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son, 467, 9s. 6d. Dent, pt. i. 1367, 13s. graceful piece of party virulence. Bindley, Willett, 1561, 14s. Fonthill, 2576, 19s. pt. iii. 318, 5s. 6d. Fonthill, 1875, 11. 5s. Heath, 4731, Il. ts.

M.CREERY, John. The Press, a M'BANE, Donald. Expert Sword Poem. Liverpool, 1803. royal tto. man's Companion; or, the true Art 12s. of Self-defence, with an Account of An clegant volume, with wood engravings, the Author's Life, and his Trans- published as a specimen of typography. actions during the Wars in France : In two parts. Lond. 1829. crown 8vo. to which is added, the Art of Gun

M:Crie, Thomas, D.D. Works.

The historical works of this divine are nery. Glasgow, 1728.8vo. 10s. 6d. much valued.

A curious treause with cuts. MACBEAN, Alexander, M.A. A

The Life of John Knox, containing Ilus

trations of the History of the Reformation in Dictionary of the Bible, historical Scotland, with biographical Notices of the and geographical, theological, moral, principal Reformers, and Sketches of the and ritual, philosophical and philo- Progress of Literature in Scotland during the logical. London, 1779. 8vo. Is.

15th Century. To which is subjoined, an A useful book, but now somewhat su

Appendix consisting of Letters and other perseded by the work of the Rev. Dr. John 1812. '8vo. 2 vols. An important addition

Papers, never before published. Edinb. Robinson.

to the ecclesiastical History of Scotland.

LARGE PAPER. Bindley, pt. ii. 1601. A Dictionary of ancient Geography. 1818. 8vo. 2 vols. London, 1773. 8vo. 4s. The preface to The Life of Andrew Melville, containing this work was written by Dr. Sam. Johnson. Illustrations of the ecclesiastical and literary Roxburghe, 7107, 8s. 6d.

History of Scotland, during the latter Part of Maccabees.—The third Book of the 16th and Beginning of the 17th Centuthe Maccabees. London by John ries, Edinb. 1919. Sro. 2 vols.

Memoirs of Mr.William Veitch and George Tysdale, 1563. 16mo.

Brysson, written by themselves, with other A copy is the Bodleian.

Narratives illustrative of the History of Scot

land from the Restoration to the Revolution. A briefe and compendiouse Table, in a Edinb. 1825. 8vo. 12s. Maner of a Concordaunce, openyng the Ware History of the Progress and Suppression to the principail Histories of the whole of the Reformation in Italy, in the sixteenth Bible, &c. (to which is added) The thirde | Century; including a Sketch of the History Boke of Machabees, a Booke of the Bible, of the Reformation in the Grisons. Edinb. also prynted unto this Boke, which was 1827. 8vo. A • learned and able' work. never before translated or prynted in any History of the Progress and Suppression Englyshe Bible. London, for Gwalter Lynne, of the Reformation in Spain in the sixteenth dwellynge on Somers Kepe, by Byllinges | Century. Edinb. 1829. 8vo. Pp. viii and Gate, 1550. 16mo. The first edition of the 424. third book of the Maccabees. A copy is in the V CRINGER, Jo.1, D.D. A comBritish Museum. The third Book of the Maccabees will be

pendious Treatise of modern Edufound in Becke's edition of the Bible, pub- cation, in which the following interlished in 1551, and also in that published by esting Subjects are literally discusBishop Wilson at Bath in 1785.

sed: The Nursery, Private Schools, MCLELAND, T. Reports of Public Schools, Úniversities, Gal('ases in Exchequer, at Law and in lantry, Duelling, Gaming, and SuiEquity, from Hilary to Michaelmas cide, to which are added, coloured Term 1821. London, 1825. royal Designs, both characteristic and ilSvo.

lustrative. London, 1804. folio. Published at 12.

11. ls.

MaccullOCH, John, M.D. A DeReports of Cases in Exchequer in 1825. By T. M. Cleland and E. Young. London: scription of the western Islands of royal Svo. vol. i.

Scotland, including the Isle of Man. M'Cormick, Charles, LL.B. Me- Lond. 1819. 8vo. 2 vols. with plates moirs of the Rt. Hon. Edmund in 4to. Burke. London, 1797. 4to.

A mineralogical and geological work of Pp. 383, with an advertisement. A dis- great merit, valuable and instructive also on

the subjects of the agriculture, scenery, anti- and Hale. Hibbert, 5156, 17. 9s.

1820. quities, and economy of these islands.

8vo. 2 vols. Duke of York, 3230, 18s. Remarks on the Art of making Wine ; with Suggestions for the Application of its

An Enquiry into the System of national Principles to the Improvement of domestic Defence in Great Britain. "Lond. 1805. 8vo. Wines. London, 1816. 12mo. 5s. The best

2 vols. treatise on the subject.

An Enquiry into the Principles of civil A geological Classification of Rocks, with and military Subordination. London, 1806. descriptive Synopses of the Species and Va

8vo. rieties, comprising the Elements of practical

MACDONALD, Alex. A Galick Geology, Lond. 1821. 8vo.

and English Vocabulary. Edinb. The Highlands and Western Isles of Scot- 1741. 8vo. land, containing Descriptions of the Scenery

Dent, pt. i. 1371, 4s. and Antiquities, &c. &c. &c. Lond. 1824. 8vo. 4 rols. Hibbert, 4923, 12. 10s.

Alexander. A complete DicJ'CULLOCH, J. R. A Discourse tionary of English Gardening. Lonon the Rise and Progress and pecu- don, 1806. 4to. 2 vols. liar Objects of political Economy; Sydenham Edwards, coloured. White Knights,

With 24 plates, from original drawings by containing an Outline of a Course of

2524, 31. Lectures on that Science. Edinb.

Andrew. The miscellaneous 1827. 8vo. 5s.

Works of Andrew M‘Donald. LonAn esteemed work.

don, 1791. 8vo. Some Illustrations of Mr. M‘Culloch's Many of the productions of this writer apPrinciples of political Economy. By Mor- peared under the signature of Matthew decai Mullion, private Secretary to Christo- Bramble, Esq. Roxburghe, 3971, 4s. plier North. Edinb. 1826. 2s.

Archibald. Memoirs of ArchiMACCULLOCH, Robert, D.D. Lec

bald Mac Donald of Barisdale. 1754. tures on the Prophecies of Isa ah.

With portrait. Dowdeswell, 391, 6s. 6d. London, 1791-1805, 8vo. 4 vols.

John. Travels in various lo the composition of these lectures the Parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa, author, who was a minister of the church of Scotland, has made great use of Vitringa's during a Series of thirty Years and elaborate commentary on Isaiah.

upwards. Lond. 1790. 8vo. Mac Curtin, H. English-Irish A recital of the adventures, amours, &c. Dictionary, with an Irish Grammar. of a servant. Roxburghe, 9316, 5s. 64. Paris, 1732. 4to. 2 vols.

Macdonald Family.-An historiDent, pt. ii. 707, 41. 16s.

cal and genealogical Account of the A brief Discourse in Vindication of the Somerlett King of the Isles, Lord of

Clan or Family of Macdonald, from authentick Irish Histories and Chronicles, Argyll and Kintyre, to the present and out of Foreign learned Authors. In two Period. Edinb. 1819. 8vo. Parts. I. Containing a brief Account of the

Privately printed. Travels and Adventures of the Gadelians fran Peniusafarsa's Time to the Coming of the

M'DOUALL, Andrew, Lord BanckMilesians into Ireland, and continued to the ton. Institutes of the Law of ScotYear of Salvation 431. II. Some memorable land in civil Rights; with ObservaActions and Accidents to the Year 1171. | tions upon the Agreement or DiverDublin, 1717. 4to. 12s. érle, dedication to the Right Hon. William sity between them and the Laws of

Edinb. O Brien, Earl of Inchiquin, preface and cata- England, in four Books. logue of subscribers, 9 leaves.

1751-3. folio. 3 vols. The Elements of the Irish Language Roxburghe, 1074, 31. 13s. 6d. An esrammatically explained in English in four teemed work. Chapters. Lovain, 1728. 8vo. Dent, pt. i.

Mace, Thomas. Musicks MonuMACDIARMID, John.

Lives of ment: or, a Remembrancer of the British Statesmen. London, 1807.

best practical Music, both divine

and civil, that has ever been known An extremely valuable work, compre

to have been in the World. Lond. hending the lives of More, Cecil, Wentworth, 1676. folio.


1368, russia, 11. 55.


"A most delectable book.'--Burney. With plates and a plan of Dublin. Duke Prefixed is a portrait of Mace by Faithorne, of York, 3206, morocco, 14s. æt. 63, after H. Cooke. Towneley, pt. ii. MAC-Gregor, Robert. See Mac1020, 11. 6s. Bindley, pt. -, 1057, 17. 12s.

LEAY, K. Rob Roy. MACER, Æmilius. Macers Her

MACHIAVEL, Nicholas. Tutte le bal practysyd by Doctor Lynacro, Opere di Niccolo Machiavelli

, con translated out of Laten in to En

una Prefazione di Guiseppe Baretti. glysshe. Impr. by me Robert Wyer Londra, 1772. 4to. 3 vols. (1542). 16mo. Contains W in fours. A jejeune perform

A good edition. Drury, 2789, 11. 15s.

- Londra, 1747. 4to. 2 vols. 12s. Willett, ance, says Dr. Pulteney, written on Galeni- 1592, 11. 188. cal principles. Mac Ewen, William. Grace

The Works of Nicholas Machiavel. Lonand Truth: or, the Glory and Ful- | don, 1675. folio. Brockett, 1849, 11. 2s. ness of the Redeemer displayed in 1694. folio. 1695. folio. Roxburghe, an Attempt to explain the most re-6916, 12s. 6d. 1720. folio. 10s. 6d. markable of the Types, Figures and

The Works of Nicholas Machiavel, Secre

tary of State to the Republic of Florence. Allegories of the old Testament. Newly translated from the Originals ; illusEdinb. 1763. 12mo.

trated with Notes, Anecdotes, Dissertations, An esteemed work, frequently reprinted. and the Life of Machiavel, never published ;

and several new Plans on the Art of War. Select Essays upon Subjects doctrinal and By Ellis Farneworth, M.A. London, 1762. practical. To which is prefixed, an Account 4to. 2 vols. Nassau, pt. ii. 1584, 1l. 9s. of the Author with a brief Description of the Dent, pt. ii. 706, russia, 21. 3s. Marquis of Secession. Edinb. 1767. 12mo. 2 vols. 6s. Townshend, 2168, 31. 13s. 6d. 1775. MACFARLAN, Robert. The His- 8vo. 4 vols. Reed, 2512, 21. 8s. Heath,

2255, 31. 10s. tory of the Reign of George the

The Arte of Warre, written by Nicholas Third, King of Great Britain, 1760

Machiauell, set forthe in Englishe by Peter 96. Lond. 1770, 82, 94, 96. 8vo. Whitehorne, with an Addicion of other like 4 vols.

marcialle Feates and Experimentes. Anno Horne Tooke, 337, 3 vols. 11s. 6d. A M.D.LX. 4to. 21. 2s. The title-page to this second edition of vol. i. appeared in 1783, edition is elegantly cut on wood by W. S.; at with alterations by another hand.

the bottom, in types, is · Niclas Inglande' M.Fingal : a modern Epic Poem, omitted in the subsequent editions. The in Four Cantos. Fifth Edition, with volume contains H h i, in fours, besides the

dedication to Queen Elizabeth. 1562. explanatory Notes.

Lond. 1792. 4to. White Knights, 2526, morocco, 11. is. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

1573. 4to. Horne Tooke, 448, 12. 16s. A successful imitation of Hudibras, by - 1588. 4to. John Trumbull, first published in Connecti The Florentine Historie by Nicholo Maccut, in 1782.

chiavelli, translated into English by T(homas) MacGill, Thomas. An Account B(edingfield). London, 1594. folio. 6s. of Tunis, of its Government, Man- 1595. folio. By M. K. Lond. 1674. Svo. ners, Customs, and Antiquities, espe

Roxburghe, 8268, 2s. cially of its Productions, Manufac- ward Dacres. London, 1636. 8vo. 3s. éd.

Discourses upon Livy, translated by Edtures and Commerce. Glasg. 1811. - 1674. 8vo. Roxburghe, 7579, 5s. 8vo. 5s.

The Prince, from the Italian of Nic. MaA compilation of little value or authority. chiavelli, with an Introduction. By J. S.

Byerley. Lond. 1810. 8vo. 6s. Travels in Turkey, Italy, and Russia, in The Vncasing of Machivils Instructions to 1803-6. Lond. 1808. 12mo. 2 vols. 6s. his Sonne : With the Answere to the same.

London, 1613. 4to.

In verse.

Bindley, pt. MacGOWAN, Rev. John.

iv. 1081, 8s. Inglis, 951, 8s. Collation.courses on the Book of Ruth and A-G, 28 leaves. other important Subjects. Lond. . Machivells Dogge, a Poem. 1617. 4to. 1781. 8vo. 5s.

Bindley, pt. iv. 720, 91. 12s. M'GREGOR, John James. New Machin, Lewis. The dumbe Picture of Dublin Dublin, 1821. Knight, a Comedy. Lond. 1608. 12mo.


A new don. 4to.

Rhodes, 1611, 11. 10s. 1633. 4to. | liminary Account of the Fur Trade. Roxburghe, 5356, 11s. Rhodes, 1612, 13s, London, 1801. 4to. It is reprinted in Dodsley's Collection of old

Illustrated with maps and a portrait of Plays.

the author. Strettell, 1249, 15s. 6d. FontM'INTOSH, —, of Borlam. Essay hill, 359, 11. 4s. Roxburghe, 7346, 11. 6s. on Ways and Means for inclosing, Willett, 1593, 11. 7s. Besides the interesting planting &c. Scotland, and that in details in this voyage respecting the countries sixteen Years at farthest. Edinb. travelled over, and the manners of the in

habitants, is it important, as having effected 1729. 8vo.

the discovery of the Polar Sea, by land. MACINTOSH, Donald. A Collec- Paris, 1802. 8vo. 2 vols. tion of Gaelic Proverbs and familiar - F. Specimens of Gothic ArPhrases. Edinb. 1785.

chitecture on sixty-one Plates. By Roxburghe, 1440, 10s. 6d. Nassan, pt. i. F. Mackenzie and A. Pugin. Lon2056, Ils. Constable, 625, 14s. Edition by Alexander Campbell. 1819.

Drury, 2793, russia, 11. 11s. 6d. 12mo.

MACKAILE, Math. Account of George, M.D. The Lives the Moffat Well in Scotland. Of

and Characters of Scotch Writers. the Oily Well . Culpeper's Charac- Edinb. 1708, 11, 22. folio. 3 vols.

• A most shapeless mass of inert matter.' ter. Edinb. 1664. 12mo.

Towneley, pt ii. 1011, 21. 3s. Reed, 3347, Nassau, pt. i. 2087, 4s.

21. 10s. North, pt. ii. 1246, 31. 10s. RoxFons Moffetensis, seu Descriptio topo- 1047, 51. 5s.

burghe, Suppl. 725, 41. 4s. Bindley, pt. ii. graphico-spagyrica Fontium mineralium Dotfetensium in Annandia Scotia. Edinb. Sir George. Works. Edinb. 1659. 8vo. White Knights, 2500, 11. 2s. 1716-22. folio. 2 vols.

A Treatise on Mace. Aberd. 1677. 12mo. With portrait. Reed, 3345, 12. 13s. This

The Diversitie of Salts and Spirits main- edition does not contain the author's romance tained, together with a new System of the of Aretina nor a tract on the discovery of Order and Gradation in the Worlds Creation, the fanatic plot. Mackenzie's writings relaas also scurvie Alchymie discovered. Aber- tive to Scottish antiquities are of little value, deen, 1683. 12mo. Edinb. 1683. 12mo. his juridical works are still held in estimaGordonstoun, 1552, 3s. Inglis, 894, 4s. tion. MACKAY, Andrew, A.M. The

Aretina, or the serious Romance. Lond. complete Navigator. Lond. 1804. 1661. 16mo. Mackenzie's earliest publica8vo.

tion, omitted in his works. A most correct and practical system.

Religio Stoici. Edinb. 1663. 8vo. Second Edition improved. London, 1810.

A moral Essay preferring Solitude to pubSvo.

lic Employment and all Appanages. Edinb.

1665. 8vo. Lond. 1685. 8vo. - Lond. The Theory and Practice of finding the 1693. 12mo. Longitude and Latitude at Sea or Land : to Moral Gallantry; a Discourse proving which are added various Methods of deter- that Point of Honour obliges Man to be virmining the Latitude of a Place and Variation tuous. Edinb. 1667. 8vo. of the Compass, with new Tables. London, A moral Paradox, maintaining that it is 1793. 8vo. 2 vols. in 1. Aberdeen, 1801. much easier to be virtuous than vicious, and 8vo. 2 vols.

a Consolation against Calumnies. Edinb. A Collection of mathematical Tables, for 1667. - 1669. 8vo. Lond. 1685. 8vo. the L'se of Students in Universities and Aca Pleadings on some remarkable Cases bedeties, for the practical Navigator, Geogra- fore the supreme Courts of Scotland, since pher, and Surveyor, for Men of Business, &c. the Year 1661. To which the Decisions are London, 1804. 8vo. 78.

subjoined. Edinb. 1672. 4to. 1673. Jo. Journey through Eng. 4to. land and Scotland. Lond. 1722-3.

A Discourse upon the Laws and Customs

of Scotland in Matters criminal.' Edinburgh, 8vo. 3 vols.

1674. 4to. London, 1678. 4to. Written by Daniel Defoe.

Edinb. 1699. folio. MACKENZIE, Alexander. Voyages Observations upon the xxvIII Aet 23d from Montreal on the River St. Parl. King James VI. against Bankrupts, &c.

Edinb. 1675. 8vo. Laurence through the Continent of X. America to the Frozen and Pa- of Nations as to Precedency. Edinb. 1680.

Observations upon the Laws and Customs cific Oceans, 1789-93: with a pre- folio. pp. 92, dedicated to the King, with a


portrait of the author by Vanderhanc. Reason, an Essay. Lond. 1691. 16mo. Bindley, pt. ii. 1256, 11. lls. 6d. Gough, 1695. 12mo. 2066, 12s. Nassau, pt. 2399, 12s. The De Humaniæ Rationis Imbecillitate Liber whole of this valuable tract is reprinted in singularis, editus a J. G. Grævio. Traj. ad the last edition of Guillim's Display of He- Rhen. 1690. 8vo. raldry.

The moral History of Frugality, with its The Science of Herauldry, treated as a opposite Vices. London, 1690. 8vo. Part of the civil Law and Law of Nations :

A Vindication of the Government in Scotwherein Reasons are given for its Principles land, during the Reign of K. Charles II. and Etymologies for its harder Terms. with several other Treatises relating to the Edinb. 1680. folio. pp. 98. and a table of Affairs of Scotland. London, 1691. 4to. An sirnames, 5 pages. This learned work, dedi- answer appeared in 1692. 4to. cated by the author to his countrymen, is Essays upon several moral Subjects. To divided into thirty-four chapters, each illus- which is pretixed an Account of his Life and trated by a variety of historical observations. Writings. London, 1713. It has been highly praised by Nicolson, Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland from Nesbit and other writers. Roxburghe, 8800, the Restoration of King Charles. Edinb. 17s.

1821. 4to. Drury, 2791, 1l. 2s. Duke of Idea Eloquentiæ forensis hodiernæ, una York, 3150, 8s. A masterly criticism on this cum Actione forensi ex unaquaque Juris valuable work appeared in the Edinburgh Parte. Edinb, 1681. 12mo. - In English. Review, no. LXXI. 1701. 12mo. - 1704. 12mo. Trans

MACKENZIE, Sir George, of Tarlated hy R. Hepburn. Edinb. 1711. 8vo.

bat. See CROYERTY, Earl of. Jus Regium, or Monarchy vindicated against Buchanan, Naphtali, Dolman, Mil Sir George Stewart, Bart. ton, &c. London, 1684. 8vo. — 1685. 12mo. Travels in the Island of Iceland,

On the Discovery of the Fanatick Plot. during the Summer of 1810. EdinEdinb. 1684. folio. This political tract is

burgh, 1811. 4to. omitted in Mackenzie's works.

A valuable and interesting work treatInstitutions of the Law of Scotland.

Lond. 1694. 8vo.

ing almost every topic. Edinb. 1681. 12mo.

Hibbert, Edinb. 1706. 12mo. With Notes by

Duke of York, 3148, 11, 9s. 5158, 14s.

Hollis, 703, 31.

- 1812. 4to. Drury, 2792, J. Spottiswood. Edinb. 1723. 8vo. Alexander Baynes. 1730. 8vo. 12mo. See ERSKINE, John.

An Essay on some Subjects connected A Supplement to Sir George Mackenzie's with Taste. Svo. 8s. Institutions. By Alex. Baynes. Edinb.

Henry. The Works of Henry 1749. 12mo.

Edinb. 1808. A Defence of the Antiquity of the royal Mackenzie, Esq. Line of Scotland, with a true Account when crown 8vo. 8 vols. the Scots were governed by Kings in the Isle

With a portrait of the author. Hollis, of Britain, Lond. 1685. 12mo.3s. 6d. pp. 190; 803, 11. 13s. Duke of York, 3240, 1l. 18s. with dedication to the King, pp. 6; a letter -Contents. Man of Feeling; Man of the to the Earl of Perth, pp. 14, and advertise- | World; Julia de Roubigne; Papers from the ment, pp. 2. This tract was written in an Mirror and the Lounger, Miscellanies, also swer to Bishop Lloyd's historical Account of Poems and Dramas (now first published). Church Government.

J. Memoirs of John Calvin. The Antiquity of the Royal Line of Scot

1809. 8vo. 6s. land farther cleared and defended against the

With portrait of Calvin. 1818. 12mo. Exceptions lately offered by Dr. Stillingfleet in his Vindication of the Bishop of St. Asaph. with portrait

. 4s. Lond. 1686. 12mo. 4s. pp. 213, with a dedi

John. A Narrative of the cation to K. James II. pp. 8. and an address Siege of London-Derry, faithfully to the reader, pp. 4.

represented to rectifie the Mistakes, Defensio Antiquitatis Regalis Scotorum Prosapiæ, Latine versa à P. Sinclaro. Traj. ad and supply the Omissions of Mr. Rhen. 1689. 12mo. 4s.

Walker's Account. London, 1690. Observations on the Acts of Parliament | 4to. made by K. James and his Successors to the Pp. 64. besides title, preface and contents, End of the Reign of Charles II. Edinb. 4 leaves. 1686. folio. Sotheby's in 1824, 21. 14s.

Oratio inauguralis habita Edinburgi, Id. Dr. Walker's invisible Champion foyled. Mar. 1689, de Structura Bibliothecæ purè London, 1690. 4to. juridicæ. Londini, 1689. 12mo. This ele

Murdoch. Orcades; or, gant oration was pronounced at the opening of the Advocates library Edinburgh, of which geographic and hydrographic SurSir George was the founder,

vey of the Orkney and Lewis

1758. russia, 11. 6s.

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