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Inglis, 1109, russia, 8s. - 1585. — 1596.1 740, 131. LARGE PAPER. Drury, 2271, Nassau, pt. i. 948, 4s.

111. Edwards, 766, 131. 13s. Earl of

Kerry, 328, 141. Williams, 1072, 112 15s. The first Parte of Commentaries concern 1815. 4to. 5 vols. Brockett, 1826, ing the State of Religion, and the Common- 51. 7s.6d. 1828. 8vo. 10 vols. wealth of France under the Reignes of Henry II. Francis II. and Charles IX. translated by

The Credibility of the Gospel History, in 1. Tymme. London, 1573. 4to. Gordons

two Parts, with a Supplement. Lond. 1727 toun, 1766, 4s.

–57. 8vo. 17 vols. 41. 4s. Part i. 2 vols. was Pierre Simon. The System alterations and additions made in the second

published in 1727. Second edition 17- The of the World according to Sir Is. edition were published separately, Third Newton, and subsequent Astrono- edition. 1741. Part, ii

. 1733—55. 12 vols. mers; from the French of M. La Supplement. 1756-7. 3 vols. This work,

and the author's Collection of Jewish and Place, by John Pond. Lond. 1809. Heathen Testimonies,' may be said to have 8ro. 2 vols. 15s.

given the deistical controversy a new turn, An esteemed work.

and to have driven the assailants of the

Gospel from the field of christian antiquity, An Examination of M. La Place's Theory in which they esteemed themselves securely ef capillary Action. London. 1809. 8vo. entrenched, into the by-paths of sarcasm and

irony.'-Rev. T. H. Horne. Elernentary Illustrations of the celestial Sermons by Nath. Lardner, D.D. Lond. Mechanics of La Place. 8vo. 6s.

1751-60. 8vo. 2 vols. Heath, 1104, 9s. 6d. A Translation of the Treatise upon ana The Case of the Dæmoniacs of the new lytical Mechanics, which forms the Mécanique Testament. London, 1758. 8vo. Celeste of P. S. La Place ; with Notes and A History of the Apostles and Evangelists, Additions. By the Rev.: J. Toplis, B.D. Writers of the New Testament. Lond. 1760. London, 1814. 8vo. 75.

8vo. 3 vols. 1l. 1s. Printed in Bp. Watson's Laquei ridiculosi see Parrot, Collection of theological Tracts, who ob

serves • This book of Dr. Lardner, otherwise LARDNER, Rev. Dionysius, LL.D. intitled the Supplement to the credibility of

the Gospel History, was published in 1756-7. The Elements of the differential and It is so full and judicious on the subject of integral Calculus. 8vo.

the canon of the New Testament, that it Published at 11. Is.

may of itself be sufficient to give the reader

very satisfactory information on that point.' Popular Lectures on the Steam Engine.

A large Collection of ancient Jewish and Second Edition. Lond. 1828. 12mo. 7s.6d. Heathen Testimonies to the Truth of the

An elementary Treatise on algebraical Christian Revelation, with Notes and ObserGeometry. Lond. 1823. 8vo. vol. i. 18s.

vations. London, 1764–7. 4to. 4 vols. An elementary Treatise on the differential Bindley, pt. ii. 2503, 36 ls. Dent, pt. ii. and integral Calculus. London, 1825. 8vo. 584, russia, 21. 7s. Heath, 513, 31. 5s. - Second Edition. Lond. 1828. 8vo. 21s.

The History of the Heretics of the two An ana'ytical Treatise on plane and sphe- first Centuries after Christ. Published from rical Trigonometry: Second Edition, cor

the MS. of N. Lardner, D.D. with large rected and improved. Lond. 1828. 8vo. 12s. Additions by James Hogg. London, 1780.

4to. Heath, 514, 16s. - Nathaniel, D.D. The Works,

LARKE, John. The Boke of Wiswith general chronological Tables, and copious Indexes. Prefixed is

dome otherwise called the Flower a Life of the Author by Andrew of Vertue. Translated fyrst out of Kippis, D.D. London, 1788, royal French into English by John Larke.

Italion into French, and out of 8vo. 11 vols. In the applause of Dr. Lardner all parties

1565. London, by Thomas Colwell. of Christians are united, regarding him as 16mo. the champion of their common and holy There are fifty-seven chapters to this cufaith. The publication of his works consti- rious and entertaining work, including the tuted a new era in the annals of christianity: various examples which are attached to several for, by collecting a mass of scattered evi- subjects. Reed, 1727, 21. 3. - n. d. 16mo. dences in favour of the authenticity of the erangelical history, he established a bulwark The Boke of Noblenes, translated out of on the side of truth which infidelity has Laten into Frenche, and now in Englisshe, never presumed to attack.'- Rev. T. H. by me John Larke. Printed by Robert Horne. Gosset, 3067, 102 10s. Hollis, Wyer. 16mo.

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LARKHAM, Thomas. Discourses | Spanish by Casaus, and made English by J. of the Attributes of God in sundry Phillips). London, 1656. 8vo. 10s. 6a.

Casas's horrid Massacres, Butcheries and Sermons. London, 1656. 4to.

Cruelties that Hell and Malice could invent, Prefixed is a portrait of the author, 'æt.

committed by the Spaniards in the West 54.'

Indies. 1689. 4to. Nassau, pt. i. 649, 7s. LARKIN, Edward. Speculum An Account of the first Voyages and DisPatrum : a Looking-Glasse for the coveries made by the Spaniards in America. Fathers. To which is added, Cha- London, 1699. 8vo. Roxburghe, 7336,3s. 6d. racters of some of the chief Philoso

Las Cases, Le Comte de. Mephers, Historians,

morial de Ste. Hélène. Journal de

Grammarians, Orators, and Poets. London, 1659.

la Vie privée et des Conversations small 8vo.

de l'Empereur Napoléon à Ste. HéHibbert, 4493, 5s. 6d. White Knights,

lène. Londres, 1823. 8vo. 2287, 7s.

Hibbert, 4497, 11. 8s. See Le Sage, A. LA ROQUE, J. de. Voyage to

LASCELLES, R. The heraldic Arabia. London, 1726. 12mo. 4s. Origin of gothic Architecture.

These travels are particularly full respect- 1820. royal 8vo. 7s. ing the history of coffee in Asia and Eu Lasco, Jo. a. Breuis et dilucida rope.

de Sacramentis Ecclesiæ Christi LARREY, Isaac de. Histoire

Tractatio. Londini, 1552. 8vo. d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse et d'Irlande.

See Strype's Eccles. Memor. ii. 374. Rotterdam, 1697—13. folio. 4 vols.

LASKEY, J. A Description of A jejeune and unsatisfactory performance, the Napoleon Medals. London, valued only for the (67) portraits, with which | 1818. royal 8vo. it is adorned. Towneley, pt. ii. 990, 31. 4s.

Duke of York, 2857, morocco, 11. 4s. Roxburghe, 8368, 51. 5s. Marquis of Townshend, 1935, 51. 15s. 6d. Willett, 1375, 3

A general Account of the Hunterian Muvols. 91. 158. Vol. i. is dated 1707. Vol.

Glasg. 1813. 8vo. 6s. ii. 1697. Vol. ii. 1698. Vol. iv. 1713.

LASSELS, Richard. The Voyage The History of the Reign of K. Charles I. of Italy. In two Parts. Paris, translated from the French. London, 1716. | 1670. 8vo. 8vo. 2 vols. 4s.

Hibbert, 4498, 2s. Drury, 2274, 3s. 6d. LA SALLE, J. de. Paradoxes. -Lond. 1670. “The celebrated John Wilkes London, 1653. 12mo.

made me a present of this book assuring me,

at the time, that it is one of the best accounts With an engraved frontispiece. Lloyd, of the curious things of Italy ever delivered 385, 9s. 6d.

to the world in any book of travels.'--EdLas Casas, Barthomew de. Po- ward Harwood. It was reprinted in pery truly display'd in its bloody 1698. 8vo. with large additions by a modern

hand. Colours : or a faithful Narrative of the Massacres &c. committed by the

Latch, John. Pleasurs tres bons Popish Spanish Party on the inha- Cases en les trois premiers Ans du bitants of West-India. London,

Charles I. publiees par Ed. Wal1689. 4to.

poole. Lond. 1661. folio. 10s.

Latham. John, M. D. A general A translation of “Narratio Regionum Indi- Synopsis of Birds. 6 vols. carum per Hispanos quosdam devastatarum

Supvenissima. Oppenheimii, Sumtibus Joh. plement. 2 vols. Index ornitholoTheod. de Bry, 1614.' The first and most gicus. 2 vols. Supplementum Invaluable edition of the original appeared in dicis ornithologici, &c. London, 1598, and it was reprinted in 1664. See 1781-5, 1787-1801, and 1790, 1802. Retrosp. Review, vi. 261–71.

4to. 10 vols. The Spanish Colonie, or brief Chronicle of A much esteemed work. Copies with cothe Acts & Gestes of the Spaniards in the loured plates. North, pt. ii. 659, russia, West-Indies, called the new World, by Bart. 131. 2s. 6d. Willett, 1320, wanting the inde las Casas, or Casaus. Englished from dex and the second supplement, 6L. 6s. Heath, the Spainish, by M. M. S. London, 1583. 1362, wanting the second supplement, 4to. Inglis, 336, 31. 18s.

131. 2s. 6d. Four copies were coloured by The Tears of the Indians. Written in Miss Stone in a superior manner. Sir M. M.

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Sykes, pt. ii. 235, with upwards of 1000 | valne, liberties having been taken not only Cloured portraits of birds from Buffon, in with the words, but with the constructions of morocco,'1102 5s. Dent, pt. u. 586, 431. 1s. the sentences.--A new Edition, collated by North, pt. ii. 658, with the original draw the early Impressions and illustrated with ings, in russia, 441. 2s. Stanley, 104,561. 14s. Notes and a Life of the Author by · Wat-Winchester, 1821-4. 4to. 10 vols. with co- kins. London, 184. 8vo. 2 vols. with a loured plates.

portrait This celebrated physician published several Concio in Conventu Spiritualium, nono medical works, and likewise contributed to Junii, ante Inclationem Parlamenti celebrati the Philosophical Transactions, &c.

Anno 28 inuictiss. Regis Henrici octaui. Simon. Falconry. In two

Southwarke per me Jacobum Nicolai. Pro Books. London. 4to.

Iohanne Gough bibliopola. 1537. 16mo.

Contains D 6, in eights, without any prefix. A curious and esteemed publication.

The Sermon made to the Clergie, in the ConPart i. London, 1615. 4to. Towneley, 9 Day of June, the 28 Yere of Kyng Henry

uocation before the Parlyament began, the pl. i. 644, with the second part, 11. 108. the viii. nowe translated out of Latyne into -New and second Booke of Falconrie. London, 1618. 4to. Inglis, 785, 10s. 61. Englyshe. London by Tho. Berthelet, 1537.

16mo. E 4, in eights. Whi:e Knights, 2290, il 45.-Two Parts. London, 1633. 4to. Reed, 1328, 9s. Ha

A notable Sermon of Maister Hugh LaForth, 927, 6s. —London, 1653. 4to. Ha- timer, which he preached in the Shrouds at worth, 929, 5s.

Pauls Churche in London, on the 18 Daye of London, 1658. 8vo. Inglis, 851, russia, 12 11s. 6d. White

January 1548. London by John Day and

William Seres. 16mo. The first edition of Knights, 2289, morocco, 11. 4s. Nassau, pt

. i. 1875, 10$. Haworth, 931, 12 Hib- Latimer's memorable sermon on the plough. bert, 4499, 14s.

Bindley, pt. ii. 1353, with three others, Bindley, pt. ii. 1307, 15.11s. 6d. -London, 1662. Haworth, 1549, 1550, & 1550, 101. resold Hibbert, 932, AL 3s.

4500, 91. 5s.

The fyrse Sermon of Mayster Hughe LaLATHUM, W. Phyala Lachryma- timer, whiche he preached before the Kynges rum; or, a few friendly Teares shed Maiest. wythin his Grace Palacye at Westover the dead Body of Mr. Nath. mynster M.D.xlix. the viii. of Marche.

London by Jhon Daye and William Seres. Weld, together with sundry choyce 16mo. Il 11s. od. Notwithstanding the Meditations of Mortalitie. London, title-page mentions only the first, there are 1631. 8vo.

seven sermons in the volume, one of which was Lloyd, 713, 13s.

preached every Friday during Lent, before

K. Edward VI. Bindley, pt. ii. 1353, with LATIMER, Hugh, Bishop of Wor- three other sermons, 1548, 1550 & 1550, 101. cester. Sermons preached by Mais- resold Hibbert, 4500, 91. 5s. ter Hugh Latimer.

London by

A most faithfull Sermon (against Covetous

ness) preached before the Kynges most exJohn Day, 1562. 4to.

cellent Maiestye, and hys most honourable Boswell, 1308, 198. Inglis, 786, 11. 1s. Councel, in his Court at Westminster. Anno Collation.—Part i. 130 leaves. Part ij. folios Domini M.D.L. London by John Day. 148, besides dedication to the Duches of 16mo. G, in eights. Bindley, pt. ii. 1353, Soffolke' by Aug. Bernher.

with three others, 1548, 1549 & 1550, 101.

resold Hibbert, 4500, 91. 5s. Frutefull Sermons, newly imprinted with A Sermon of Master Latimer, preached at others not heretofore set forth in Print. Lon- Stamford the ix Day of October, Anno don by John Daye, 1571. 4to. In three M. ccccc. and fyftie. London by John Daye. parts. Part i. contains 124 leaves : parts 16mo. F 7, in eights. Bindley, pt. ii. 1353, ii. and iii. are numbered progressively to 219. with three others, 1548, 1549 & 1550, 101, -- 1575. 4to. – 1578. 4to. with portraits resold Hibbert, 4500, 91. 5s. of King Edward and Latimer. Sotheby's in Hugonis Latimeri Oratio, apud totum 1823, 1L 193. Grave, 310, morocco, 1l. 9s. Ecclesiasticorum Couentum, antequam Con- London, 1584. 4to. London, 1596. sultatio publica iniretur, de Regni Statu

London, 1635. 4to. with portrait per Euanglium reformando, Regni Henrici by Glover. Sotheby's in April, 1822, 21. 6s. viii

. Anno vigesimo octauo habita. Lond. London, 1635. 4to. with portrait by 1592. 16mo. Pp. 53. Prefixed is an epistle Giffard Stanley, 126, 11. 3s. Dowdes- by Sim. Grinæus to the reader. wel, 444, 1L 10s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2505, Preaching Sermon reproving unpreaching 21. 11. - London, 1758. 850.2 vols. with Prelates, being a faithful Collection of oba life and portrait of Latimer. Willett, 1425, servable Passagesin several Sermons preached 16. Williams, 1073, 21. 8s. London, by Hugh Latimer. Lond. 1661. 18mo. 49. 1788. 8vo. 2 vols. 123. An edition of little A life and selections from the writings of


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Latimer will be found in the second volume Williams, 1180, date 1649? morocco, 21. 9s. of The Fathers of the English Church.

1624. folio. 1673. folio, 6s. See GILPIN, William. RIDLEY, Nich. 1686. folio. 6s. LATIMER, Nevil, Son of Lord. The Castell of Pleasure. London by betweene William Laude and Mr. Fisher the

A Replie to a Relation of the Conference W. de Worde. 4to.

Jesuite. By a Witnesse of Jesus Christ. Eighteen leaves, supposed unique. Rox- Imprinted Anno 1640. 4to. 3s. 6d. burghe, 3284, 651. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i.

Labyrinthus Cantuariensis : or, Dr. Laud's 590, morocco, 311.

Labyrinth. Paris (London), 1658. folio. Latium.—A Description of La- Written by a Jesuit named Tho. Carwell tium. See Knight, E. Cornelia. alias Thorold, a Lincolnshire man. Bindley,

LATOCNAYE, M. De. Promenade pt. j. 418, 4s. 6d. d'un Français dans l'Irlande. Se

— History of the Troubles and conde Edition. Brunswick, 1801. Tryal of William Laud, Archbishop 8vo. 4s.

of Canterbury. Remains.

Remains. LonThree hundred and fifty-seven pp. with don, 1695-1700. folio. 2 vols. 18s. title, and table des matieres, 2 leaves, also a Willett, 1475, vol. i. Ils. See Wood's plate of . Ancien Alphabet et Caractères Athen. Oxon. and Retrosp. Review, vii. Irlandais.'-The former edition. Dub. 1797. | 49-63. 8vo.

A Speech delivered in the Starre-Chamber, Promenade d'un Français dans la Grande- on Wednesday the xivth of June, 1637, at Bretagne. Seconde Edition. Brunswick, the Censure of John Bastwick, Henry Bur1801. Svo. 275 pp. with title and table des ton and William Prinn; concerning pretendmatières, 2 leaves.

ed Innovations in the Church. London, Ramble through Ireland, by a French 1637. 4to. It is said that only twenty Emigrant. Translated from the French of copies of this speech were printed. GorMonsieur de Latocnaye, by an Irishman. donstoun, 1318, 15s. 6d. This speech was London, 1799. 12mo. 2 vols. 5s.

reprinted with reflections by Archbishop WilLATROBE, Rev. Chr. Ign. Journal liams in the margin, at the charges of Dr. of a Visit to South Africa in 1815 Rich. Rawlinson. Copies on vellum are and 1816, with some Account of the ries, Oxford, and

also in Earl Spencer's col

in the Bodleian and St. John's college libramissionary Settlements of the United lection. It is also reprinted in the ninth Brethren near the Cape of Good volume of the Harleian Miscellany. Hope. London, 1818. 4to.

Harangue prononcée en la Chambre de Ponthill, 747, 19s. An article on the

l'Estoille, a la Censure de Jehan Bastwick, Cape of Good Hope, with a notice of this va- Henry Burton et Guillaume Prinn. Juin luable work, will be found in the Quarterly 14. 1637. 410. of this translation, it is Review, xxii. 203-46. - 1821. Sro. 12s.

said, only twenty-five copies were printed.

The true Copy of a Letter, sent from LATTERBURICE, Joh. In Threnos

William, Lord-Archbishop of Canterbury, to Jeremiæ. (Oxonie) 1482. folio. the l'niversity of Oxford, when he resigned

Copies of this work will be found in the his Office of Chancellor. Published, by OcDean and Chapter's Library, Westminster, casion of a base Libel and Forgery, that runs and in St. John's College Library, Oxford, under the Title: and also the Answer of the and in Earl Spencer's collection. Colla- University to the said Letter. Oxford, 1641. tion. There are two sets of signatures : 4to. pp. 12. Reprinted in the fifth volume first a to z, inclusively in eights (a i blank): of the Harleian Miscellany. then A to I, kk and L, in eights (L vüj Lambeth Faire, wherein you have all the biank) M, eight leaves, N 6 and 0 v printed Bishops Trinkets set to sale, a Poem. 1641. leares: 0 vj being blank.

4t0. With a satirical frontispiece. Of this LATD, William, Archbishop of poetical satire against Archb. Laud, two ediCanterbury. A Relation of the tions appeared in 1641: the frontispieces Conference betweene Wm. Laryd, M. Sykes, pt. ü. 237, 12 2s.

vary. Towneley, pt. ii. 1578, 13s. Sir M. then Lord Bishop of St. Davids

Canterburie Pilgrimage and his just Sufand Mr. Fisher the Jesuite, with an ferings. 1641. 4to. Nassau, pt. i. 2363, Answer to such Exceptions as A. C.Ss. Towneley, pt. i. 411, 12 takes against it. London, 1639. against Canterburie, and the Lieutenant of

The Charge of the Scottish Commissioners folio.

Ireland: together with their Demand conPp. 388, with title and dedication to K. cerning the sixt Article of the Treaty. PrintCharles, 12 leares. Bindley, pt. ii. 417, 6s. ed 1641. 4to. Twenty-eight leaves. Much

of their charge against the Abp. of Canter- | bishop of Canterbury. London, 1650. 8vo. bury is for his imposition of the service book, 5s. 1663, 8vo. with his alterations upon them.

Seven Sermons preached upon several OcThe Archbishop of Canterbury's Dreame : casions, by William Laud, Archbishop of in which the Apparition of Cardinall Wolsey Canterbury. London, 1651. 8vo. 78. did present himselfe unto him on the foure A Summary of Devotions. By William tenth of May last past; it being the third Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury. London, Night after my Lord of Strafford had taken 1667. 12mo. 5s. his Fare-well to the World. Printed in A briefe Relation of the Death and Suffer1641. This parallel is by Mr. Peck attri- ings of the Lord Archb. of Canterbury. From buted to Milton, and printed in his Life of the Collections of Sir Francis Eyles Haskins Milton, 1740. 4to.

Styles, Bart. This work, written by Peter The discontented Conference betwixt the Heylin, D.D. is reprinted in the fourth votwo great Associates, William (Laud) Arch-lume of the Somers Collection of Tracts. bishop of Canterbury, and Thomas late Earle One hundred and twenty-one tracts conof Strafford. Printed in the Yeere 1641. cerning Abp. Laud, from 1637 to 1691. 4to. amal 40. In verse. Reprinted in the 3 vols. Hollis, 677, 331. 18. 6d. fourth volume of the Somers Collection of A considerable number of tracts relative to Tracts.

Archb. Laud, inlaid in 4to. and illustrated The Accusation and Impeachment of Wil- with numerous portraits. Hibbert, 4565, Lam laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, by the in russia, 101. House of Commons, in Maintenance of the The Life and Times of William Laud, D.D. Acusations, whereby he standeth charged Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. By John with High Treason. Printed Anno Dom. Parker Lawson, M.A. London, 1829. 8vo. 1641. 4to. pp. 8. Reprinted in the fourth with port. by Dean after Vandyke. volume of the Harleian Miscellany.

Lauder, George. The Scottish A new Play called Canterburie, his Change Souldier. Sunt Artibus Arma deof Diot. 1641. 4to. With wood cuts. 15s. A dramatic satire. King and Lochée's in cori, 1629, Wight. To the King's March, 1810, 21 15s. Bindley, pt. i. 2202, most excellent Majesty. Edinburgh, 3L

1629. 4to. Lambeth Faires ended, or a Description of the Bishop's Holy Ghost lately set to Sale at of the unfortunate expedition to the Isle of

These two poems are written on occasion Lambeth Palace.

1641. With a print. Rhes, and consist of eight leaves. GorEdwards in 1804, 31. 16.

donstoun, 1410, 91. 9s, Auchinleck Canterburie's Amazement. 1641. 4to. A Press, 1818. 4to. Boswell

, 3073, 10s. 6d. dramatic satire. King and Lochée's in Brockett, 2004, 12. 6s. Sir M. M. Sykes, March 1810, Il. 8s. Rome for Canterbury, or Life of Wm. The Poem of the Scottish Souldier is re

pt. 1645, 1l. 11s. Dent, pt. ii. 1232, 15s. Laud, Archb. of Canterbury. 1641. 4to. with printed in “Various Pieces of fugitive Scotish wood cuts. King and Lochée's in March Poetry,' edited by David Laing, Esq. 1810, 183. Gordonstoun, 1349, with Canterburian's Self-conviction, 1641, Recanta

Tears on the Death of Evander, occasioned tiga of the Prelate of Canterbury (with a. by the lamentable Losse of Sir John Suynprint by Marshall), 1641, New Discovery of ton, Knt. Collonel of a Regiment of 2000 the Prelates Tyranny (with portraits of Laud, Nederlanders, going for Venize, was cast away Prynne, Burton and Bastwick), 1641, 4.. 4s. by Storme on the coast of England, upon

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Speech the Goodwin Sands, the 13th of October, on the Scaffold on Tower-Hill, the tenth of 1630. Printed at the Hagh. 1630. 4to. InJanuary, 1644 : also, the Prayers which he glis, 789, 21. 12s. 6d. used at the same Time and Place, before his Execution. All faithfully written by John

Tweeds Tears of Joy to Charles Great Hinde. London, 1644. 4to. pp. 20. Hib- Brittains King (1639).' 4to. Pour leaves. bert, 4566, 2s. 68. Reprinted in the eighth Reprinted in various Pieces of fugitive volume of the Harleian Miscellany. 1645.

Scotish Poetry,' edited by David Laing. Esq. 4lo.

Caledonias Covenant, or ane Panegyrick to Life of William Laud, Archbishop of Can- the World. Wherin is brieflie set doune the terbury. 1644. See PRYNNE, William. trew Caus and Occasioune of the present

The Life and Death of William Laud, Troubles of the Kingdome of Scotland. By Archh. of Canterbury. By E. W. London, G. L. Printed in the Year 1641. 4to. Six 1645. 410. with a portrait by Marshall. Nas- leaves. Bindley, pt. iv. 1087, 31. 5s. resold au, pt. i. 2364, 10s. Reed, 4655, 11s. 6d. Perry, pt. i. 1048, 12. 6s. Reprinted in Canterburie's Doom. 1646. See PRYNNE,

· Various Pieces of fugitive Scotish Poetry,' William.

edited by David Laing, Esq. Officium Quotidianum ; or, a Manual of Breda exultans, a Poem on the happy private Devotions. By William Laud, Arch- | Peace, by G. Lauder, 1667.

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