The Living Age ..., Том 82

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Living Age Company Incorporated, 1864

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Сторінка 355 - To remark the folly of the fiction, the absurdity of the conduct, the confusion of the names and manners of different times, and the impossibility of the events in any system of life, were to waste criticism upon unresisting imbecility, upon faults too evident for detection, and too gross for aggravation.— JOHNSON.
Сторінка 572 - I wish popularity : but it is that popularity, which follows, not that which is run after; it is that popularity which, sooner or later, never fails to do justice to the pursuit of noble ends, by noble means.
Сторінка 565 - I never liked this continual talk of resistance and revolution, or the practice of making the extreme medicine of the constitution its daily bread. It renders the habit of society dangerously valetudinary; it is taking periodical doses of mercury sublimate, and swallowing down repeated provocatives of cantharides to our love of liberty.
Сторінка 432 - WE know him, out of Shakespeare's art, And those fine curses which he spoke ; The old Timon. with his noble heart, That, strongly loathing, greatly broke. So died the Old : here comes the New, Regard him : a familiar face : I thought we knew him. What ! it's you, The padded man — that wears the stays — Who kill'd the girls and thrill'd the boys With dandy pathos when you wrote, A Lion, you, that made a noise, And shook a mane en papillotes.
Сторінка 186 - Theirs not to reason why, Theirs not to make reply, Theirs but to do and die : Into the valley of death Rode the Six Hundred.
Сторінка 534 - He, the young and strong, who cherished Noble longings for the strife, By the roadside fell and perished, Weary with the march of life!
Сторінка 243 - Into the nothingness of scorn and noise, Into the living sea of waking dreams, Where there is neither sense of life nor joys, But the vast shipwreck of my life's esteems; And een the dearest — that I loved the best — Are strange — nay, rather stranger than the rest.
Сторінка 270 - Now then," thought Daffy, deep down in her heart, "It's time I should start." So she pushed her soft leaves through the hard frozen ground, Quite up to the surface — and then she looked round. There was snow all about her, gray clouds overhead; The trees all looked dead: Then how do you think Daffy-Down-Dilly felt, When the sun would not shine, and the ice would not melt?
Сторінка 243 - I loved the best Are strange - nay, rather stranger than the rest. I long for scenes where man has never trod, A place where woman never smiled or wept; There to abide with my Creator, God, And sleep as I in childhood sweetly slept: Untroubling and untroubled where I lie, The grass below - above the vaulted sky.
Сторінка 485 - But, if regardless of our duty as citizens, and our solemn obligations as representatives ; regardless of the rights of our constituents ; regardless of every sanction, human and divine, we are ready to violate the constitution we have sworn to defend — will the people submit to our unauthorized acts — will the states sanction our usurped power ? Sir, they ought not to submit — they would deserve the chains which these measures are forging for them, if they did not resist. For let no man vainly...

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