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its heterogeneous army into effi- weaker party the generous British ciency, and though the lessons of love of freedom and jealousy of war may gradually supply that despotism, whether wielded by military character in which for the an emperor or by a triumpant facpresent it is deficient, her gros tion. bataillons and her outpoured trea- But that devotion to the cause of sures will fail, like other armies and human freedom which has led us more ancient powers, to crush the already to make so many sacrifices, newly-won independence of a reso- has barred the way to our giving lute and united people.

to the South that moral encourageThe war, perhaps, is not one to ment accorded so often to comawaken our warm sympathies for munities engaged in the struggle either party. The unfriendly tone for independence and self-governof the organs of public opinion in ment. Recognition of their indethe North, when in recent years pendence and close commercial rethe military prestige of England lations with England, without reseemed for a space to wane, excited strictions upon trade, are earnestly not resentment among us, but sur desired by the people of the South; prise that an honourable rivalry and there may be a little impatience should have degenerated into jeal- that their nationality is as yet ousy, and that despotic Russia, ignored by the civilised world. A rather than free England, should more correct view appears, howpossess the sympathies of the great ever, to be taken by the heads of Anglo-Saxon Republic. Their im- the Government. “Our separation portunate demands for our partisan from the North," said President ship, at the same moment that they Davis lately,“ is as complete as if flouted our offers of mediation- it had been accomplished fifty years. their insolent threats of finding But I am far from complaining of compensation for Southern losses the tardy recognition of European in aggression upon the peaceful governments. It is better for us British provinces - their loud boast- that we should work out our own ings and ignominious defeat--would independence, and the rest will have enlisted on the side of the come in good time."


Absolutism, present position of, on the Bumbay, sailing of the Persian expedi-
Continent, 397.

tion from, 345.
Achray, Loch, 490.

Book clubs, origin of, 442.
Act of Uniformity, the, 177.

Adams, Dr Francis, 446.

Aelfric Book Society, the, 458.

Borasjoon, expedition against, 354.
Akbar Khan, a Tungistanee chief, 348. Boromeo, Cardinal, the library of, 70.
Alexander the Great, the voyage of his Boswell, Sir Alexander, of Aucbinleck,
fleet, 345.

his private printing - press, &c., 452
Alfred, King, Dr Hook on, 14,

et seg.
Ambrosian Library at Milan, its origin, Bregwin the German, an English divine,3.

British Museum, origin of the, 70.
AMERICAN WAR, SOME ACCOUNT OF BOTH Brougham, Lord, his address at the

Social Science Association, 465.
AMONG THE Lochs, see Lochs.

Anne Boleyn, the execution of, 171. 582—his attack on Scotland, 268.

Antigone of Sophocles, its reproduction, 323.

Bushire, landing of the Persian expedi-
Antiquity, the Religions of, Ernest tion at, 346 et seq.-its bombardinent
Renan on, 633.

and capture, 349.
ANTWERP, A DAY AT — RUBENS AND Byron on Burton's Avatomy, 325.
RUSKIN, 365.

Camden Society, the, 458.
Arminianism, the introduction of, by Canova, the residence of, at Rome, 382.
Laud, 175.

Canterbury, the Archbishops of, Dr
Arrochar, the hills at, 487.

Hook's lives of, 12.
Art, the modern English school of, 201. CAPTAIN CLUTTERBUCK'S CHAMPAGNE,

Part I., 499—Part II., 555-.Part IIL,
Astorian Library in America, the, 66, 67. 645.
Auchinleck Press, works issued from CARLINGFORD, CHRONICLES OF: THE
the, 452 et seq.

DOCTOR'S FAMILY, Part I., 420- Part
Augustine, the mission of, to England, II., 525—Part III., 689,

5 et seq. — his claims on behalf of Carlyle's Autobiography, contrast be.
Rome, 7 et seq.

tween, and Wolff's, 137-comparison
AUMALE, THE DUC D', HIS LETTRE SUR between, and Somerville's, 240 et seq,

Austria, present position of absolutism Carthusians, the, Henry VIII.'s treat-
in, 397.

ment of, 170.
Autobiographies, characteristics of, 136. Cartwright, the Puritan leader, 175.
Baillet, Adrien, the librarian, 75.-

Cats, rabies in, 225, 236.
Ballad forgeries, anecdotes of, &c., 455. Catholicism, Ernest Renan on, 637.
Bannatyne Club, the, 450.

Cavendish Society, the, 458.
BARBARISMS OF CIVILISATION, THE, 87. Celtic Church, the early, in England, 4
Barry, connection of, with Pugin, in the et seq.-struggle between it and Au-
Houses of Parliament, 685.

gustine, 7 et seq.
Barthelemy, M., anecdote of, 240. Chakhota, expedition to, 352.
Barthram's Dirge, the ballad of, 456. Channing, Ernest Renan's Essay on, 637.
Beddoes, Dr, on hydrophobia, 226. Charles II., the deathbed of, 219.
Ben Venue, scenery of, 492.

Charterhouse, monks of the, executed
Biedermann's Henry IV., drama of, 605. under Henry VIII., 170.
Biography, sources of the interest of, 671. Chetham Book Club, the, 458.
Blackie, Professor, his speech at the Church Histories, general character of, 1.
Wallace inauguration, 281.

Bodleian Library, the, and its founder, Clubs, influence of, 442.

Coburg-Gotha, the Duke of, his reforms,
Bokhara, Wolff's journey to, 152.

and their reception, 599.

Combe's Constitution of Man, anecdote ENGLISH HISTORY, VAUGHAN's Revolu.
regarding, 69.

TIONS IN, 166.
Congress, the library of, in America, 67. EPIC OF THE BUDGET, THE, 115.
Cookery, low state of, in Scotland, 407. Essays and Reviews, effects of the prose-
Copyright Act, the, its provisions regard- tion of the, 77.

ing furnishing books to Public Lib. Ethersey, Commodore, his death, 358.
raries, 68.

Faed, Mr, the Cottage Deathbed by, 207,
Cotton, threatened failure of the supply

of, 118.

Coxe, Archdeacon, the historian, 246. FERREY'S RECOLLECTIONS OF N. A. W.

PUGIN, &c., review of, 670.
Cranmer, character and work of, 172. Finances, the Indian, 109.
Cunningham, Allan, his ballad forgeries, Flaxman, the residence of, at Rome, 382.

FLUNKEYISM, on, 731.
Cuthbert, Archbishop of Canterbury, 12. Flying Dutchman, the, Wagner's drama
Danby, Mr F., the paintings of, 213.
Dates, general consumpton of, through. Food, errors of Mr Buckle on the sub-
out Persia, 351.

ject of, 583.
Davis, Sergeant, the case of, 451.

Forbes, Edward, extracts, &c., from the
Death of Featherstonbaugh, the, Surtee's
ballad of, 455.

Foster, Mr Birket, the paintings of, 204.
Deduction and Induction, errors of Mr France, present position of absolutism
Buckle regarding, 590.

in, 397-warlike tendencies of, and
DEMISE OF THE INDIAN ARMY, THE, 100. danger from them, 608.
DEMOCRACY TEACHING BY EXAMPLE, 395. Frankfort, sketches of, 598.
Derby, Lord, the means by which his Froude, Mr, his picture of Henry VIII.,

Adminstrations were overthrown, 115. 170—his portrait of Cranmer, 172.
Desima, the Dutch settlement at, 615. Galileo, the alleged persecution of, 545.
Dibdin's Library Companion, 449. Galway Contract, the decision on the, 123.
DISCOVERERS, HOW THE WORLD TREATS, Gare Loch, scenery of the, 479.

George II., the Royal library bequeathed
DISRUPTION OF THE UNION, THE, 125. to the British Museuin by, 70.
Doctor's FAMILY, THE, Part I., 420 Germany, the mineral springs of, and
Part II., 525--Part III., 689.

their value in dyspepsia, 415 et seq.-
Dodd, Dr, Somerville and Carlyle on, the movement for a fleet in, 608 et seq.
254, 255.

Gibson, Mr, on the benefits of residence
Dodo, the song of the, 474.

in Rome to the Art-Student, 381, 382.
Drama, the, Goverument neglect of, in Gladstone, Mr, his budget, 117 et seq.-

England, and its state in Weimar, 601. bis character, &c., as a speaker, 119.
Dress, modern atrocities of, 89 et seq. Good manner, a, distinction between, and
Drummond, Henry, his character and good manners, 155.

friendship for Wolff, 145 et seq. Great Britain, her position with regard
Dublin, the meeting of the Social Science to the United States, 125.
Association in, 464 et seq.

Greco Café at Rome, the, and its fre-
Duluc, M., on canine madness, 230. quenters, 381.
Dyce, Mr, George Herbert by, 218. Gregory, Mr, bis motion on the Galway
DYSPEPSIA, MEDITATIONS ON: No. I., the Contract, 123, 124.

Malady, 302–No. II., the Cure, 406. Gregory, Pope, his mission to England, 5.
Education, the modern mania for, 406. Hakluyt Book Club, the, 458.
Edward VI., progress of the Reformation Hall, Marshall, the Memoirs of, 549 et
under, 172.

seq.-sketch of his career, 550.
Eel-Khanee, the, a Persian chief, 352 Hamlet, Fechter's representation of, 744.
et seq.

Harvard Library in America, the, 67.
EGLINTON, THE LATE EARL OF, 642-and Harvey, the reception of his discovery,
the Galway Contract, 123.

546-method by which his discovery
Elizabeth, progress of Puritanism under, was made, 595.
174-persecutions under, 176.

Haslewood, Joseph, and his connection
Elphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, and with the Roxburghe Club, 447.
his martyrdom, 16.

Haughton, the execution of, under Henry
Elphinston, Lord, the Persian expedition VIII., 170.
organised under, 346.

Havelock, General, his arrival in Persia,
English, physical capabilities, &c., of the, 359.
302, et seq.

Havelock the Dane, the reprint of, 448.
English Church, Dr Hook's History of Hebbel, drama founded on the Niebel-
the, 3 et seq.

ungen Lied by, 602.



Henry VIII., influence and position of, Landscape, the English school of, 208.
as regards the Reformation, 168 et seq. Landseer, the animal pictures of, 211.

-his character and objects, 170. Laud, Archbishop, Arminianism intro-
Henry IV., the Emperor, Biedermann's duced by, 175.
drama of, 605.

Lawrence, Mr, on hydropbobia, 230.
Henry, Dr, Gilbert Stuart on, 249. Lee, Mr, the paintings of, 209–Rev. W.,
Herat, its supposed importance, and the his editing of Somerville's autobio-

origin of the differences between Per graphy, 255.
sia and England, 343.

L'Estrange, anecdotes, &c., from, 459.
Hereditary Transmission, errors of Mr Libraries, public, their formation, &c., 65.
Buckle regarding, 588.

Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology, the,
Hiogo, the port of, in Japan, 621, 622. Liebig's theory of food, adoption of, by
Hoffbauer, leader of the popular party in Mr Buckle, 583.
the Austrian Church, 142.

Liver, error of Mr Buckle regarding the,
HORACE, ODE I. 16, TRANSLATION OF, 640. Locus, AMONG THE, Chap. I., Knock.
Houses of Parliament, Pugin's share in tarlitie, 479—Chap. II., The Trosachs,
the, 685.

485-Chap. III., Inchmahome, 492.
Hunt, Mr, the water-colour paintings of, Lohengrin, Wagner's drama of, 604.

203– Mr Holman, painting by, 215 Lomond, Loch, 485, 486.

Captain, his Journal of the Persian Louis Philippe, circumstances of his over-
swar, 343.

throw, 79.
Hunter, John, Mr Buckle on, 595. Lungs, the, their relations to the liver,
Hydropathy as a cure for dyspepsia, 413. 686.
Hydrophobia, vulgar errors regarding, Macaulay, T. B., his account of the case
222-in man, 224 et seq.

of Sarah Stout, 24-bis portrait of
Iliad, the, resemblances between, and the Cranmer, 172.
Niebelungen Lied, 602.

Mad Dogs, I., Vulgar Errors, 222-II.,
Imperial Library at Paris, origin of the, Hydrophobia in man, 224—III., Origin

of the disease, 227–ÍV., Sigus of mad-
Inchmahome, sketches of, 492.

ness, 228– V., Stories of rabid dogs
Independents, rise of the, in England, and cats, 233—VI., The poison and its

history, 236.
India, the true defence of, against Rus- Magliabecchi, the librarian, 75.
sia, 343 et seq.

Mahomed Yusuf, Khan of Herat, 344.
INDIAN ARMY, THE DEMISE OF THE, 100. Maitland Book Club, the, 458.
Indian Civil Service, the new system of Malet, Colonel, death of, at Bushire, 348.
the, 107.

Induction and Deduction, Mr Buckle Mary, Queen, the reign of, 173.
on, 592.

Mary, Queen of Scots, the scene of her

childhood at Inchmabome, 494.
Inns, Scottish, cookery in, 409.

Matsys, Quentin, and his works, 365, 366.
Irish Arcbæological Society, the, 458. Method, Mr Buckle on, 594.
Jacob, General, his services in Persia, Microscope, the, errors of Mr Buckle
359, 362.

regarding, 587.
Jaenbert, Archbishop of Canterbury, 12, Mineral waters, value of, as a cure for

dyspepsia, 414 et seq.
JAPAN, THE INLAND SEA OF, 613. Miracles, Dean Hook on, 1.
Jenner, the reception of his discovery, Missionary enterprise, modern forms of,

Jews, the modern, various opinions re- Mohummerah, the expedition against,
garding, 139.

359 et seq.
Johnson, Dr, on manners, 155.

Jolly, Bishop Robert, sketch of, 440. Monteith, the lake of, 493.
Jones, Captain, resident at Bushire, 346 More, Sir Thomas, the martyrdom of, 171.
et seq.

Mother, the, Mr Buokle on her infidence,
Case, 19.

Moyam, adventure of Wolff at, 149.
Karun river, expedition up the, 360. Muller on the relations between the
Katrine, Loch, 487.

lungs and the liver, 586.
Knocktarlitie, sketches at, 479.

Nagasaki, the scenery of, 614.
Knox's Spirit of Despotism, anecdote Napier, Right Hon. Joseph, his address
regarding, 69.

at the Social Science meeting, 475.
Laing, Mr, on the depot system in re- Napoleon III., his proscription of the
gard to India, 110.

Duc d'Aumale's letter, 78.

Nash, Mr, illustrations of the Pilgrim's Railways and railway travelling, 89, 91.
Progress by, 202.

Ray Society, the, 458
Nationalism, the rise of, in the English REBELS, A MONTH WITH THE, 755.
Church, 168 et seq.

RECANTATION, THE, from Horace, 640.
Nearchus, the voyage of Alexander's RECTOR, THE, 284.
fleet under, 345.

Red Lions, origin of the, 473.
New York Times, the, on the disruption Reflex theory of nervous action, the re-
of the States, 130.

ception of the, 552.
Newton, Mr, the paintings of, 204. Reformation in England, the circum-
Newton's discovery of gravitation, Mr stances which preceded it, &c., 168.
Buckle on, 593.

Religion, the development of, Dr
Nicolin, M., the case of, 231.

Vaughan on, 168.
Niebelungen Lied, the, 602.

Religious Revolutions in English His.
NORMAN SINCLAIR, Part XVII., 34- tory, Dr Vaughan on, 166.
Conclusion, 178.

North, Roger, his Discourse on Trade, Revolutions in Religion in England, Dr

Vaughan on, 166.
Northcote, Sir Stafford, his speech on Reynolds, Sir Joshua, art principles laid
the Budget, 121.

down by, 201--on the advantages of
Offa, King, struggle between, and the residence at Rome to the art-student,
Archbishop of Canterbury, 13.

Ohosaka, the town of, in Japan, 620 et Roberts, Mr, the paintings of, 210.

Robertson, Principal, Gilbert Stewart's
O'Neil, Mr, the paintings of, 214.

enmity to, 249-sketches of him by
Oriental Translation Fund, the, 458. Somerville, 250.

Rodgers, Dr, and the Wallace Monu-
Orpheus in the Infernal Regions, the ment, 281 et seq.
farce of, 607.

Romberg, case of hydrophobia from, 226.
Othello, Fechter's representation of, 748. ROME, THE ART-STUDENT IN, 381.
Outram, Sir James, appointed to com- Romish Church, Wolff's connection
mand the Persian expedition, and his with the, 141.
operations, 353 et seq.

Rowland's Letting of Humors Blood,
Paganism, long hold of, in England, 17. Scott's reprint of, 451.
Painter, the, advantages of residence at Roxburghe Club, the, its origin, &c., 446
Rome to, 385.

et seq.
Paper-duties, the abolition of the, 119 ROYAL ACADEMY, THE, AND THE WATER-

Lord Brougham on their repeal, 466. Colour SOCIETIES, 201.
Parker Society, the, 458.

Royal Society, the, their conduct toward
Paton, Noel, his Luther at Erfurt, 216. Marshall Hall, 552 et seq.
Paulinus, Archbishop of York, 9. Rubens, the paintings of, in Antwerp,
Penance, the system of, as introduced 366 et seq.
into the English Church, 11.

Ruskin, his denunciation of Rubens, and
Percy Society, the, 458.

answer to these, 366, 368—his esti.
Persia, general decay throughout, 351. mate of Pugin, 673.
PERSIAN WAR OF 1856-57, THE, 343. Russia, supposed importance of Herat

to, 343-present position of absolut-
Pickersgill, Mr, painting by, 215.

ism in, 397.
Pierquin, M., on canine madness, 234. St Augustine's monastery, the origin of, 7.
Pius VII., Pope, and Wolff, 142.

St Peter and St Paul, the college of, at
Portraits, the English school of, 215. Canterbury, 10.
Pre-Raphaelites, the school of the, and St Philip Neri, anecdote of, 8.

their eccentricities, 201 - landscapes Sanson, M., on canine madness, 230, 231,
by the, 208.

232, 234, 235.
Pre-Raphaelitism, decline of, 207. Science, modern tendencies of, toward
President, position of the, in the United association, 463-errors of Mr Buckle
States, 398, 399.

on, 583.
Press, the, its importance and power, 77. SCOTLAND AND HER ACCUSERS, 267-state
Propaganda, Joseph Wolff in the, 143. of cookery in, 407.
Protestantism, Ernest Renan on, 637. Scott, Sir Walter, and the Book Clubs,
Prynne's Histrio Mastyx, 60.


Sculptor, the, advantages of residence at
Pugin the elder, notices of, 674 et seq. Rome to, 382.
Puritans, the, their origin and rise in Sculpture, the English school of, 216.
England, 169, 174.

Sea-bathing as a cure for dyspepsia, 413.
Quakers, the, their literature, &c., 28 et SEAL, THE FAREWELL OF THE, 32.


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