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Islands, in eight Maps. Also, an

Some Observations and Remarks on a Account of the Orkney Islands. I late Publication entitled Travels in Europe,

Asia and Africa; in which the real Author of London, 1750. folio.

this new and curious Asiatic Atalantis, his Willett, 1501, 12. 7s.

Character and Abilities, are fully made known A Treatise of maritime Surveying, in

to the Public. London, 1782. 8vo. 2s. 6d. two Parts; with a prefatory Essay on Fonthill, 2764, 13s. Draughts and Surveys. London, 1774.

Sir James, Bart. Vindiciæ Galli4to. 5s.

Nautical Descriptions of the Coasts of cæ. Defence of the French RevoluIreland and of the west Coasts of Great tion and its English Admirers, against Britain. London, 1776. folio.

the Accusations of the Right Hon. Roderick. A Sketch of the Edmund Burke; including some War with Tippoo Sultaun, 1789-92. Strictures on the late Production Calcutta, 1793-4. 4to. 2 vols. of Mons. de Calonne. Lond. 1791. 10s. 6d.

8vo. 5s. MACKERELL, Benjamin. The This is esteemed the most able of the

answers to Burke. Hibbert, 4927, 11s. History and Antiquities of the

Horne Tooke, 449, 11. 2s. flourishing Corporation of Kings Lynn, in the County of Norfolk. Nature and Nations ; introductory to a

A Discourse on the Study of the Law of London, 1738. 8vo.

Course of Lectures on that Science, to be Drury, 2517, 5s. 6d. Dent, pt. i. 1372, commenced in Lincoln's Inn Hall, on Wed5s, 6d. Sir P. Thompson, 491, 8s. Rox- nesday, Feb. 20, 1799, in Pursuance of an burghe, 8649, 9s. 6d. Towneley, pt. ii. Order of the honourable Society of Lincoln's 737, 10s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1576, 11s. 6d. Inn. London, 1799. 8vo. 2s. 6d. reprinted Willett, 1563, 16s. Heath, 4623, 14s. 1828. 12mo. 3s. Fonthill, 2114, Il. Nassau, pt. i. 2088, MACKLAIN, John. A wonderful with additional plates, 11. 7s. Collation. Account of J. Macklain, who being preface

, 6 pages, also 11 plates at pp. 1,8, 116 Years of Age was miraculously 18, 156, 180, 181, 182, 184, 218, 220, and restored to a youthful Vigour and 272. There are other plates on the letter- Complexion, new Haire growing press.

upon his Head, new Teethe in his MACKGILL, James. Discours Mouth and his Eyes restored to a Particulier d'Ecosse, escrit


most perfect Sight. 1657. 12mo. Commandment et Ordonnance de

A copy is in the British Museum. la Royne Douariere et Regente, of the World, a Comedy; and Love

MACKLIN, Charles. The Man par Messres Jacques Mackgill, Clerk du Registre et Jean Bellen à la Mode, a Farce. London, 1793. den, Clerc de la Justice. xi. Jan- royal 4to. vier, M.D.LIX. Edinb. 1824. 4to.

Published by subscription, at 11. 1s.

with a portrait of Macklin by Condé, after Presented to the members of the Banna- Opie. The amount received was 15821. 11s. tone Club, by Thomas Thomson, Esq. Fifty- which was disbursed in purchasing two two copies printed. THICK PAPER. Fifty- annuities, one of 2001. for Mr. Macklin, and two copies printed.

another of 75l. for his wife, &c. Roxburghe, Mack Gregory, John. An 3946, 15s. Account of the Sepulchres of the

Memoirs of Charles Macklin. London Ancients, and a Description of

1804. 8vo. with portrait. Reed, 8256, 5s. their Monuments. London, 1712. Mackliniana, as selected from the European

Magazine. Reed, 8259, 11. 18s.
Roxburghe, 9016, 9s.

Memoirs of the Life of Charles Macklin, MACKINTOSH,

Travels in

Esq. By James Thomas Kirkman. Lond

1799. 8vo. 2 vols. with portrait of Macklin Europe, Asia and Africa ; begun in by Ridley. Reed, 8257, 7s. Roxburghe, the Year, 1777, and finished in 9317, 11. 1s. 1781. London, 1782. 8vo. 2 vols.

MACKNIGHT, James, D.D. 123.

Harmony of the four Gospels : In Published anonymously. Fonthill, 2763, which the natural Order of each is

preserved. London, 1756. 4to,


IL 6.


Dr. Macknight closely adheres to the prin-, Esq. on Occasion of his View of the internal ciple of Osiander ; but his paraphrase and Evidence of Christianity. London, 1777. commentary contain so much useful informa 8vo. tion, that his Harmony has long been re MACLAREN, Charles. A Dissergarded as a standard book among divines. tation on the Topography of the The preliminary dissertations are highly valuable. Bishop Marsh says, that whoever Plain of Troy. Edinbugh, 1822. makes use of this Harmony should compare

With a map. Combe, 1147, 6s. with Dr. Lardner's observations on it, which MACLAURIN, Colin. A complete were first published in 1764. 1761. System of Fluxions; with their Ap4to. Third Edition. London, 1763. 4to. Williams, 1018, 31. 15s. Edinb.

plication to the most considerable 1804. 8vo. 2 vols. 1809. 2 vols. Earl Problems in Geometry and natural of Kerry, 336, 12. 4s. 1819. 8vo. 2 vols

. Philosophy. Edinburgh, 1742. 4to. Nassau, pt. i. 2090, 15s. Dr. Macknight's 2 vols. Harmony was translated into Latin and published at Bremen and Deventer, 1772. 8vo. 7. FINE PAPER. Constable, 550, 1l. 175.

A masterly performance. Hibbert, 5159, 3 vols.

Willett, 1594, 21. 6s. The Truth of the Gospel History shewed, in three Books. London, 1763. 4to. 15s.

Geometria organica, sive Descriptio Li

nearum curvarum universalis. Lond. 1720. A work of great merit. Hollis, 704, with

4to. Macknight's Harmony, 9s. Heath, 813, with the Harmony, 1761, 21. 12s. 6d. Wil

A Treatise of Algebra. London, 1748.

8vo. 5s. 1766. 8vo. liams, 1017, 31. Two portions of the work

An Account of Sir Isaac Newton's philoare reprinted in Bishop Watson's Collection of theological Tracts.

sophical Discoveries. Published by Patrick A new literal Translation of the 1st and Murdoch. London, 1748. 4to. 7s. LARGE

Williams, 1019, 15s. 1775. 2d Epistles to the Thessalonians, with a

Hibbert, 5930, 6s.
Commentary and Notes. Lond. 1787. 4to.
A literal Translation from the original

- John, of Dreghorn. The Greek, of all the Apostolic Epistles ; with a Works of the late John Maclaurin, Commentary and Notes, philological, critical, Esq. of Dreghorn, one of the Seexplanatory, and practical. To which is nators of the College of Justice, and added a History of the Life of the Apostle F.R.S. Ed. Edinburgh, 1798. 8vo. Paul. Edinb. 1795. 4to. 4 vols. Roxburghe, 120, 31. 13s. 6d. This work ' was the un- 2 vols. 9s. remitting labour of nearly thirty years, during This selection of the works 'of Maclaurin which period seldom less than eleven hours is in little estimation. Prefixed is an account & day were employed on it.' Second of the author's life and writings. Edition with the, Greek text and Life of the Author. Lond. 1806. 8vo. 6 vols. Earl of Arguments and Decisions in remarkable Kerry, 337, 31. 78. Without the Greek Cases, before the high Court of Justiciary, Text. Edinb. 1795. 4to. 3 vols. London, and other supreme Courts in Scotland. 1806. 8vo. 4 vols. London, 1816. Svo. 4 Edinburgh, 1774. 4to. 10s. vols, Nassau, pt. i. 2089, 21.

John. An Essay on the Macky, John. Memoirs of his Prophecies relating to the Messiah. secret Services, with Characters of Edinb. 1773. 8vo. 8s. the Courtiers of Great Britain. Lond. This work, of a most powerful and accom1733. 8vo.

plished mind, affords much assistance, says Roxburghe, 8526, 6s. Hibbert, 4928, 6s. Mr. Orme, for understanding the numerous Towneley, pt. ii. 746, 7s. Nassau, pt. i. predictions of the Old Testament relative to 2091, 185 Bindley, pt. ii. 1735, with ms.

the Messiah and his times. notes transcribed from original notes by Swift, 11. 8s. In the British Museum is the The Works of John Maclaurin, containcopy with ms. notes by Dean Swift.

ing his Essays and Sermons. Lond. 1819. MACLAINE, Archibald, D. D. 12mo. 2 vols. 6s. Discourses on various Subjects, de MACLEAN, Archibald. A Paralivered in the English Church at phrase and Commentary on the the Hague. Lond. 1799. 8vo. 7s. Epistle to the Hebrews. Edinb.

In considerable estimation. 1801. 8vo. 1811-17. 12mo. 2 vols. Williams, 1150, 11s.

"We are acquainted with no expository

work in our language, which, within so small A Series of Letters, addressed to S. Jenyns, a compass, contains so much valuable matter,

and truly scriptural illustration.'—Orme. nople in the Years 1817 and 1818. - London, 1819. Svo. 2 vols.

London, 1819. 4to.

Drury, 2794, 21. 14s. Sermons on the Doctrines and Duties of the Christian Life. 8vo. with portrait. 10s.6d.

MACNAB, D. An accurate DesThe Works of Archibald M.Lean, with a cription of the Island and Kingdom Memoir of his Life and Writings by Jones. of Sicily. Falkirk, 1784. 8vo. London, 1823. 8vo. 6 vols. 31. 3s.

Fonthill, 2631, 10s. London, 1786. MACLEAY, K. M.D. Historical | Svo. Memoirs of Rob Roy and the Clan

M'NAYR, James, LL. D. A Macgregor ; including original No- System of English Conveyancing, tices of Lady Grange ; with an in- adapted to Scotland. A new Editroductory Sketch, illustrative of tion, considerably enlarged and imthe Condition of the Highlands proved. Glasgow, 1800. 4to. prior to the Year 1745. Glasgow,

Best edition. Glasgow. 1789. 4to. 1818. 12mo. 7s.

A Guide from Glasgow to some of the

most remarkable Scenes in the Highlands of Mac LEAY, W. S. Horæ En- Scotland, and to the Falls of the Clyde. By tomologicæ. London, 1819. 8vo. James M‘Nayr. Glasgow, 1797. 8vo. 55. vol. i. in 2 pts. ll. 4s.

MACNEIL, Hector. Poetical Sotheby's in 1825, 31. 5s.

Works. London, 1801. 12mo. 2 Macleod, Hugh, D.D. Casus vols. Principis ; or, an Essay towards a Roxburghe, 3510, 7s. 6d. Fonthill, 3495,

11. 6s. Edinb. 1806. 12mo. 2 volk. The History of the Principality of Scot

productions of this author are ' deservedly land; with some Account of the popular.'—Byron. It is said that ten thouAppanage and Honours annexed to sand copies of his Scotland's Skaith were the second Prince of Scotland. sold in one month. London, 1791. 4to. 5s.

Mac Neven, William James. M'LEOD, Johr. Narrative of a

Pieces of Irish History, illustrative

of the Condition of the Catholics of Voyage in his Majesty's late Ship Ireland, of the Origin and Progress Alceste along the Coast of Corea to of the political System of the United the Island of Loo-Choo, with an Account of her subsequent Ship with the Anglo-Irish Government..

Irishmen, and of their Transactions wreck. London, 1817. 8vo. 12s. A highly interesting volume. Dent, pt. i.

New-York, 1807. 8vo. 1369, 9s. 1818. 8vo. Drury, 2687,

Pp. xxiii and 305, with title, errata, con13s. 6d.

tents, 3 leaves. MACLURE, William. Observa M‘Nicol, Donald. Remarks on tions on the Geology of the United Dr. S. Johnson's Journey to the States of America. Philadelphia, Hebrides ; in which are contained, 1817. 8vo.

Observations on the Antiquities, A valuable work, ably noticed in the Language, Genius and Manners of Edinb. Review, xxx. 374-88.

the Highlanders of Scotland. Lond. MACMarion, Hugo. Jus Prima- | 1779. 8vo. tiale Armacanum in omnes Archiep.

In considerable estimation, Roxburghe, Epis. &c. assertum per H(ugonem) well,"406, 11s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1589, 13s.

7216, 10s. 6d. Fonthill, 2584, 10s. Dowdesa Afrdmachanum) Macmation) T(0 MACPHERSON, Æneas. Edina detius) Hibernia) Primas) Anno lineata ; or, picturesque perspective Dom. 1728. 4to.

Views of the Churches, Castles, The first piece includes 222 pages, besides &c. &c. in and near Edinburgh. an index; the second, Prosecutio ejusdem Argumenti, 125 pages: then eleven pages,

Edinb. 1798. 4to. with a prefix 'In Nomine Domini' and three Charles. Memoirs of the leaves of Memoranda et Corrigenda. Life and Travels of the late Charles

MACMICHAEL, William, M.D. A Macpherson, Esq. in Asia, Africa, Journey from Moscow to Constanti- and America. Written by himself

A geogra

chiefly between the Years 1773 and / &c. of the ancient Caledonians, their 1790. Edinb. 1800. 8vo.

Posterity the Picts, and the British Roxburghe, 9318, 3s.

and Irish Scots. London, 1768. Macpherson, David. Annals of 4to. Commerce, Manufactures, Fisheries Pp. xxvi and 382. Garrick, 1557, 9s. and Navigation, with brief Notices Roxburghe, 8725, 11. 5s. of the Arts and Sciences connected MACQUEEN, Daniel, D.D. Obwith them. London, 1805. 4to. 4 servations on Daniel's Prophecy of vols.

the Seventy Weeks. Edinb. 1748. A highly valuable work.


An able anonymous tract by a man of Geographical Illustrations of Scottish His- learning and talents, intended as a reply to a tory. London, 1796. 4to. 10s. 6d. With a pamphlet on the same subject in which the map.

prophecy of Daniel was applied wholly to the The History of the European Commerce Jews. with India. London, 1812. 4to, with a map. M'QUEEN, James. An elaborate work. Hibbert, 5161, 10s. phical and commercial View of

James. An Introduction to Northern Central Africa. Edinb. the History of Great Britain and 1821. 8vo. 7s. Ireland. The third Edition, revised A critique on this work, likewise reand greatly enlarged. Lond. 1773. marks on the present state of the slave trade, 4to. 5s.

will be found in the Quarterly Review, xxvi.

51-82. Pp. 404, with index, also preface and

MACQUER, Joseph. Elements of contents. 1771. 4to.

the Theory and Practice of CheAn Examination of the Arguments con- mistry. London, 1758. 8vo. 2 vols. tained in a late Introduction to the History | 6s. of the ancient Irish and Scots (by Thomas Leland, D.D.). London, 1772. 4to.

A treatise formerly in considerable estiRemarks on an Introduction to the His

mation. tory of Great Britain and Ireland. By James Macpherson, Esq. Lond. 1772. 8vo. Is. 6d. Dictionary of Chemistry, with Plates, See WHITAKER, Rev. John.

Notes, and Additions by the Translator.

London, 1771. 4to. 2 vols. 1777. 8vo. The Highlander, a Poem. 1758. Reed, 3 vols. 7114, 11. 7s.


A chronological The History of Great Britain, from the Abridgment of the Roman History, Restoration to the Accession of the House of from the Foundation of the City to Hanover. London, 1775. 4to. 2 vols. Marquis of Townshend, 2169, Ss. 6d.. - 1775.

the Extinction of the Republic, Svo. 2 vols. Reed, 5045, 4s. 6d.

Translated and improved with Notes Original Papers, 1688–1714: to which by Thomas Nugent. London, 1759. are prefixed, Extracts from the Life of James

8vo. 6s. II. as written by himself. Arranged and published by James Macpherson, Esq. Lond.

MACROBIU's, Amb. Aur. Theod. 1775. 4to. 2 vols. Willett, 1595, 21. 2s. Opera, accedunt integræ Is. Pontani Marquis of Townshend, 2171, russia, 21. 4s. et Variorum Notæ et Animadver- 1775. 8vo. 2 ro!s. Reed, 5046, 5s. 6d.

siones. Londini, 1694. 8vo. 5s. The History of Great Britain, and original

Drury, 2524, morocco, 9s. Papers. London, 1775. 4to. 4 vols. Towne

A reprint of ley, pt. ii. 1119, 17. 11s. 6d. Edwards, 599, the variorum edition. Lug. Bat. 1670. 21. 3s. Hibbert, 5160, 21. 12s. 6d. Bindley,

MACROPEDIUS, George. Methopt. iii. 303, 21. 15s. Roxburghe, 3380, 4l. 5s. dus de conscribendis Epistolis, etc. – 1776. 40. 4 vols. Dent, pt. ii. 710, 41. Accessit Chr. Hegendorphini EpisDrury, 2796, 41. 16s. A Letter to James Macpherson, Esq.

tolas conscribendi Methodus. Lond. With an Address to the Public, on his History

1595. 16mo. of Great Britain, and his original Papers. M.URE, alias CAYPBELL, John. London, 1775. 4to.

A View of the City of Glasgow. See Ossiax. - John, D.D. Critical Disser

Glasgow, 1736. small 8vo.

With a portrait and prospect of Glasgow, tations on the Origin, Antiquities, by Taylor. A work of little value to the

historian, abounding in ridiculous descrip- | from 55 to 60 George III. London, 1816 tions of the city of Glasgow. Nassau, pt. i. 22. royal 8vo. 5 vols. 2092, 2s. Dowdeswell, 401, 11. 7s.

Treatise on the Principles and Practice Madan, Martin, D. D. The- of the high Court of Chancery. London,

Best edilyphthora; or, a Treatise on Fe- 1820. royal 8vo. 2 vols. 21. 168.

tion. - 1815. 2 vols. 11. ls. male Ruin. Second Edition, im

James. The Florist's Direcproved. London, 1781. 8vo. 3 vols. 15s.

tory, by J. Curtis. London, 1810. The controversy which this singular 8vo work occasioned lasted long, and was car

An excellent work. London, 1792. ried on with great keenness. In it the au 8vo. Hibbert, 5024, 3s. 6d. thor maintains the lawfulness of polygamy Madeira.- A History of Maas authorised by the Mosaic law, and there- deira. 1821. imp. 8vo. fore obligatory on Christians. - 1780-1.

With 27 coloured engravings. 870. 3 vols. Fonthill, 40, 12. Is.

An historical Relation of the first Dis: Thoughts on executive Justice with Respect to our criminal Laws. With an Ap-covery of the Isle of Madeira. London, pendix. London, 1785. 12mo. 3s. Horne

1675. Fonthill, 2690, 11.

An historical Account of the Discovery of Tooke, 234, 63. - Pat. M. D.

the Island of Madeira, abridg'd from the A philosophical

Portuguese original. To which is added an and medicinal Essay of the Waters Account of the present State of the Island, of Tunbridge. London, 1687. 4to. in a Letter to a friend. London, 1750.

Pp. 26. Reprinted in the first volume of 8vo. 2s. 6d. the Harleian Miscellany.

A Description of the Island of Madeira ; Madden, Samuel, D. D. Me- with an Account of the Manners and Cusmoirs of the twentieth Century, 12mo. 2s. 6d.

toms of its Inhabitants. London, 1783. being original Letters of State under George the Sixth. London,

Madox, Isaac, Bishop of Wor

cester. A Vindication of the Go1793. 8vo.

This work was intended to have been vernment, Doctrine, and Worship of comprised in six volumes. Only one, how the Church of England, established eter, was printed, which was suppressed on in the Reign of Q. Elizabeth. Lonthe day of publication. Bindley, pt. iii. 31, don, 1733. 8vo. 5s. 31. 158. Hibbert, 5023, 61. 6s. Saunders'

An excellent treatise · against the injuin 1818, 81. 15s. Collation.--Pp. 527, rious Reflections of Mr. Neale in his late with dedication to His Royal Highness History of the Puritans: together with a Frederick Lewis Prince of Wales' x pages, Detection of many false Quotations and Misand · A modest Preface containing many takes in that Performance. This celebrated Words to the Wise,' 31 pages. See Nichols' English divine published several serpions. literary Anecdotes.

Thomas. The History and Reflections and Resolutions proper for Antiquities of the Exchequer of the the Gentlemen of Ireland, as to their Con- Kings of England, from the Norduct for the Service of their Country. Dublin, 1738. 8vo. Original edition, with a pre

man Conquest to the End of the face which is not in the privately printed Reign of Edward II. London, edition of 1816. Hibbert, 5022, 195.—Dub- 1769. 4to. 2 vols. lin, 1816. 8vo. 6s.

Best edition of a most valuable and acMADDISON, Sir Ralph. Great curate work.'-Nicolson Dent, pt. ii. 712, Britains Remembrancer, tending to russia, 2. Reed, 4866, 21. 2s. Brockett, the Increase of the Monies of the

2037, 21. 5s. Marquis of Townshend, 2172,

31. LARGE PAPER. Heath, 4398, 41. 4s. Commonwealth. Lond. 1655. 4to. 1711. folio. Sir P. Thompson, 597, 16s. MADDOCK, Henry. An Account Bindley, pt. ii. 841, russia, 21. os. Willett

, of the Life and Writings of Lord 1503, with the index, 1741, morocco, 31. 3s. Chancellor Somers. London, 1812. 263, russia, 12 9s. Roxburghe, 8609, 21. 4s.

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii.

Duke of Grafton, 130, with the index, 1741, Hibbert, 5162, 6s.

11 19s. Reports of Cases in the Vice-Chancellor's Formulare Anglicanum; or, a Collection Court, before Sir T. Plumer and Sir J. Leach, of ancient Charters and Instruments, from



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