Sporting Magazine: Or, Monthly Calendar of the Transactions of the Turf, the Chase and Every Other Diversion Interesting to the Man of Pleasure, Enterprize, and Spirit, Том 39

Передня обкладинка
Rogerson & Tuxford, 1812

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Сторінка 160 - Hesperides, and was afterwards broken into the rocks and caverns of Thrace. The subterraneous pipes conveyed an inexhaustible supply of water ; and what had just before appeared a level plain, might be suddenly converted into a wide lake, covered with armed vessels, and replenished with the monsters of the deep.
Сторінка 195 - On the other parts of his royal highness's letter we do not presume to offer any observations ; but on the concluding paragraph, in so far as we may venture to suppose ourselves included in the gracious wish which it expresses, we owe it, in obedience and duty to his royal highness, to explain ourselves with frankness and sincerity. We beg leave most earnestly to assure his royal highness, that no sacrifices, except those of honour and duty, could...
Сторінка 195 - And his Royal Highness is pleased to add, "that with such support, aided by a vigorous and united Administration, formed on the most liberal basis, he would look with additional confidence to a prosperous issue of the most arduous contest...
Сторінка 194 - In the critical situation of the war in the Peninsula, I shall be most anxious to avoid any measure which can lead my allies to suppose that I mean to depart from the present system. Perseverance alone can achieve the great object in question ; and I cannot withhold my approbation from those who have honourably distinguished themselves in support of it.
Сторінка 194 - Majesty might resume, on his restoration • to health, every power and prerogative belonging to the crown. I certainly am the last person in the kingdom to whom it can be permitted to despair of our royal father's recovery.
Сторінка 195 - I have no predilections to indulge, no resentments to gratify, no objects to attain, but such as are common to the whole empire. If such is the leading principle of my conduct (and I can appeal to the past, in evidence of what the future will be), I flatter myself I shall meet with the support of parliament, and of a candid and enlightened nation.
Сторінка 179 - Vaughan now moved for a rule to shew cause, why the verdict should not be set aside, and a new trial granted.
Сторінка 46 - To A GOOSE. IF thou didst feed on western plains of yore ; Or waddle wide with flat and flabby feet Over some Cambrian mountain's plashy moor ; Or find in farmer's yard a safe retreat From gipsy thieves, and foxes sly and fleet ; If thy grey quills, by lawyer guided, trace Deeds big with ruin to some wretched race, Or love-sick poet's sonnet, sad and sweet...
Сторінка 194 - I was withheld from expressing, at an earlier period of the session, by my warmest desire that the expected motion on the affairs of Ireland might undergo the deliberate discussion of parliament, unmixed with any other consideration. " I think it hardly necessary to call your recollection to the recent circumstances under which I assumed the authority delegated me by parliament.
Сторінка 68 - This too had been a troop-horse, and it was supposed, not without reason, that after regimental discipline had failed, no other would be found availing. I observed that the animal appeared terrified whenever Sullivan either spoke or looked at him ; how that extraordinary ascendency could have been obtained, it is difficult to conjecture.

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