Зображення сторінки


Then, on the silence of the snows there lay
A Sabbath’s quiet sunshine,—and its bell
Fill'd the hush'd air awhile, with lonely sway ;
For the stream's voice was chain'd by Winter's spell,
The deep wood-sounds had ceas'd.—But rock and dell
Rung forth, ere long, when strains of jubilee
Peal'd from the mountain-churches, with a swell

Of praise to Him who stills the raging sea,-
For now the strife was clos'd, the glorious Alps were free!


Note 1.

The Senn's wild horn.

Senn, the name given to a herdsman among the Swiss Alps.

Note 2.

Against the Föhnwind's blast.

Föhnwind, the South-east wind, which frequently lays waste the country before it.

Note 3

-A father of the land.

Walter Fürst, the father-in-law of Tell.

Note 4.

Werner, the brave and true! fc.

Werner Stauffacher, who had been urged by his wife to rouse and unite his countrymen for the deliverance of Switzerland.

Note 5.

Young Erni's step had worn, fc.

Erni, Arnold Melchthal.

Note 6.

- The Lämmer-Geyer had spread, foc.

The Lämmer-Geyer, the largest kind of Alpine eagle.

Note 7.

Of wrongs to call down Heaven, &c.

The eyes of his aged father had been put out, by the orders of the Austrian Governor.

Note 8.

-Beside the Forest-Sca.

Forest-Sea. The Lake of the Four Cantons is frequently so called.


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