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morocco, 6l. 6s. White Knights, 2782, mo, ce's Account of English Ministers
rocco, 81. 10s.

Roxburghe, 8851,, with in New England. London, 1727.
Views in the Ottoman Empire, russia, 6L 10s.
North, pt. ii. 884, with Views in the Ottoman 8vo.
Empire and in Palestine, 121. 15s. Earl of

Williams, 1191, 7s. 6d.
Kerry, 639, with Views in the Ottoman Em MAYNARD, John. The xii Won-
pire and in Palestine, 161. 16s. Nassau, pt. i. ders of the World. Set and com-
2593, with Views in the Ottoman Empire posed for the Violl de Gambo, &c.
and in Palestine, russia, 191, 8s. 6d.

by John Maynard, Lutenist at the Views of the Ottoman Empire, chiefly in most famous Schoole of St. Julians Caramania, a Part of Asia Minor hitherto in Hartfordshire. London, 1611. anexplored, with Descriptions in English folio. and French. London, 1803. imp. folio. With 10 coloured plates. Gough, 2278, Bodleian library.

A copy of this curious work is in the 6 pos. 31. 13s. 6d. Views in Palestine, from the original Draw

MAYNE, Jasper, D. D. Two ings of Luigi Mayer, with an historical and Plaies, the City Match, a Codescriptive Account of the Country and its moedy, and the Amorous Warre, a remarkable Places, in English and French, Tragi-Comedy, both long since London, 1804. imp. folio. With 24 coloured plates. Dent, pt. ii. 764, with Views of the

written. Oxford, 1658. 4to. Ottoman Empire, 21. 5s.

Earl of Kerry,

Bindley, pt. iv. 143, 3s. Rhodes, 1868, 633, 84 185. 6d. Marquis of Townshend,

8s. 6d. Roxburghe, 5387, 10s. 6d. - 1659. 2921, 41. Gough, 2275, 41. 6s.

Hibbert, 5032, 5s. Views in the Ottoman Dominions in Europe, in Asia and some of the Mediterranean The Citye Match, a Comedye. Oxford, Islands, from the original Drawings taken 1639. folio. Roxburghe, 5386, 5s. Rhodes, for Sir Rob. Ainslie by Luigi Mayer. Lond. 2688, 4s. Reprinted in Dodsley's Collection 1810. folio, 2 pts. in 1 vol. 71 coloured of old Plays. plates. Duke of York, 262, pts. 1 and 2, The Amorous Warre, a Tragi-comedy.

1648. 4to. Roxburghe, 5385, 6s. 6d. Michael. Lusus serius, or

Certaine Sermons and Letters of Defence serious Pastime, a philosophical Dis- and Resolution to some of the late Contro

versies of our Times. London, 1653. 4to. course concerning the Superiority

Mayo, Charles, LL.D. A comof Creatures under Man. Translated by J. De la Salle. London, from the Year 1753 to the Treaty

pendious View of universal History 1654. 12mo. White Knights, 2670, 4s.

of Amiens in 1802, with Notes.

Put out in English by John Hall: Half of which was

Bath, 1804. 4to. 4 vols. done in one afternoon, over a glass of wine in Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 491, 16s. Duke a tarern.'-Ant. à Wood.

of York, 3363, ll. 11s. Hibbert, 5386, Tobias.

Tabulæ Motuum russia, 11. 14s. Solis et Lunæ novæ et correctæ ; quibus accedit Methodus Longitudi- States, with their Discoveries and Settle

A chronological History of the European num promota. Londini, 1770. 4to. ments, from the Treaty of Nimeguen in

1678, to the Close of 1792. Bath, 1793. Published by Dr. Maskelyne. The par- folio. Roxburghe, 7423, 5s. 6d. liament granted 30002. to the widow of this John. The Pope's Parliaastronomer for his excellent tables.

ment. Whereunto is annexed, an Theoria Lunæ juxta Systema Newtonia

Anatomie of Pope Joane. Lonnum. Lond. 1767. 4to.

don, 1591. 4to. Lunar Tables, improved by C. Mason. Dedicated to Sir George Trenchard, London, 1789. 4to.

Knight. 1594. 4to. MAYERNE TURQUET, Lewis de. MEAD, Richard, M.D. Medical A general Historie of Spaine, in Works. Lond. 1762. 4to. thirty Books, translated by E.Grime With a portrait of the author. Bindley, stone. London, 1612. folio.

pt. iii. 319, 6s. The works of this eminent Reed, 4888, 12s. 6d.

physician have been frequently reprinted.

Medica Sacra; or a Commentary on the
Mayhew, Experience. Account

most remarkable Diseases mentioned in of Indian Converts, with Mr. Prin- Holy Scripture. Translated from the Latin

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10s. 6d.

by Thomas Slack, M. D. London, 1755. An Answer to George Dixon, by John 8vo. 5s. In this work Dr. Mead contends Meares. London, 1791. 4to. 2s. 6d. that the demoniacal possessions were a species Farther Remarks on the Voyages of of disease.

John Meares by George Dixon. London, Mead, Robert, M.D. The Com- 1791. 4to. 2s. 68. bat of Love and Friendship, a Co

MEARS, William. Lives of the medy. London, 1654. 4to. Princes of the illustrious House of

Rhodes, 1669, 2s. Roxburghe, 5445, 5s. Orange. London, 1734. 8vo. Inglis' old Plays, 69, 10s. 6d. Reed, 8196, With portraits. Williams, 1192, morocco, 118.

11. 1s.

Meason, Gilbert Laing. The The costlie Whore, a comical Historie. landscape Architecture of the great London, 1633. 4to. Sotheby's in 1824, Painters of Italy. 4to. 10s. 6d. Roxburghe, 5446, 9s. Attributed

With 55 plates, printed for private circuto Mead by Phillips without foundation. lation. Meadley, George Wilson. Me

Mechanics Magazine from its moirs of William Paley, D.D. Se- Commencement to the present Time. cond Edition, revised and corrected; London. 8vo. 12 vols. to which is added an Appendix. Mechlin, Vita, Passio et Edinb. 1810. 8vo.

Miracula S. Rumoldi Arch. Dubl. Bindley, pt. iv. 65, 6s. 6d.

- Sunder- J. V. W. Decano Capituli Metrop. land, 1809. 8vo.

Mechlin Autore. Mech. 1634. 4to. Memoirs of Algernon Sydney.

A copy in a bookseller's recent catalogue 1813.

was priced 41. 4s. 8vo. with a portrait. 12s. FINE PAPER. 18s. Meara, Dermitius. Ormenius, Mecklenburgh, from the first Settle

Mecklenburgh.-- The History of sive Tho. Butleri Ormeniæ Comitis, Commemoratio. Londini, 1615.

ment of the Vandals in that Coun12mo.

try, to the present Time ; including An historical poem on Thomas Earl of a Period of about three thousand Ormond and Ossory, with some little matters Years. London, 1762. 8vo. 6s. relating to that noble family. A copy is in Written by Mrs. Sarah Scott. the British Museum, and another is in the Medals.—The Knowledge of Bodleian library.

Medals, translated from the French.

London, 1715. 12mo. 3s. Pathologia hæreditaria, sive de Morbis

Hollis, 730, 78. - 1697. 8vo. hereditariis. Dublin. 1619. 12mo.

MEARES, John. Voyages made A critical Essay on modern Medals. in the Years 1788 and 1789, from London, 1704. 8vo. China to the North-west Coast of Catalogue of Medals from Julius Cæsar to

the Emperor Heraclius. Lond. 1716. 8vo. America. To which are prefixed,

The medallic History of England. 1790. an introductory Narrative of a Voy- See Pinkerton, John. age performed in 1786, from Bengal, The medallic History of Napoleon, with in the Ship Nootka; Observations Supplement. By James Millingen. London,

1819-21. 4to. Combe, 1244, 31. Brockett, on the probable Existence of a

2066, 21. 12s. 6d. north-west Passage ; and some Ac Medallic History of N. Bonaparte, transcount of the Trade between the lated by Miss Ann Mudie Scargill from the north-west Coast of America and original Ms. London. 8vo. China; and the latter Country and

MEDE, Joseph, B. D.

Works, Great Britain. London, 1790. 4to.

with a general Preface and an AcTowneley, pt. ii. 1132, 11s. Roxburghe, count of his works by J. Worthing7171, 13s. Willett, 1615, 14s. Drury, ton. London, 1672. folio. 2983, russia, ll. 8s. Fonthill, 3111, 41. Bindley, pt. ii. 844, 11. Is. These ess Baker, 467, morocco, 41. 4s. 179 - teemed works, which were originally pub8vo. 2 vols.

lished in detached parts, contain much elaRemarks on the Voyages of John Meares, borate criticism. Modern expositors of the by George Dixon. London, 1790. 4to. prophecies, contained in the Revelation and 2s. 6d. Fonthill, 1906, 14s.

in the book of Daniel, have very properly

availed themselves of the lights held out others. Edinb. 1773-95. 8vo. 20 vols.
to them by this great divine.'-—Bp. Watson. Duncan's Annals of Medicine. Edinb.
The examination of Mede's Clavis apoca- | 1797-1805. 8vo. 8 vols.
lyptica occupies the chief part of Bishop The London medical Review and Maga-
Hurd's tenth sermon on the study of the zine. By a Society of Physicians and Sur-
prophecies. 1664. folio. LARGE PAPER. geons. London, 1799-1806. 8vo. 8 vols.
Duke of Grafton, 104, russia, ll. 15s. The (London) Medical and Physical
1677. Gough, 2280, 12s. Bishop of Ely, Journal, from March, 1799 to 1825 inclu-
1036, 15s.

sive, 55 vols, New Series, 1826–9. 7 vols.
Medici, Lorenzo de. Poesie del London. 8vo.
magnifico Lorenzo de Medici e di

The London Medical Review, 1808-12.

5 vols. altri suoi Amice contemporanei.

Respectable, but occasionally too

severe.Dr. Young. Londra, 1801. 4to. 2 pts. in 1 vol.

Catalogue of the Library of the Medical Drury, 2578, russia, 9s. - 1791. 8vo. and Chirurgical Society of London. LonTrele copies printed.

don, 1816—19. 8vo. 2 parts. See Roscoe, William. TENHOVE, Nic. Medico-chirurgical Transactions. Lon

don, 1809-30. 8vo. 15 vols. Medicine.-Anonymous Publica

The London medical Repository and Retions on medical Science, &c.

view, from Jan. 1814 to June 1824. 23 vols.

New Series from July 1825, to June 1828.
Medicina curiosa, or a Variety of new 6 vols. London. 8vo.
Communications. London, 1684-95. 4to. The medical Intelligencer, comprising an
Medical Essays and Observations revised

Analysis of the whole of medical Literature. and published by a Society in Edinburgh.

London, 1820-3. 8vo. 4 vols. Edinb. 1733-44. 8vo. 5 vols. in 6. The

Medical Botany; or History of Plants in merits of these transactions were acknow the Materia Medica of the London, Edinledged by Haller. 1747. 8vo. 5 vols.

burgh, and Dublin Pharmacopæias, arranged Essays and Observations physical and according to the Linnæan System. London, Eterary. Edinb. 1754–71. 8vo. 3 vols.

1821. royal 8vo. 2 vols. Vol. i. pp. 228, Bibliothecæ Collegii regalis Medicorum with coloured plates 1-72. Vol. ii. pp. 216, Londinensis Catalogus. Lond. 1757. 8vo.

and plates 73-138. Medical Observations and Inquiries. By

London Medical and Physical Journal.
a Society of Physicians in London. London, New Series, from July 1826 io March 1830,
1757-84. 8vo. 6 vols. 185. Willett, 1695, Nos. 1 to 45. 8vo.
6 voks. 1769-84, 21. 2s.

The London medical and surgical Journal.
Medical Transactions published by the 8vo. No. 1 appeared July 1, 1828
College of Physicians in London. London, 21, March 1, 1830.
1768-1820. 8vo. 6 vols.

See Edinburgh.
Medical Register. London, 1779. 8vo. Medicine of Life.-The Med-

London Medical Journal. 1781-90.
Sro, 11 vols.

sine of Life, whereunto is added, Medical Communications. Lond. 1748- certaine Gatheringes of Scripture

called Patrickes Places. London Medical Transactions, published by the by Wm. Copland. 16mo. College of Physicians in London. London, From Maunsell's Catalogue, part i. 72. 1785 &c. 8vo. — vols.

Memoirs of the medical Society of London; instituted in the Year 1773. London, Medicis, Mary de. A true Dis1787-1805, 8vo. 6 vols.

course of the whole Occurrences in Medical Facts and Observations. Lon- the Queenes Voyage, from her Dedon, 1791-1800. 8vo. 8 vols. Edited by

parture from Florence, untill her Transactions of a Society for the Improve- Arrivall at the Citie of Marseilles, ment of medical and chirurgical Knowledge. together with the Triumphs there London, 1793—1812. 8vo. 3 vols.

made at her Entrie : whereto is adMedical and Chirurgical Review, 1795– 1997. 8vo. 15 vols. A useful work, but joined her Receiving and Entrie into rather too theoretical.-Dr. Young.

Lyons. All faithfully translated out Medical Extracts, on the Nature of Health, of French by E. A. Lond. 1601. with practical Observations: and the Laws of the nervous and fibrous Systems.

Reprinted in the second volume of NiFriend to Improvements . London, 1996. chols Progresses of Queen Elizabeth.

MEDINA, The Duke of. Orders Medical Commentaries by Duncan and set downe by the Duke of Medina,


90. 8vo. 2 vols.

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Dr. Simmons.

870. 4 vols. with plates.

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Lord General of the King's Fleet, Meg of Herefordshire.-Old Meg to be observed in the Voyage to- of Herefordshire for a Mayd Maward England. Translated out of rian, and Hereford Towne for a the Spanish into English by T. P. Morris Daunce or twelve Morris Lond. 1588. 4to.

Dancers in Herefordshire of twelve Eight leaves. Reprinted in the first vo- hundred Years old. Lond. 1609. lume of the Harleian Miscellany.

4to. Medina, Peter de. The Arte Hibbert, 3908, morocco, 12. 12s. Sothe.

Reof Navigation, translated out of by's in Dec. 1820, morocco, 51. 2s. 6d. Spanish by John Frampton. Lond. printed 1814 as no. i of Miscellanea Antiqua

Anglicana. 1581. folio. A curious treatise with schemes and of Long Meg of Westminster: con

Meg of Westminster.— The Life tables. 1595. 4to.

Medleys. - The Medleys for taining the mad merry Prankes she 1711, To which are prefixed the played in her Life time, not onely five Whig Examiners. London,

in performing sundry Quarrels with

divers Ruffians about London : but 1712. 8vo.

A periodical paper principally directed also how valiantly she behaved her against Swift and his party, conducted by selfe in the Warres of Bolloingne. Mr. Maynwaring, assisted by Oldmixon. London, 1635. 4to. They commenced Oct. 5, 1710, and were Nassau, pt. i. 2541, morocco, 51. 7s. 6d. continued until Aug. 6, 1711, extending to Reprinted 1814 as no. iii. of the Miscellanea 45 numbers, and were resumed 3 March Antiqua Anglicana. 1712, and expired on Aug. 4, 1712, having

MEHEGAN, Wm. Alex. A View likewise reached to 45 numbers. A selection from the first Medley was published in of universal modern History, from 1789, by Mr. Nichols, together with the the Fall of the Roman Empire. Lover and Reader of Steele.

Translated by Henry Fox. Lond. Mepows, Sir Philip. Observa- 1779. 8vo. 3 vols. 10s. 6d. tions concerning the Dominion and MeibomiUS, Henry. In HistoSovereignty of the Seas, being an riam Anglicanam Programma. Abstract of the marine Affairs of Helmst. 1689. 4to. England. Lond. 1689. 4to.

Herm. Diet. Programma in À curious and excellent treatise highly Notitiam Regnorum et Rerumpubcommended by Lord C. B. Parker. MEDWALI, Henry.

licarum in qua De Anglicanæ His

A goodly toriæ Periodis et præcipuis ScripInterlude of Nature. (London by toribus. Helmst. 1702. 4to. J. Rastell. 1538). folio.

John Henry, M.D. A TreaA copy is in the Garrick collection now in the British Museum. A ms. copy at the tise of the Use of Flogging in physale of the library of the Duke of Roxburghe, sical and venereal Affairs : also of no. 5448, produced 21. 3s.

the Office of the Loins and Reins. Meen, Rev. Henry, B. D. Suc- Made English from the Latin Oricessivæ Operæ; or, Selections from ginal by a Physician. To which is ancient Writers, sacred and pro- added, a Treatise of Hermaphrofane, with Translations and Notes. dites (by Jacob). Lond. 1718. 1815, 5s.

12mo. This writer likewise published an excel Published by Edmund Curl. Fonthill, lent volume of remarks on Lycophron and a 1296, 15s. Latine. Lond. 1665. White translation of Coluthus.

Knights, 2676, morocco, 8s. Miss, Exotic Plants at Kew. MEIER, Geo. Fred. The merry 1791. 2 nos.

Philosopher, or Thoughts on JestMERMAN, Gerard. Conspectus ing, transl. into English from the Originum typographicarum a Veer- German Original. Lond. 1764. manno proxime in Lucem edenda-12mo. Ss. rum, in Usum Amicorum Typis de Meiners, C.

History of the scriptus, 1761. 8vo.

female Sex, translated from the

German by Fred. Shoberl. Lond. Henry Bennet Callesian. Lond. 1561. 8vo. 1808, 12mo. 4 vols. 12s.

Inglis, 1025, 21. 10s.

The Miseries of Schoole Maisters , vttered Meister, Henry. Letters during in a Latine Oration, made by the famous a Residence in England. Translated Clearke Ph. Melanchton. Lond. 1569. 8vo. from the French, together with a

Formulæ de Arte Concionandi et discendæ Letter from the Margravine of An- Theologiæ Ratio. Lond. 1570. 8vo. spach to the Author. Lond. 1799. Lond. 1579. 8vo.

Praiers, translated by Richard Robinson. 8vo.

Two wonderful Popish Monsters to wyt, Fonthill, 2100, 8s.

of a Popish Asse which was found at Rome Mela see POMPONIUS MELA.

in the River of Tyber, and of a moonkish MELAMPUS. The Contemplation nessed and declared by Philip Melancthon,

Calfe, calved at Friberge in Misne, &c. Witof Mankinde, englished by Thomas the other by Martyn Luther. Translated Håll. Lond. 1571.

out of French into English by John Brooke.

With wood cuts of a curious treatise on physiognomy, &c. Lond. 1579. 4to. 11. 1s. White Knights, 2679, morocco, 18s.

the monsters. Gordonstoun, 1786, 21. 16s. Melancholy.--An Antidote against

A godly and learned Assertion in Defence

of the true Church of God and of his Worde, Melancholy made up in Pills com

translated by Richard) R(obinson). Lond. pounded of witty Ballads, jovial 1580. 8vo. Songs, and merry Catches. Lond. The Confessyon of Fayth delyvered to 1661. 4to.

the Emperroure Charles the Vth, by the Lloyd, 216, 21. 12s.6d.

Lordes of Germanye. Translated into EnMELANCHON, Philip. Epistolæ, slyshe by Rob. Syngylton. Canterbury. 8vo.

Wether it be mortal Sinne to transgresse accedunt Tho. Mori et Lud. Vivis the Laws of civil Magistrates. London by Epistolæ. Lond. 1642. folio. 18s. Richard Jugge. 8vo. Inglis, 1022, 9s.

The works of this distinguished reformer A newe Worck concerning the Sacraareadmired for their learning and moderation. ment, &c. newly translated out of La

tyn. Imprinted by my Richard Jugge. 8vo. The Apologie that is to say the Defense Inglis, 1024, 8s. of the Confessyon of the Germans made by A godlye Treatyse of Prayer translated Philip Melancthon, and translated by Richard into Englishe by Iohn Bradforde. London Tauerner at the Commaundement of his by John Wight. 8vo. Roxburghe, Suppl. 597. Maygter, the ryght honorable Master Thomas Inglis, 1023, 8s. Cromwell chefe Secretarie to the Kyngis Melanthe, Fabula pastoralis, acta Hyghnes. Impr. by me Rob. Redman, 1536. Cantabrigiæ, coram Rege Jacobo. 8vo. Contains 2 6, in octaves.

Cantab. 1615. 4to. 6s. A serie godlie Defence, ful of Lerning, defending the Mariage of Priests, translated

MELBANCKE, Brian. Philotimus. cute of Latyne vnto Englyshe by Lewis The Warre betwixt Nature and ForBeuchame. Lond. 1541. 8vo.

tune. Lond. 1583. 4to. The Epistle of Philip Melancton to Henry the eight, translated out of Laten into En- which mention is made of the tale of Romeo

A close imitation of Lilly's Euphues, in gishe by 1. C. Weesel, 1547. 16mo. В in and Juliet. It consists of 226 pages, besides Hibbert, 5267, 12. 3s.

White Knights, 2680, 21. 18s.

four leaves of introduction. A Waying and Considering of the Inte

Melinthus.—The History of the rain. Translated by John Rogers. Lond. Amours and Gallantry of the seve

ral noble and polite Persons at The Justification of Man by Faith only, Rome and Syracuse; being the englished by Nich. Lesse. Lond. 1548. 8vo. Adventures of Melinthus.

LonReed, 631, 10s. Inglis, 1021, 13s.

of the trewe Auctoritie of the Churche, don, 1728. 8vo. 2 vols. lewely translated ont of Latyn into En Melismata, Musicall Phansies glyshe. Ipsw. 1548. 16mo. A famous and godlie Historie ; containing

fitting the Court, Citie, and Counthe Lgues and Actes of Martine Luther, trey Humours, to 3, 4, and 5 John Écolampadius, and Huldericke Zuin | Voices. 1611. glius: the Declaration of Martin Luthers Melish, John. Travels through Faythe, wyth an Oration of hys Dethe all the United States of America in set forthe in Latin by Ph. Melancthon, Wolfangus Faber, Capita, Simon Grineus, "and the Years 1808–11, and Travels Oswald Miconius : newelie englyshed by through various parts of Britain,


1548. 16mo.

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