii Ordinis, edidit Will. Jones. folio. Constable, 587, 81. 10s. 6d. - Illus- Lond. 1711. 4to. 5s. trata a Geo. Pet. Domckio. Londini, 1730. Amst. 1723. 8vo. 2 vols.

Lineæ tertii Ordinis Newtonianæ a Jac. Philosophiæ naturalis Principia mathema- Sterling. Oxon. 1717. 8vo. tica, perpetuis Commentariis illustrata, com Enumeratio Linearum tertii Ordinis, semuni Studio T. Le Seur et Fr. Jacquier. Ge- quitur Illustratio ejusdem Tractatus, £uc. nev. 1739-42. 4to. 4 pts. in 3 vols. Willett, Jac. Stirling. Paris. 1797. 8vo. 6s. 1764, 61.

Col. Allob. 1760. 4to. 4 Tractatus de Quadratura Curvarum, cilin pts. in 3 vols. Hibbert, 5804, 31. -Glasg. Explanationibus Danielis Menander. Up1822. royal 8vo. 4 vols. Drury, 4628, saliæ, 1762. 4to. 5s. russia, 21. 4s.

Newtoni Genesis Curvarum per Umbras; Excerpta quædam e Newtoni Principiis seu Perspectivæ universalis Elementa, Ex: Philosophiæ naturalis

, cum Notis variorum. emplis Coni Sectionum et Linearum tertii Lond. 1765. 4to. 10s. 6d.

Ordinis illustrata, a Patr. Murdoch, D.D. Mathematical Principles of natural Phi- Lond. 1746. 8vo. losophy, translated by Andrew Motte. With A Treatise of the Method of Fluxions



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