Зображення сторінки


The chief thought that possesses an author when launching forth his work on the sea of the world's favour, is, whether it will float gallantly along the current, bearing its burden of the golden grain of instruction ; the pleasant fruit of romance; or the music of poesy to the homes of the people around, or will his barque be shattered against the rocks of dispraise, or be permitted to sink into the quicksands of neglect.

It is with this feeling I launch my little shallop on the ocean, laden, not with science or philosophy, or the studied phrases of the polished poet, but with the simple music of the love-song, or old love-story

The object of music is to yield pleasure to the mind ; the design of poetry is the same; it should appeal either to the imagination or to the emotions. Its true object is not attained when it becomes chiefly the vehicle for philosophical or metaphysical instruction, reaching only the reasoning faculties.

I do not attempt those dceps of erudition : nevertheless, in the perusal of the legends something may be learned of old-time manners, and the thought of our ancestors ; and in the idylls the pictures portrayed of human life and of human love I trust will prove pleasurable contemplation to the reader.

No one likes listening to a long symphony heralding a song; or wearying speech before a lecture, or a lengthy preface to a book ; therefore I will not tire the reader with further argument for the raison d'être of this work.





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