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Nash, Thomas. Works, poetical | pikes of at least six impressions.

' - Lond: and satirical.

1593. 4to. to sign. I not paged. Reed,

11. 11s. 6d. of this writer, Mr. Gifford observes Nash fours. Reed, 2441, 11. 6s. North, pt. iu.

London, 1595. 4to. J, in had an inexhaustible vein of caustic raillery, 753, 11. 7s.' Perry, pt. iv. 392, 2!. 15s. never yet surpassed.' In 1599 it was or

Nassau, pt. ii. 387, russia, 41. 4s. Bindley, dered That all Nashe's bookes and Dr. Harvey's bookes be taken wheresoever they pt. iii. 770, 41. 14s. 6d.

Strange Newes of the intercepting certaine may be found, and that none of the same

Letters, and Conuoy of Verses, as they were bookes be ever printed hereafter.'

going priuilie to victuall the Low Countries.

1592. This confutation of Gabriel Harvey's Plaine Percivall the Peace-maker of Eng- four letters is inscribed to Maister Apis land. 4to. Eighteen leaves. Bindley, pt. iii. lapis' by Tho: Nashe, after which is an ad41. 4s. See Brydges' Censura Literaria. dress To the Gentlemen Readers.' The

Martins Months Minde. 1589. A Coun- volume contains O 2, in fours. Nassau, pt. tercuffe given to Martin Junior. 1589. Mar ii. 386, 161. - 1593. 4to. Martine. An Almond for a Parrat. These New Letter of notable Contents, with a tracts are usually attributed to Thomas Nash. strange Sonet, intituled the Gorgon. 1593. See MARTIN MARPRELATE.


Bindley, pt. iii. 769, with Gabriel Pappe with an Hatchet (1589). See Harvey's Pierce's Supererogation, 1593, LILLY, John.

171. 5s. Reprinted in the Archaica. The Returne of the renouned Cavaliero Christ's Teares over Jerusalem. WherePasquill of England, from the other Side of unto is annexed a comparative Admonition the Seas, and his Meeting with Marforius at to Lond. Lond. 1593. 4to. 1594. 4to. London upon the Royall Exchange, where 1613. 4to. Sotheby's in 1821, ll. 10s. they encounter with a little houshold Talke Reed, 2448, 71. 7s. 6d. Reprinted in the of Martin and Martinisme, discovering the first volume of the Archaica. Scabbe that is bredde in England; and con Apologie of Pierce Pennilesse. London, ferring together about the speedie Dispersing by Abell Jeffes, 1593. 4to. Bindley, pt. ii. of the Golden Legende of the Lives of the 425, 31. 38. Reed, 2440, 11. 11s. 6d. Saints. 1589. 4to. 16 leaves. Hibbert, 5794, The Vnfortunate Traveller: or, the Life 21. 15s. Reed, 2439, 31. ls.

of Jacke Wilton. London, 1594. 4to. A Address to the two Universities. 1589.

copy is in the library of King George III. Anatomie of Absurdities, contayning a now in the British Museum. breefe Confutation of the slender imputed The Terrors of the Night, or, a Discourse Prayses to feminine Perfection, with a short of Apparitions. London by John Danter, Description of the several Practises of Youth | 1594. 4to. A copy is in the collection of and sundry Follies of our licentious Times. the Marquis of Stafford. Boswell, 1626, Lond. 1589. 4to. Reed, 2438, 61. 6s. Hib- 51. 15s. 60. bert, 5795, 71. - 1590. 4to.

Haue with you to Saffron Walden, or The first Parte of Pasquils Apologie. Gabriel Harvey's Hunt is up.

London, Wherin he renders a Reason to his Friendes | 1596. 4to. This pamphlet seems to have of his long Silence; and gallops the Fielde closed the wordy conflict between Nash with the Treatise of Reformation late writ- and Harvey. Reed, 2442, 51. 12s.6d. ten by a Fugitiue John Penrie. Anno Dom. Strettell, 1420, 71. 75.

Hibbert, 5793, 1590. 4to. E 1, in fours, without prefix or 31. 13s. 6d. Bindley, pt. iji. 767, 91. 9s. appendage.

Perry, pt. ii. 1195, ms. title, 11. ls. Gough, Somewhat to reade for them that list. 3339, 31. 13s. 6d. Saunders, in 1818, 8l. Printed with the Astrophel and Stella of Sir Royall Exchange to such worshipful GenPhilip Sidney. London, 1591. 4to.

tlemen as resorte there. 1597. 4to. BindA wonderful, strange and miscellaneous ley, pt. iii. 1634, 31. 4s. astrological Prognostication for 1591. 4to. Nashe's Lenten Stuffe ; containing the Reed, 2443,61. 16s. 6d.

Description and first Procreation and InPierce Penilesse his Supplication to the crease of the Towne of Great Yarmouth, in Diuell. Describing the Ouer-spreading of Norffolke: with a new Play, never played Vice, and Suppression of Vertue. Pleasantly before, of the Praise of the Red Herring. interlaced with variable Delights: and pa- Fitte of all Clearks of Noblemens Kitchen theticaly intermixt with conceipted Re- to be read; and not unnecessary by all Servproofs. Written by Tho. Nash, Gent. Lon- ing-Men, that have short Boord-Wages, to don, 1592. 4to. 21. 2s. Pp. 42. Extracts be remembred. from the severe satire on the reigning vices 83, including the title, epistle dedicatory and

London, 1599. 4to. Pp. of the age will be found in Brydges' Censura address. A copy is in the British Museum. Literaria. It was the most popular of all Hibbert, 5797, 31. Nassau, pt. ii. 288, 31. 3s. Nash's publications, and which, to use the Inglis, 992, 41. 14s. 6d. Bindley, pl. iv. author's own phrase in Haue with you to 521, 61. It is reprinted in the sixth volume Saffron Walden,' 1596,passed through the of the Harleian Miscellany.

51. 15s. 6d.


A pleasant Comedie called Summers last Christi in Academia Cantabrigiensi
Will and Testament. London, 1600. 4to. legavit Matthæus Parker, Arch.
Roxburghe, 5553, 41. 4s. Sotheby's in Nov. Cantuar. Cantab. 1777. 4to.
1826, 32. 6s. Reprinted in the new edition

An excellent catalogue. Towneley, pt. ii. of Dodsley's Collection of old Plays.

1280, 10s. Bindley, pt. iii. 803, 10s. 6d. The Reture of the Knight of the Poste Itineraria Symonis Simeonis et Willelmi from Hell, with the Divels Aunswereto Pierce de Worcestre. Cantab. 1778. 8vo. HibPennilesse Supplication. Lond. 1606. 4to. bert, 7417, 8s. 6d. LARGE PAPER. Willett, Attributed, but probably erroneously, to Tho. | 1838, 12. 6s. Nash. Gordonstoun, 1658, 51. Reed, 2447, NATHAN, Rabbi. Tractatus de See LICHFIELD, Richard. HARVEY, Ga

Patribus, in Ling. Lat. transl. cum briel.



Franc. Tailerum. Lond.
Tom Nash his Ghost. Appearing to the 1654. 4tu.
Anabaptist, the Libertine and the Brownist. NATTER, Laur. A Treatise on
London, 1642. 4to. 5s.

the ancient Method of Engraving
Thomas. Qvaternio, or a
fovrefold Way to a happie Life, set the modern. London, 1754. folio.

on precious Stones, compared with forth in a Dialogue betweene a 15s. Countryman and a Citizen, a Divine

Catalogue des Pierres gravées du Mylord and a Lawyer. London, 1633. 4to. Comte de Bessborough. Lond. 1761. 4to

A store-house of translation from various 5s. Privately printed. languages. Bindley, pt. iii. 774, 13s. pt. iv. Nattes, John Claude Bath, il155, 5s. — 1636. 4to. Bindley, pt. ii. 389, lustrated by a Series of Views, 45. - 1639, 4to.

Threadway, D.D. from the Drawings of John Claude lections for the History of Worces- Nattes ; with Descriptions to each tershire.

Plate. London, 1806. super royal
With a Supplement.
London, 1781-99. folio. 2 vols.

folio. The materials of this work were collected

The volume consists of thirty coloured by William Habington, the poet. Beckford plates, with half title, 2 leaves, preface and in 1817, 174, uncut, 71. 78. Nassau, pt. ii. list of plates, 4 pages, and descriptive letter408, russia, 71. 7s. North, pt. ii. 1428, russia,

press, pages. 72 173. 6d. Bindley, pt. ii. 1485, russia,

Scotia depicta. See FITTLER, James.
Heath, 4695, russia, 101. 10s.

Natura Brevium. Emprinted by
Marquis of Townshend, 2453, russia, Richarde Pynson. folio. 10s. 6d.
III. lls. Willett, 1674, 131. 138. LARGE This work served as a model for Fitz-
PAPER. Dent, pt. ii. 785, russia, 111. Hib- herbert in the framing of his own. Several
bert, 5854, wanting the supplement, russia, other editions appeared in the sixteenth
8s. 6s. Collation. — Vol. i.' London, 1781. century, printed by Pinson, Middleton, Red-
pp. xcii. and 610, not including the title and man, Tottell, Powell, H. Smith, &c.

Vol. ii. 1792. pp. 484, not Nature.--A philosophical Survey including the title and dedication; appen- of Nature. Lond. 1763. small 8vo. dix, pp. i-clxvii ;

two engraved dedications ; thirteen fac-simile pages from

Hollis, 1269, morocco, Ss. Dornesday; observations on Domesday,

Nature displayed. See Spectacle de la pp. 1-32; index, &c. 10 pages. Supplement. Nature. 1799, pp. 104,

not including the title. The The Naturalist's pocket Magazine. 1790. directions for placing the plates will be found 12mo. 9 vols. 11. 4s. at the end of each volume. To some copies A new System of the natural History of

was affixed bearing the Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, and Insects. date of 1799. To these an oval portrait of Edinb. 1791. 8vo. 3 vols. Nash was affixed.

Recreations in natural History, or popuNASMITH, Arthur. Divine Poems With 74 engravings, published at 21. 85.

lar Sketches of British Quadrupeds. 8vo. in three Parts, viz. poeticall Ap- LARGE PAPER, at 31. 12s. plications, Job's Adversity, poeticall The Naturalist's Guide for collecting and Prayers, with

Mans Looking- preserving all Subjects of Natural History Glasse. Edinburgh, 1665. 8vo.

and Botany, intended for the use of Students With cuts. Bindley, pt. iii. 33, 31.

and Travellers. London, 1822, 12mo. with

plates. - James, D. D. Catalogus Li The Naturalist's Companion. 1824. 8vo. brorum mss. quos Collegio Corporis with plates, plain. 12s. coloured. 11. 1s.


10s. 5s.


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Naudeus, Gabriel. Instructions , tical Almanac, in order to find the Latitude concerning erecting a Library, trans- and Longitude at Sea. 1767, 1781, &c. lated by John Evelyn. Lond. 1661. NAVARETTE, R. F. F. Dominick 8vo.

Fernandiz. An Account of China An excellent little work. Willett, 1839, with a Supplement. 11s. 6d.

In the first and sixth volumes of the
News from France : or, a Description of Churchill Collection of Voyages and Travels.
the Library of Cardinal Mazarine, before it
was utterly ruined. Sent in a Letter from from its Commencement in Ja-

Navy.--The Naval Chronicle,
Monsieur G. Naudæus, Keeper of the Public
Library. London, 1652. 4to. six pages. nuary 1799 to Dec. 1818 inclusive.
Reprinted in the third volume of the Har- London. royal 8vo. 40 vols.
leian Miscellany.

With portraits and other plates. Font-
The History of Magic by way of Apology, hill, 370, 151. Reed, 2568, 97 nos. 61. 15s.
&c. Translated by John Davies. London,
1657. 8vo. 4s.
Naunton, Sir Robert. The

A Collection of Papers on naval Architec

London, 1791-1800. 8vo. 2 vols. Court of Queen Elizabeth, with

Naval Biography; or Lives of distinconsiderable biographical Additions guished Characters in the British Navy. by James Caulfield. Lond. 1814. London, 1805. 8vo. 2 vols.

The Naval Sketch Book. post 8vo. ? 4to.

vols. 18s. Saunders' in 1818, 138. Pp. 114, not including title and dedication to the Princess NAYLER, Sir George, Garter Charlotte of Wales, with 21 portraits. LARGE Principal King of Arms. The CoPAPER, in folio. Four copies were struck ronation of K. George IV. solem4to. pp. 49. Towneley, pt. i. 715, 23. 6d: nised in the Collegiate Church of Gordonstoun, 1666, 6s. 1642. - 1650.

St. Peter Westminster upon the with portrait of Q. Elizabeth. Nassau, pt. 19th Day of July, 1821. London, i. 2412, 10s. White Knights, 2896, mo 1824. &c. 2 pts. rocco, 178. - 1824. 8vo. with portraits.

Duke of York, 3935, part i. 52. 173. 6d. Edited by P. W. Dodd.

James. Memoir of the Life, Only fifty copies printed. The Fraginenta Regalia were reprinted in the Ministry, Tryal and Sufferings of first volume of the Phenix, and in the James Nayler. London, 1719. 8vo. second volume of the Harleian Miscellany, In the British Museum are many tracts and are likewise to be found at the end of by and relating to this singular enthusiast, the Memoirs of Robert Cary, Earl of Mon- 1653-76. mouth. London, 1809. 8vo. See Retrosp. NAYLIER, John. The new made Review, v. 303—14.

Colonel: or, Ireland's jugling pre

tended Reliever. London, 1619. Memoirs of Sir Robert Naunton. don, 1814. 4to. with portrait. LARGE PAPER, in folio. Nassau, pt. i. 2596, 6s.

King and Lochée's in March 1810,

11. 13s. Nause, Fred. Bishop of Vienna. Of all blasing Starrs in generall,

NAYLOR, Francis Hare. The translated by Abr. Fleming. Lon- History of Helvetia, containing the don, 577, 16mo. 10s. 6d.

Rise and Progress of the federative E, in eights, dedicated to Sir William Republics, to the Middle of the fifCordell, Knight.

teenth Century. Lond, 1801. 8vo. Nautical Almanack, The, and 2 vols. astronomical Ephemeris, from the

Hibbert, 3641, 6s. Commencement in 1767 to the present Time.

London, 1767-184 The History of the Helvetic Confederacy. 8vo. — vols.

London, 1809. 8vo. 4 vols.
An annual publication, allowed to be the many, from the Landing of Gustavus to the

The civil and military History of Ger-
most useful work on practical astronomy Conclusion of the Treaty of Westphalia.
ever published. The early volumes were
done by Dr. Maskelyne.

London, 1816. 8vo. 3 vols. 15s.

NAZARENUS, Abra. A Reproofe Tables requisite to be used with the Nau- spoken and geeuen fourth by Abia




Lon- | 4to.

Nazarenus against all false Chris A Vindication of the Government, Doce tians, &c. Translated out of Ne-trine and Worship of the Church of England

established in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, ther-Saxon. 1579. 8vo.

against the injurious Reflections of Mr. Neale Eight leaves in defence of H. N. and the in the late History of the Puritans. By Isaac Family of Love.

Maddox, Bishop of Worcester. Lond. 1733. NEADE, William. The double- 8vo. 5s. armed Man, by the new Inuen

A Review of the principal Facts objected

to the first Volume of the History of the tion : briefly shewing some famous

Puritans (by Bishop Maddox). By Daniel Exploits atchieued by our Brittish Neal, M. X. London, 1734. 8vo. pp. 88, Bowmen ; with seuerall Portraitures including title. proper for the Pike and Bow. An Illustration of Mr. Daniel Neale's London, 1625. 4to.

History of the Puritans, in the Article of Twenty leaves, with wood-cuts, dedi- Peter Smart, M. A. from original Papers.

With Remarks. By Christopher Hunter. cated to K. Charles I. A copy is in the

1736. 8vo. British Museum. Gordonstoun, 1653, 31. 13s . 6d. Gough, 2675, 21. 156. Inglis

, History of the Puritans. By Zach. Grey,

An impartial Examination, &c. of Neal's 993, 11.16s. Nassau, pt. ii. 391,19s. — 1628.

LL.D.' London, 1736, &c. 8vo. Bishop of 4to. King and Lochée's in 1814, 31. 3s.

Ely, 614, 4 vols. 31. 55. Williams, 804, 4 D. d. 4to. Bindley, pt. iv. 159, 10s. 6d.

vols. 31. 7s. Neal, Daniel, M.A. The History

Schismatics delineated from authentic of the Puritans, or Protestant Non- Vouchers, in Reply to Neal; with DrowConformists : from the Reformation sing's Journal, &c. by Philalethes Cantabri

1739. to the Death of Queen Elizabeth : giensis (Zach. Grey, LL.D.).

8vo. with an Account of their Principles ;

A Letter to Mr. Sn-1, occasioned by their Attempts for a farther Refor- some injurious Reflections in the fourth mation in the Church; their Suf- Volume of Mr. Neal's History of the Puritans. ferings; and the Lives and Charac- By a protestant Dissenter. London, 1739.

8vo. pp. 28, not including title and half-title. ters of their most considerable Di

A Review of Mr. Daniel Neal's History of vines. A new Edition, revised, the Puritans, with a Postscript, in which the corrected, and enlarged, by Joshua Exceptions of that Author to the Bishop of Toulmin, A. M. Bath, 1793-7. Worcester’s Vindication of the Church of

England are impartially consider'd. In a 8vo. 5 vols.

Letter to Mr. David Jennings. By Zachary Best edition. Hollis, 977, 51. Williams, Grey, LL. D. Cambridge, 1744. 8vo. pp. 82, 1235, 51. 1822. 8vo. 5 vols. The

not including title. most dishonest book in our language, Dodd's Roman Catholic Church History not ex

History of New England; containing an

Account of the civil and ecclesiastical Afcepted.'-Quart. Review. Bp. Warburton fairs of the Country to the Year 1700. To says I took home (Neal's history) to my which is added, an Appendix containing house, and, at breakfast-time, filled the mar their Character, their ecclesiastical Discipline gins quite through ; which I think to be a full and their municipal Laws. By Daniel confutation of all his false facts and partial Neal, A. M. London, 1720. 8vo. 2 vols. representations.' London, 1732-8. 8vo.

Bindley, pt. ii. 2008, 14s. Willett, 1841, 4 rols. Sir P. Thompson, 607, 21. 3s. 11.5s. 1747. 8vo. 2 vols. Bishop of Ely, Bishop of Ely, 647, 26 Marquis of Towns- 649, 158. hend, 2244, 21. 2s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2007, - London, 1754. 4to. 2 vols. with

NEALE, Adam, M.D. Letters from portrait of Neal by Ravenet after Woolaston. Portugal and Spain ; comprising an Heath, 568, 21. 12s. 6d. Willett, 1760, Account of the Operations of the 3.. 13s. 6. North, pt. ii. 1036, russia, Armies under Sir A. Wellesley and 41. 4s. Hollis, 1087, 21. 8s. Roxburghe, Sir J. Moore, from the Landing of 7812, 21. 12s. 6d. Dublin, 1759. 8vo. 4 vols.

the Troops in Mondego Bay to the Neal's History of the Puritans, abridged

Battle of

Corunna. London, 1809. by Edward Parsons. Lond. 1812. 8vo. 2 vols. 4to.

An interesting and excellent work. FontAn expostulatory Letter to Mr. Daniel hill, 422, 11. Neal, upon occasion of his publishing the History of the Puritans (by A. B.). Lon Travels through some Parts of Germany, don, 1732. 8vo. pp. 30, including title and Poland, Moldavia and Turkey. Edinburgh, half-title.

1818. 4to.

31. 6s.




NEALE, John Preston. Views of Confutatio Imperii Papæ in Eccle- ring
the Seats of Noblemen and Gentle- siam, Latine, per P. Allix. Lon-
men in England, Wales, Scotland dini, 1702. 8vo.
and Ireland. London, 1818, &c. NEDHAM, Marchamont. The Ex-
royal 8vo. 6 vols.

cellencie of a free State. London,
'Each volume consists of 12 nos., each | 1767. 8vo. 4s.
number containing 6 views, with appropriate
descriptions; published at 4s. each, 432

Edited by Richard Baron. Hollis, 490,
plates. Brockett, 2166, 68 nos. 91.

morocco, 7s. - London, 1656. Sro. Hollis,

490, 3s. 6d.
PAPER, in royal 4to. with proofs on India
paper; price 8s. each number. Dent, pt. ii.

The Levellers levell’d, or the Indepen-
748, morocco, 212.

dents Conspiracie to root out Monarchie

, an
The History and Antiquities of the Abbey Interlude. By Mercerius Pragmaticus. Lo-
Church of St. Peter, Westminster ; including don, 1647. 410. Rhodes, 1777, 15s.
Notices and biographical Memoirs of the

Digitus Dei: or, God's Justice upen
Abbots and Deans of that Foundation by life and Death of the late James Duke sí

Treachery and Treason, exemplified in the
Edward Wedlake Brayley. London, 1818.
royal 4to. 2 vols. The first number of this

Hamiltun. London, 1619. 4to.
work appeared in 1816, the last, no. 13 in

The Case of the Common-wealth of Eng1823.

LARGE PAPER in imperial 4to. with land stated. London, 1650. 4to. Rolis proofs on India paper. Fifty copies printed. 1089, morocco, 10s. 6d. A former edition Grave, 326, 71. 2s. 6d. Hibbert, 5857, mo

appeared in 1649. rocco, 101. 158. Brockett, 2337, 12 parts.

News from Brussels. In a Letter from : 131. 5s. LARGEST PAPER, in imperial folio.

neer Attendant on his Majesties Person to a
Twenty-five copies printed.

Person of Honour here ; which casually be
Portraits of the Deans of Westminter.

came thus publique. Printed in the lear
3 pts. complete. PROOFS. Brockett, 2338,

1660. 4to. Reprinted with the answer in

Evelyn's miscellaneous Works.
A second Series of Views of the Seats of

A short History of the English Rebellion
Noblemen and Gentlemen in England, Wales, compleated in Verse

. London, 1661. 480. Scotland and Ireland. London, 1824, &c. Bindley, pt. iv. 397, 2s. royal 8vo. vol. i. and ii. containing 72 plates printed in the second number of Murgaa' each. 51.

Phænix Britannicus, and also in the second LARGE PAPER in royal 4to. with

volume of the Harleian Miscellany. proofs on India paper. vol. i. and ii. 101. Views of the most interesting collegiate

An account of this noted writer of weekly and parochial Churches in Great Britain,

news in the civil wars, with a list of his pube including Screens, Fonts, Monuments, &c! lications, will be found in Wood's Athen.

Oxon. &c. By J. P. Neale and John Le Keux. With historical and architectural Descrip

Needle.-A Schole House for tions. Lond. 1824-5. royal 8vo. 2 vols. the Needle. 1624. oblong 4to. Published at 51. LARGE PAPER in 4to. 101.

White Knights, 3127, russia, 3h 15s. Six Views of Blenheim, by J. P. Neale, Neild, James. with an historical Description of that Edifice. Prisons in England, Scotland and royal 8vo. 6s. LARGE PAPER in royal 4to. with proofs on India paper. 10s.

Wales. London, 1812. 4to.
Sir Thomas, Treatise of Di-

Neill, Patrick. A Tour through rection how to travell safely and some of the Islands of Orkney and profitably into forraign Countries. Shetland. Edinb. 1806. 5s. . London, 1664. 8vo.

Hibbert, 5682, 2s.
This book should have a portrait of the
Author by W. Marshall. Nassau, pt. i. 2413,
Dowdeswell, 514, 21. 3s.

On Scottish Gardens and Orchards. Sro.
W. H. The Mohammedan

Not printed for sale. System of Theology; or, a Survey an Investigation of the Origin and

NELME, L.D. An Essay towards lamism contrasted with Christianity. that is, Sounds and simbols

. Lond. of the History and Doctrines of Is- Elements of Language and Letters

, Lond. 1828. 8vo. NEARCHIUS.

The Voyage of Nearchus. See Geographiæ veteris

Gosset, 3925, is Seriptores. VINCENT, William.

Nelson, Horatio, Lord.

The Nectarirs, Patriarcha Hierosol. Hamilton; with a Supplement of in

Letters of Lord Selson to Lady

1680. As. Re

State of the

11. 15s.

1772. 4to.

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