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bier folio.

and etched by the author, with an engraved |1817. In two parts. Part i. containing title-page; a list of plates, 4 pages ; descrip- Roman Antiquities discovered in the County tion of the plates, 38 pages ; index and errata, of Gloucester. Part ii. Remains of Roman

military Ensigns, discovered near StonyFigures of Mosaic Pavements Stratford Bucks, and Barkway, Herts. This discovered near Frampton in Dor- volume consists of 42 plates, not including setshire. Lond. 1808. imperial folio. engraved title, lists of plates &c. which

. In it was affixed Collation.-Seven coloured plates, drawn an advertisement in which the editor states by the author, and engraved by J. War- that, .finding by the last act of parlianer, with a coloured title-page; a list of ment for the Encouragement of Learnplates, also an account of a discovery of | ing, he would be liable to the very heavy Mosaic Pavements, which latter consists of 6

tax of eleven copies for the public Libraries, piges

he is under the necessity of omitting such Remains of a Roman Villa (viz. the letter-press) descriptions. Vol. III. discovered at Bignor in Sussex. 1817. Remains of a Roman Villa discovered London, 1815. inperial folio.

at Bignor in Sussex. This volume contains

32 plates, besides five others containing titles This volume contains 32 plates, also

and list of plates, also 10 pages of letter3 others, for title and list of plates, also å letter press description, taken from the press, reprinted from the Archäologia. Archæologia.

Plan and seven Views (finely - Reliquiæ Britannico-Romanæ, coloured) of Hampton Court Palace, containing Figures of Roman Anti- with an Account of Hampton Court quities discovered in various Parts Palace (from Lysons' Middlesex of England. Lond. 1813-7. colom- Parishes). folio.

On the title of the letter-press description This splendid work, published at 481. 6s. (consisting of nine leaves) is a coloured view tondsts of 156 plates, many of which are on

of Part of Hampton Court Palace from the w boule sheets, and most of them beautifully Garden.' It is said that only 10 copies of coloured. The following note appears at the this volume were taken off separately in folio. codelusion of the advertisement of the first A copy in a bookseller's recent catalogue was volume. 'Only 200 copies of the whole work marked 31. 3s. have been printed off, and most of the plates Lyster, Thomas. Fragments, are cancelled ; not with the view of making a taken out of a Manuscript, pen'd by scarce book, but from the great difficulty of eeting, even that number properly coloured T. L. in the 80th Year of his Age, under the editor's inspection.:' Collation.- | 1714. Printed in the Year 1714.8vo. Vol. I. 1813. In four Parts. Part i. Figures Pp. 15, with a portrait of Tho. Lyster of Mosaic Pavements dicovered at Horkstow Philomath: Ætat; suæ 63. A.D. 1698,' by in Lincolnshire. Seven plates, not including R. White. an engraved title, with 4 pages of letter press descriptions, and a list of the plates. The Blessings of Eighty-eight, with divine Part ii. Remains of two Temples and other Poems and Meditations. Lond. 1698. 8vo. Ronan Antiquities discovered at Bath. Thir- with a portrait of Lyster by White. teen, not twelve, plates, not including the Lyte, Henry. The Light of enerated title, with letter-press description, Britayne, a Recorde of the honorable

pages; and list of plates, one leaf. Part iii. Figures of Mosaic Pavements discovered near

Originall and Antiquitie of Britaine. Frampton in Dorsetshire. Seven plates, not London, 1588. 8vo. including engraved title, also letter-press

Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth. Lond. description, 6 pages, and list of plates, one

1814. 4to. Hibbert, 4939, morocco, 17. ls. kaf

. Part iv. Roman Antiquities disco- of this reprint by Mr. Upcott two copies Tered in Kent, Cheshire, Durham, Lan

were struck off on vellum. An account of cashire, Cumberland, Somersetshire, Nor- this most excellent scholar in several sorts thamptonshire and Wiltshire. Ten plates, of learning' and of his curious works, sewith 4 pages of letter-press descriptions, also veral of which are in ms. in the university the printed title and list of plates, 2 leaves. library of Oxford, will be found in Wood's At the commencement of the volume are

Athen. Oxon. two titles, one engraved, the other printed ;


The most royan engraved dedication to George Prince ally ennobled Genealogie of James, Regent, also an advertisement and con

The copy of this volume in the by the Grace of God, King of Great royal library in the British Museum has Brittaine, France and Ireland, &c. duplicate plates, differently coloured. Vol. II. London.



An engraving in forma patenti.' This printed. "A treatise to which infidelity has genealogy the author did dedicate to his never been able to fabricate a specious anmajesty, who, after a long and serious pe- swer.'- Dr. Johnson. rusal of it, gave the said author his picture in Letters from a Persian in England to his gold, set with diamonds, with gracious Friend at Ispahan. 12mo. 2 vols. Frethanks. Charles Prince of Wales (afterwards quently reprinted. K. Ch. I.) was so exceedingly taken with it, Dialogues of the Dead. The fourth Edithat he gave the author his picture in gold | tion, corrected. To which are added, four also. Camden had the perusal of it, and new Dialogues. London, 1765. 8vo. 3s. Dr. underneath (the original) wrote with his own Johnson deemed this work a nugatory perhand about six verses in commendation of it formance, and observed. That man sat down and the author.'--Ant. d Wood.

to write a book, to tell the world what the LYTTELTON, George Lord. The world had all his life been telling him.' History of the Life of King Henry Lyttelton, published by G. E. Ayscough.

The (miscellaneous) Works of George Lord the Second, and of the Age in which The third Edition, to which is a ded, a he lived, in five Books. London, general Index. London, 1776. 8vo. 3 vols. 1767, &c. 4to. 4 vols.

with portrait of his Lordship. Heath, 1706, An elaborate, somewhat prolix, but highly 1l. 6s. Earl of Kerry, 313, 11. 16s. important work, with valuable notes. Dr.

1774. 4to. Roxburghe, 6980, 19s.-AddiJohnson observed that his Lordship was

tions to Lord Lyttelton's Works : being two thirty years in preparing his History, and Essays from Common Sense, and two Poems.

4to. that he employed a man to point it for him :

Dublin, 1774. 8vo. 2 vols. Garas if (laughing) another man could point his rick, 1428, 6s. London, 1775. 4to. sense better than himself. Hibbert, 4994, Drury, 2788, 11. 6s. 11. 17s. Dent, pt. ii. 704, 21. 3s. Lloyd,

Poetical Works. Glasg. 1787. folio. Mar237, 21. lls. Edwards, 591, 21. 18. quis of Townshend, 2210, 11. 15s. Drury, 2787, 31. 12s. Willett, 1473, 41. 4s. History of England, in a Series of Letters Nassau, pt. i. 2573, with the miscellaneous from a Nobleman to his Son. See England. Works, 1775, russia, 41. 4s. Marquis of

- Thomas Lord. Letters of the Townshend, 2166, 41. 6s. Fonthill, 1883, late Lord Lyttelton. London, 51. 2s. 6d. Heath, 4385, with the miscel- 1780-2. small 8vo. 2 vols, 4s. laneous Works, 1774, 61. lls. Dublin,

These letters are spurious.
1768. 8vo. 4 vols. Garrick, 1427, 1l.
London, 1777. 8vo. 6 vols. Duke of York,

Poems by a young Nobleman.
Earl of Kerry, 312, 31. 158. 1780. 4to. "Published anonymously.

London, 3227, 22. See BERINGTON, Joseph.

LYTTLETON see LITTLETON. Observations on the Conversion and Apos Lord. Poems. 1803. tleship of St. Paul in a Letter to Gilbert West, Privately printed. Bindley, pt. ii. 1390, Esq. London, 1747. 8vo. 3s.

Often re 11. ls.



A.--A true and M. 1.-The younger Brother admirable Histo- his Apologie. Oxford, 1634. 4to. rie of a Mayden

Inglis, 949, 9s. at Confolens, in M. J.-News from Hell, Rome, the Prouince of and the Innes of Court: wherein is Poictiers, that for set forth the Coppy of a Letter the

space of three written from the Devill to the Pope, Yeares and more, hath liued, and &c. &c. published for the future yet doth, without receiuing either Peace and Tranquillity of the InhaMeat or Drinke. Lond. 1604. 12mo. bitants of Great Britany, by J. M.

Dedicated to the barbers-surgeons, by 1642. 4to. A. M. Bindley, pt. iii. 1296, 12 Gor

This tract has been attributed to John donstoun, 1192, 11. 6s.

Milton. White Knights, 3133, 13s. King M. A.–Falshood in Friendship: and Lochée's in March, 1810, 11s 6d. it or, Union's Vizard : or Wolves in is reprinted in the seventh volume of the Lambskins. Printed for Nat. Fos- Harleian Miscellany. brooke, 1605. 4to.

Seventy-three leaves. This discourse is A Reply to the Answer (printed by his otherwise called The Masque of the League Majesties Command at Oxford), to a printed

Booke intituled Observations upon some and the Spaniard discovered.'

of his Majesties late Answers and Expresses.' M. A.–See Mudie, Alexander. By J. M. London, 1642. 4to. Milton MUNDAY, Anthony.

might be supposed to have been the auM. B.-See MANDEVILLE, Ber- thor of this tract, were it not for the follownard.

ing passage at p. 20:- What have we

to do with Aristocracy or Democracy ? M. C.-See MARLOWE, Christo- God be blessed, we nor know, nor desire, pher.

any other government than that of MoM. E.-A Commentarie upon narchy!'

Salve for ye Blind, a Def. of ye Parlamt. the Prophecie of Habakkuk. Lon

by J. M. 1643. This tract has been errodon, 1652. 4to.

neously attributed to Milton. Sotheby's in 1821, 7s. 6d.

Jus Populi, 1644. This tract, containing M. E.-Saint Cicily, or the con- many energetick sentiments and expresverted Twins, a Christian Tragedy, sions, has been erroneously attributed to

. by E. M. London, 1666. 4to. 3s.

Neutrality is Malignancy. By J. M. This play was published by M. Med- 1648. 4to. bourne. - 1667. 4to. 3s.

M. I. or J.-See MAIDMENT, M. E.-See MANNING, Edward. James. MARKHAM, Jervis, or Jer

M. G.-See MARKHAM, Gervase. MENSHUL, Geffray.


James. Melton, John. Mervine, M. H.-See More, Henry,

MILTON, John. M. H. A. T. H. P. See MAC

M. Sir J.-See Mennes, Sir MATION, Hugo.

John. M. 1.- The funeral Sermon

M. L.-See MASCAL, Leonard. preached at the Burial of the Lady Jane Maitland, by Mr. I. M. Edin

M. M.—See CULROS, Elizabeth burgh, 1634.

Melvill, Lady.
The general Practise of Medecine. Edinb.

M. M. T.-See More, Thomas.
M. P.-Sundrie pleasant Floures


1634. 8vo.

of Poesie, newly plucked from the the great Benefit and Enriching of Hill Parnasse, by the Hand of P. M. England. London by Valentine) and very goodlie to smelle. Lon- Simms) for Nicholas Leng, 1599. don, 1576.

4to. Said to be unique. 1823. imper. 4to.

Pp. 75. A didactic poem addressed to Two copies only reprinted.

Marie, Countesse of Pembrooke,' followed M. P.--The powerfull Favorite, by a table of contents. In some catalogues or the Life of Ælius Sejanus. Paris, the author is stated to be Thomas Moffat


Inglis, 1390, 21. 3s. Nassau, pt. i. 2575, 1628. 4to.

21. 14s. Saunders' in 1818, 31. 10s. BosPp. 124. This tract, supposed to be a sa- well, 2591, 41. 7s. Perry, pt. i. 1177, tyre against the Duke of Buckingham, is the 41. 14s. 6d. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 667, 151. 158. subject of a paper in the Craftsman. It has been ascribed to Pierre Mathieu the French

M. T.-The Copie of a Letter historian, and to Philip Massinger our Eng- written from Master T. M. neere lish dramatist. Gordonstoun, 1597, 7s. In- Salisbury, to Master H. A. at Longlis' old Plays, 7, 8s. 6s. - First Edition.

don, concerning the Proceeding at Paris, 1628. 4to. pp. 62. Gordonstoun, 1596, 2s. See Mathieu, P.

Winchester. London, 1603. M. P.-King Charles his Birth Reprinted in the first number of Morgan's

Phænix Britannicus. wright, Edinburgh, 1633. 4to. Four leaves. Bindley, pt. iv. 1072,

M. T.- The Ant and the Night11. 168. Reprinted in Various Pieces of ingale, or Father Hubbard's Tales. fugitive Scotish Poetry' edited by Laing. London, 1604. 8vo.

M. P. D.-See Moulin, P. du. A satyrical work, a mixture of prose and M. R.-A newe Ballade. With- rhyme, some of which, says Mr. Todd, is ex

tremely beautiful. A copy is in the Marquis out Place or Date.

of Stafford's collection, another was sold among Reprinted, from a copy, supposed unique, the Bridgewater duplicates for 5l. in the library of the Society of Antiquaries of

M. T.-The blacke Booke. London, in the tenth volume of the Harleian Miscellany.

London, 1604. 4to. M. R.-Micrologia. Characters Pp. 44, black letter. Steevens, 770, 11. 8s. or Essayes, of Persons, Trades, and Roxburghe, 6671, 31. 13s. 6d. Reed, 1779,

41. 14s. 6d. Bindley, pt. i. 897, 61. 8s. 6d. Places, "offered to the City and Saunders' in 1818, 71. 175. 6d. Bibl. AngloCountry. By R. M. Lond. 1629. Poet. 35, 252. 8vo.

M. T.-A Discourse of Trade Pp. 56, not numbered. Nassau, pt. i. from England to the East Indies. 2248, russia, Il. 11s.

London, 1621. 4to. 4s. M. R.-A Relation of R. M's

M. T.-Cloud of Witnesses or Voyage to Buenos Ayres, and from

the Sufferers Mirror. 1665. 3 thence by Land to Potosi. London,

vols. 1716. 12mo.

Constable, 155, 12s. M. R.-See MANERICK, Ra.

M. T.-See MANLLY, Thomas. M. S.See MARMION, Shaker

May, Thomas. ley.

M. Sir T. See MAINWARING, Sir M. T.-Micro-cynicon :



Prosnarling Satyres. Insatiat.

M. W.--The Huntingdon Didigall. Insolent. Cheating. Iug

Lond. ling. Wise. London by Thomas vertisement, an Interlude.

1678. 4to. Creede, 1599. 8vo. Probably written by Thomas Middleton.

Roxburghe, 4176, 19s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1800, 241. resold Perry, pt. M. W.-The Man in the Moone, ii. 695, 197.

telling strange Fortunes, or the M. T.-The Silkwormes and

English Fortune-Teller. London, their Flies: lively described in Verse

1609. 4to. by T. M. a Countrie Farmer, and

Twenty-seven leaves. In this trifle, the an Apprentice. in Physicke. For dedication of which is subscribed W. M.

three orators and thirteen characters are printed. London, 1721. 8vo. Os. Bristol, introduced.

1749, in vol. i. of Mr. Wesley's Christian M. W.-The female Wits; or, Library, the Triumphirate of Poets at Re The Travels of Macarius, Pahearsal. London, 1697. 4to.

triarch of Antioch: written by his Roxburghe, 5353, date 1704, 4s.

attendant Archdeacon, Paul of Mably, Gal. Bonnet, Abbé de. Aleppo, in Arabic. Párt the first. Observations on the Romans, writ- Anatolia, Romelia, and Moldavia. ten originally in French by the Translated by F. C. Belfour, A.M. Abbé de Mably. London, 1751. London, 1829. 4to. 8vo. Ss.

M'Arthur, John, LL.D. The A ft companion for Montesquieu's treatise Principles and Practice of naval on the grandeur and declension of the and military Courts Martial. Fourth Romans.

Edition. Lond. 1813. 8vo. 2 vols. Phocion's Conversation : or, the Relation 12s. between Morality and Politics, originally An esteemed work. The first edition aptranslated by Abbé Mably, from a Greek peared in 1792. 8vo. 1 vol. Manuscript of Nicocles. With Notes by

MACARTNEY, George, Earl. EmWilliam Macbean, A. M. London, 1770. 850. 53.

Several other treatises by this bassy to China. See ANDERSON, celebrated French political and miscellaneous Eneas. Barrow, John. Holmes, writer have been translated into English. Samuel. STAUNTON, Sir G.L. Bart.

MADAM, John Loudon. A prac Macassar.–An historical Destical Essay on Road Making. Lond. cription of the Kingdom of Macassar, 18.9. 8vo. 7s.

in the East Indies. Lond. 1701. 8vo. Mac ALLESTER, Oliver. A Se

Fonthill, 2912, 5s. ries of Letters, discovering the MACAULAY, Catherine. The HisScheme projected by France, in tory of England from James I. to 1759, for an intended Invasion


the Revolution. 8 vols. The HisEngland with flat-bottomed Boats ; ory of England from the Revolution and various Conferences and ori- to the present Time. vol. i. Lond. ginal Papers touching that formida- 1769-71, Bath, 1778. 4to. 9 vols. ble Design. London, 1767. 4to.

Willett, 1474, 51. 18s. Hibbert, 5151, 2 vols.

russia, 4l. 16s. The other writings of Mrs. This work contains some curious parti- estimation.

Catherine Macaulay Graham are now in little culara relative to the young Pretender, and the banishment of the Jesuits from the

- Rev. Angus. The History French dominions. Bindley, pt. iii. 300, 58. and Antiquities of Claybrook in the

Macaria.-A Description of the County of Leicester : including the famous Kingdom of Macaria. Lond. Hamlets of Bittesby, Ullesthorpe, 16#1. 4to.

Wibtift and Little Wigston. LonPp. 15. This little treatise, composed in don, 1791. 8vo. the form of a novel, was designed to inti

Pp. viii. and 136, with additions and list of mate a new model of government as the books, 4 pages, and a view of Claybrook properest means to reconcile the breach church as a tail piece to p. 136. which was then beginning between K. Char

Rev. Kenneth. The History les and his Parliainent. It is reprinted in of St. Kilda ; containing a Dethe first volume of the Harleian Miscellany. scription of this remarkable Is

Macarius, St. The Institutes, land; the Manners and Customs translated by G. Penn. London. of the Inhabitants ; the religious and 1816, 12mo, 5s. A good translation.

pagan Antiquities found there; with

many other curious and interesting Primitive Morality; or, the spiritual Ho- Particulars. London, 1764. 8vo. milies of St. Maccarius the Egyptian, done of this work Dr. Johnson observed, that out of Greek into English, with several con- it was very well written, except some fopsiderable Emendations and some Enlarge- pery about liberty and slavery.' Reed, 5039, Ments from a Bodleian MS. never before 7s. Od. Drury, 2511, 7s. éd. Sir P. Thomp

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