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only 4 leaves. — 1592. ltd. See GARMir, Robert — Another Translation by Sir John Fenvrick, Bart. London, 1697. 4to. pp. 31. Reprinted in the first volume of the Harleian Miscellany.

Fowre Bookes of the Institutions, Vse and Doctrine of the holy Sacrament of the Eucharist in the old Church; as likewise how, when, and by what Degrees the Masse is brought in, in Place thereof. Translated by It. S. London, 1600. folio.

The Mysterie of Iniquities or, the Historic cfthe Papacie,englished by Samson Lennard. London, 1612. folio. 5s. Several other pieces written by this illustrious French protectant, who was privy counsellor to Henry the Great, have been translated into English.

Morning Exercises at Cripplegate. Lond. 1660-90. 4to. 6 vols. il. Us. 6d.

Wflliacns, 1032, lit 15s. By Owen, Manton, Baker, Bates, Jenkyns, Alsop, Vincent, Burgess, &C. &C.

The Morning Exercise methodiz'd. Lonim, 1680. 4to. 14s. Published by Thomas Case. —1676. 4to.

The Morning Exercise at Cripplcgate: or, several Cases of Conscience practically resolved by sundry Ministers. London, 1661. Ito. 16s. Published by Samuel Aneley or Annesley. — 1677. 4to.

The Supplement to the Morning Exerie at Cripplegate. London, 1674, 76. 4to. 15s. Published by Annesley.

The Morning Exercise against Popery. London, 1675. 4to. ISs. Published by Nath. ViocenL — 1679.4to.

Continuation. London, 1683. 4to. 18s.

Casuistical Morning Exercises. The forth volume. By several Ministers in and shoot London, preached in October 1689. (With a Preface by Samuel Annesley). London, 1690. 4to. Mrs.

Morsay, William. Treatise of Death, together with the eenigmatick Description of old Age and Death. Edinburgh, 1631. 8vo. ts. 6d.

Worrell, William. New England. London, 1625. 4to.

In Latin and English. A copy is in the British Museum.

— William. The notorious Impostor, or the Life of W. Morrell, alias Bowyer. Lond 1692. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 186, 7s

The Compleat Memoirs of the Life of datnotorious Impostor W. Morrell, alias Bow»«. alias Wickham, &C. Lond. 1694. 12mo.

Morressvs, John. Reverendi

Episcopi Wyntoniensis Doctoris Gardineri Angliae Cancellarii Epitaphium. Lond. 1555. 4to.

Reprinted in Hearne's Collection of Discourses.

Moore, Thomas. An Apology for Schoolemasters. London, 1619. 12mo.

Morris, Corbyn. Essay towards fixing the true Standards of Wit, Humour, Raillery, &c. London, 1744. 8vo. 5s.

An ingenious work.

Observations on the past Growth, and present State of the City of London. Lond. 1751. folio. A curious pamphlet. Dent, pt. ii. 619, 2s. 6d.

— Richard. Essays on Landscape Gardening, and on uniting picturesque Effect with rural Seenery, with six Plates. By Richard Morris, F. L. S. 1827. 4to. 1/. lis. 6d.

— Capt. Thomas. The Bee, a Collection of Songs. London, 1790.

With portrait by A. Assen.

A Collection of Songs by the inimitable Captain Morris. London, 1786. 8vo. 2 pts. 5s.

Miscellanies in Prose and Verse. Lond. 1791. 8vo.4s.

Songs, political and convivial. 1802. 5s.

Morrison, Robert, D.D. A Dictionary of the Chinese Language, in three Parts. Macao, 1815-22. 4to. 3 vols, in 5.

Sotheby's in 1824, 11. This dictionary 'may be considered as the most important work in Chinese literature that has yet (1816) reached Europe.'—Quart. Review. Dr. Morrison has taken as his ground-work the 'Imperial Dictionary of Kang-he,' but has made many important alterations and improvements.

Horse Sinicre; Translations from the popular Literature of the Chinese. London, 1812. 8vo. 4s. (id. A valuable and interesting work.

A Grammar of the Chinese Language. Serampore, 1815. 4 to. 11. A valuable work short and comprehensive.

Dialogues and detached Sentences in the Chinese Language, with a free and verbal Translation in English. By the Rev. R. Morrison and others. Macao, 1816. royal 8vo. 10s.

A View of China, for philological purposes; designed for the use of Persons who study the Chinese Language. Macao, 1817. 4to. 11

Merritt, J. B. S. A Vindication of Homer and of the ancient Poets and Historians who have recorded the Fall and Siege of Troy. In two Parts. London, 1798-1800. 4to. 12s.

Written in answer to Jacob Bryant's publications on that subject.

Miscellaneous Translations and Imitations of the minor Greek Poets. London, 1802. crown 8vo. 4s.

Mors, Roderick. The Complaynt of Roderyck Mors, somtyine a gray Fryre, unto the Parliament House of Ingland his natural Country, for the Redresse of certen wicked Lawes, evel Customs and cruel Decreys. Imprinted at Savoy per Franciscum de Turona. 1 Gmo.

H, in eights. Inglis, 1049, 3/. 6s. White Knights, 2S63, russia, 51. 7s. Gd. See Hrydges' British Bibliographer, ii. 178-81. — Geneve in Savoye, by Myghell Boys, ltiiuo. Two editions, one containing H, in rights, the other O, in fours. Nassau, pt. i. S3 IS,,;/. 17s. There are two editions in the British Museum.

The Lamentation of a Christian against the Cittie of London, made by Roderigo Mors. Printed in Jericho in the Land of Pronto, 1542. 8vo.

Mortality.— A Collection of the yearly Bills of Mortality, from ](>,"> 7 to 17.">8 inclusive. Together with several other Bills of an earlier Diito. London, 17.r>9. 4to.

To which are subjoined, I. Natural and political Observations on the Bills of Mortality. By Capt. John Graunt, F. R. S. reprinted from the sixth Edition in 1676. II. Another Essay in Political Arithmetic, concerning the Growth of the City of London; with the Measure*. Periods, Causes, and iiuoncea theraoC By Sir William Petty, kit, I, U. S. reprinted from the Edition piiutc.l M London in 1683. III. Obserra»i.<n> on the past Growth and present State of the City of London! reprinted from the IMinon printed at London in 1751 ; witha Continuation of the Table* to the End of the ■yn Morris Esq.: F. R.S. l\ V ,i«np*i*li>o View of the Diseases and .Vera, atria Table of the Probabilities of . By J. P.

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Esq.; F. R. S. Willett, 2656, 6s. Collation. —Title, one leaf; preface, 16 pages; the bills of mortality, 210 pages; a folded table of diseases Ike. between the bills, for 1625-1630; the various tracts, 151 pages, and six folded tables.

Mortimer, Lieut. George. Observations and Remarks made during a Voyage to the Islands of Te neriffe, Amsterdam, Maria's Islands near Van Diemen's Land, Otaheite, Sandwich Islands, the Fox Islands, on the north-west Coast of America, Tinian and from thence to Canton. London, 1791.4to.

A hasty voyage of ten months and one day, containing but little information.

— Thomas. Mortimer's Commercial Dictionary. A new Edition, revised to the present Time. By W. Dikinson, Esq. Barrister-atlaw, and by a Merchant of Eminence. London, 1823.8vo. ll. 5s.

Mortimer.—The Fall of Mortimer, an historical Play (by — Hatchett). London, 1731. 8vo. 4s.

The play was pronounced by the Grand Jury for the County of Middlesex, July 7, 1731,' a false, infamous, scadalous, seditious and treasonable libel.' — 1763. 8vo. Prefixed to this edition is a dedication by John Wilkes to the Earl of Bute, couched in language the most insulting and sarcastic.

The History of Mortimer, being a Vindication of the Fall of Mortimer. Lond. 1731. 8vo.

Morton, Ann, Countess of. Devotions. Fourteenth Edition. Lord 1C89. 24mo.

It is from this Manual that Hon Walpole quotes the remarkable expression of' Lord wilt thou hunt after a flea.' The imprimatur to the volume is dated 1665.

— John. See Budden, John.

— John, M.A. The natural History of Northampton-shire; with some Account of the Antiquities: To which is annexed a Transcript of Doomsday-Book, as far as it relates to that County. London, 1712. folio.

'A work of very considerable indurtTi written on Dr. Plot's method, and on n'Woodward's hypothesis.'—Nicoltm. W*" deswell, 616, If. 17s. Bindley, pt- * S42, 2/. 3s. Willett, 1665, 21. 12* MMarquis of Townshend, 2445, russu, &>. 5s. 1AHQE Paper. Dent, pt. li. 782, 4£ 4s. Heath, 4678, russia, 81 Nassau, P«- "• 406, russia, 8/. 8s. Collation.—Title and dedication to Queen Anne, 2 leaves; pre&ce and errata, 4 pages; the history, 551 pages; Doomsday-Book, pp. i.—x. Rates. 1. Eight fossils, Sec. p. 170. 2. Twelvefossils. p. i. 184. 3. Thirteen shells. P-198. 4. Thirteen shells, p. 202. 5. Sixteen shells, p. 206. 6. Twenty-five shells. P- 212. 7. Thirty-two shells, p. 220. 8. Ten ammonia;, p. 224. 9. Eleven ammonites, p. 226. 10.Thirtyfossils,&c.p.246.11. Fossils and celestial phenomena, p. 356. 12. Specimens of wens on trees. 8rc. p. 394. 13. Birds, ftc. p. 463. 14. Fragment of a Roam pavement, discovered in 1699. p. 532. Prefixed to the volume is a sheet map of the county by John Harris. The copy in ■he British Museum contains ms. notes by the author.


— Joshua. Sermons on various interesting Subjects. London, 1788. 8»o. 2 vols.

In considerable estimation.—1805. 8vo. 5'ok Williams, 1218, 11. 9s.

— Nathaniel. New England's Memorial]. London, 1669. 4to.

Nassau, pt. ii. 187, lis.

— Thomas, successively Bishop of Chester, Lichfield and Durham. The Life of Thomas Morton, Bishop of Durham, and funeral Sermon, from 2 Tim. iv. 7.8. By John Barwick. London, 1660. 4to. 12s.

Prefixed is a portrait of the bishop (by Ftithome). Bishop of Ely, 202,13s. Thewritop of this prelate, which were principally jnrerted against the Romanists and nonconformists are now of little value.

The Life of Dr. Thomas Morton, Bishop •f Duresme, by R. B. and J. N. York, 1669. Umo. with a wood-cut portrait of the Arch•"^oop- Brockett, 1891, 8«. 6d. Nassau, P<-i.m,6s.

— Thomas, of Clifford's Inn. N'ew English Canaan, or New Ca"**"•; containing an Abstract of New England in three Bookes, &c. written upon tenne Yeares Knowkdge and Experiment of the Country. Amsterdam, 1637. 4to.

A number of poetical pieces are inter1*rsed through this curious work; among «heri one by Ben Jonson, which is not insided in any edition of his works. White Mights, 2953, 1/. 2s. Gordonstoun, 1634, ><■ '«♦. Bindley, pt. Hi. 322, 13s. North, Pt-u. 600, date 1634, 14s.

Morus Anglke More.

Morysine, see Morison.

Moryson, Fynes. Itinerary, containing twelve Years Travels through Germany, Bohmerland, Switzerland, Netherland, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Turkey, France, England, Scotland and Ireland, in three Parts. London, 1617. folio.

A valuable and much esteemed work. Bindley, pt. ii. 845, 2i 19s. Marquis of Townshend, 2446, 3/. 5s. Jadis, 215, 3/. 8s. North, pt. ii. 885, 4/. 10s. Hibbert, 5656, russia, 61 8s. 6d. Willett, 1666, 6/. 15s. A notice of the Itinerary will be found in the Retrospective Review, xi. 308-42.

The History of Ireland, from the Year 1599 to 1603; with a short Narration of the State of that Kingdom, from 1169: to which is added, a Description of Ireland. Dublin, 1735. 8vo. 2 vols. These volumes are taken from his Itinerary. North, pt. ii. 901,1111s.

Moschus. See Anacreon. Bion. MuSiEus. Stanley, Thomas. TheOcritus.

Moscovy or Muscovy see Russia.

Moscow.—The Reporte of a Massacre in Mosco. London, 1607. 4to.

A copy is in the British Museum.

An historical Sketch of Moscow. 1813. with 12 coloured imitations of drawings.

Moseley, Benjamin, M. D. A Treatise on Sugar, with miscellaneous medical Observations. Lond. 1800. 8vo. 5s.

Second edition, with considerable additions.

A Treatise concerning the Properties and Effects of Coffee. Fifth Edition with considerable Additions. London, 1792. Svo.

—i Walter Michael. An Essay on Archery, describing the Practice of that Art in all Ages and Nations. London, 1792. 8vo. 7s.

A work of considerable learningand taste. Bindley, pt. ii. 1563, 10s.

— William. Reports of Cases determined in the Court of Chancery during the Time of Lord Chancellor King. Dublin, 1744. folio. 15s. Reprinted Dublin, 1793. Svo.

Moser, J. Harlequin : or a De

fence of grotesque comic Performances, by Mr. J. Moser. Translated from the German by J. A. F. Warnecke. London, 1766. small


Garrick, 1660,morocco,7s.

Moses see Exodus. Genesis Pentateuch.

A Relation of the finding out of Moses his Tombe near Mount Nebo. Lond. 1657. ISmo.

Moses Chorenensis. Historiae Armeniacse, et Epitome Geographiae, Armen. et Lat. cum Notis Gul. et Geo. Gul. Whistoni Filii. Lond. 1736. 4to. 3/. 3s.

Moses, Henry. Picturesque Views of Ramsgate, with Descriptions. To which is prefixed, an historical Account of Ramsgate. London, 1817. imperial 8vo.

Duke of York, 3402, 6s. 6d. Collation.— Pp. 8, with a plan and 23 plates, to each of which is an explanatory letter-press.

A Collection of antique vases, Altars, Patera:, Tripods, Candelabra, Sarcophagi, &c. from various Museums and Collections, engravedin Outline.on 170 Plates, with historical Essays London, 1814. small 4to. 21. 2s. Large Paper. Hibbert, 5621, morocco, St. 78.

See Enolefield, Sir H. C. Bart.

Mosheim, John Lawrence, D. D. An ecclesiastical History, ancient and modern, from the Birth of Christ to the Beginning of the 18th Century. With a Continuation by Charles Coote, LL.D. London, 1811. 8vo. 6 vols.

Drury, 2759, 213s. Williams, 1220, in pig-skin, 52. 2s. 6d. A work indispensable in the department of Church history. 'Moshcim's compendium is excellent, the method admirable, in short the only one deserving of the name of an ecclesiastical history.'—Bishop Warburton. — First Edition, with a Supplement. London, 1765-8. 4to. 2 vols. Willett, 1753, ll. 14s. Roscoe, 537, 1/. 17s. — 1768. 5 vols. HoUis, 967, 1/. lis. Gough, 2413, 11 17s. — 1774. 8vo. 5 vols. Dent, pt. ii. 13, 18s. — 1782. 8vo. 6 vols. Bindley, pt. ii. 1528,11. 15s. Edwards, 782, U. Ms. Earl of Kerry, 335, 21. 18s. — 1790. 8vo — 1806. 8vo. 6 vols.—With a Dissertation on the State of the primitive Church


by George Gleig, Bishop of Stilling. 1826. 8vo. 6 vols.

An Abridgment of Mosheim's ecclesiastical History. By J. Parkinson. Dublin, 1787. 8vo. 2 vols. .

A Summary of Mosheim's ecclesiastical History, with a Continuation to the Year 1819, by C. T. Collins. London, 1822. Sra. 2 vols. ll. la.

Memoirs of the Christian Church, translated from the German. Lond. 1750.8vo.

Commentaries on the Affairs of the Christians before the Time of Constantine the Great. Translated from the Latin of Dr. Mosheim, by R. S. Vidal, Esq. London, 1813. 8vo. 2 vols. 21s. A valuable companion to the ecclesiastical History, supplying many important particulars, which the author could not treat at length in his general history.

Moss, J. W. A Manual of classical Bibliography. London, 1825. 8vo. 2 vols.

Drury, 2760, IN. Williams, 1221. W.lls. 6d.

— Miles. The Arraignment and Conviction of Vsurie, in sixe Sermons vpon Pro. 28 : 8. By Miles Mosse. London, 1595. 4to. Inglis, 988, 7s. 6d.

Robert, D. D. Sermons and

Discourses on practical subjects. London, 1732—8. 8vo. 8 vols.

With portrait of Moss by Vertue. Bp. of Ely, 624, 11. Is.

Mossom, R. D. D. A Plant of Paradise, being a Sermon preached at St. Martin's in the Fields, at the Funeral of John Goodhand Holt, of Grislehurst, in the County of Lancaster, Esq. 19 March, 1659; by R. M. Minister of St. Pet. P. W. (St. Peter's, Paul's Wharf.) London, 1660.

With a portrait of John Holt,by Loggan

A Narrative panegyrical of the Life, Sickness, and Death, of George (Wilde), Lord Bishop of Derry, in Ireland. Ai It was delivered at his Funeral in the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, commonly called Christ-Church in Dublin, on Friday the 12 of January, Anno Domini 1665-6By R. Mossom, D. D. Dean of the said Cathedral Church, London, 1665-6. 4to. Ten leaves.

Mote, Humphrey. The Primrose of London, with her valiant Aduenture on the Spanish Coast, beeing of the Burthen of 150 Tunne. Lond. for Tho. Nelson, 1585. 4to. Four leaves. A copy it in the British


Mothe Le Vayer, Francis de la. Of Liberty and Servitude, translated from the French by John Evelyn, 12mo. Lond. 1649. 12mo. Evelyn's first production.

Motherby, George, M. D. A new medical Dictionary. London, 1801. folio. 2 vols.

The first edition of this popular work appeared in 1776.

Motherwell, William. Minstrelsy: ancient and modern, with all historical Introduction and Notes. Glasgow, 1827. 4to. 18s.

Y cv, 390, and xxiv, besides title, dediation, contents, and errata, 5 leaves, liketrue engraved title, two etchings, and nine pktoof music

Motraye, Aubry de la. Travels through Europe, Asia, and into Part of Africa. London, 1723— 32. folio. 3 vols.

With maps and cuts by Hogarth, &c. Veracity and exactness, particularly so far as regards the copying of inscriptions, characterise these travels. They are also valuable "f information respecting the mines of the truth of Europe. Towneley, pt. ii. 1008, 19s. Roxburghe, 7182, 2 vols. 1/. 4s. Wilkit, 1667, It 13s. Heath, 2581, 2 vols. 2U>. North, pt. ii. 1256, 3/. 4s. Large Mper. _ 1730-2. Steevens, 1918, It 2s. R«d,3138, It 3s.

Motte, Countess de la. The Life of Jane de St. Remy de Valois, heretofore Countess De la Motte. Written by herself. London, 1791. 8vo. 2 vols. 9s.

Motteville, F. B. de. Memoirs of Ann of Austria. London, 1726. 8vo. 5 vols.

Roxburghe, 8036, 6s. 6d. Large Pa'«. It 10s.

Mottley, John. History of Peter I. Emperor of Russia. London, 1739. 8vo. 3 vols.

Roxburghe, 7880, 16s. 6d. Large >*m, it Ids.

History of the Life and Reign of the Empress Catherine of Russia. London, mt. 8vo. 2 vols.

Miller, Joe. Seymour, Robert.

Mottos, The, of the English NoWtty in the Year 1800, freely translated into Verse. 1822. 8vo. 5s. Privately printed.

Moufet tee Muffet.

Mocle, Thomas. Bibliotheca heraldica Magna; Britanniae. An analytical Catalogue of Books on Genealogy, Heraldry, Nobility, Knighthood and Ceremonies. London, 1822. royal 8vo.

An accurate and valuable work, consisting of pp. xxiii and 668, with a portrait of Camden, Large Paper in 4to. Hibbert, 5622, It 13s. 6d.

Antiquities in Westminster Abbey. Illustrated by twelve States, from Drawings by G. P. Harding. By T. Moule.

Moulin, Lewis du. Rerumnuper in Regno Scotiae gestarum Historia, per Irenseum Philalethen. Dantisci, 1641. 8vo.

Gordonstoun, 1321, 2s. 6d.

L. Moulin published many other works which were printed at London, 1641-81. See Wood's Fasti.

— Peter du, D. D. The Image of bothe Churches Hierusalem and Babel—Unitie and Confusion—Obedience and Sedition—by P. D. M. Tornay by Adrian Quinque, 1623. 12mo.

Pp. 461, exclusive of dedication, preface, 8cc. Williams, 134, 16s. Hibbert, 4088, 7s. See Wood's Athen. Oxon. by Dr. Bliss, iv. 139.

The Accomplishment of the Prosphecics, or the third Book in Defense of the catholicke Faith. Translated by I. Heath (the Epigrammatist). Oxford, 1613. 12mo. Towneley, pt. ii. 382, 3s. 6d.

This celebrated French protestant minister published many other works.

— Peter du, Prebendary of Canterbury. Regii Sanguinis Clamor ad Coelum adversus Parricidas Anglicanos. Hag. Com. 1652.12mo. 5s.

Published anonymously. It was answered by Milton 'Defensio secunda pro Populo Anglicano.'

A Treatise on Peace of Soul and Content of Mind, translated into English, with additional Notes, by John Scrope, D. D. London, 1765. 8vo. 2 vols. 7s.

Moulton, Thomas. The Myrrour or Glass of Healthe. London by Thomas Colwel. 16mo. 6s.

A work shewing * how the pianettes do raygne in euery houre of the daye and nyghte, with the natures and expositions of the xii sygnes.' Herbert notices several other editions.—An edition. London by Richard Kele. 16mo. White Knights, 1877, morocco, It 5s.

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