Зображення сторінки

Larkiiam, Thomas. Discourses of the Attributes of God in sundry Sermons. London, 1656. 4to.

Prefixed is a portrait of the author,' set. 54.'

Larkin, Edward. Speculum Patrum: a Looking-Glasse for the Fathers. To which is added, Characters of some of the chief Philosophers, Historians, Grammarians, Orators, and Poets. London, 1659.

small 8vo.

Hibbert, 4493, 5s. 6d. White Knights, 2287, 7s.

La RoatiE, J. de. Voyage to Arabia. London, 1726. 12mo. 4s.

These travels are particularly full respecting the history of coffee in Asia and Europe.

Larrey, Isaac de. Histoire d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse et d'Irlande. Rotterdam, 1697—13. folio. 4 vols.

A jejeune and unsatisfactory performance, valued only for the (67) portraits, with which it is adorned. Towneley, pt. ii. 990, 31 4s. Roxburghe, 8368, 5/. 5s. Marquis of Townshend, 1935, 5/. 15s. 6d. Willett, 1375, 3 vols. 91. 15s. Vol. i. is dated 1707. Vol. ii. 1697. Vol. Hi. 1698. Vol. iv. 1713.

The History of the Reign of K. Charles I. translated from the French. London, 1716. 8vo. 2 vols. 4s.

La Salle, J. de. Paradoxes. London, 1653. 12mo.

With an engraved frontispiece. Lloyd, 385, 9s. 6d.

Las Casas, Barthomew de. Popery truly display'd in its' bloody Colours: or a faithful Narrative of the Massacres &c. committed by the Popish Spanish Party on the Inhabitants of West-India. London, 1689. 4to.

A translation of' Narratio Regionum Indicarum per Hispanos qvosdam devastatarum venissima. Oppenhcimii, Sumtibus Joh. Theod.de Bry, 1614.' The first and most valuable edition of the original appeared in 1598, and it was reprinted in 1664. See Retrosp. Review, vi. 261—71.

The Spanish Colonie, or brief Chronicle of the Acts 8c Gestes of the Spaniards in the West-Indies, called the new World, by Bart, de las Casas, or Casaus. Englished from the Spanish, by M. M. S. London, 1583. 4to. Inglis, 336, 3?. 18s.

The Tears of the Indians. Written in

Spanish by Casaus, and made English by J. P(hillips). London, 1656. 8vo. 10s. fid.

Casas's horrid Massacres, Butcheries and Cruelties that Hell and Malice could invent, committed by the Spaniards in the West Indies. 1639. 4to. Nassau, pt. i. 649, 7s.

An Account of the first Voyages and Discoveries made by the Spaniards in America. London, 1699. 8vo. Roxburghe, 7336,3s. 6d. Las Cases, Le Comte de. Memorial de Ste. Helene. Journal de la Vie privee et des Conversations de l'Empereur Napoleon a Ste. Helene. Londres, 1823. 8vo.

Hibbert, 4497, 11 8s. See Le Sage, A. Lascelles, R. The heraldic Origin of gothic Architecture. 1820. royal 8vo. 7s.

Lasco, Jo. a. Breuis et dilucida de Sacramentis Ecclesiae Christi Tractatio. Londini, 1552. 8vo.

See Strype's Eccles. Memor. ii. 374.

Laskey, J. A Description of the Napoleon Medals. London, 1818. royal 8vo.

Duke of York, 2857, morocco, 11 4s.

A general Account of the Hunterian Museum. Glasg. 1813. 8vo. 6s.

Lassels, Richard. The Voyage of Italy. In two Parts. Paris, 1670. 8vo.

Hibbert, 4498, 2s. Drury, 2274, 3s. 6d. —Lond. 1670. 'The celebrated John Wilkes made me a present of this book assuring me, at the time, that it is one of the best accounts of the curious things of Italy ever delivered to the world in any book of travels.'—Edward Harvrood. It was reprinted in 1698. 8vo. with large additions by a modern hand.

Latch, John. Pleasurs tres bons Cases en les trois premiers Ans du Charles I. publiees par Ed. Walpoole. Lond. 1661. folio. 10s.

Latham. John, M. D. A general Synopsis of Birds. 6 vols. Supplement. 2 vols. Index ornithologicus. 2 vols. Supplementum Indicis ornithologici, &C. London, 1781-5,1787-1801,andl790, 1802. 4to. 10 vols.

A much esteemed work. Copies with coloured plates. North, pt. ii. 659, russia, 132. 2s. (h!. Willett, 1320, wanting the index and the second supplement, G7.6s. Heath, 1362, wanting the second supplement, 13/. 2s. 6d. Four copies were coloured by Miss Stone in a superior manner. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 23J, with upward* of 1000
aioared portraits of birds from Bufibn, in
norocto,'l 101. 5s. Dent, pt..u. 586, 431 Is.
North, pt. ii. 658, with the original draw-
ings, in Russia, 441 2s. Stanley, 104, 56114s.
—Winchester, 1821-4. 4to. 10 vols, with co-
bum) plates

This celebrated physician published several
medical works, and likewise contributed to
the Philosophical Transactions, &c.

— Simon. Falconry. In two
Books. London. 4 to.

A carious and esteemed publication.

ran L London, 1615. 4to. Towneley,
p. L 614, with the second part, If. 10s.
—New and second Booke of Falconrie.
London, 161S. 4to. Inglis, 785, 10s. 6d.
Vtet Knights, 2290, li 4s.—Two Parts.
London, 1633. 4to. Reed, 1328, 9s. Ha-
rah,927, 6s. —London, 1653. 4to. Ha-
worth, 929, 5s. —London, 1658. 8vo.
laefis, 851, russia, li lis. 6d. White
Knights, 2289, morocco, ll. 4s. Nassau,
p-i- 1875, 10s. Haworth, 931, 11 Hib-
tet, 4499, 14s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1307,
11 lis. 6d. —London, 1662. Haworth,
W5, 213s.

Lmiitm, W. Phyala Lachryma-
ram; or, a few friendly Teares shed
over the dead Body of Mr. Nath.
Weld, together with sundry choyce
Meditations of Mortalitie. London,
1634. 8vo.

Lloyd, 713, 13s.

Latimer, Hugh, Bishop of Wor-
cester. Sermons preached by Mais-
ter Hugh Latimer. London by
John Day, 1562. 4to.

BojwelL 1308, 19s. Inglis, 786, 11. Is.
Colhthm.—Part i. 130 leaves. Part ij. folios
118, besides dedication to the 'Duchess of
SoJMke' by Aug. Bemher.

Frntefull Sermons, newly imprinted with
others not heretofore set forth in Print. Lon-
don by John Daye, 1571. 4to. In three
parts Part i. contains 124 leaves: parts
ii. and iii, are numbered progressively to 219.

— 1575. 4to. — 1578. 4to. with portraits
of King Edward and Latimer. Sotheby's in
1823,11 IN. Grave, 310, morocco, 11.9s.

— London, 1584. 4to. — London, 1596.
4ta — London, 1635. Ito, with portrait
ty (Hover. Sotheby's in April, 1822, 21 6s.

— London, 1635. 4to. with portrait by
Gi&rd. Stanley, 126, If. 3s. Dowdes-
wfl, 444, 11 IN. Bindley, pt. ii. 2505,
it is. — London, 1758. 8vo. 2 vols, with
» fife and portrait of Latimer. WiUett, 1425,
IV Williams, 1073, 21 8s. — London,
1715. 8vo. 2 vols. 12s. An edition of little

value, liberties having been taken not only
with the words, but with the constructions of
the sentences.—A new Edition, collated by
the early Impressions and illustrated with
Notes and a Life of the Author by — Wat-
kins. London, 18—. 8vo. 2 vols, with a

Concio in Conventu Spiritualium, nono
Junii, ante Incliationem Parlamenti celebrati
Anno 28 inuictiss. Regis Henrici octaui.
Southwarke per me Jacobum Nicolai. Pro
Iohanne Gough bibliopola. 1537. 16mo.
Contains D 6, in eights, without any prefix.

The Sermon made to the C'lergie.in theCon-
uocation before the Parliament began, the
9 Day of June, the 28 Yere of Kyng Henry
the viii. nowe translated out of Latyne into
Englyshe. London by Tho. Berthelet, 1537.
Hi mo. E 4, in eights.

A notable Sermon of Maister Hugh La-
timer, which he preached in the Shrouds at
Pauls Churche in London, on the 18 Daye of
January 1548. London by John Day and
William Seres. 16mo. The first edition of
Latimer's memorable sermon on the plough.
Bindley, pt. ii. 1353, with three others,
1549, 1550, 8c 1550, 101. resold Hibbert,
4500, 91 5s.

The fyrse Sermon of Mayster Hughe La-
timer, whiche he preached before the Kynges
Maiest. wythin his Grace Palacye at West-
mynster M.d.xlix. the viii. of Marche.
London by Jhon Daye and William Seres.
1 Ohio. 1/. lis. (id. Notwithstanding the
title-page mentions only the first, there are
seven sermons in the volume, one of which was
preached every Friday during Lent, before
K. Edward VI. Bindley, pt. ii. 1353, with
three other sermons, 1548,1550 & 1550, 101.
resold Hibbert, 4500, 91 5s.

A most faithfull Sermon (against Covetous-
ness) preached before the Kynges most ex-
cellent Maiestye, and hys most honourable
Councel, in his Court at Westminster. Anno
Domini M.d.l. London by John Day.
lfltuo. G, in eights. Bindley, pt. ii. 1353,
with three others, 1548, 1549 8c 1550, 101.
resold Hibbert, 4500, 91 5s.

A Sermon of Master Latimer, preached at
Stamford the ix Day of October, Anno
M. ccccc. and fyftie. London by John Daye.
16mo. F 7, in eights. Bindley, pt. ii. 1353,
with three others, 1548, 1549 & 1550, 101,
resold Hibbert, 4500, N. 5s.

Hugonis Latimeri Oratio, apud totum
Ecclesiasticorum Couentum, antequam Con-
sultatio publica iniretur, de Regni Statu
per Euanglium reformando, Regni Henrici
viii. Anno vigesimo octauo habita. Loud.
1592. lljmo. Pp. 53. Prefixed is an epistle
by Sim. Grirueus to the reader.

Preaching Sermon reproving unpreaching
Prelates, being a faithful Collection of ob-
servable Passages in several Sermons preached
by Hugh Latimer. Lond. 1661. 18mo. 4s.

A life and selections from the writing* of
Latimer will be found in the second volume
of The Fathers of the English Church.
Ben Gilpin, William. Ridley, Nicb.

Latimer, Nevil, Son of Lord.
The Castell of Pleasure. London by
W. de Worde. 4to.

Eighteen leaves, supposed unique. Rox-
burghe, 3284, 65/. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i.
590, morocco, 31/.

Latium.—A Description of La-
tium. See Knight, E. Cornelia.

Latocnaye, M. De. Promenade
d'un Francais dans l'lrlande. Se-
conde Edition. Brunswick, 1801.

8vo. 4s.

Three hundred and filly-seven pp. with
title, and table des matieres, 2 leaves, also a
plate of 'Ancien Alphabet et Caracteres
Irlandais.'—The former edition. Dub. 1797.

Promenade d'un Francais dans la Grande-
Bretagne. Secoode Edition. Brunswick,
1801. Svo. 275 pp. with title and table des
matieres, 2 leaves.

Ramble through Ireland, by a French
Emigrant. Translated from the French of
Monsieur de Latocnaye, by an Irishman.
London, 1799. 12mo. 2 vols. 5s.

Latrobe, Rev. Cbr. Ign. Journal
of a Visit to South Africa in 1815
and 1816, with some Account of the
missionary Settlements of the United
Brethren near the Cape of Good
Hope. London, 1818. *to.

Foothill, 747, 19s. An article on the
Cape of Good Hope, with a notice of this va-
luable work, will be found in the Quarterly
Review, xxfi. 203-48. — 1821. Svo. 12a.

LATTKRBtntirs, Joh. InThrenos
Jeremias (Oxonie) 14S2. folio.

Copies if this work will be found in the
Dean and Chapter's Library, Westminster,
and in St. John's College Library, Oxford,
and in Earl Spencer's collection. Collar
tkm.—There are two sets of signatures:
first s tot, inclusively in eights (a i blank):
then A to I, kk and L, in eights (L virj
blank) M, eight leaves, X 6 and O v printed
leaves: O vj being blank.

Laud, William, Archbishop of
Canterbury. A Relation of the
Conference betweene Wm. Lawd,
then Lord Bishop of St. Davids
and Mr. Fisher the Jesuite, with an
Answer to such Exceptions as A. C.
takes against it. London, 1639.


Pp. 3SS, with title and dedication to K.
Charles, 12 leaves. BindJey. pt. ii. 417, 6s.

Williams, 1180, date 1849? morocco, U 9s.
— 1624. folio. — 1673. folio, 6s. —
1686. folio. 6s.

A Replie to a Relation of the Conference
betweene William I.aude and Mr. Fisher the
Jesuite. By a Witnesse of Jesus Christ.
Imprinted Anno 1640. 4to. 3s. 6d.

Labyrinthus Cantuariensis: or, Dr. Laud's
Labyrinth. Paris (London), 1658. folio.
Written by a Jesuit named Tho. Carwell
alias Thorold, a Lincolnshire man. Bindley,
pt ii. 418, 4s. Cd.

— History of the Troubles and
Tryal of William Laud, Archbishop
of Canterbury. Remains. Lon-
don, 1695-1700. folio. 2 vols. 18s.

Willett, 1475, vol. i. lis. See Wood's
Athen. Oxon. and Retrosp. Review, vii.

A Speech delivered in the Starre-Chamber,
on Wednesday the sixth of June, 1637, at
the Censure of John Bastwick, Henry Bur-
ton and William Prinn; concerning pretend-
ed Innovations in the Church. London,
1637. 4to. It is said that only twenty
copies of this speech were printed. Gor-
donstoun, 1348, 15s. Gd. This speech was
reprinted with reflections by Archbishop Wil-
liams in the margin, at the charges of Dr.
Rich. Rawlinson. Copies on Vellum are
in the Bodleian and St. John's college libra-
ries, Oxford, and also in Earl Spencer's col-
lection. It is also reprinted in the ninth
volume of the Harleian Miscellany.

Harangue prononcee en la Chambre de
l'Estoille, a la Censure de Jehan Bastwick,
Henry Burton et Guillaume Prinn. Juin
14. 1637. 4to. Of this translation, it is
said, only twenty-five copies were printed.

The true Copy of a Letter, sent from
William, Lord-Archbishop of Canterbury, to
the University of Oxford, when he resigned
his Office of Chancellor. Published, by Oc-
casion of a base Libel and Forgery, that runs
under the Title: and also the Answer of the
University to the said Letter. Oxford, 1641.
4to. pp. 12. Reprinted in the fifth volume
of the Harleian Miscellany.

Lambeth Faire, wherein you have all the
Bishops Trinkets set to sale, a Poem. 1641.
4to. With a satirical frontispiece. Of this
poetical satire against Archh. Laud, two edi-
tions appeared in 1641: the frontispieces
vary. Towneley, pt. ii. 1578, 13s. Sir M.
M. Sykes, pt. ii. 237, It 2s.

Canterburie PDgrimage and his just Suf-
ferings. 1641. 4to. Nassau, pt. i. 2363,
3s. Towneley, pt i. 411, 1L

The Charge of the Scottish Commissioners
against Canterburie, and the Lieutenant of
Ireland: together with their Demand con-
cerning the sill Article of the Treaty. Print-
ed 1641. 4to. Twenty-eight leaves. Much
of their charge against the Abp. of Canterbury is for his imposition of the service book, with fiii alterations upon them.

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Dreame: in which the Apparition of Cardinal I Wolsey did present himselfe unto him on the fouretcnih of May last past; it being the third Night after my Lord of Strafford had taken an Fare-well to the World. Printed in 1*41. This parallel is by Mr. Peck attributed to Milton, and printed in his Life of Hilton, 1740. 4to.

The discontented Conference betwixt the hto great Associates, William (Laud) Archbishop of Canterbury, and Thomas late Earle of Strafford. Printed in the Yeere 1641. null 4to. In verse. Reprinted in the fourth volume of the Somers Collection of Tracts.

The Accusation and Impeachment of William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, by the Hoax of Commons, in Maintenance of the Actuations, whereby he standeth charged wh High Treason. Printed Anno Dom. 1(41. 4to. pp. 8. Reprinted in the fourth •slome of the llarleian Miscellany.

A sew Play called Canterburie, his Change cf Diot. 1641. 4to. With wood cuts. 15s. A dramatic satire. King and Lochee's in March, 1810, 2i 15s. Bindlev, pt. i. 2202, M.

Lambeth Faires ended, or a Description of tbc Bishop's Holy Ghost lately set to Sale at Laooeta Palace. 1641. With a print. E«Vtm»inl804, 3i 16.

Cauterburie's Amazement. 1641. 4to. A dramatic satire. King and Lochee's in March 1810, It 8s.

Rome for Canterbury, or Life of Wm. Uud, Archb. of Canterbury. 1641. 4to. with »ood cuts. King and Lochee's in March HID, 18a. Gordonstoun, 1349, with Canferburian's Self-conviction, 1641, Recantaosa of the Prelate of Canterbury (with a print by Marshall), 1641, New Discovery of "V Prelates Tyranny (with portraits of Laud, Ptynne, Burton and Bastwick), 1041,4/. 4s. The Archbishop of Canterbury's Speech on the Scaffold on Tower-Hill, the tenth of January, 1644: also, the Prayers which he used at the same Time and Place, before his Execution. All faithfully written by John mode. London, 1644. 4to. pp. 20. Hibbert, 4366, 2s. 6d. Reprinted in the eighth volume of the Harleian Miscellany. — 1645. 4lo.

Life of William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury. 1644. See Prynne, William.

The Life and Death of William Laud, Archb. of Canterbury. By E. W. London, 1*45. 4to. with a portrait by Marshall. Nas■u, pt L 2364, 10s. Reed, 4655, lis. 6d. Caoterburie's Doom. 1646. See Prynne, William.

OJkium Quotidianum; or, a Manual of (""ate Devotions. By William Laud, Arch

bishop of Canterbury. London, 1650. 8vo. 5s. — 1663. 8vo.

Seven Sermons preached upon several Occasions, by William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury. London, 1651. 8vo. 7s.

A Summary of Devotions. By William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury. London, 1667. 12mo. 5s.

A briefe Relation of the Death and Sufferings of the Lord Archb. of Canterbury. From the Collections of Sir Francis Eyles Haskins Styles, Bart. This work, written by Peter Heylin, D.D. is reprinted in the fourth volume of the Somers Collection of Tracts.

One hundred and twenty-one tracts concerning Abp. Laud, from 1637 to 1691. 4to. 3 vols. Hollis, 677, 33/. Is. 6d.

A considerable number of tracts relative to Archb. Laud, inlaid in 4to. and illustrated with numerous portraits. Hibbert, 4565, in russia, 10/.

The Life and Times of William Laud, D.D. Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. By John Parker Lawson, M.A. London, 1829. 8vo. with port, by Dean after Vandyke.

Lauder, George. The Scottish Souldier. Sunt Artibus Arma decori, 1629, Wight. To the King's most excellent Majesty. Edinburgh, 1C29. 4to.

These two poems are written on occasion of the unfortunate expedition to the Isle of Rhes, and consist of eight leaves. Gordonstoun, 1410, 91 9s. — Auchinleck Press, 1818. 4to. Boswell, 3073, 10s. 6d. Brocket!, 2004, 11 6s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt.—. 1645, It lis. Dent, ptii. 1232, 15s. The Poem of the Scottish Souldier is reprinted in • Various Pieces of fugitive Scotish Poetry,' edited by David Laing, Esq.

Tears on the Death of Evander, occasioned by the lamentable Losse of Sir John Suynton, Knt. Collonel of a Regiment of 2000 Nederlanders, going for Venae, was cast away by Storme on the Coast of England, upon the Goodwin Sands, the 13th of October, 1630. Printed at the Hagh. 16?0. 4to. Inglis, 789, 2t 12s. 6d.

Tweeds Tears of Joy to Charles Great Brittalns King (1639). 4to. Four leaves. Reprinted in 'Various Pieces of fugitive Scotish Poetry,' edited by David Laing. Esq.

Caledonias Covenant, or ane Panegyrick to the World. Wherin is bra-flic set doune the trew Caus and Occasioune of the present Troubles of the Kingdome of Scotland. By G. L. Printed in the Year 1641. 4to. Six leaves. Bindley, pt. iv. 1087, 37. 5s. resold Perry, pt. i. 1048, 11 6s. Reprinted in 'Various Pieces of fugitive Scotish Poetry,' edited by David Laing, Esq.

Breda exultans, a Poem on the happy Peace, by G. Lauder, 1667.

Lambeth Fair, Ike. 1641. 4c. See Laud,w.

A Catalogue of the archicpiscopal MSS. In the Library of Lambeth Palace, with an Account of the archiepiscopal Registers and other Records there preserved. (Compiled by the Rev. Henry John Todd, F.A.S. &c.) London, 1812. 4to. One hundred copies printed for the use of public libraries, &c. Fine Paper. Five copies printed, Large Paper in folio. Twelve copies printed.

Lambeth and the Vatican; or, Anecdotes of the Church of Rome, the Reformed Churches, and distinguished Sects and Sectaries of the Christian Religion in all Ages; collected in the Public Libraries of Italy, France and England. By a Member of the University of Oxford. 1825. small 8vo. 3 vols, with plates. 11. Is.

Lamentacyon, The, of our Lady. London by W. de Worde. 4to.

Six leaves. Acopyisamong BishopMore's books in the public library, Cambridge.

Lamentations see Jeremiah.

Lamont, David, D.D. Sermons Lond. 17—, 87,97. 8vo. 3 vols. 18s.

In considerable estimation. — London, 1810. 8vo. 3 vols. Williams, 10, 71, St 3s.

— John. The Chronicle of Fife, being the Diary of John Lamont of Newton, from 1649. Edinb. 1810. 4to.

One hundred copies printed. Nassau, pt. i. 834, IL IN.

Lamotte, A. Voyage dans le Nord de l' Europe, consistant principalement de Promenades en Norwege. et de quelques Courses en Suede dans l' Annee 1807. Suivi d'un Appendice. Londres, 1813. Mo.

Pp. 244, with plates and a map of Norway, &c.

— Charles. Essay upon Poetry and Painting. London, 1699. 8vo.

Roscoe, 1C09, 8s. — With an Appendix concerning Obscenity in Writing and Painting. London, 1730. 12ino.

Lamouroux, I. V. F. Corallina; or, a classical Arrangement of flexible Coralline Polypidoms. Selected from the French of I. V. F. Lamouroux, D. E.S. 8vo. 14s.

Lampe, J. T. A Method of teaching Thorough-Bass. London,

1737. 4to.

Willett, 1317, lis. Lamy, Bernard. Apparatus Biblicus; or, an Introduction to the

Holy Scriptures, in three Books. Done into English from the French, with Notes and Additions. Illustrated with 36 Copperplates. Second Edition. London, 1728. 8vo. 2 vols.

Gosset, 149, date 1729,12s. —1724.4to. By R. Bundy. Bishop of Ely, 978, 9s. fid. Of this work Bps. Watson and Marsh speak in very favourable terms. The English translation is a considerable improvement on the French editions, as Bundy has inserted many passages from another of Lamy's productions ' De Tabernaculo Foederis'. Lancaster, Joseph. Improvements in Education. Lond. 1805. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

— Thomas. The ryght and trew Vnderstandynge of the Supper of the Lord and the Vse thereof. London by John Turke(1555.) 8vo. Dedicated to K. Edward VI. Lancaster.—An historical and descriptive Account of the Town of Lancaster, collected from the best Authorities. Second Edition, with Additions. Lancaster, 1811. 8vo.

Pp.vii and 128,also index, Sic and errata, 3 leaves, and 4 plates. — 1807. Dent, pt i. 1057, 7s.

Lancelot, Dom Claude. Narrative of a Tour, in the Year 1667, to La Grand Chartreuse and Alet. By Dom Claude Lancelot. Lond. 1813. 8vo.

By M. A. Schimmelpenning. Hibbert, 4477, 4s. Drury, 2266, 6s. — Lond. 1816. 8vo. 2 vols.—With the Narrative of the Demolition of Port Royal. Lond. 1829. Svo. 3 vols. Lancet.

A popular medical and surgical journal, published weekly. No. 326 appeared Nov. 28, 1829.

Land.—Certain ancient Tracts concerning the Management of landed Property reprinted. Lond. 1767. 8vo. Ss.

This volume consists of a new edition of the Book of Husbandry and Book of Surveying of Sir Anthony Fitzherbert, and of Xenophon's Treatise of Householde, translated by Gentian Hervet, at the desire of Geffrey Pole.

Landen, John. Mathematical Memoirs respecting a Variety of Subjects. Lond. 1780-2. 4to. 2 vols. 15s.

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