Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Том 124

Передня обкладинка
William Blackwood, 1878

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Сторінка 631 - She will probably become what we are now, the head servant in the great household of the world, the employer of all employed, because her service will be the most and ablest.
Сторінка 640 - Thus, at the time when Johnson commenced his literary career, a writer had little to hope from the patronage of powerful individuals. The patronage of the public did not yet furnish the means of comfortable subsistence. The prices paid by booksellers to authors were so low, that a man of considerable talents and unremitting industry could do little more than provide for the day which was passing over him.
Сторінка 632 - When the greatest railroad of the world, binding together the continent and uniting the two great seas which wash our shores, was finished, I have seen our national triumph and...
Сторінка 119 - It leaves to the other Powers the liberty of raising such questions at the Congress as they might think it fit to discuss, and reserves to itself the liberty of accepting or not accepting the discussion of these questions.
Сторінка 632 - I have heard in highest places the shameless doctrine avowed by men grown old in public office that the true way by which power should be gained in the Republic is to bribe the people with the offices created for their service, and the true end for which it should be used when gained is the promotion of selfish ambition and the gratification of personal revenge. I have heard that suspicion haunts the footsteps of the trusted companions of the President.
Сторінка 373 - Russia, possessing important harbours upon the shores of the Black Sea and the Archipelago, and conferring upon that power a preponderating influence over both political and commercial relations in those seas...
Сторінка 636 - American politics seems on the verge of occurring, and that " the most wonderful work ever struck off by the brain and purpose of man" has not made provision for the innumerable complications which must then arise, and which have been brought into very great prominence by the last Presidential election and subsequent events. There is one passage especially in Mr Gladstone's article which contains almost as many errors as it does lines.
Сторінка 632 - State in the Union foremost in power and wealth four judges of her courts impeached for corruption, and the political administration of her chief city become a disgrace and a byword throughout the world. I have seen the chairman of the Committee on Military Affairs in the House...
Сторінка 62 - Were I Glenallan's Earl this tide, And ye were Roland Cheyne, The spur should be in my horse's side, And the bridle upon his mane. "If they hae twenty thousand blades, And we twice ten times ten, Yet they hae but their tartan plaids, And we are mail-clad men. "My horse shall ride through ranks sae rude, As through the moorland fern, Then neer let the gentle Norman blude Grow cauld for Highland kerne.
Сторінка 635 - Executive is born anew of the nation at the end of each four years, and dies at the end. But, during the course of those years, it is independent, in the person both of the President and of his Ministers, alike of the people, of their representatives, and of that remarkable body, the most remarkable of all the inventions of modern politics, the Senate of the United States.

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