Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Том 92

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Сторінка 507 - And there is great reason and justice in this rule, for necessitous men are not, truly speaking, free men, but to answer a present exigency will submit to any terms that the crafty may impose upon them.
Сторінка 251 - The following actions shall be commenced within six years next after the cause of action shall accrue, and not afterwards: First.
Сторінка 430 - ... and, out of the money arising from such sale, to retain the principal and interest which shall then be due...
Сторінка 346 - ... when the party by his own contract creates a duty or charge upon himself, he is bound to make it good, if he may, notwithstanding any accident by inevitable necessity, because he might have provided against it by his contract.
Сторінка 372 - ... entered the premises because he was led to believe that they were intended to be used by visitors or passengers ; and that such use was not only acquiesced in by the owner or person in possession and control of the premises, but that it was in accordance with the intention and design with which the way or place was adapted and prepared or allowed to be so used.
Сторінка 179 - State ; and whereas the encouragement of arts and sciences and all good literature tends to the honor of God, the advantage of the Christian religion, and the great benefit of this and the other United States of America...
Сторінка 370 - In order to maintain an action for an injury to person or property by reason of negligence or want of due care, there must be shown to exist some obligation or duty towards the plaintiff, which the defendant has left undischarged or unfulfilled.
Сторінка 370 - All the cases in the books, in which a party is sought to be charged on the ground that he has caused a way or other place to be incumbered or suffered it to be in a dangerous condition, whereby accident and injury have been occasioned to another, turn on the principle that negligence consists in doing or omitting to do an act by which a legal duty or obligation has been violated. Thus a trespasser who comes on the land of...
Сторінка 110 - So that the obstruction of surface water or an alteration in the flow of it affords no cause of action in behalf of a person who may suffer loss or detriment therefrom against one who does no act inconsistent with the due exercise of dominion over his own soil.
Сторінка 507 - To insist on what was really a mortgage, as a sale, is in equity a fraud, which cannot be Cuyugan vs. Santos. successfully practiced, under the shelter of any written papers, however precise and complete they may appear to be.

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