The Works of Sir William Jones: With the Life of the Author, Том 1

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Сторінка 119 - Where the great Sun begins his state Robed in flames and amber light, The clouds in thousand liveries dight; While the ploughman, near at hand, Whistles o'er the furrow'd land, And the milkmaid singeth blithe, And the mower whets his scythe, And every shepherd tells his tale Under the hawthorn in the dale.
Сторінка 119 - And every shepherd tells his tale Under the hawthorn in the dale. Straight mine eye hath caught new pleasures Whilst the landscape round it measures; Russet lawns, and fallows gray, Where the nibbling flocks do stray; Mountains, on whose barren breast The labouring clouds do often rest ; Meadows trim with daisies pied, Shallow brooks, and rivers wide: Towers and battlements it sees Bosom'd high in tufted trees, Where perhaps some Beauty lies, The Cynosure of neighbouring eyes.
Сторінка 291 - But be assured, my dear lord, that if the minister be offended at the style in which I have spoken, do speak, and will speak, of public affairs, and on that account should refuse to give me the judgeship, I shall not be at all mortified, having already a very decent competence, without a debt or a care of any kind.
Сторінка 364 - HAVE more than once sought, without having been so fortunate as to obtain, a proper opportunity of thanking you very sincerely for the elegant compliment which you pay me, in a work abounding in elegance of all kinds. My Seven Arabian Poets will see the light before next winter, and be proud to wait upon you in their English dress.
Сторінка 358 - Kilgarran o'erhangs the brown dale ; Where none are unwilling, and few are unable, To sing a wild song or repeat a wild tale ! Yet weak is our vaunt...
Сторінка 39 - Dear sister, WHEN I received your letter I was very concerned to hear the death of your friend Mr. Reynolds, which I consider as a piece of affliction common to us both. For although my knowledge of his name or character is of no long date, and though I never had any personal acquaintance...
Сторінка 194 - Zeratusht, and who would have acquired a brilliant reputation in France, if he had not sullied it by his immoderate vanity and virulence of temper, which alienated the good will even of his own countrymen...
Сторінка 9 - ... eminence in his profession, and, from the honest and pleasant frankness of his conversation, was admitted to the tables of the great, and to the intim'acy of Lord Macclesfield. The acquaintance of Mr. Jones with Miss Nix, terminated in marriage ; and, from this union, sprang three children, the last of whom, the late Sir William Jones, was born in London, On the eve of the festival of Saint Michael, in the year 1746; and a few days after his birth was a baptized by the Christian name of his father.
Сторінка 405 - You will have since learnt how much I was then and have been continually engaged in, public affairs, and your goodness will excuse my not having answered it sooner. You announced your intended marriage with my much respected friend Miss Anna Maria, which I assure you gave me great pleasure, as I cannot conceive a match more likely to be happy, from the amiable qualities each of you possess so plentifully.
Сторінка 34 - ... early age of eight or nine, and he " was always an uncommon boy. Great abilities, great "particularity of thinking, fondness for writing verses " and plays of various kinds, and a degree of integrity " and manly courage, of which I remember many iu" stances, disiinguished him even at that period.

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