Зображення сторінки

LARGE FAFER. Beckfurd in 1817, 161, 3t 5s. Collation.—Vol. I. Engraved titlepage; dedication, 4 pages; advertisement and direction for placing the plates, 2 pages; preface, 15 pages; contents, 5 pages; description of the plans, 1 page; history, 451 pages. This volume contains 5 plates. Vol. II. Pp. 312, not including the title, and 8 plates. Pages 137 to 144 are repeated and follow p. 174 for 179.

Letters to a Prebendary : being an Answer to Reflections on Popery, by the Rev. J. St urges, LL.D. with Remarks on the Opposition of Hoadlyism to the Doctrines of the Church of England, and on various Publications occasioned by the late civil and ecclesiastical History of Winchester. By the Rev. John Milner. Winchester, 1800. 4to. Gosset, 3665, 10s.

A Letter to the Rev. John Milner, occasioned by his false and illiberal Aspersions on the Memory and Writings of Dr. Benjamin Hoadly, formerly Bishop of Winchester. By Robert Hoadly Ashe, D.D. Loud. 1799. 8vo. N. 6d.

Reflections on the Principles and Institutions of Popery, &C. &c. occasioned by the Rev. John Milner's History of Winchester. By John Sturges, D.D. Second Edition, with Corrections and Additions. London, 1800. 8vo. 6s. — 1799. 4lo. 5s.

An historical and critical Inquiry into the Existence and Character of Saint George, Patron of England, of the Order of the Garter, and of the Antiquarian Society; in which the Assertions of Edward Gibbon, Esq. History of Decline and Fall, cap. 23; and of certain other modern Writers, concerning this Saint are discussed. London, 1795. 8vo.

A Dissertation on the modem Style of altering antient Cathedrals, as exemplified in the Cathedral of Salisbury. Lond. 1798. 4to. pp. 54, with a view of the monument of Bishop Poore, by J.Carter. Fonthill, 1258, lis. Dent, pt. ii. 734, 18s. —1811. 39 pp. with two plates.

An Inquiry into certain vulgar Opinions concerning the Catholic Inhabitants and the Antiquities of Ireland. Lond. 1S08. 8vo. Jti and 278 pp. also errata 1 leaf. Home Tooke, 4701, date 1810, IN. 6d.

A Treatise on the Ecclesiastical Architecture of England, during the Middle Ages. Lond. 1811. royal Svo. with ten plates. An excellent and admirable little work. Drury, 2722, date 1S10, russia, 12s. Large Paper in 4to.

— Joseph. History of the Church of Christ. London, 1794, &c. Svo. o vols.

An esteemed work. — IS 10. Svo. 5 vols. Edwards, 783, 2/. Ss. — With Additions by Isaac Milner. IS 19. 8vo. 5 vote — 1S24. Svo. 5 vols.

Practical Sermons; to which is prefixed, an Account of the Life and Character of the Author by the Dean of Carlisle. Svo. 2 vols. 11. Is.

Tracts and Essays theological and historical. 8vo. 12s.

Milner of Abingdon.—A ryght, pleasant and merye Historie of the Mylner of Abyngton, with his Wife and his fayre Daughter: and of two poore Scholers of Cambridge. London by Rycharde Ihones. 4to.

A copy, consisting of eight leaves, is in the Bodleian Library. By Ant. a Wood attributed to Andrew Borde.

Milton, John. The poetical Works of John Milton; with Notes of various Authors. The third Edition. With other Illustrations, and with some Account of the Life and Writings of Milton; derived principally from Documents in his Majesty's State-Paper Office, now first published. By the Rev. H. J. Todd. London, 1826. Svo. 6 vols.

This edition does not contain the verbal index to Milton's poetry, which is in the former. — London, 1801. 8vo. 6 vols. Laroe Paper. Bindley, pt ii. 1543, with Life by Todd, 2/. 17s. Reed, 7145, 3L Ife. White Knights, 2805, morocco, 5/. 10s. Sir M. M. Sykes.pt. ii. 439, bds. Si 16s. Earl of Kerry, 334, with Milton's Prose Works, 1806, 7 vols, russia, 15/. 15s. — 1»M. 8vo. 7 vols. Combe, 1332, It 14s. laser Paper, in imperial 8vo. Bishop of Ely, (H, ■11. 16s. Duke of York, 3567, 7'. Other Editions.

London, 1695. folio. 2 vols, in 1. Bindley, pt. ii. 832, 15s.

London, 1705. 8vo. 2 vols.

London, 1707. Svo. 2 vols.

London, 1720. 4to. 2 vols. TickelTs edition, with Addison's criticism on the Paradise Lost, and an index of the principal matters. Edwards, 130, 17s. Roibunjbe, 3391, It Marquis of Townshend, 2369, 18«

London, 1721. 12mo. 2 vols. With Addison's criticism on the Paradise Lost. (

London, 1727. 8vo. 2 vols. Feotont edition. Bindley, pt. ii. 1541, 16s.

London, 1730. Svo. 2 vols.

London, 1731. 12mo. 2 vols. With Notes of Various Authors, by Thomas Newton, Bp. of Bristol. Lond. 17*9-51 4to. 3 vols. Bindley, pt. iii. 343,21. Dent, P<ii. 736, with Milton's prose Works, •,"*'• vols, morocco, 16t 16s. Nassau, pt. ii. Id with Milton's prose Works, 1753, i 'us russia, 13/. 13s. Williams, 1026, with «''ton's prose works, 1753, 2 vols. moroccOi 2615s. Willett, 1623, with Milton's pro* Works, 1753, 2 vob. 117. — London, 1753. 8to. 4 rob. — London, 1754. 4to. 3 vob. Gsrrick, 15S0, with Milton's prose Works, l"53,2vols.57.15s.6d. — Lond. 1757. 8vo. Itrds. — London, 1761. 4to. 3 vols. Roxburgh*, 3393, 27. 12s. 6d. Stanley, 401, russia, 47. Us. fid. Steevens, 962, with Mikon's prose Works, 1753, 2 vols, in Hoe turkey, 14/. 15s. Hollis, 905, with Milton's prose Works, 1753, 2 vols, rassia, 41 4s. — London, 1763. 8vo. I tob. — London, 1766. 8vo. 4 vols. — London, 1770. 8vo. 4 vols. — London, 1773. 8vo. 4 vols. — London, 1775. 4(0.3 rob. Heath, 1844, 5/. 5s. —London, 1778. 8vo. 4 vols. White Knights, 1S(», date 1779, 1/. 16s. — London, 1790. In. i rob. 27. 2s.

Dublin, 1752. 8vo. 2 vols. With t Glossary. Edinb. 1752. 8vo. 2 vols. London, 1753. 12rao. 2 vob. With a Critique on Paradise Lost, by Addison, a Preface, in which are inserted Characters of the several Pieces, a Glossary, ind i Life of Milton. Edinb. 1755. small Sva. 2 vob.

Birmingham, 1758. royal 8vo. 2 vols. Bulemlle's edition. Bindley, pt. ii. 1568, nam,!/. 15s. Heath, 1841, 17. 4s. Baker, «17, 27. 5s. Willett, 1709, 27.1 Is.

Birmingham, 1759. (to. 2 vob. Baskmihe'j edition. Roxburghe, 3392, moncm,27.19j. Heath, 1842, 17. 3s. White Knights, 2754, morocco, 37. 4s.

Birmingham, 1760. ovo. 2 vols. Baskerrifle'j edition. Marquis of Townshend, 2W3, 11 2s. Garrick. 1621, ruled with red hurt, snd bound in morocco, 57. 10s.

Edinburgh, 1762. I2mo. 2 vob. Garrick, 1622, 5s.

The poetical Works of John Milton, vrith » Lift of the Author by William Hayley. London, 1794, 5, 7. folio. 3 vols. BoydeU's riition, with plates after WestalU published x 157. 15s. By many thought to be the foot production of Mr. Buhner's press. W» of York, 3419, morocco, 6/. 15s. Bindley, pL U. 833, 77. 7s. Willett, 1553, ooeocco, 117. Dent, pt. ii. 774, monwo, 127. 12s. Marquis of Townshend, 2231, russia, 427. Fonthill, 3018, 327. lis. Floors. Roxburghe, 3395, morocco, 217.

London, 1796. 8vo. 2 vols. 18s. Elefuuy printed by Bensley. Bindley, pt. ii. 1544,17.51. Largest Paper. Stanley, 402, morocco by Roger Payne, 67. 12s. fid.

The poetical Works, from the Text of Dr. Newton, with a critical Essay, by J. Aikia, M. D. London, 1801. small 8vo. 4 nb. with portrait ami plates. — 1805. 8vo. > vols. — 1805. 18mo. 3 vob. — 1808. «m. gro. 4 vob. Brocket!, 2107, 17. 3s.

The poetical Works, by Thomas Park. London, 1805. 18mo. 4 vob. Sharpe's Edition, with beautiful engravings.

The poetical Works, with hb Life by

Samuel Johnson, LL.D., and Remarks by John Aikin, M.D. London, 1810. 12mo. 3 vols. Sharpe's Edition.

By W. Cowper. Chichester, 1810. 4 vols, with portraits. Hollis, 841, 17. lis.

With Notes of various Authors, &c. By Edward Hawkins, M.A. Oxford, 1824. 8vo. 4 vob.

London, 1817. 8vo. 2 vob. With Stothard and Westall's Plates.

Poetical Works, with Cowper's Translations of the Latin and Italian Poems. London, 182G. crown 8vo. 3 vob.

— AMaske (Comus) presented at Ludlow Castle, 1634, on Michaelrnasse Night, before the Earle of Bridge water, Viscount Brackly, Lord President of Wales, and one of his Majesties most honourable privie Counsell. London, 1637. 4to.

Rhodes, 1711,27. 3s. Bindley, pt. iii. 522, 67. Jadis, 149, 17. 8s. Steevens, 972, with the view of Ludlow Castle, 17.3s. Hollis, 911, with Justa Edovardo King, Cantab. 1638, 27. 10s.

Comus, a Mask, &c. With Notes critical and explanatory, by various Commentators, and with preliminary Illustrations: to which is added, a Copy of the Mask, from a MS. belonging to his Grace the Duke of Bridgewater. By the Rev. H. J. Todd. Canterb.

1798. 8vo. Hollis, 857, 7s. — London,

1799. small 8vo.

Comcedia Joannis Miltoni (qua; agebatur in Arce Ludensi) paraphrastic^ reddita a Gulielmo Hogajo. Lond. 1698. 4to.

II Como, Favola boschereccia, trad, da Gaetano Polidori. Lond. 1802. crown 8vo.

— Lycidas.

This poem first appeared in a Cambridge collection of verses on the death of Mr. Edward King, fellow of Christ's College, printed at Cambridge, 1638. 4to. See Kino, Edward.

Paraphrasis Latina in d_uo Poemata (quorum alteram a Miltono, alterum a Clievlando, Anglice scriptum fuit) quibus deploratur Mors Juvenis praeclari et eruditi, D. Edvardi King, qui Nave, qua vectabatur, Saxo illisa, in Oceano Hybemico submersus est. Autore Gulielmo Hogao. Londini, 1694. 4to.

Miltonls Poema Lycidas, Grace redditum (a Joh. Plumptre). 1797. 4to.

Licida di Giovanni Milton, da T. J. Mathias. Londra, 1812. 12mo.

Poems by Mr. John Milton, both English and Latin, composed at several Times. Printed by his true Copies. The Songs were set in Musick by Mr. Henry Lawes, Gentleman of the King's Chappell. London, 1645. small 8vo.

With an oval portrait of Milton by W. Marshall, with a Greek inscription, intended by the poet as a satire on the engraver. Nassau, pt. i. 2267, 18s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1553, 2t 10s. Towneley, pt. i. 494, 4/. Bibl. Anglo.-Foet. 453, 5t Roscoe, 1380, It 2s. Hollis, 854, 2/. }: Lloyd, 865, 2t 10s. Inglis, 1038, morocco, 21.6s.

Poems, Sic. upon several Occasions. By Mr. John Milton; both English and Latin, &c. Composed at several Times. With a small Tractate of Education to Mr. Hartlib. London, 1673. small 8vo. To the English Poems in this edition were first added, i. Ode on the death of a fair infant ii. At a Vacation Exercise in the College, iii. On the new forcers of conscience under the Long Parliament, iv. Horace to Pyrrha. v. Nine Sonnets. vi. Ail the English Psalms. To the Latin poems, i. Apologus de Rustico et Hero. ii. Ad Joannem Rousium, &c. In this edition the epistle from Sir Henry Wotton is omitted. The volume consists of pp. 292, with portrait of Milton by W. Dolle. Nassau, pt. i. 2268, 5s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 455, It 4s. Roscoe, 1381, WaMon's copy, 21. 3s. Hollis, 855, 7s.

Poems upon several Occasions, English, Italian, and Latin, with Translations, by John Milton: viz. Lyridas, 1'Allegro, il Penseroso, Arcades, Comus, Odes, Sonnets, Miscellanies, English Psalms, Elegiarum Liber, Epigrammatum Liber, Sylvarum Liber. With Notes critical and explanatory, and other Illustrations, by Thomas Warton. London, 1785. 8vo. Hibbert, 5459, 8s. FonthUl, 84, 14s. Roscoe, 1382, It 5s.

Poems upon several Occasions, Sec 8rc. The second Edition, with many Alterations and large Additions. London, 1791. 8vo. Edwards, 132, 6s. 6d. Fonthill, 70, 10s. This second edition, though containing many alterations and large additions, does not entirely supersede the former edition. Mr. Warton appears to have planned an edition of Paradise Regained, and Samson Agonistes, by having omitted in the latter edition such notes as more immediately related to those poems, and which had appeared in the former edition j and by substituting merely references to the notes on those respective passages.

Milton's Italian Poems translated, and addressed to a Gentleman of Italy. By Dr. Langhorne. 1776. 4to.

Latin and Italian Poems of Milton, translated into English verse, with the originals j •ad a Fragment of a Commentary on Paradise Lost, by the late William Cowper. With a Preface by the Editor (William Hayley) Chichester, 1808. 4to. Bindley, pt. i. 1629. 6s. 6d. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 737, 17s. Hollis, 922,18s. Nothing can be more musical and finished than Cowper's translation of the Latin and Italian poetry of Milton.— Dr. Drake.

A Translation of the Latin and Italian Poems of Milton, by J. G. Strutt London, 1811. 8vo.

L'Allegro et le Penseroso, traduit en Ven Francois par Ribouville. Lond. 1766. 4tt.

L'Allegro, trad, da Gaetano Polidori. Lond. 1805.12mo.

Miltoni Poema, L'Allegro, Latine redditum a Car. Marsh. 1811. 4to. —Paradise Lost, a Poem written in ten books by John Milton. Licensed and entred according to Order. London; printed and are to be sold by Peter Parker &c. 1667. 4 to.

First title-page of the first edition. The poem immediately follows the title-pap, without any arguments or list of errata. Some errata appear to have been corrected in some sheets while they were passing through the press, and in probability some leaves were cancelled and reprinted. Bibl. AngjoPoet, 449, russia, fit 5s. Hibbert, 5579, with Paradise Regained, 1691, and Poems, 1645 and 1675,4 vols, russia, 6i 10s. Dent, pt. ii. 735, with portrait of Milton by Faithorne inserted, in morocco by Roger Payne, 4t Bindley, pt. iii. 244, with a duplicate title-page, dated 1668, 3/. 9s. Second titlepage. Paradise Lost a Poem in ten Book* The Author J. M. Licensed and entred according to Order. London, printed and are to be sold by Peter Parker 8tc 1668. 4to. To this title the address of The Printer to the Reader and the arguments of each book immediately succeed. A table of errata also precedes the poem. Bibl. AngloPoet. 450, 3t 3s. Hollis, 923, It 2s. Nassau, pt. u. 170, It Is. Third tUIt-ffParadise Lost, a Poem in ten Books. The Author John Milton. London, printed by S. Simmons &c. 1668. 4to. To this title the address of The Printer to the Reader and the arguments of each book immediately succeed. A table of errata also precedes the poem. Hollis, 924, It 2s. Heath, ISM. 2t 7s. Stanley, 403, with the Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes, 1671, first edition, morocco, 41 14s. 6d. Fourth titlepage. Paradise Lost, a Poem in ten Books. The Author John Milton. London, printed by S. Simmons &c. 1669. 4to. Prefixed are the address of The Printer to the Reader and the arguments. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 451, 2t 6s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 513, with J portraits inserted, It 2s. Hollis, 92J, USStanley, 404, 2t 14s. Bindley, pt in- 5»It Is. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt iii. 85,111» Roscoe, 1383, 3t 7s.. Fifth titU-page. Paradise Lost, a Poem in ten Books. The Author John Milton. London, printed by S. Simmons &c. 1669. 4to. Without lie subsequent address of The Printer to UK Reader, but with the arguments, which, si well as the last two leaves of the poem, sf pear to hare been reprinted. Hollis, 926, It 3i. Towneiey, pi. ii. 1116, 16a. 6<L Hibbert, 5580, IL Bindley, pt. iii. 346, 15s. SirM. M. Sykes, pt. iii. M, 17. 4s.

Paradise Lost, a Poem in twelve Books. The Author John Milton. The second Edition, revised and augmented by the same Asthor. London, 1674. small 8vo. With a portrait of the author by Dolle, and the tommendatory verses of Barrow and Martau. Bindley, pt. ii. 1545, 1 /. Hollis, 842, Ills, —1675. Hollis, 843, 16s. 6d.

Third Edition. London, 1678. Bindley, ft. 5.1 HO, 8s.

Fourth Edition. London, 1688. folio. Witt portrait by White, and other plates, fobajhed by subscription under the patronage of Lord Somers and Bishop Atterbury. hatred is a list of more than 500 subfcribers, among whom are all the most dis'•"irniihed characters of that period. The t'iradUe Regained and Samson Agonistes -■•ally accompany this edition. Roscoe, UM, 2/. Its. Bindley, pt ii. 834, 1/. 10s. Paradise Lost and Regained. London, Mt. folio, with cuts.

Paradise Lost. London, 1695. folio. With copious and learned notes or commentary by Patrick Hume, and with a table of the most remarkable parts of the poem, Oder the three heads of descriptions, simik" sad speeches. Sir P. Thompson, 598, Ife 6d.

London, 1705. 8vo. A handsome, but istsTOct edition, Large Paper. Williams, 1J0», with the Paradise Regained, 1705, wweeo, 47. Ms. 6d.

London, 1711. 12mo. This edition of Tenon's is much esteemed. Annexed is an »4ex of the principal matters. Stanley, 405, U Is. White Knights, 2806, Addison's mt,', 3/. Williams, 1201, on thick paper, "orocco.SUOs. —With the Paradise Regain ed. 1713. Bindley, pt ii. 1547, 2 vols. IL lis. 6d. Reed, 7038, 2 vols. 13s. 6d. Gordonttoun, 1567, 8, 2 vols. 8s. Dent, Ft !• 1413, morocco by Roger Payne, 37. 6s. London, 1719. 12mo. with plates. London, 1725. 8vo. Fenton's edition, to which is prefixed a life, and also a portrait of Milton. Hollis, 845, 12s. 6d.

Dublin, 1724. Crierson's edition, with portrait of Milton and plates. White Knights, H07, morocco, 13s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1546, ">»• 64. Hollis, 844, with the Paradise Regained, U 2,.

A new Edition, by Richard Bentley, D.D. London, 1732. 4to. With a portrait of Milloo by Vertue. The text of this edition is interpolated, but there are some notes which render it valuable. It was severely attacked by Bp. Pearce and others. Bindley, pt. iii. W, 5s. 6d. Hollis, 927, 10s. 6d.

Dublin, 1747. 8vo. Hawkey's edition, »rrj handsomely printed and highly valued

for its accuracy. Bindley, pt. ii. 1542, with the Paradise Regained, &c. 1752, 2 vols. 15s. LARGE PAPER. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 438, russia, N. Stanley, 406, russia, 1/. 6s.

London, 1746. 12mo. 2 vols. An edition by Tonson, printed with great correctness.

Dublin, 1747. 4to.

Dublin, 1748. 8vo. 'Printed on Irish paper.'

With Notes of various Authors, by Thomas Newton, Bishop of Bristol. Loud. 1749. 4to. 2 vols. With cuts designed by Hayman. Published at the expense of the Earl of Bath. Reprinted 1750. 8vo. 2 vols Roscoe, 1387, It lis. 6d. — Dublin, 1751 8vo. 2 vols. — London, 1753. 8vo. *! vols. &c. &c.

Book the first Glasgow, 1750. 4to. With notes. This excellent publication has been attributed by some to Dr. GQlisc, by others,, more justly, to Mr. Callander. Bindley, pt. iii. 348, 7s. 6d. Hollis, 928, 17s.

Glasgow, 1750. 12mo. Lloyd, 863, 4s. White Knights, 2808, 10s. Stanley, 407, 17. lis. fid.

With Notes by John Merchant, Gent. London, 1751. 8vo. 2 vols.

1763. 12mo. An edition edited by the famous John Wesley, M.A. and 'curtailed of its proportion.'

With Notes of various Authors, by John Rice. London, 1766. 8vo.

Glasgow, 1770. folio, pp. 484. Garrick, 1618, 5s. Bindley, pt. ii. 835, 14s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 452 russia, 21. 2s. Heath, 1843, date 1776, russia, 17. 6s.

The first six Books of Paradise Lost, rendered into grammatical Construction by James Buchanan. Edinb. 1773. 8vo.

Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, with Notes translated from the French of Raymond de St. Maur, and various critical Remarks from Addison, &c. A new Edition. London, 1775. small 8vo. 2 vols.

Paradise Lost, illustrated with Texts of Scripture, by John Gillies, D. D. London, 1788. small 8vo. 3s. 6d. — Second edition, with additions. London, 1793. small 8vo. — Third edition. London, 1804. 12mo.

London, 1790. 18mo. Stanley, 408, morocco, 17. 3s.

Paradise Lost, printed from the first and second Editions collated. The original System of Orthography restored; the Punctuation corrected and extended. With various Readings: and Notes, chiefly rhythmical. By Capel Lofft, Esq. Books 1 and 2. Bury St. Edmund's, 1792-3. 4to. A learned preface, and an appendix are prefixed to the first book.

London, 1794. 4to. 2 vols. An elegant

edition with plates by Richter. Grave, 319,

morocco, 17. 5s. Roxburghe, 3394, 17. 16s.

London, 1795. Fine Paper. Dent, pt.

1424, morocco by Roger Payne, 2A

Paradise Lo.i, to which ia prefixed the celebrated Critique by Samuel Johnson, LL. D. with a Sketch of the Life and Writings of Milton, by the Rev. John Evans, A.M. London, 1799. royal 8vo. with engravings.

London, 1802. crown 8vo. 2 vols. Duroveray's edition with plates, Large PaPer, in royal 8vo. with proof plates. Strettell, 880, with additional proof plates from Westell's designs, morocco, 31. 13s. fid. Sotheby's in 1823, morocco, 31. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 434. morocco, 21. 10s.

London, 1802. 8vo. Heptinstall's edition, with plates.

London, 1808. post 8vo. A handsome edition with fine plates.

Paradise Lost, with Illustrations by John Martin. London, 1826. imperial 8vo. 2 vols, with 24 engravings, published at 6/. fis. Another Edition in imperial 4to. 2 vols, with 24 engravings on a larger scale, published at 10/. 16s. Of this edition 50 copies were taken oft* in folio, with proof plates.

London, 1830. 48vo. Pickering's miniature edition, the smallest ever printed.

Paradise Lost imitated in Rhyme, in the 4th, 6th, and 9th Books, by John Hopkins. London, 1699. 8vo.

A Paraphrase in Verse, on Part of the first Book of Milton's Paradise Lost, by W. Howard. London, 1738. 4to. The titlepage was varied. For the author, an aged and infirm man, in order to relieve his wants, circulated his paraphrase, by printing on every title-page, au address to some distinguished person.

Paradise Lost, attempted in Rhime. Booki. London, 1740. Svo.

The State of Innocence, and Fall of Man, described in Milton's Paradise Lost. Render'd into Prose, with Notes, &c, from the French of Raymond dc St. Maur, by a Gentleman of Oxford. London, 1745. 8vo.

"A new Version of (the first Book of the) Paradise Lost; or, Milton paraphrased with Annotations. By a Gentleman of Oxford (George Smith Green). London, 1756. 8vo.

Tho Story of our first Parents, in one rontlnucd Narrative, selected from Milton's Paradise Lost. By Mrs. Siddons. London, 1832. 8vo. 5s. 6d.

Paradisus Amissa, Poema heroicum. Llbcr primus. I.ondini, 1686. 4to-4s. A dedication to Sir Thomas Mnmpecson is prefixed, signed T. C. The Interim. Nov. 18. ItlSA.

l'araiihrula Poctica in tria Johannis Miltonl, Virl rlarhuiinl, Puriuata, vis. Paradisum Amluum, Paradisum limiperatuni, rt Sam•onrni Agiinistrn. Auctiur (iulielmo Hocaro Loud. ItllMl. Svo, 4s.

Paradlal Annul Liber primus, ex Anglican* l.iiifua in l^iiiiMm ^inversus. Cantab.

1691. 4to. The dedication is signed by T. P. who is said to be Thomas Power of Trin. ColL Cambridge. He translated into Latin verse the remaining books, which exist in manuscript. See Peck's Memoirs of Milton, p. 68.

Paradisus Amissa, Poema Anglice scriptum a Johanne Milton, nunc autera ex Me toris Exemplari Latino redditum, per M. B(old, Aul. Trin. Cant Soc). Liber primus. Lond. 1702. 8vo. Of this specimen two other title-pages were printed of the datei 1702 and 1717. It was reprinted in 1736, 4to.

Del Paradiso perduto, Traduxionedi Paolo RolU. Londra, 1736. folio, pp. 397, besides Varie Lexzioni et Emendazioni, 4 pp. also title, dedication to Frederick Prince of Wales and Life of Milton, 15 leaves, and portraits of John Milton, Paoli Rolls and Frederick Prince of Wales.

Paradisus Amissus. 1740—4. 4to. 2 vols. Dr. Trapp's Translation.

Part of the fourth Book of Paradise Lost, translated into Latin Hexameters by John Theobald, dedicated to Francis Douce, M.D. London, n. d. 4to.

Paradisus Amissus, Poema Latine redditum a Guliclmo Dobson, LL. B. 1753. 4to. 2 vols. This admirable translation was encouraged by Benson, who had erected in Westminster Abbey the monument to the poet. Oldys, in his manuscript notes on Langbaine's Dram a tick Poets, says that Dobson's reward was to be a thousand pounds, when the translation should befinished,with the interest of that sum while he was performing it. 'It is more true to the original, both in sense and spirit, than any other poetical version of length I have seen.'—Dr. Beattie.

Paradisi Amisi Liber primus, Greece, cum celebri Versione Latina Rev. Gulielnri Dobson. Dublin. 1770. 4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 558, 2s. Dedicated by the translator Dr. Stratford, to the then Bishop of Derry. Proposals for printing a Greek version were put forth by Richard Dawes in 1736, but he never proceeded with the undertaking.

II Paradiso Perduto, tradotto in Vers) It.'iliano da Felice Mariottini. Lond. 1794. 8vo. The first book only with the life of Milton, and Addison's criticism; to both which, additions are subjoined: and with copious annotations.

II Paradiso Perduto, tradotto in Verso Italiano da Felici Mariottini. Lond. 1796. Svo. The whole Poem, in two parts.

Milton's Paradise Lost, translated into Welch. 1819. 12mo. 7s.

— Paradise Regained, a Poem in four Books. To which is added Samson Acjonistes. Lond.1671.8vo.

First edition. Stanley, 403, with the

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