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ing the Ignorance of hir blind | mum Seresium, 1570.8vo. These three books Life, led in Superstition: verie pro- have distinct title-pages and indexes, so as to

are neatly printed in small pica roman, and fitable to the Amendment of our

sell separate, occasionally. Boswell, 473, Lives. 4to.

5s. Constable, 109, 4s. 6d. Editio altera, Pp. 47. This edition of these contrite me- ad optimorum Fidem recognita à S. Jebb, ditations, unknown to Ames or Herbert, ap- M.D. Lond. 1729. 8vo. 5s. This beautiful pears by the orthography, to be subsequent to and correct edition also contains the treatise those of 1548 and 1563. It is reprinted in De Pronunciatione Græcæ et Latinæ Linguæ.' the fifth volume of the Harleian Miscellany. LARGE PAPER. 10s. 6d. 1518. 8vo. Printed by Edward White Of Englishe Dogges, newly drawne into churche, with a preface by Secretary Cecil. English by Abraham Fleming, Student. 1563. 8vo. H 4, in eights, printed by John London, 1576. 4to. A copy is in the British Alde.

Museum. Duke of Grafton, 203, 77. 7s. KATHERINE of France, Queen of De Pronunciatione Græcæ et Latinæ LinEngland. Histoire de Caterine de guæ cum Scriptione noua Libellus. Lond.

1574. 4to. Contains 12 leaves. France Reine d'Angleterre. Paris,

De Ephemera Britannica Liber unus, 1696. 8vo.

summâ Curâ recognitus. Lond. 1721. 8vo. Katherine de Medicis. Mervay Thomas. Assertio Antiquilous Discourse upon the Lyfe and tatis Oxoniensis Academiæ, incerto Deedes of Katherine de Medicis. Authore eiusdem Gymnasij. Cum Heydelberge, 1575. 12mo. Fragmento Oxoniensis Historiolæ.

A satire. Bindley, pt. ii. 1948, 31. 6s. Londini per Henricum Bynneman, Nassau, pt. i. 2243, 11. 11s. Dent, pt. i. 1568. 8vo. 1406, morocco, 1h 9s. White Knights,

Pp. 40 (A-E iiij) including title-page, 2242, morocco, 21. 12. Inglis, 841, 11.

errata, and the printer's device (a mermaid)

on a separate leaf. -Londini, in Ædibus Life of Katharine de Medicis, Queen Mo- Johannis Daij, 1574. 4to. (A-D iii) 27 pp. ther and Regent of France. Lond. 1693. 8vo. Printed in italics. Towneley, pt. ii. 482, 6s. Nassan, pt. i. 2001, 5s.

• Written in defence of Oxford University in Katherine, St. The State of the opposition to what had been advanced by the Case concerning the Right of the public orator of Cambridge.'-Nicolson.

Vindiciæ Antiq. Acad. Oxon. &c. See Visitation of the Hospital of St. Ka- Hearne, Thomas. therine, near the Tower of Lon

Kay, - Collection of 260 Pordon. London, 1673. 4to.

traits of eminent Scotch Persons Pp. 24, including the title.

drawn and etched from Life. 4to. KAY, john, M.D. De Antiqui

Bindley, pt. ii. 2335, with a ms. list and tate Cantabrigiensis Academiæ Libri explanation, 16l. resold Grave, 309, 31. 4s. duo. Aduinximus Assertionem Anti Keach, Benjamin. A Key to quitatis Oxoniensis Academiæ ab open Scripture Metaphors and Oxoniensi quodam. Londini, 1568. Types. London, 1681. folio. 8vo.

Sotheby's in 1821, 1l. 15s. –1779. folio. Written in defence of the Cambridge 21. 10s. Best edition. Many of the metaorator against Tho. Key.'— Nicolson. Stee- phors and types are spiritualised almost to vens, 1850, 5s. 6d. The antiquity of Cam- absurdity ; still the work contains good matebridge on 360 pages, exclusive of a catalogue rials, which perhaps those of sober judgment of authors, an index, and table of errors. may employ to advantage. The antiquity of Oxford contains E, in fours. Another edition. 1574. 4to. Pp. 269, be Breach repaired in Good Worship: or, sides • Index Rerum,' and 'Catalogus Scrip- singing Psalms proved to be an Ordinance of torum.' Towneley, pt. ii. 483, 15s. Bind- Christ. London, 1661. 12mo. 3s. ky, pt. ii. 335, 12 2s. Dent, pt. i. 633, 15s. The grand Impostor discovered : or, the Sir M. V. Sykes, pt. i. 591. 17. 1s.

Quakers Doctrine weighed in the Ballance, A Boke or Counseill against the Disease and found wanting. A Poem, by Way of Diacousconly called the Sweate or sweatyng | logue, by B. K. London, 1675. small 8vo. Sicknesse. London, 1552. 8vo. Bindley, pp. 114. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 411, 11. 103. pt. 1, 1381, 11. 5s.

War with the Devil: or, the young Man's Joannis Caii Britanni de Canibvs Britan-Conflict with the Powers of Darkness. By nicis, Liber vnvs. De rariorvm Animalivm B. K. London, 1676. 18mo. with a frontisti Stirpium Historia, Liber vnvs. De Libris piece. --1678. with a front. Strettell, 771, Propriis, Liber vnus. Londini, per Guliel- 10s. 6d. --1683. Nassau, pt. i. 1831, 73.


--1684, 18mo. – 1776. 18mo. 2s. See, Islands, digested from H. Wilson's oral ComMason, John.

munication, by the Rev. John Pearce Hockin. The glorious Lover, a divine Poem, by | London, 1803. 4to. B. K. Author of War with the Devil. Lond. A short Account of the ancient History, 1679. small 8vo. Pp. 270. White Knights, present Government, and Laws of the Re1698, 3s. Nassau, pt. i. 1829, 3s. Bibl. | public of Genoa. London, 1761. 12mo. Anglo-Poet. 410, 17. 18. –1685. Nassau, Drury, 2136, 4to. pt. i. 1830, 3s.

KEATING, Geoffry. A general Sion in Distress. 1682. -1691. with a History of Ireland, translated from frontispiece. Nassau, pt. i. 1834, 6s.

Travels of true Godliness. London, 1683. the Irish by Dermod O'Connor. with portrait. Nassau, pt. i. 1832, 5s. London, 1723. folio. Gainsborough, 1801. 18mo. Is.

The innumerable errors in O'Connor's Distressed Sion relieved. 1689. with a translation of Keating, and the blunder he frontispiece. Nassau, pt. i. 1833, 2s. Lloyd, makes in the name of this book, prove he 701, 12s. 6d.

was unable to make any thing of its contents.' Spiritual Melody, viz. Psalms and Hymns -O'Reilly. Nassau, pt. i. 2180, russia, 21. from the old and new Testament, by Benj. Roxburghe, 8813, 21. 19s. Towneley, pt. ii. Keach. London, 1691. 12mo.

970, 31. 9s.

Heath, 4756, A Counter-antidote against Gyles Shute's | 71. 15s. -Westminster, 1726. folio. Hibcounterfeit Antidote, &c. London, 1691. bert, 4584, 31. 3s.' --Dub. 1809. 8vo. 2 vols. 4to.

-Dub. 1811. 8vo. 1 vol. A new and correct Banquetting House. 1692. Nassau, pt. i. translation as far as the Christian era, with the 1834*, 5s.

original Irish on opposite pages, by Wm. Infant Baptism unlawful. 1692. 8vo. Haliday. The Axe laid to the Root, or one Blow

William H. Narrative of an more at the l'oundation of Infant Baptism Expedition to the Source of St. and Church Membership. Lond. 1693. 4to. A funeral Sermon on the Rev. H. Forty.

Peter's River, Lake Winnepeck, London, 1693. 4to.

Lake of the Woods, &c. performed Trumpet blown in Zion. 1694. 4to. with in the Year 1823. Lond. 1826. 8vo. portrait of Keach by J. Drapentier.

2 vols. ll. 8s. Jewish Sabbath abrogated. London, 1700. 8vo. with a portrait of Keach by J. Drapen- Say, Keating, and Colhoun.

Compiled from the notes of Messrs. Long, tier. 5s. Spiritual Songs. 1700. Nassau, pt. i.

KEATINGE, Maurice. Travels in 1835, 2s.

Europe and Africa. Lond. 1816. . Gospel Mysteries revealed : or, an Exposi- | 4to. 2 vols. tion of all the Parables and many express Illustrated by 34 plates of scenery, antiSimilitudes contained in the four Evangelists. quity and costume. An interesting account London, 1701. folio. With portrait of Keach

of the Barbary States, with a notice of this by Vander Gucht. Sotheby's in 1821, 11. 15s. work, appeared in the Quarterly Review. -1815. 8vo. 4 vols.

Drury, 2398, 1l. 1s. Duke of York, 2897, Progress of Sin: or, the Travels of Ungod- 11. ls. liness. 1763. 18mo. with cuts. 3s.—Gainsb.

Keats, John. Endymion, a poetic 1801. 18mo. 1s.

Romance. Lond. 1818. 8vo. Keate, George. An Account of

Hibbert, 4396, 2s. 6d. A severe critique the Pelew Islands, situated in the

on this poem appeared in the Quarterly ReWestern Part of the Pacific Ocean, view, xix. 204—8, which by some is said composed from the Journals and to have caused the death of Keats. Communications of Capt. Henry

Lamia, Isabella, the Eve of St. Agnes, and Wilson, and some of his Officers, other Poems. 1820. Hibbert, 4397, 3s. 6a. who, in August 1783, were there KEBLE, Joseph. Reports in the shipwrecked in the Antelope, a Court of King's Bench from the Packet belonging to the Honoura- | 12th to the 30th Year of Charles II. ble East India Company. London, with two Tables to each Volume. 1788. 4to.

London, 1685. folio. 3 vols. Hibbert, 4351, 10s. Marquis of Towns- | 11. lls. 6d. hend, 1700, 11. ls. Roxburghe, 7314, 15s. Steevens, 1905, in hogskin, wicke, though far from an accurate yet a

This collection is according to Lord Hard21. Baker, 445, with the supplement, 1803, pretty good register,' but Lord Kenyon styles 11. 10s.

Keble • a bad reporter.' A Supplement to the Account of the Pelew KEDER, Nic. Catalogus Num


morum Sueo-gothicorum, in Museo Keith, Rev. Alexander. EviGraingeriano Holmiæ asservatorum. dences of the Truth of the Christian Londini, 1728. 4to. 7s. 6d.

Religion. Third Edition enlarged.

Edinb. 1828. 12mo. 6s. Nummorum in Hibernia antequam hæc Insula sub Hen. II. Angliæ Rege Anglici demiæ Marischallanæ, sub Obitum

George. Lachrymæ Acafacta sit Juriscusorum Indagatio, et Catalogus Nummorum Anglo-Saxonicorum et Anglo- Mæcenatis et Fundatoris sui muniDanicorum. Lips. 1708. 4to.

ficentissimi, nobilissimi et illustrisKEDIXGTON, R. D. D. Critical simi Georgii (Keith) Comitis MaDissertations on the Iliad of Homer. rischalli. Aberd. 1623. 4to. London, 1760. 8vo. 3s.

George, M. A. Journal of Trifling disquisitions on words and phrases. Travels from New Hampshire to

KEEBLE, John. The Theory of Caratauk on the Continent of North Harmonics; or, an Illustration of America. Lond. 1706. 4to. the Grecian Harmonica, in two

Keithi, who at one time professed himself

a quaker, published many controversial Parts. Lond. 1784. 4to. 15s.

tracts in opposition to their doctrines, with KEENE, Theophilus. Memoirs

• Reasons for renouncing that Sect.' of the Life of Mr. Theophilus Keene Rev. Patrick. A System the late eminent Tragedian. 1718. of Physiological Botany. London, 8ro.

1816. 8vo. 2 vols. Field, 1209, 31. 4s.

With plates by Sowerby. KEEPE, Henry.

Monumenta Robert. The History of the Westmonasteriensia: or, an histori- Affairs of Church and State in Scotcal Account of the Abby Church of land, from the Beginning of the ReWestminster. By H. K. London, formation in the Reign of James V. 1682. 8vo. 4s.

to the Retreat of Queen Mary, 1568. Heath, 4641, 9s. Collation.—Pp. 368, Edinb. 1734. folio. besides title, one leaf; dedication to the Earl

With a map. Marquis of Townshend, of Arundel, 5 pages; to the reader, 7 pages ; 1929, 12s. Gough, 2044, 12s. Bindley, addenda, 16 pages and table, 29 pages.

pt. ii. 203, 11. 9s. Towneley, pt. ii. 971,

17s. Willett, 1358, 11. 2s. LARGE PAPER. The Gencalogies of the high-born Prince Willett, 1359, 11. 16s. Hibbert, 4585, 21. 2s. and Princess George and Anne of Denmark. A presentation copy was sold at Edinburgh Printed by N. Thompson, 1684. 12mo. pp. in 1828, which had a coloured map, a dupli106, with dedication to the Princess Anne, cate title-page, and dedication to Lady Jane also a preface, 8 pages.

Douglas, one in black, the other in red and See TAYLOUR, Charles.

black, KEILL, John, M.D. Introductio ad veram Physicam. Cantab. 1741. A large and new Catalogue of the Bishops

of Scotland to 1688. Edinb. 1755. 4to. 8vo. 5s.

Lloyd, 765, 158. Roxburghe, 8721, The best and most useful of all this emi- 11. 11s. 60. A review by Dr. Sam. Johnson bent mathematician's works. An English of this work appeared in the Literary Magatranslation was printed at London, 1736. zine. A new Edition, corrected and con870.

tinued to the present Time, with a Life of the Author, by

Russell. Edinb. 1824. Examination of Burnet's Theory of the 8vo. 16s. Earth. Lond. 1734. 8vo. 4s. Best edition.

Thomas. Introduction to the Williams, 1043*, 11s. Keill published other works.

Theory and Practice of plane and Keilway, Robert. Reports of spherical Trigonometry. London,

1810, 8vo. select Cases in the Reign of Henry

A work useful to those who wish to learn VII. & VIII. not comprehended in nautical astronomy without dwelling much the Year Books, with some few upon mathematical topics. Cases by Mr. Jus. Dalison and Mr. Serj. Benloe. Lond. 1688. folio. 12s. taining the first six Books of Euclid from the

The Elements of plane Geometry; conThird edition, with many references. Text of Dr. Simson, with Notes critical and

explanatory. To which are added Book vii. | to the modern Reporters, relative to including several importantPropositions the Law occurring at Trials by Nisi which are not in Euclid; and Book viii. consisting of practical Geometry; also Book ix. Prius, from the Period of the Reof Planes and their Intersections; and Book volution to the present Times. Dubx. of the Geometry of Solids. Lond. 1814. lin, 1797. 8vo. 2 vols. 15s. 8vo. 10s. 6d. -Third Edition. London,

KELLUS, Samuel. Carmen gra1827. 10s. 6d. KEITH, Sir Wm.

The History

tulatorium ad Jacobum Angliæ Reof the British Plantations in Ame- gem. Lond. 1617. 4to.

A copy is in the British Museum. rica. Part I. containing the History

Kelly, Hugh. The Works of of Virginia. Lond. 1788. 4to.

Hugh Kelly. To which is prefixed, Hibbert, 4353, 7s.

the Life of the Author. London. Keith Family.-A Vindication of 1778. 4to. 7s. Mr. Robert Keith, and of his young With portrait of Kelly after H. Hamilton. Grand-Nephew Alexander Keith

James. A Collection of Scotfrom the unfriendly Representation tish Proverbs explained to the Engof Mr. Alexander Keith Junior of lish Reader. London, 1721. 8vo. Ravelston. 8vo.

Dent, pt. i. 1225, 9s. Reed, 2378, 11s. Privately printed.

Bp. of Ely, 575, 14s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1102,

158. Nassau, pt. i. 1838, 19s. Roxburghe, See Buchan, Peter.

1441, 12s. 6d. Supplement, 606, 1l. 4s. KEKEWICH, George. A digested

Rev. John, LL. D. A pracIndex to the early Chancery Re- tical Grammar of the Ancient Gaelc, ports.

Lond. 1804. royal 8vo. or the Language of the Isle of Mann, 16s.

usually called Manks. London, KELHAM, Robert. A Dictionary 1805. 4to. 6s. of the Norman or old French Lan Michael. Reminiscences, inguage. To which are added the cluding a Period of nearly half a Laws of William the Conqueror, Century; with original Anecdotes with Notes and References. Lond. of many distinguished Personages, 1779. 8vo.

political, literary and musical. SeRoxburghe, 2159, 12s. Dent, pt. i. cond Edition. Lond. 1826. 8 vols. 1223, 12.

A very amusing work, by far the best KELLE, John. The Confessioun addition to our theatrical history since the of M. John Kelle, Minister of Spott. curious particulars, &c. relating not only to

time of Colley Cibber's Apology. It contains Edinb. be Rob. Lekprevik, 1570. the British Stage, but to the Italian Opera.. 16mo.

Patrick, LL. D. The uniKellie, Sir Thomas. Pallas Ar-versal Cambist and commercial In-mata, or militarie Instructions for structor. The second Edition.

the learned and all generous Spirits, London, 182 4to. who affect the Profession of Armes.

An excellent work, displaying considerable Edinb. 1627. 4to.

mathematical science and experience in com

The former edition. In the title is an engraving of the author, mercial calculation. &c. designed by Dickeson, and engraved by London, 1811. 4to. 2 vols. Finlason. A copy is in the British Museum. Kelly, who is master of the academy in Gordonstoun, 1336, 11. 8s. Constable, 527, Finsbury Square, published several other es11. 11s. 6d.

teemed works.

A classical KELLISON, Matthew.

Kelsall, Charles.

A Survey of the new Religion. Doway, 1605. Excursion from Rome to Arpino.

Geneva, 1820. 8vo. 8vo. Bindley, pt. ii. 2343, 6s.

Combe, 1075, 9s. Hibbert, 4399, 17s. This English

Drury, 2137, 18s. Roman Catholic, of considerable eminence as a controversial writer, published several other

Constantine and Eugene; or, an Evening works.

at Mount Vernon ; a political Dialogue. By KELLS, John, A general Index Junius Secundus. Bruss. 1818. 18mo. 3s.

KELTON, Arthur. A Chronycle, rum Trias; sive Bibliotheca Anwith a Genealogie, declarying that glorum theologica, &c. Lib. iii. cum the Brittons and Welshmen are Appendice, de Regia Societate Lonlineallye descended from Brute. Londinensi. Regiomont. 1677. 4to. 188. don, by Richard Grafton, 1547. In this work the author has common16mo.

placed succinctly, and for the generality, Forty leaves. Dedicated to K. Edward methodically above 1600 writers of divinity VI. A whimsical and imperfect piece. — in England, Scotland, and Ireland under

some of the most considerable heads. See Nicolson. Roxburghe, 7072. White Knights, 2243, morocco, 131. 10s. A notice of this Oldys' B. Libr. 59–61. work and of its author will be found in

KEMPE, Margery. A short TreaWood's Athen. Oxon. and Warton's Hist. of tyse of Contemplacyon taught by English Poetry.

the Lorde Jhesu Cryste or taken out KELTRIDGE, John. The Exposi- of the Boke of Margerie Kempe of tion and Readynges upon the Wordes Lyn. 4to. of our Sauiour Christe, that bee writ Four leaves printed by W. de Worde. A ten in the xi. of Luke. London, copy, said to be unique, is in the Public 1578. 4to.

Library at Cambridge. Dedicated to John Elmer, Bishop of

William. Nine Daies Wonder London.

performed in a Daunce from London

to Norwich. London, 1600. 4to. Two godlie and learned Sermons appointed * A great curiosity, and, as a rude picture and preached before the Jesuites, &c. in the of national manners, extremely well worth Tower of London. Anno. 1581. Lond. 4to. reprinting.'-Gifford. A manuscript tran

KELYNG, Sir John. Reports of script at the sale of the Roxburghe library, no. divers Cases in Pleas of the Crown 6677, 31. 3s. resold White Knights, 2305, in the Reign of Charles II. with Di- ander Dyce. Kemp was one of the original

21. 2s. It is now reprinting by the Rev. Alex. rections for Justices of the Peace actors in Shakespeare's plays. His miraculous and others. London, 1708, or morris-dance, performed in nine days from 1739. folio. 6s.

London to Norwich was much misrepreKELYNGE, William. Reports of See Warton's Hist. of English Poetry. 8vo.

sented in the popular ballads of the day. Cases in Chancery and K. B. from iv. 257, and 392. the 3rd to the 9th George II. Lon

A dvtiful Invective against the moste haydon, 1764. folio. 1l. ls.

nous Treasons of Ballard and Babington: KEMBLE, John Philip. Fugitive with other their Adherents latelie executed. Pieces. York, 1780. 8vo.

Together with the horrible Attempts and This tracı, originally published at 1s. 6d. Actions of the Q. of Scottes : and the Senthe author endeavoured, by every means in tence pronounced against her at Fodderingay. his power, to destroy. Sotheby's in 1819, Newlie compiled and set forth in English 21. Ils.

Verse, for a Newyeares Gifte to all loyall En

lish Subjects. By W. Kempe. London, Macbeth and King Richard III. an Essay, 1587; 4to. A copy is in the Royal Library

in in Answer to Remarks (by William Whateley) on some of the Characters of Shakspeare, certaine noted Speeches and Behauiour of

The Censure of a loyal Subiect vpon London, 1817. small 8vo. pp. 171, besides 5 leaves of titles, dedication, &c. Strettell, their Execution the xi (20) and 12 (21) of

those 14 notable Traitors at the Place of 770, 16s. —The former edition. London,

September last past. Wherein is handled 17-8vo. Is. 6d.

Matter of necessary Instruction, &c. By Wm. See BOADEN, James. KEMP, Joh. Monumenta Kem- Lord Burleigh, by George) W(hetstone).

Kemp. London, 1587. 4to. Dedicated to piana vett. illustrata, duobus Parti William. The Education of bus : quarum altera Mumias, Simu- Children in Learning declared by lacra, &c. altera Nummos continent. the Dignitie, Vtilitie and Methode Cura R. Ainsworth et J. Ward. thereof. London, 1588. 4to. Lond. 1720. 8vo. 5s.

The author appears to have been a schoolA notice of this work will be found in master at Plymouth. Bindley, pt. ii. 2350, Beloe's Anecdotes, i. 38–42.

with Ascham's Schole-master, 1571, 21. 16s. - Martin. Charismatum Sacro KEMPIs, Thomas à. De Imitatione

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