History of Rome, from its earliest period to the death of Vespasian

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Сторінка 365 - Shall dare thee foot to foot with sword and shield, Much less in arms oppose thy matchless force When thy...
Сторінка 43 - Of hardy warriors thro' the wat'ry plain: The son of Manto by the Tuscan stream, From whence the Mantuan town derives the name — An ancient city, but of...
Сторінка 365 - The sorrows of thy sons in future years. This youth (the blissful vision of a day) Shall just be shown on earth, and snatch'd away.
Сторінка 74 - Arcadians thought him Jove ; and said they saw The mighty Thund'rer with majestic awe, Who took his shield, and dealt his bolts around, And scatter'd tempests on the teeming ground. Then saw two heaps of ruins, (once they stood Two stately towns, on either side the flood,) Saturnia's and Janicula's remains; And either place the founder's name retains.
Сторінка 345 - ... most refined critics among the ancients, has not escaped the censure of some of the moderns. It is obvious that the philosopher cannot escape ridicule, who supposes that fire is a pyramid tied to the earth by numbers ; that the world is a figure consisting of twelve pentagons ; and who, to prove the metempsychosis and the immortality of the soul, asserts that the dead are born from the living, and the living from the dead. The speculative mind of Plato was employed in examining things divine...
Сторінка 277 - ... the country, where, being discovered accidentally by Sylla's soldiers, he was forced to redeem his head by a very large sum : but the intercession of the vestal virgins, and the authority of his powerful relations, extorted a grant of his life very unwillingly from Sylla ; who bade them take notice, that he, for whose safety they were so solicitous, would one day be the ruin of that aristocracy, which he was then establishing with so much pains, for that he saw many Mariuses in one...
Сторінка 344 - ... the being of a God ; a Providence ; the immortality of the soul ; a future state of rewards and punishments ; and the eternal difference of good and ill ; he has largely and clearly declared his mind in many parts of his writings.
Сторінка 389 - AD 68; in the thirtyseventh year of his age and the thirteenth of his reign — the last of the CaBsarean line.
Сторінка 248 - ... his engagement with Caesar. The law may have been meant to act retrospectively, to prevent a question being raised on the interpellations of Bibulus. This done, and without paying the Senate the respect of first consulting it, he gave notice that he would propose a vote to the assembly, to the effect that any person who had put to death a Roman citizen without trial, and without allowing him an appeal to the people, had violated the constitution of the State. Cicero was not named directly; every...
Сторінка 257 - M»nus. in command, impatient of holding an inferior station, and coveting to himself the glory of conquering Jugurtha, had obtained leave to go to Rome, and offer himself as a candidate for the consulship. He was a man of low birth, and totally illiterate, but active and able, with power sufficient to make him feared by the nobility, and with an inveterate hatred against them, because their scorn of his mean condition galled his pride, and impeded his way to greatHis 6rst ness.

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