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tained. Nobody has been able ous habit, the noble and brilliant to save any thing ; vast numbers functions of his office, saying at the of those who were surprited by same time, seemingly in good-huthe flames, miserably perished in mour however, What cloaths must them; and the rest, as there was I wear, if people of your profesbut one gate free, had a great sion dress in this manner ? deal of difficulty to save themselves. The beginning of this year, Those, whom the fire has spared, Harvard college, in New England, are exposed to the cruel horrors of was entirely destroyed by fire, with want and mifery.

the public library, philosophical The mathematical prize quef- apparatus, &c. to the immense and tion proposed by our academy almost irreparable loss of the proof sciences, is, An explanation of vince and all North America. The the principlewherebywater is raised general assembly have agreed to reby the machine commonly called build it, and a collection has been Archimedes's screw, together with made to endow it. ihe means of improving this ma- Mrs. Smith, wife of a journeychine. The prize is a gold medal man carpenter, aged 63, was lately of fifty ducats weight. The me- delivered of a son. moirs are to be transmitted to M. The wife of Mr. William Plo. Formey, perpetual secretary to the mer, clerk to Mr. Willet, in academy, before the lft of Ja- Corn-street, Bristol, was lately nuary 1766 ; and the academy's delivered of a girl, and in about judgment will be declared at the twelve hours after, of two more public meeting on the 31st of girls and a boy. They were May, of the same year. The baptized by the names of Hanauthors are desired, instead of nah, Sarah, Mary, and William. naming themselves, only to put The children were larger than a motto to their memoir, adding a many twins ; they at first feemed sealed note, containing the motto hearty and likely to live, but died and their address.

some days after. The fumigating of cattle with Died lately. The hon. Tho. burning tar has been discovered to Hancock, efq; at Boston in Newa be a preservative against the infec- England. He has left 10001. ftertion which has raged in many parts ling for founding a professorship of Germany.

of the Hebrew and other Oriental Warsaw, Nov. 17. Our new languages, in Harward college in king seems to abhor all excess in Cambridge : 10001. lawful money luxury. His majesty, having order- to the society incorporated by an ed hiš shoe-maker to be sent for, act of this province for propagatwas soon after extremely surprif- ing the gospel among the Indians ed to see enter his apartment, in in North America ; 6001. to the order to take measure of him, a town of Boston, towards erecting inan dresled in embroidered vel- an hospital for the reception of vet. He was, it is true, the court such persons as are deprived of shoe-maker ; but his majesty dif- their reason ; and 2001. to the fomissed hiin, without permitting ciety for carrying on the linen ma. him to exercise, in that sumptu- nufacture.


of age

Mrs. Carter, at Dublin, aged Konigsberg, Births 1987. Bu104.

'rials 1818. Marriages 993. Mr. Moor, at Enneskellen, Magdeburgh, Births 941. Deaths Scotland, aged 120.

1116. Marriages 263.

Mecklenburg Schwerin. The four cities of Schwerin, Roftock,

Gustrow, and Parchim. Births A general bill of christenings and 816. Deaths 700. Marriages 370.

burials in London, from De- Norwich, Christened, males 537, cember 13, 1703, to December females 496 ; total 1033. Buried, il, 1764.

males 544, females 543 ; in all

1087. Christened


Paris, Burials 20,171. Wed Males 8593 Males 11503 dings 4479. Christenings 17,456, Females 8208 Females 11699 Foundlings 5153.

Prussian Pomeranias, Births 16801

23202 11,072. Deaths 9100. Marriages

3422. Decreased in the burials this


Vienna, Births 5879. Deaths 2941.


By a medium of the births and Died under 2 years

7673 burials at Paris, it has been made between 2 and 5 2026 appear, that one fifth of the chil

5 and 10 939 dren born there are sent to the 10 and 20 877 foundling-hospital ; "and one third 20 and 30 2000 of the people who die there, die 30 and 40 2228 in an hospital. 40 and 50 2403 This so extraordinary a cir50 and 60 1823 cumstance is to be attributed to 60 and 70 1607 the indiscriminate reception of all 70 and 80 1099 the children sent to the found80 and 90 471 ling-hospital and of all the fick 90 and 100 53 that present themselves at the Ho

101 1 tel-Dieu, whatever age, sex, coun104

2 try, or religion they may be of, or

whatever their complaint may be, 23202 and likewise to the extraordinary

poverty of the lowest class of in.

habitants ; notwithstanding which Supplement to the lills of births, poverty, they marry more than in

&c. for the year 1763, at the England, or perhaps elsewhere, end of our Chronicle for that not only on account of the strictyear.

ness of the police, by which licen

tiousness of every kind is more reDantzick, Christenings 2005. strained than with us, but because Burials 1888. Weddings 618. married men are exempted from

Gotha, Births 372, Deaths 302. serving in the militia, from which Marriages 68.



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a son.

draughts are generally made to 30. Lady of lord Geo. Sacksecruit the standing army.

ville, of a daughter.

July 11. Lady of Sir John Hynde BIRTHS for the year 1764.

Cotton, bart. of two

fons. Jan. 31st. Lately, lady Brabazon, 17. Duchess of Grafton, of

of a daughter. Feb. 6. The princess Nassau

21. Lady of the hon. col. Weilbourg, fister of

Fitzroy, of a fon, the stadtholder, of a 31. Lately, countessofSutherdaughter.

land, of a daughter. 20. Lady Catherine Beau

Viscountess Powerscourt, clerk, of a daughter.

of a son. 21. Lady of the hon. Tho.

Lady Bampfylde, of a Townshend, of a son.

daughter. 23. Countess of Elgin, of a

Lady of the hon. Thomas fon.

Pelham, of a daughter. Mar. 19. Countess of Fingal, of Aug. 5. Countess of Lauderdale, a daughter.

of a fon. 22. Lady Mary Walker, of 3. Duchess of Ancaster, of a son.

a daughter. 31. Lately, duchess of Sa- 11. Lady Arundel, of a voy, of a princess.

daughter. Lady Hardy, of a 15. Countess of Northesk, of daughter.

a daughter. April 3. The Dauphiness, of a 27. The hon. lady Blois, of princess.

a daughter 7. Lady Gibbons, of a fon.

31. Lady Ashley, of a fon. Lady Legard, of a son. Sept. 13. Lady Edgcumbe, of a Lady Graham, of a fon.

son. 30. Lady Greyofa daughter. 24. The hon. Mrs. Hill, of May 9. Lady Betty Parsons, of

a daughter. two boys.

30. The hon. Mrs. Bagot, of 10. Countess of Plymouth,

a daughter. of a son.

Lady of Sir Harry St. 15. Lady of the hon. Mr.

John, of a son.
Roper, of a fon.

31. Lately, lady of the hon. 31. Lately, lady Dolben, of

Morgan Vane, of a a daughter.

daughter. June 4. Lady Betty Gallini, of

Lady Arundel of Wara daughter.

dour, of a daughter. 6. Lady Middleton, of a Oct. 17. Lady Townley, of a son. daughter.

20. Lady St. John, of a fon. 9. Lady of the hon. judge

Lady Whiteford, of a fon. Bathurst, of a daugh

28. Lady Pococke, of a ter,

daughter. 17. Lady of the hon. John Nov. 8. Lady of the hon. Mr. Bentinck, of a fon.

Cary, of a daughter. Lady Digby, of a son.

16. Viscounters

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[119 16. Viscountess Downe, of a 31. Lately, Joseph Henry, fon.

esq; to lady Cath. Rawdon. 30. Lately, lady Clive, of a

John Millibank of Cadaughter.

vendish-square, .esq; to laDec. 2. Duchess of Athol, of a dy Charlotte Wentworth, daughter.

daughter to the late marquis 5. Lady of Sir William of Rockingham.

Beauchamp Proctor, of June 7. The marq. of Tavistock, a daughter.

to lady Elizabeth Keppel. 20. Duchess of Marlborough,

Sir James Lake, bart. to of a daughter.

miss Crowther. 21. Lady Juliana Penn, of a 20. Maurice Suckling, esq; to daughter.

the hon. miss Maria Wal

July 2. Lord Warkworth, to lady

Anne Stuart.

19. Lord Grosvenor, to miss

Feb. 4. Sir George Warren, knt.

Sir Charles Will. Blunt, of the Bath, to miss Bishop,

bart. to miss Peers.
daughter to fir Cecil Bishop, 31. Lately, lord Garlies, to
and one of the maids of ho.

mifs Dashwood.
nour to the

Hon. Mr. Rochford, to
21. The archduke Leopold, to mifs Mervin.
an infanta of Spain.

Sir John Eden, bart, to Sir Robert Throckmor

miss Kitty Thompson. ton, bart. to miss Heywood

Maurice Fitzgerald, efq; of George-street, Hanover- to lady Anne Fitz Maurice. square.

Aug. 25. The earl of Cork, to the 25. The hon. col. West, to honourable miss Courtenay.

lady Mary Grey, onlydaugh- Sept. 26. Right honourable earl ter of the earl of Stamford.

of Coventry, to the ho. Sir Wm. Maxwell, of

nourable miss Barbara St. Sprintwell in Scotland, to John.

miss Stewart of Blackall. Ost. 11. Sir Thomas Pym Hales, Apr. 7. Sir Roderic M'Kenfie, of Beakesbourn, Kent, to

to miss Colquhoun, of Luss Mrs. Coussmaker, of Danein Scotland.

court. 30. The earl of Pomfret, to 23. Rev. Mr. Dashwood, late miss Draycote, of Saville- of Magdalen-college, to the

youngest daughter of the John Milburn, of Argyle

earl of Banbury. buildings, esq; to lady Mar. Nov. 4. The hon. George Semtha Harley, daughter to the pil, efq; to miss Clive, fifter countess dowager of Ox

to lord Clive. ford.

Sir James Maxwell, of May 19. Lord Roseberry, to miss Pollock, bart, to miss Cole Ward of Hanover-square.

quhoun, of St. Kitt's. [14


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Dec. 16, Hon. Marmaduke Mer. liser, esq; governor of Newfound

vil, esq; at Bath, to miss land, &c.
Morgan of Swansea.

April 3. Philip Stanhope, esq;
27. Sir John Cathcart of envoy extraordinary to the court of
Carleton, Scotland, bart. to Dresden, and William Gordon, esq;
miss Hamilton of Fourtree- minister at Ratisbon.

20. George James Bruere, efq; governor of the Bermuda

Principal PROMOTIONS for the - 28. Bafil Cochran, esq; a com-

YEAR 1764, from the London missioner of the customs in Scotland,
Gazette, &c.

in the room of R. Montgomerie,

efq; and Thomas Lockhart, esq; a Jan. 22. William Horton of commissioner of excise, in the room Chaderton, Lancashire, and his of B. Cochran, esq. heirs male, a bart.-George Brid- May 19. The right hon. Robert ges Rodney, esq; vice admiral of lord Henley, baron of Grange, in the blue, and his heirs male, the the county of Southampton, chanfame dignity.-George Cockburnė, cellor of Great Britain, and his Thomas Slade, William Bately, heirs male, an earl of Great Britain, Edm. Malon, Tim. Brett, Robert by the name, stile, and title of Osborne, and William Bateman, earl of Northington in the faid esqrs. Sir Richard Temple, hart. county.-- William Young, AlexFrederic Rogers, Richard Hughes, ander Græme, John Hunt, Robert and Thomas Hanway, esqrs. com- Stewart, and Robert Wynne, esqrs. missioners of the navy.---Andrew commiflioners for the sale of lands Elliott, esq; receiver of all duties, in the islands of Granada, Granadues, and revenues, at New York, dines, Dominica, St. Vincent, and (the revenues of the customs ex- Tobago. cepted.)

22. The right reverend doc28. The earl of Marchmont, . tor Richard Terrick, bishop of Pekeeper of the great seal of Scot- terborough, bishop of London. land, in the room of the duke of 22. William Young, esq; reAthol, dec.-Lord Cathcart, first ceiver of all the monies arising by commiskoner of the police, in the the sale of lands in the islands of room of the earl of Marchmont.- Granada, &c. Henry Moore of Jamaica, efq; and 31. Lately, Norborne Berkehis heirs male, a baronet.

ley, efq; late knight of the fhire for Feb. 11. Daniel Bomeefter, gent. the county of Gloucester, obtained conful at Carthagena.

the peerage of Bottetourt by appeal — 21. The marquis of Granby, to the right honourable the house lord lieutenant and custos rotulorum of peers, after a hearing of council of Derbyshire, in the room of the seven days, in favour of the appeal. duke of Devonshire.

-His lordship has since taken the March 31. Robert Melvill, esq; oaths, and his seat in the house of governor of the illes of Granada, lords. the Granadines, Dominica, St. June 10. The honourable Robert Vincent, and Tobago.-Hugh Pal. Walpole, one of the clerks of the



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