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1812. 8vo. 2 vols.


the Norman Conquest to Henry VIII. Lon Best edition of one of the ablest critical don, 1702. folio. A useful work, of un and polemical works of modern times. speakable service to our students in law and 1801. 8vo. 1 vol. antiquities.'— Nicolson. Gough, 2257, 12.9s. Vol. iii. to complete former editions was pubWillett, 1505, russia, 22. 6s. LARGE PAPER. lished in 1816. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Duke of Grafton, 129, 14s. Sir P. Thomp

Magens, Nicholas. An Essay on son, 595, 16s. Roxburghe, 978, 19s. Heath, 4397, 11. 13s. Brockett, 1853, russia, 21.5s. Insurances. Lond. 1755. 4to. 2

Firma Burgi: or an historical Essay con- vols. cerning the Cities, Towns, and Boroughs of Willett, 1596, 12. 13s. This work was England. London, 1726. folio. 18s. Brock- originally published at Hamburgh in the ett, 1852, 11. 2s. Duke of York, 3179, 11. 55. German language, but is much augmented in Willett, 1504, russia, 11. 11s. 6d. LARGE this edition. PAPER. Hibbert, 5012, 11. 5s.

MA-GEOGHAGAN, M. l'Abbé. HisBaronia Anglica; or, History of LandHonors and Baronies, 'and of Tenure in toire de l'Irelande, ancienne et moCapite. With an Index to the History of derne, tirée des Monuments les plus the Exchequer. Lond. 1736. folio. Gough, authentiques. Paris, 1758-63. 4to. 2258, lls. LARGE PAPER. Sir M. M. | 3 vols. 31. 3s. Sykes, pt. ïi. 264, russia, 11. ls. Lon

Willett, 1002, 31. 12s. don, 1741. folio. pp. 292, with an index, 27 pages. Reed, 3347, russia, 17s. 6d. Brock Maggi, Carlo Maria. The ett, 1851, 195. Hibbert, 5011, 11. 2s. Wil- Beauties of C. M. Maggi paralett, 1502, russia, 11. 15s.

phrased. To which are added SonHeath, 4396, 11. 9s.

The ancient Dialogue concerning the nets. By Mariana Starke. 1811. Exchequer, published from two manuscript | 8vo. Volumes, called the black Book and red

Magic.-A System of Magick. Book, remaining of Record in his Majesty's 1727. See Defoe, Daniel. Exchequer. Likewise a Dissertation concerning the Author of this Dialogue, and a Discourse concerning the most ancient Great A complete History of Magick, Sorcery Roll of the Exchequer, commonly styled and Witchcraft

. London, 1715. 12mo. 2 The Roll of Quinto Regis Stephani. Pub- vols. Roxburghe, 1966, 6s. 6d. Nassau, lished originally in Latin, by Tho. Madox, pt. i. 1604, 17s. Esq. Historiographer. Now carefully trans

A Vindication of a complete History of lated into English, by a Gentleman of the Magick, Sorcery and Witchcraft. By Inner Temple. London, 1758. 4to. Dent, Boulion. 1722. pt. ii. 711, russia, 14s.

Magna Britannia see Cox, Thos. Madras.-Transactions of the literary Society of Madras. 4to. Lysons, D. and S.

Magnificat.-An Exposicion vpvol. 1. 11.5s. MAFFÆUS, Lives of holy Mary called Magnificat ; whereunto

on the Songe of the blessed Virgine Confessors of Christ. Paris, 1632.

are added, the Songes of Salue Re4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 325, 11. Is.

gina, Benedictus et Nunc dimittis, Maffei, Francis Scipio, Marquis translated out of Latine into Engde. A complete History of Amphi- lysh by John Hollybush. Souththeatres, more particularly regard- wark by James Nicolson, 1538.

16mo. ing the Architecture of those Buildings, and in particular that of Ve- Church College Libraries at Oxford.

A copy is in the Bodleian and in the Christ

There Lond. 1730. 8vo.

is another edition in 1538, without printer's An esteemed work with cuts. MAGAILLAN, Gabriel. History Magnus, Olaus. A compendious of China. Lond. 1688. 8vo. 4s. History of the Goths, Swedes and

MAGEE, William, Archbishop of Vandals and other northern Powers. Dublin. Discourses and Disserta- Translated by J. S. Lond. 1658. tions on the scriptural Doctrine of folio. 7s. 6d. Atonement and Sacrifice. With an MAHOMET.-Four Treatises conAppendix. Lond. 1816. 8vo. S cerning the Doctrines, Discipline vols. 21, 2s.

and Worship of the Mahometans.



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To which is prefixed the Life of | 1826. 8vo. Of this valuable selection thirty
Mahomet. Lond. 1712. 8vo.

copies were printed.

A Book of Scottish Pasquils, &c. Edinb. Garrick, 1446, 6s. 6d.

1827. 8vo.

The Ballad Book. Edinb. 1827. 8vo. A lytell Treatyse against Mahumet and his cursed Secte. Imprinted by Peter Tre

MAILLET, Benedict de. Telliaverys. 16mo.

med, being a Translation from the
See ABULFEDA, Ism. BEDWELL, Wil- French. Lond. 1749 or 1750. 8vo.
Tiam. Koran. PRIDEAUX, Humphrey. 4s.
RABADAN, Mahomet.
MAHoony, or MALONY, Father. the anagram of M. de Maillet. It consists

A cryptonymous book — Telliamed being
P. Cornel. de Sancto Patricio Soc. of Discourses between an Indian philoso-
Jesu Disputatio apologetica de Jure pher and a French missionary on the dimi-
Regni Hiberniæ

nuation of the sea, the formation of the earth, Catholicis Hipro

the origin of men and animals, and other bernis adversus Hæreticos Anglos. curious subjects relating to natural history Francof. 1645. 4to.

and philosophy.' An attempt to excite his countrymen to

MAIMBOURG, Lewis. History of persevere in their endeavours to extirpate the the League translated by John Dryname, manners and religion of Englislımen den. Lond. 1684. 8vo. from amongst them.'-Nicolson. The book

Roxburghe, 8013, 3s. This translation wis printed at Lisbon. See Bibl. West. no.

was made, not, as Dr. Johnson says, ' with 4635.

the hopes of promoting popery,' but to MAICHELIUS, Daniel. Introduc- strengthen the hands of government, and to tion ad Historiam Literariam de discredit the party who had acted with Lord præcipius Bibliothecis Parisiensibus. Shaftesbury. Cantab. 1721. 8vo. 5s.

An historical Treatise of the Foundation Maids.— The History of the two and Prerogatives of the Church of Rome, Maides of More-clacke. With the and of her Bishops. Translated from the Life of simple John i' the Hospitall. French by A. Lovel, M.A. London, 1685.

8vo. 4s. 4to.

The History of the Crusade, or, the ExA copy is in the British Museum.

peditions of the Christian Princes for the

Conquest of the Holy Land. Translated by
A notable and prodigious Historie of a Joh. Nalson, LL.D. London, 1685. folio.
Mayden, who sundry Yeeres neither eateth, 15s.
drinketh nor sleepeth, neyther auoydeth any The History of Arianism translated by
Extrements and yet liueth. Printed and

Webster. With an Appendix containpublished in High Dutch, and after in ing an Account of the English Writers in French, and now lastlie translated into Eng. the Socinian and Arian Controversies. 1728. lih. 1589. 4to.

Six leaves. Nassau, pt. ii. 4to. 2 vols. 570, 13s.

MAIMONIDES, R. Moses. Porta The Maidens bloody Garland; or, HighStreet Tragedy. (Oxford, 17–). 'A cha- Mosis, sive Dissertationes aliquot racteristic imitation of the Newgate ditties, in varias Mishnajoth sive Textus escribed to Mr. Thomas Warton, reprinted | Talmudici Partes, etc. Arab. et Lat. in Brydges' Censura Literaria.

editæ, cum Appendice Edv. PoThe faire Maide of Bristow : as it was plaide at Hampton before the King and cockii. Oxon. 1654 or 5. 4to. 12s. Queenes most excellent Maiesties. Lond.

A learned and able work. 16135, 410. Roxburghe, 4124, 77. 11s. A copy is in the British Museum.

Canones Poenitentiæ, Latine per G. N.

Cantab. 1631. 4to. MALDMENT, James. Nugæ dere De Jure Pauperis et Peregrini apud lictæ quas colligerunt J. Maid- Judæos, Heb. et Lat. Notis illustravit H. ment) et Robert) P(itcairn). Edin- Prideaux.. Oxon. 1679. 4to. 3s. 6d. Wilburgh, 1822. 8vo.

liams, 1033, morocco, 11. 4s.

Maimonides de Sacrificiis, de ConsecraA collection of eighteen tracts relative to tione Calendarum et de Ratione Intercalandi, the history and antiquities of Scotland, all cum Notis Lud. de Compiegne de Viel. Lonprivately printed, and of which it is said dini, 1683. 4to. A Latin version of a work there are only six complete copies extant. by the celebrated Rabbi Maimonides, of

some importance as a rabbinical performA North Countrie Garland. Edinb. ance.

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Ductor Dubitantium. • This famous book | H. M. S. Bellerophon, with a Decontains the method of the wisest and most tail of the principal Events that oclearned Jew that ever was of interpreting Scripture: the last part of which work is the curred in that Ship, between the 24th ground-work of Spencer's De Legibus He- of May and 8th of August, 1815. bræorum.'—Bp. Warburton.

London, 1826. 8vo. De Doctrina Legis, et de Natura et Ratione Penitentiæ apud Hebræos, Heb. et Lat.

- Lady Jane. A funerall Sercum Notis Rob. Clavering. Oxon. 1705. mon preached at the Buriall of the 4to.

Lady Jane Maitland, with Verses The Reasons of the Laws of Moses, from by the most eminent Persons in the More Nevochim of Maimonides, with Notes, Dissertations, and a Life of the Au- Scotland. Edinburgh, 1633. 4to. thor. By James Townley, D.D. London,

Bindley, pt. ii. 1021, 51. 5s. See M. I. 1827. 8vo. An excellent translation, with

Sir Richard. Poems. See upwards of 100 pages of valuable notes, to- PINKERTON, John. gether with nine dissertations on the talmu

William. The History of dical writings, and on various other topics tending to elucidate the · Reasons of the London from its Foundation to the Laws of Moses. • The More Nevochim' or present Times, continued to the • Instructor of the Perplexed' is considered Year 1772 by the Rev. John Enone of the most valuable productions of the learned Jewish Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, tick, M. A. Lond. 1772 or 1775. better known by the name of Maimonides.

folio. 2 vols.

A work of some authority, but of late Maine see Mayne.

superseded. Hibbert, 5209, 17. 16s. Dent, MAINTENON, Mme. de. The | pt. ii. 628, 41.8s. Nassau, pt. i. 2584, russia, Letters of Madam de Maintenon ; 51. 7s. 6d. Reed, 3318, 51. 12s. 6d. Heath, and other eminent Persons in the 4637, russia, 71. Collation.— Vol. I. Title,

one leaf; dedication to the Rt. Hon. Slingsby Age of Lewis XIV. To which are

Bethell, Esq. 2 pages ; list of subscribers, added, some Characters. Trans-6 pages; contents, pp. iii-viii ; the history, lated from the French. Lond. 1753. pp. 3—712. This volume contains seven 12mo. 2 vols. Os.

plates, not including a head piece on p. 3, The letters of this celebrated lady are

and a sepulchral stone, on p. 17. Vol. II. still in estimation.

Title, one leaf; contents, 2 pages; the his

tory continued and index, pp. 713–1410; The Life of Madam de Maintenon, trans

an appendix, pp.* 1387—91; continuation, lated from the French. London, 1753-61. pp. 1-148; directions to the binder for 12mo. 2 vols. 4s.

placing the plates. This volume contains Memoires for the History of Madame de 124 plates, of which the following are not Maintenon, and of the last Åge. Translated mentioned in the list, 117. Black Friars

118. New Excise from the French, by the Author of the Fe

Bridge. Contin. p. 3. male Quixote (Mrs. Lennox). Lond. 1757. land and New Newgate. p. 148.

Office. p. 148. 119. The Bank of Eng.

120. New 12mo. 5 vols. 15s.

River Office, and Front of New Newgate. MAINWARING, John, B. D. Ser


148. 121. Sessions House in the Old mons on several occasions, preached Bailey. p. 148. 122. Magdalen Hospital and before the University of Cambridge: Westminster Lying-in Hopital. p. 148. 123. to which is prefixed, a Dissertation The Circus and Obelisk in St. George Fields.

148. 124. The Adelphi. p. 148. Other on that Species of Composition. Editions. — 1739. folio. Roxburghe, 8633, 6s. Cambr. 1780. 8vo. Os.

Duke of York, 3181, 16s. Willett, 1511, The studious reader will receive much 16s. LARGE PAPER. 11. 11s. 6d. - 1756. advantage from the justness of the criticism 2 vols. Goldsmid, 577, 17. 18. Towneley, displayed in the dissertation and notes.-pt. ii. 1019, 21. 2s. 1760. folio. 2 vols. Bishop Watson. Williams, 1152, 8s. 6d.

This edition contains the same letter-press, 1153, 13s.

dedication, list of subscribers, number of enSir Thomas, Bart.

gravings, and even errors of paging, as that of The

1772 ; except that in the second volume of Legitimacy of Amicia. See Ler the latter. The Continuation of the History CESTER, Sir Peter.

of London' in 145 pages, was substituted for MAITLAND, Captain F. L. Nar- the description of the plates of the public rative of the Surrender of Buona- tecture' inserted in the edition of 1760.

buildings, under the title of • English Archiparte, and of his Residence on Board A Continuation of the History and Surrey of

the Cities of London and Westminster, and didit J. F. Reitzius. Hag. Com. 1738. 8vo. Borough of Southwark, with the Places ad- 9s. Lond. 1742. 8vo. Is. LARGE PAPER. jacent. (Lond. 1772). folio. 15s.

- Post J. F. Reitzium, totum Opus recen

suit, amendavit, auxit F. G. Sturzius. Lips. The History of Edinburgh, from its 1807. 8vo. 12s. Best edition. FINE PAPER. Foundation to the present Time. Also the 18s. VELLUM PAPER. 11. 4s. the ancient and present State of Leith and Stephanorum Historia, Vitas ipsorum ac a Perambulation of divers Miles round the Libros complectens. Londini, 1709. 8vo. City. In nine Books. Edinb. 1753. folio. Brockett, 1947, 17s. Willett, 1569, rusBindley, pt. ii. 837, 1l. 4s. Nassau, pt. i. sia, 21. 12s. 6d. LARGE PAPER. Heath, 2553, 16. 9s. Hibbert, 5208, 11, 10s. Heath, 3093, 21. 10s. Roxburghe, 6525, 31. 6s. 4724, 14. 195. Willett, 1513, 21. 7s.

Dibdin, 501, morocco, 41. 14s. 6d. The The History and Antiquities of Scotland, Life of Rob. Stephens, in Latin, revised from the earliest Account of Time, to the and corrected by the author, with a new and Death of James the First, Anno 1437. By complete list of his works, is prefixed to the William Maitland, F. R. S. And from that improved edition of R. Stephens' Thesaurus Perial to the Accession of James the Sixth Ling Lat. 1734. folio. 4 vols. to the Crown of England, Anno 1603, by Stephanorum et Typographorum aliquot another Hand. The whole compiled from Parisiensium. Lond. 1709-17. 8vo. 2 vols. the most authentic Vouchers. London, 1757. Constable, 626, 17s. Hibbert, 5037, russia, folio. 2 vols. Towneley, pt. ii. 1012, 11. ls. 11. 3s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 322, 11. 58. Roxburghe, 8705, 21. Willett, 1512, 21. 4s. Strettell, 953, 11. 11s. 6d. Willett, 1568, Heath, 4713, russia, 41. 6s.

11. 13s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1605, 11. 15s. LARGE MAITTAIRE, Michael. Annales PAPER. Duke of Grafton, 957, 61. 12s. 6d.

The English Grammar. London, 1721. Typographici, ab Artis inventæ

8vo. 3s. LARGE PAPER. Williams, 1155, Origine ad Annum 1557 (cum Ap- 9s. pendice ad Annum 1661). Hagæ Historia Typographorum aliquot ParisienCom. &c. 1719, &c. 4to.—vols.

sium Vitas et Libros complectens. Londini, These annals will ever be considered a

1717. 8vo. Brockett, 1948, 7s. 68. Bp. of lasting monument of this sound scholar's Ely, 641, 17s. Heath, 3094, 188. LARGE dirigence and zeal, and are indispensable PAPER. Fonthill

, 2240, 31. 1s. Dibdin, every bibliographical library. Edwards, 502, morocco, 31. 15s. Roxburghe, 6526, 15, 6 vols. without the index, 31. 58. 41. 10s. Brockett, 2013, with Denis' Supplement,

Senilia, sive Poetica aliquot in Argumentis 8 vols. 41, 4s.

Heath, 3095, 5 vols varii Generis Tentamina. " Lond. 1742. 4to. 61. 2s. 6d. Willett, 1599, 9 vols. 91. 9s. Roxburghe, 6527, 9 vols. 111. 11s.

Miscellanea Græcorum aliquot Scriptorum PAPER. Hibbert, 5166, 9 vols. 1719-41, Carmina cum Versione Latina et Notis. moronco, 321. Mac Carthy,

663 fr? Lond. 1722. 4to. 5s. Contents:--Vol. I. Ab Artis Origine ad

Epistola de antiquis Quintiliani EditioniAnnum 1500. Hag. Com. 1719. Vol. II. bus. 4to. 1500-36. Hag. Com. 1722. In two parts.

Librorum manuscriptorum Ecclesiæ WestVol. III. 1536-57. Hag. Com. 1725. In monasteriensis Catalogus.

Intended as a two Parts. Some copies bear date Amst. supplement to the • Catalogus Librorum 1726. Vol. IV. Tomus primus, Editio nova.

mss. Angliæ et Hiberniæ. Oxon. 1697.' Amst

. 1733. 4to. In two Parts. A reprint All the impression, save one, were destroyed of the first volume with numerous additions by fire. and some omissions. Roscoe, 13, 1l. 13s.

See Oxford. Poetæ Latini. This emiYol

. V. Tomus quartus, Indicem coinplectens. nent scholar likewise published a reprint of Londini, 1741. In two Parts. Vol. VI. & Homer's Batrachomymoachia, valuable ediVII

. Supplementa Annalium typographi- tions of some of the Latin classics, &c. corum a M. Denis. Viennæ, 1789. 4to. MAJOR, John. De Historia Gen2 vols. 11. 10s. A valuable work necessary tis Scotorum Libri sex, seu Histo correct and complete the annals of Maittaire.

toria Maioris Brittannæ, tam Angliæ quam

Scetiæ e veterum MoGræcæ Linguæ Dialecti. Lond. 1706. fro. Duke of Grafton, 224, 3s. 6d. Drury,

numentis concinnata. Parisiis, apud 2530, Maittaire's own copy, with numerous Jodocum Badium, 1521. 4to. Currections and additions, 11. 15s. LARGE Contains fol. CXLVI. with title (at the Parer. Heath, 3091, Maittaire's own copy, back of which are verses to James V. by with an original ms. letter from J. F. Badius Ascensius), a preface and table. Reitzius, 11. 16s.

Williams, 1154, mo • Written in a Sorbonic and barbarous style, POCEO, 31. 53.--Præfationem et Appendicem yet very truly and with great liberty of spirit, ez Apollonii Dyscoli fragmento inedito ad- not sparing the usurpation of Rome, and



A copy

taxing in divers places the laziness and super- of bodilie Health. Edinb. 1630. fluity of the clergy.'—Ant. à Wood. Ac- | 12mo. cording to Bishop Nicolson · This writer mixes the chronicles of England and Scut

Malabar.–Accounts of the Sucland all along; and seems to have taken the cess of two Danish Missionaries greatest part of what concerns the affairs of sent to the East Indies for the Conhis own nation upon the credit of our version of the Heathens in Malawriters.' Gordonstoun, 1598, 7s. Dent, pt. ii. 714, 11. 9s. Edinb. 1740. 4to. Best edi-bar. London, 1714-18. 12mo. 4 tion. Heath, 4722, 9s. It contains a life pts. in 1 vol. 6s. of Major and a list of his works, mostly printed at Paris about 1516-29, in folio, Languages. Vepery near Madras, 1786. 4to.

A Dictionary of the English and Malabar which are valued at about 11. 10s. per

A Grammar for learning the Principles of volume.

the Malabas Language, properly called Ta- John Henniker. Two Letters mul or the Tamulian Language. Second on the Origin, Antiquity, and His- Edition. Vepery near Madras, 1789. 8vo. tory of Norman Tiles, stained with

Malachi.-Paraphrasis PropheArmorial Bearings. London, 1794. tiæ Maleaci poëtica. Edinburgi, 8vo.

1611. 4to. Pp. 114, with engravings of 16 painted

Seven leaves, the work of Alexander Jotiles from the pavement of the palace of the lius, published without his name. Dukes of Normandy, at Caen. Dedicated

to is in the British Museum. Sir John Henniker, Bart. the author's father.

The Prophets Malachy and Isaiah proBrockett, 1949, 5s. 6d. Roxburghe, 8578, phecying to the Saints and Professors of this 6s. These letters, addressed to George Earl | Generation. Lond. 1656. 4to. of Leicester, P. S. A. were previously printed

MALALA, Joh. Joannis Antiofor private distribution.

cheni, Cognomento Malalæ Historia - Thomas. The Ruins of Pæstum, otherwise Posidonia in Magna Notis Edmundi Chilmeаdi, Disser

Chronica, cum Interpretatione et Græcia. London, 1768. imperial tatione de Autore Humfredi Hodii, folio.

et Epistola Richardi Bentleii. This work consists of 24 large and 6 Oxon. 1691. 8vo. small plates. No. 19 is repeated. Drury,

Bindley, pt. ii. 1612, 7s.

Heath, 2190, 2812, 12 9s. Gough, 2264. 11. 10s.

10s. Williams, 980, morocco, 19s. sau, pt. i. 2585, 11. 17s. North, pt. ii. 882, 31. 7s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1062, 31. 10s. Font

Malcolm, Alexander. A Treahill, 1803, 51. 2s. 6d. Willett

, 1510, with tise of Music, speculative, pracChandlers's Ionian Antiquities, 1769, tical and historical. Edib. 1821. 51. 7s.6d. - London, 1767. folio. This

8vo. 10s. 6d. edition consists of four plates, and ten leaves

An esteemed work. of text.

David. Genealogical Memoir

of the most noble and ancient Recueil d'Estampes gravées d'après les meilleurs Tableaux des grands Maitres, dont House of Drummond, and of the on a fait choix dans les Cabinets les plus several Branches that have sprung célèbres d'Angleterre et de France. Lon- from it, from its first Founder dres, 1754. folio.

Twenty-nine plates on Maurice to the present Family of 26 leaves. - 1769. fol. This edition consists of 67 plates.

Perth. Edinb. 1808. 8vo.


A Compendium of Makins, Mrs. B. An Essay to 8vo. 3 vols.

modern Husbandry. Lond. 1805. revive the ancient Education of

Principally written during a survey of Gentlewomen in Religion, Manners, Surrey, made at the desire of the Board of Arts, and Tongues, with an Answer Agriculture. Collation.—Vol. I. Pp. xx to the Objections against this Way and 456, with a coloured map by John Cary,

five plates of Lime Kilns and a Merino ram. of Education. 1673. 4to.

Vol. II. pp. 544. Vol. III. pp. 500. LARGE This lady was tutoress to the Princess PAPER. Elizabeth, daughter of K. Charles I.

James Peller. Londinium Makluike, John. The Buckler Redivivum ; or, an ancient History

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