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ful poems, 8 leaves. Between pp. 1138-9, is, he apologises for his writings against Tindall, a leaf containing a letter of Sir Tho. More's Barns, &c. and the last 40 are pointed against ' to the Christian Reader' respecting the prin- a treatise intitled the Pacifier of the Diviter's faults—which leaf is frequently wanting. sion between the Spirituality & the TemSee Oldys' British Librarian, 194-7. porality.

The Answer to the first part of the poySergeant and Frere. London by Julyan soned Booke whyche a nameless Heretike Notary.

(W. Tindall) hath named the Supper of the The Supplycacyon of Soulys against the Lord. By Sir Thomas More Knight. Anno Supplicacyon of Beggars. (London by W. 1533. after he had geuen ouer the Offyce of Rastell). folio. Inglis, 1015, 31. 15s. Sir Lorde Chauncellour of Englande. By W. M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 413, with More's Dia- Rastell, 1534. 8vo. Contains folio cclxxxii, logue of Martyrs, 1530, 41. 16s. This besides the preface and a table of. The fautes volume contains xliii leaves. At the end, escaped in the prentynge of thys booke.' In"Cum priuilegio' and 'The fawtes escaped in glis, 1044, 6s. Sotheby's in 1824, 16s. the pryntyng. The last page is blank. Utopia, written in Latine by Syr Thomas

A Dyaloge of Syr Thomas More Knyghte: More Knyght, and translated into Englyshc wherin he treatyd divers Matters, as of the by Raphe Robynson, Citizein and GoldVeneration & Worshyp of Ymagys & Rely- smythe of London, at the Procurement, and ques, prayyng to Sayntys, and goyng on earnest Request of George Tadlowe, CitePylgrymage, wyth many othere Thyngys zein and Haberdassher of the same Citie. touchyng the pestylent Sect of Luther and London, by Abraham Vele, 1551. 8vo. Tyndale, by the tone bygone in Saxony, and A-S iv. Saunders' in 1818, russia, 31. 3s. by the tother laboryd to be brought in to Bindley, pt. ii. 1970, 11. 1s. Towneley, pt. i. England. Lond. (by John Rastell), 1529. fol. 485, 31. 5s. 1556. 16mo. A-S, in Inglis, 1016, morocco, 31. 18s. The volume eights. Nassau, pt. i. 2304, 11s. Reed, contains fo. C.xxvi. 1530. folio. Mar- 2637, 12s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1971, 11. ls. quis of Townshend, 2441, 21. 2s. Inglis, Saunders' in 1818, 21. 10s. 1597. 4to. 1017, 31. This edition, printed in long lines, Contains sign. T. 1624. 4to. Bindley, contains 154 leaves, besides a table, which pt. iii. 359, 5s. Gordonstoun, 1581, 4s. 64. commences on the back of the title page. On A very incorrect edition, dedicated to Crethe last leaf are · The fawtes escaped in the sacre More of More Place in North Mimes. pryntyge.'

1639. 12mo. A very erroneous edition. The Confutacyon of Tyndales Answere. In the title-page is a portrait of More by Lond. by Wyllyam Rastell, 1532. folio. 21. 2s. Marshall. Hibbert, 5529, 2s. 68. - - A new Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 414, 41. 6s. This Edition, with copious Notes, and a biograwork is paged in numerals, and contains phical and literary Introduction by the Rev. canvi folios, also a preface, consisting of T. F. Dibdin, D.D. London, 1808. crown 37 pages, and a leaf at the end with • The 8vo. 2 vols. with a portrait of More. LARGE fawtes escaped in the pryntynge' amended. PAPER, in 4to.--copes printed, with an extra

The second Parte of the Confutacion of plate of the family of More, in outline.Tyndals Answere in which is also confuted Bindley, pt. iii. 360, 16s. Goldsmid, 542, the Chyrche that Tyndale deuyseth and the 21. 5s. Hibbert, 5610, russia, 11. 178. StretChyrche also that Frere Barns deuyseth, tell, 1248, 11. 5s. Roscoe, 1575, morocco, made by Syr Thomas More Knyght. Lond. 21. 11s. Brockett, 2268, 11. 2s. Sir M. M. by Wyllyam Rastell, 1533. folio. This Sykes, pt. ii. 526, 11. 7s. second part contains from book the fourth Utopia, translated into English by Gilbert to book the ninth inclusive. A copy is in Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury. London, 1684. the British Museum.

8vo. First edition. Oxford, 1751. 8vo. The Debellacyon of Salem and Byzance. To this edition is added a short account of Printed by W. Rastell, 1533. 16mo.

Rox- Sir Thomas More's life and trial, and a prayer burghe, 564, 11. 2s. Inglis, 1043, 21. 9s. made by him when he was a prisoner in ihe The work, preceded by a preface, begins on

London, 1808. small 8vo. A fol. viri and is divided into two parts. The neat edition, to which is prefixed a life of first has xuji chapters and ends on fol. ciiii ; the author. the second begins with the fifteenth chapter A Dialoge of Comfort against Tribulaand a fresh set of signatures and nume

cion. Lond. by Richarde Tottel, 1553. 4to. Tals, and concludes the xxi chapter on X 4, in eights. — Newly set forthe, with many fol

. clxxiii. • The fautes escaped in prynt- Places restored and corrected by Conference ynge' occupy two leaves.

of sundrie Copies. Antwerp, 1573. 16mo. The Apologye of Syr Thomas More Dedicated by the printer, John Fowler, to Koyght, made by him Anno 1533, after he the · Ladie Jane, Duchesse of Feria. In had geven ouer Thoffice of Lord Chancellour this edition will be found a portrait of More, Englande. Prynted by W. Rastell, 1533. unknown to Granger or Bromley. Bindley, Ibmo. This volume contains 290 leaves, and pt. ii. 1817, 1l. Is. Lloyd, 875, 10s. 6d. consists of 50 chapters. In the former 10 Inglis, 1047, 11s.-Ant. 1574. Lloyd, 876,


185.-Ant. 1578. Towneley, pt. i. 486, Thomas, de Eschallers de with a portrait of More, 21. 12s. 6d. A Treatice to receaue the blessed Body tian, or the Saint's Utopia.

la. The English Catholike Chris

Lonof our Lord sacramentally and virtually bothe. With certein deuout and vertuous don, 1649. 4to. Instructions, Meditacions and Prayers. Lo Evidently the production of an enthusiastic vaine, by John Fouler, 1572. 4to.

madman. It is dedicated to K. Charles I. The Historie of the pittiful Life and un MOREAU, Simeon. A Tour to fortunate Death of King Edward V. and the the Royal Spa at Cheltenham: or Duke of York, his Brother. Edited by W.

elle: Gloucestershire displayed. Bath, Sheares. London, 1641. 12mo. An elegant history. The volume consists of 461 1797. 12mo. pages, with two portraits, dedicated to Sir Pp. 208, and three plates. The first ediJohn Lenthall, Knt. There are two title- tion appeared in 1783. pages to the volume, the first · The Historie Morehead, William. Lachrymæ, &c. of Edward the V.' The other, .The sive Valedictio Scotiæ sub Distragicall Historie, &c. of Richard the III.' Roxburghe, 8394, 21. 2s. Towneley, pt. i. cessum D. Georgii Monachi in An487, 21. 5s. Grave, 239, 12s. Dent, pt. i. glia revocati. Lond. 1660. 4to. 1448 & 9, russia, 19s. & 11. ls. More's In Latin and English, consisting of eight Life of Edward and Richard, with a conti- sheets and a half. nuation from Hall and Holinshed's Chroni MOREL, William. Verborvm Lacles, will be found in the first volume of tinorym cum Græcis Anglicisqve Kennet's History of England. The History of Richard III. Chiswick,

coniunctorum locupletissimi Com. 1821. with portrait. LARGE PAPER. Twenty- mentarii: ad elaboratum Guilielmi five copies printed. Hibbert, 5535, 11. Ás. Morelii Archetypum excusi, &c. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 455, 11. 8s. Font- Londini, 1583. folio. hill, 3376, 21. ls.

The volume consists of 1153 pages, printed

in double columns. It is dedicated to the Expositio fidelis de Morte Thomæ Mori Earl of Leicester, after which are a preface, a et quorundam aliorum insignium Virorum in list of authors, and some Latin verses, adAnglia. Antv. 1536. 8vo. Bibl. Crosts. no.

dressed to the studious youth, by Abr. Fle7283. Bibl. Paris. no. 573.

ming. Perry, pt. i. 1302, 51. 2s. 6d. Vita di Tomaso Moro, Gran Cancellario d'Inghilterra. Bol. 1681. with portrait.

MORELL, Thomas. Lexicon GræBindley, pt. iii. 1741, 7s. 6d.

co-prosodiacum, olim vulgatum TySee Brixius, Germanus. Cayley, Ar- pis denuo mandavit, permultis in thur. Herrera, Fernando de. Heywood, Locis correxit, Exemplis a se allatis

, Ellis

. Hoddesdon, John, MACDIARMID, et Animadversionibus illustravit, John. More, Cresacre. More, Thomas. Nichols, John. Roper, William. Sta: / Verbis a Th. Morello omissis, quamPLETON, Thomas. WARNER, Ferd. plurimis auxit; et Græcis Voci

More, Thomas. D. 0. M. S. bus auxit, et Græcis Vocibus LatiThe Life and Death of Sir Thomas nam Versionem subjecit Edv. MaltMoore, Lord High Chancellor of by. Cantab. 1815. 4to. England, written by M. T. M. and An elaborate and accurate edition. Hib

bert, 5611, russia, 21. An abridgement has cious Majestie. (Paris, 1626). 4to.

Towneley, pt. i. 701, 21. 12s. 6d. Bindley, Thesaurus Græcæ Poeseos, sive Lexicon pt. iii. 361, 10s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. Græco-prosodiacum.

Etonæ, 1762. 4to. 523, russia, 11. 15s. Nassau, pt. ii. 180, with a portrait of the author by Basire after with plates of the family of More and por- W. Hogarth. Dent, pt. ii. 741, russia, 19s. trait of Sir Thomas inserted, 21. lume consist of 432 pages exclusive of the 2946, russia, 21. Heath, 50, 61. 15s.

Towneley, pt. i. 699, 17. 10s. White Knights, dedication. Lond. 1726. 8vo. with port.

Notes and Annotations on Locke on the of More by Vertue. Drury, 2725, 93. Bind- Human Understanding. London, 1794. 8vo. ley, pt. ii. 1575, 12s. Reed, 4591, 9s. 6d. LARGE PAPER. Dent, pt. i. 1446, ll. 4s.

Morer, Thomas. A short AcHibbert, 5534, morocco, 121. Lloyd, 153, count of Scotland. Lond. 1715. 8vo. Brockett, 2142, 11. 6s. Wil

Steevens, 1793, 18s. 6d. 1702. Reed, liams, 1216, with portrait of More by Valdor 5568, morocco 8s. inserted, morocco, 41. 10s.

Moreri, L. Dictionary. See See MORE, Cresacre.

Collier, Jeremy

dedicated to the Queen's most gra- lately appeered.

The vo

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1729. 8vo. ford Haven in 1791. 1

MORES, Edward Rowe. A Dis- | copious Notes by W. Cooke. London, 1822. sertation upon English typographical Svo. 2 vols. Founders and Founderies.

MORGAN, Sir Henry. Voyage to

With an Appendix. London, 1778. 8vo.

Panama, 1670. Lond. 1683. 12mo.
Of this curious and valuable work only

- J. Phænix Britannicus: being
100 copies were printed: of the appendix by a miscellaneous Collection of scarce
Nichols (pp. 4) only 80. Sir M. M. Sykes, and curious Tracts. London, 1732.
pt. ii. 457, 16s. Baker, 578, 16s. Brockett, 4to.
2145, 164. Bindley, pt. ii. 1573, 19s.

Of this work only six numbers appeared.
Nomina et Insignia gentilitia Nobilium, Nassau, pt. ii. 183, 9s. Bindley, pt. iii.
Equitumque sub Edoardo primo Rege mili- 304, 14s. Gough, 2667, 18s. Dowdeswell,
tantium: accedunt Classes Exercitus Edoardi | 592, 18s. 6d. Heath, 4479, 11. 6s.
tertü Regis Caletem obsidentis. Edidit E. R.
Mores. Oxon. 1749. 4to. This tract was History of Algiers : to which is prefixed,
printed for private distribution. Bindley, an Epitome of the general History of Bar-
pt. iii. 568, 21. 15s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. bary, from the earliest Times. London,
615, morocco, 11. 7s. Nassau, pt. ii. 978, 1728. 4to. 1731. 4to. Heath, 2719, 4s.
11. 143. Gough, 2991, with ms. notes, Willett, 1635, 11s. 60. LARGE PAPER.
11. 16s.

John. A short Analysis of
De Ælfrico, Dorobernensi Archiepiscopo, St. James's Epist. ch. 2. v. 14, &c.
Commentarius: Edidit et præfatus est Gri-
mus Johannes Thorkelin, LL. D.

London, 1588. 16mo.

Lond. 1789. 4to. 7s.6d.

- John. Essays upon the Law See CÆDNON Monachus. Nichols' Bibl. of Evidence, new Trials, special Top. Brit. nos. i. xiij. and xvi.

Verdicts, Trials at Bar, and ReMoresisus, Tho. M. D. Papa- pleaders. Lond. 1789. 8vo. 3 vols. tus, seu, depravatæ Religionis Origo et Incrementum.

The Attorney's Vade-mecum and Client's
Edinb. 1594. Instructor. London, 1787. 8vo. 3 vols.

- Lieut. J. C. The Emigrant's
Dedicated to K. James VI. of Scotland. Note Book and Guide; with Re-
Roxburghe, 419, 9s. Constable, 663, 1s. 10s.
MORESON, John. See Holy

collections of Upper and Lower

Canada, during the War. London, MORETON, Andrew. An Essay

1824. 12mo.

A partial, tho' at the same time an on the History and Reality of Ap- useful work.—Quart. Review. paritions. Lond. 1727. 8vo.

Mrs. Mary. A Tour to Mil-
Roxburghe, 1988, 8s.

Steevens, 1544, 6s. Ponthill, 1219, 11. 5s.
Heath, 1495, 18s.
1735. 8vo.

1795. 8vo.

- 1738. 8vo. Dent, pt. ii. 12, 14s. 6d. Dowdeswell,

Dent, pt. i. 1451, 7s. 6d. Ponthill, 2150, 509, 6s. This and the following work are

17s. attributed to Daniel Defoe.

Nic. The Perfection of

Horsemanship. Lond. 1609. 4to.
Parochial Tyranny, or the Housekeeper's Sylvanus.

The Sphere of
Complaint against the Assessments of select
Vestries. London. 8vo.

Gentry, deduced from the Princi-
MORGAGNI, John Baptist. The ples of Nature : an historical and
Seats and Causes of Diseases in- genealogical Work of Arms and
vestigated by Anatomy; in five Blazon, in four Books. London,
Books, containing a great Variety 1661. folio.
of Dissections, with Remarks. To

This work, though written in a pe

dantic style, contains much curious matter. which are added, very accurate and

Towneley, pt. ii. 1014, russia, 41. 14s. 6d. copious Indexes of the principal Hibbert, 5652, 1l. 13s. Gough, 2496, Things and Names therein con 11. 7s. Nassau, pt. ii. 205, 21. 5s. Some tained. Translated by Benjamin copies contain a genealogical tree of the Alexander, M. D. London, 1769. Bindley, pt. ii

. 846, 51. 58.

Howard family. Dowdeswell, 615,41. 14s. Od. 4to. 3 vols.

Dent, pt. ii. 781, morocco, 81. 12s. Nassau,
A much esteemed work. Willett, 1634, pt. ii. 206, njorocco, 101. Collation.

- Abridged and elucidated with Two titles, one engraved, the other printed,


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the former by R. Gaywood, containing Morgan is a disciple of the school of a portrait of the author; To the King, one Bichat, and a fellow labourer with Surgeon leaf; To the reader, two leaves; an acros Lawrence, in advocating those doctrines of tick, &c. two leaves ; the words of art and physiological structure that have since been the names of the constellations, two leaves; strenuously repelled by Mr. Rennell and the first book, pp. 120, after which is a other able writers. leaf containing a portrait of Camden. This book likewise contains five plates at pp.

Sketches of the Philosophy of Morals. 9, 19, 27, 47, 59, independent of those London, 1822. 8vo. Intended as a continuon the letter-press.

The second book, ation to the Philosophy of Life. pp. 118. The third book, pp. 120. The William. Principles and Docfourth book, pp. 116, also pp. (33) to (40) trine of Assurances, Annuities on and a leaf containing the atchievement of a Lives, and contingent Reversions. baron' a duplicate plate. The table, 8 leaves. London, 1823. 8vo. 12s. A Treatise of Honor and honorable Men.

A useful work. This gentleman, who is 1642. 4to. pp. 168. A MS. consisting of actuary to the Equitable Assurance Office, 168 pages. See Brydges' Censura Literaria. has published other valuable works on London, King Charles his Augusta, or

finance, &c. City Royal of the Founders. Names, and Lady. Italy. London, 1821. oldest Honours of that City, an historical and 4to. 2 vols. antiquarian Work, in Verse, with Annotations. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 527, 15s. Drury, 1648. 4to.

2756, 3 vols. 11. 2s. Horologiographia Optica, Dialling universal and particular. London, 1652. 4to. Letter to the Reviewers of Italy' includ

Armilogia, sive Ars chromocritica: the ing an Answer to a Pamphlet entitled ObLanguage of Arms by the Colours and Me- servations on the Calumnies and Misrepretals. London, 1666. 4to. Dedicated to sentations in Lady Morgan's Italy. Lond. Edward Earl of Manchester, whose arms are 1821. 4to. on the back of the title-page. It is intended France. By Lady Morgan. London, by the author as a supplement to his Sphere 1817. 4to. of Gentry. Lloyd, 802, 11. 14s.

Observations sur l'Ouvrage intitulé La PAPER. Nassau, pt. ii. 182, morocco, 11. 4s. France, par Lady Morgan. Paris, 1817.8vo.

- T. The Welchmens Ivbilee The Life and Times of Salvator Rosal. to the Honovr of St. David. Lon- Lond. 1824. 8vo. 2 vols.

This lady, whose maiden name was Owendon (1641). 4to.

son, has published many celebrated novels,&c. Nasssau, pt. ii. 184, 8s. Sir Thomas.

MORGANN, Maurice. An Essay

A Relation of Major-General Sir Thomas Mor- John Falstaff. Lond. 1777. 8vo.

on the dramatic Character of Sir gan's Progress in France and Flan

• This essay (published anonymously) ders, with the six thousand English, forms a more honourable monument to the in the Years 1657 and 1658, at the memory of Shakspeare, than any which has Taking of Dunkirk, and other im- been reared to him by the united labours of portant Places ; as it was delivered ley, pt. iii. 1109, 14s. Roxburghe, 3884


his commentators.'— Dr. Symmons. Bindby the General himself. London, 14s. 6d. Marquis of Townshend, 2912, 7s. 1699. 4to.

18. 8vo. 5s. This curious piece of history is MORIER, James. A Journey reprinted in Morgan's Phænix Britannicus, through Persia, Armenia and Asia in the third volume of the Harleian Miscel- Minor to Constantinople in 1808, 9. lany, and in the seventh volume of the Somers Collection.

In which is included some Account Thomas, Dr. The moral of his Majesty's Mission under Sir Philosopher. London, 1738. 8vo. H. Jones to the Court of the King 3 vols. 15s.

of Persia. Lond. 1812. 4to. In this work revelation was attacked with Garrick, 1568, 11. 3s. Duke of York, the greatest virulence. It was most ably 3398, 11. 2s. 3399, with proofs on INDIA and satisfactorily answered by Dr. Jolin Le PAPER, 31. 9s. Morier's Journeys are justly land, and other celebrated divines.

regarded as works of authority on the civil, Sir T. C. M.D. Sketches political, domestic and commercial circumof the Philosophy of Life. London, Stances of the Persians. 1818. 8vo.

A second Journey through Persia to Con


Pp. 16.

stantinople between the Years 1810–16; | botanologiæ summarium, 4 pages ; errata, with a Journal of the Voyage by the Brazils 2 pages ; par. iii. sect. vi--XV, 657 pages, and Bombay to the Persian Gulf; together and index, 9 pages. The volume contains with an Account of the Proceedings of his 166 plates worked on 87 leaves, sect. vi to Majesty's Embassy under Sir Gore Ouseley, xv. A portrait of Morison by White, after Bart. Lond. 1818. 4to.

Sunman, faces the volume. The two Journeys. Lond. 1812–18. 4to. 2 vols. Hibbert, 5618, with plates on INDIA Hortus Regius Blesensis auctus. Lond. PAPER, 61.

1669. 8vo. Morin, John. Antiquitates Ec Plantarum umbelliferarum Distributio clesiæ Orientalis. Cum. Vita 1. nova, per Tabulas Cognationis et Affinitatis

ex Libro Naturæ observata et detecta. Morini. Londini, 1682. 12mo. 5s.

Oxonii, 1672. folio. This portion frequently Bishop Warburton stiles this writer's forms the first part of the Plantarum His* Exercitationes,' a master-piece of criticism. toria, though it sometimes found at the Morison, Rev. John. An Ex- end of the work. LARGE PAPER, Colla

tion.- Title and two dedications, 3 leaves ; position of the Book of Psalms, ex

preface, planatory, critical and devotional. pages; explanation of the plates, 3 pages.

pages ; plantæ umbelliferæ, 91 Lond. 1828. 8vo. 2 vols.

The volume contains nine general tables, This publication, written by a dissenting one of which is folded, and ten botanical minister, is commended by Mr. Horne in plates, beginning with Tab. 2. having the his Introduction to the Study of the Scrip- explanations printed on the reverse. tures.

Wm. Maxwell. The DeciSir Richard, Knt. An In- sions of the Court of Session, from rective ayenste Treason, wherein its Institution until the Separation the secrete Practises and traiterous of the Court into two Divisions in Workinges of theym, that suffrid of 1808, digested under proper Heads late are disclosed. Lond. 1539. in the form of a Dictionary. With 16mo.

the Synopsis, and an Index by F4, in eights. Roxburghe, 8426, 21. 4s. Tait. Edinb. 1811-23. 4to. 21 A copy is in the British Museum.

vols. Apomaxias Calumniarum J. Cochlæi contra Hen. VIII. Lond. 1537. 4to. Dedicated from its Institution to the present Time.

The Decisions of the Court of Session, to Thomas Cromwell, secretary of state. А

Edinb. 1801-7. 4to. 38 vols. copy is in the British Museum. An Exhortation to styrre vp all Englyshe

Supplemental Volume, containing omitted men to the Defence of their Country. Lond. Cases, Indexes, &c. Edinb. 1815. 4to. 1539. 8vo.

A copy is in the Bodleian Synopsis of the Decisions of the Court of Library.

Session from 1808 to 1812. Edinb. 1814.

4to. Comfortable Consolation for the Birth of Prince Edward, rather than Sorrow for the

A Supplement to Morison's Dictionary of Death of Queen Jane. See Wood's Athen. Decisions. By M. P. Brown. Edinburgh, Oxon.

1823-4. 4to. 5 vols.

Robert, M.D. Plantarum

Moritz, Charles P. Travels, Historiæ universalis Oxoniensis chiefly on Foot, through several Pars. II. et III. Oxon. 1680, 99, Parts of England, in 1782, describseu 1715. folio. 2 vols. 21. 2s. ed in Letters to a Friend, Trans

A valuable work. Part I. never appeared. lated from the German, by a Lady. LARGE PAPER. 31. 3s. Hibbert, 5654, with Plantar. umb. Distrib. the plates accurately

Lond. 1795, 12mo. 3s, 6d. coloured, and the escutcheons of arms em

Interesting remarks on this entertaining blazoned, morocco, 51. 2s. 6d. Collation.- pedestrian tour will be found in the Quart. Pars secunda. Oxon. 1680. Half-title and Review, xv. 542—4. Moritz's travels are retitle, 2 leaves; preface, 4 pages ; pars se- printed in the second volume of Pinkerton's cunda, sect. i-v. 617 pages, index, &c. 3

Collection of Voyages and Travels. pages. The volume contains 126 plates,

MORLAND, George. Authentic worked on 65 leaves, divided into five sec- Memoirs of the late George Mortions. Subjoined to each plate is a different land : together with Specimens of dedication. Pars tertia. Oxon. 1699. Halftitle, title and dedication, 3 leaves; life

his Sketches, &c. By Francis Wilof Dr. Morison, 6 pages ; preface, 6 pages; liam Blagdon. Lond. 1806, folio,

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