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A Concise, Comprehensive and Practical Treatise on the Subject
of Mechanical Drawing, in Its Various Modern Appli-
cations to the Work of All Who Are in
Any Way Connected With the

Plumbing Trade.



Author of "Modern Plumbing Illustrated," "Standard Practical Plumbing," etc.

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The writing of this series of articles for The PLUMBERS' TRADE JOURNAL has been undertaken with a firm conviction that a knowledge of the subject of plumbing drawing has to-day become a most valuable and practical acquisition to the working tools of the plumber. In fact, no person who is connected with construction work of any kind can afford to be without a thorough knowledge of such drawing as applies particularly to his line of work.

Much that the author has to say in this little treatise is the result of his own experience gained in the pursuit of the plumbing business, and it is the thought of the personal benefit that he has derived from a knowledge of this subject that has led him to attempt the writing of this series.

The writer believes that his readers will appreciate with him the many difficulties that confront an attempt to give instruction of this nature by means of printers' ink rather than by word of mouth, for certainly personal oral instruction is the only method to bring fullest results.

In conclusion, the author would say that it is his sincere hope that this little book may prove of some real and practical benefit to the younger men of our trade, for whom it is especially intended. November, 1910.


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