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BIRTHS ABROAD. Bengal - Lady of the late Capt.

Harris, of a son Palermo-Wife of C. Blackrith, esq. a daughter Buenos-Ayres-Lady

of Thos, Fair, esq.of a son St. Petersburgh-Hon. Lady Bagot, of a son Demerara-Lady of Charles Wray, esq.of a son Naples--Lady of C. Selwin, esq. Down Hall, a son

MARRIAGES ABROAD, 'Dixon, Mr. Luke, of Sheffield, to

Loftus, W. T. esq. of the 4th Light Dragoons, to Ronnie, Miss, of London, at St. Petersburgh Medex, Miss, of Adam-st. Adelphi, at Paris Hodgson, J. A. esq. of Auckland, to

Taylor, Major 81st Regt. Halifax, N. A. to Harriott, Mrs. of Bengal, East Indies

George, Miss, daughter of Sir Rupert George.

DEATHS ABROAD. Aiskell, Major General Francis, at Madrass Mackenzie, Mr. A. K. of Southgate, at JamaiBrough, Capt. of the Bombay E. R. at Baroda ca, 18—Matthew, Miss H. M. at Calcutta, 19 Desrignes, Mr. C. of Hunter-street, drowned off Mitchell, J. F. esq. of Gloucester-place, at

Antigua 17–Donelly,F. S. esq. commanding Tarhare, near Lyons, 37 the Najeb Native Regt. at Delhi

Nicholls, Mrs, at Madras, 36 Foster, Thos. esq. of Jamaica, at St. Dennis Smith, Henry, esq. at Nice--Sampson, Rev W. Hollis, Capt. W. at Aurungabad, 33-Hall, of Petersham, at Upper Canada

Lieut. 4th M.N.I. at Condipilla, East Indies,18 Thelluson, infant son, and heir of Lord RendleJukes, Andrew, M. D. at Ispaham, in Persia sham, at Florence Lutyens, Ensign H. W.33rd Regt. at Jamaica Wells, W. esq. of Bickley-house, Kent, at Ma

Ludlow, A. esq. of Heywood-house, Wilts, at deira-Webster, Capt. J.E. of the 22nd N. I Rouen

at Calcutta.

METROPOLITAN OCCURRENCES. His Majesty has finally resolved to Aug. 21.-Haverfordwest, Aug. 27.visit Scotland this year. It is under Cardigan, Sept. 2.- Radnorshire, Aug. stood his Majesty will arrive in Edin 19, at Presteign.-Breconshire, Aug. burgh early in the month of August, 24, at Brecon.—Glamorganshire, Aug. and his sojourn there, it is said, will 31, at Cardiff--Merionethshire, Aug. not exceed a fortnight, during which 6, at Dolgelly.-Carnarvonshire, Aug. time he will hold a Drawing-room or 12, at Carnarvon.-Anglesy, Aug. 17, two at Holyrood House. His Majesty at Beaumaris. will proceed direct to Leith, by water, Six thousand pounds is said to be and return by land, through the inte the sum taken at the door of the Royal rior of the country. The King embarks Academy, for admissions to view the at Greenwich. His horses are gone by late Exhibition. land. His Majesty's suite and ser The sum subscribed in England for vants embark in steam yachts.

the relief of the distress in Ireland Revenue. There is an increase in amounts to upwards of 200,0001. the year ending 5th July, of 780,0001, The total amount of money paid by beyond the year preceding, in the de the county of Middlesex, for the last partment of the Customs. In the Ex

seven years, for expenses of witnesses cise, an increase of 791,0001. The attending to give evidence at the Old Assessed Taxes are less by about Bailey, was 38,5901. 198. 8d. 153,0001. than they were last year. The Lord Melville steam yacht left In the Stamp Duties there has been an her moorings at the Tower on Wednesincrease of 102,0001. In the Land Tax, day, the 17th inst. at seven o'clock, an increase of 133,0001. and in the with about 120 passengers on board, Miscellaneous Services, about 28,0001. and six carriages, for Calais, which she In the Post Office there is a small de reached at seven o'clock that day; and crease upon the whole year. There is having disembarked her passengers and a decrease on the present Quarter, luggage, took on board six chaldrops compared with the corresponding Quar of coals, and between forty and fifty ter of last year, of 35,0001.-On the passengers, with their luggage, pro. whole year the incrcase somewhat ceeded for London, and arrived at the above 1,600,0001. beyond the produce Tower on the following morning, at seof the year before.

ven o'clock-The Margatesteam yachts The harvest this year will be as early frequently go the whole distance from as that of 1788, when corn of all kinds London at the rate of 14 miles an hour, was housed before the end of August. Madame Catalani has exerted her

Summer Circuit.-Carmarthenshire, extraordinary powers for the benefit of Eur. Mag. Vol. 82, 1822.

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the distressed Irish-also Mademoiselle must have entered into the buttress Noblet, whose benefit amounted to no having been stopped up when that less a sum than 2001. No class of peo part of the edifice last went under reple contribute so much in proportion to pair. Both the cat and rat are now in their means, either in talent or money, the possession of Mr. Roberts, the arto benevolent purposes, as public per- chitect, and are considered great curiformers.

osities. A memoranda of supplies of provi The following is the intended distrisions which have been dispatched and bution of the cavalry in Great Britain ordered to the Western and Southern for the present year :Parts of Ireland :

King's Dragoon Guards, Manchester, About 5000 Tons of Potatoes.

Birmingham, and Coventry, from Ire1000 Tons of Oatmeal.

land ; 2d ditto (Bays), York, Leeds, &c. 450 Bags of Flour.

3d ditto, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and 2000 Barrels and Bags of Wheat. Carlisle, from Scotland ; 4th ditto, from

21 Tons of Barley Meal. Scotland; 7th ditto, from Manchester, 1100 Bags of Biscuit,

&c. to Edinburgh; Royal Dragoons, The perfect bodies of a cat and a from Weymouth to Canterbury, and rat, the former in a watchful position Ipswich; Scots Greys, from Birmingover the rat, which was cringing in a ham, &c. to Glasgow; 31st Light Dracorner, were found in a hollow part of goons, from Ireland to Brighton; 9th one of the buttresses or supporters of Lancers, to Weymouth, Exeter, &c.; St. Olave's Church, Southwark, which 10 Hussars, to Ireland; 14th Light is now repairing, quite dead, but in the Dragoons, to Nottingham, &c.; 15th highest state of preservation. They Hussars, to Hounslow; the 16th Lanare supposed to have been there some cers are in daily expectation of emcenturies, from the aperture where they barking for India.


Mrs. C. I. F. Coombe, Blackheath

Mrs. Walford, Gower-street
Mrs. Dowling, Mansion-house, Highgate Mrs. Irving, of Jamaica, Harley-street
Mrs. G. Baillie, Poplar

The lady of Sir C. Dalrymple
Mrs. William Holt, Threadneedle-street

Mrs. Royes, Charter-house-square Mrs. Kendricks, Queen Anne--st. Cavendish sq. Mrs. Arthur Clarke, Bishopsgate-street-without The lady of Capt. Marryat, R.N. Cleveland-row Lady Charlotte M Gregor Murray Mrs. Niven Kerr, Pensbury-place

Mrs. Tower, Richmond Mrs. Horatio Leggatt, Royal Terrace, Adelphi The lady of Capt. Digby, R.N. Upper Harley-sq.

The lady of Sir T. Noel Hill, Upper Brook-st. The lady of Lieut.-Gen. Sir W. Anson
Lady Sheffield, Portman-place

Mrs. Ottywell Robinson, Argyll-street
Mrs. Robert Gream, Richmond

The lady of Sir Hudson Lowe, Hanover-square Mrs. J. B. Lonsada, jun. Brunswick-square Mrs. H. Bonatos, Brentford Butts Mrs. S. Smith, Weymouth-street

Mrs. Tilley. Chelsea The lady of Thomas Denman, ésq. M.P.

Mrs. Charles Shewell, Newington, Surrey Mrs. J. S. Winstanley, Upper Tooting

Mrs. Harford, Balham-hill
The lady of Lieut.J, A. Collins. 1st Royal Regt. Mrs. J. H. Merivale, Woburn-place
Lady Jane Neville, Audley-end

Mrs. William Wightman, Euston-square
Mrs. Jeffery, Weymouth-street

Mrs. David F. Jones, Great Russell-street The lady of Lieut.-General, J. T. Layard, Bath Mrs. C. D. Bowles


Alder, W. esq. Goswell-street-road, to

Coppin, widow of the late Captain Coppin Atkinson, Sir George, Hilsborough, Ireland, to

Scott, Miss H. Harton-House, Durham
Andrews, R. B. esq. Epping, to

Miles, Miss Emma Ann
Bailey, John, esq. Aldersgate-street, to

Mucklow, Miss Mary, Old Brentford
Beauchamp, R.F. esq. Tetton-House, Som; to

Westbrook, Miss E. Chapel-st. Grosvenor-sq. Boulnois, Mr. William, Tower-street, to

Allen, Miss Elizabeth, Ballingdon, Essex Bethune, H. L. esq. Kilconquhar, co. Fife, to

Trotter, Miss Couts, Durham-park, Herts Bulivant, Mr. Thomas, Kennington-eommon, to

Vigers, Miss Mary Chapel
Burges, H. W. esq. to

Stirling, Miss S. Earl's-court
Bruce, Robert N. esq. Stafford-place, to

Williams, Miss H. Albemarle-street

Byles, Mr. Samuel, Henley-upon-Thames, to

Barbet, Miss Elizabeth, Old Artillery Ground
Capes, John, esq. Walworth, to

Jones, Miss, Prince-street, Lambeth
Clarke, L. esq. M.A.F.R.S. Lincoln's-inn, to

Myers, Miss M. John-street, America-square
Courtrand, Mr. Samuel, Bocking, Essex, to

Taylor, Miss E. Frederick-pl. Hampstead-rd.
Clark, George, esq. Isleworth, to

Spicer, Miss Ellen Sarah
Carter, Mr. Richard, Friday-street, to

Broadbent, Miss Diana, Lawrence-lane
Claridge, Mr New Bond-street, to

Green, Miss Elizabeth, Old Bond-street
Dodwell, Henry, esq. East India House, to

Humphries, Mrs. Lowestoffe, Suffolk
Dolphin, Vernon, esq. Eyford, Gloucestershire, to

Payne, Miss M. A. Edstaston-house, Salop
Dunn, Lieut. George, 230 R. W. Fusileers, to

Murray, Miss M, daughter of thelate Major M.

East, J. B. esq. son of late Cf. Jst, at Calcutta, to Leigh, Miss C. Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwick Edwards, Mr. Hugh, London, to

Lloyd, Miss E. A. Bala, Merionethshire Evans, Mr. Walter, Oxford-street, to

Sherriff, Miss P. Harrow-on the Hill Fowler, Charles, esq. Great Ormond-street, to

Crane, Miss Maria, Paddington Gunner, John, esq. St. John's, Southwark, to

Gallilee, Miss M. Elm-row, Shadwell Harris, Mr. William, Kensington, to

Coombe, Miss Harriet, Somerset Higley, Mr. Fleet-street, to

Miers, Miss A. Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-sq. Houghton, Robert, esq. Conduit-street, to

Darby, Miss Georgina, Leghorn
Imeson, Mr. William, Shoreditch, to

Catherwood, Miss Amelia, Hoxton
Kilby, Thomas, esq. Fenchurch-street, to

Herbert, Miss Eliza, Wapping
Lowell, Mr. J. C. George-lane, to
Steuart, Miss Margaret, Thames-street
Mason, Captaln of the late 100th Regiment, to

Gordon, Miss, daughter of late Lt.-Col. Gordon Marillier, Mons. Jaques, Harrow-on-the-Hill, to

Aspland, Miss Sarah Middleton, Hackney Mitchell, Mr. Thomas, Bow, Middlesex, to

Petman, Miss Charlote, Stoke Newington Musgrave, R. A. esq. Gloucester, to

Lowther, Miss Katherine. Nightingale, G.esq. of the Grenadier Guards, to Knowyls, Miss Mary, of Stockwell O'Kelly, Edmund de Pentheny, Acton House, to

Arrundell, Miss M. Blanche, Kenilworth
Openheim, Simeon, esq. Mansel-street, to

Levy, Miss Maria
Pesrose, Mr. Redruth, Cornwall, to

Sims, Miss, Hackney-road
Petch, Wm. Heath, esq. Red Lion-square, to
Phillips, Miss, daughter of Sir Rd. Phillips
Pegg, Mr. Bledlow Mills, Bucks, to
Jackson, Miss Mary Ann, London
Peel, Lawrence, esq. to

Lennox, Right Hon. Lady Jane Rayden, Mr. Wm. Harris, to Market, Miss Sarah Anne

Ripley, F. P. esq. Verulam-buildings, to

Nettidge, Miss M. Rose Hill, Suffolk Rogers, 'Francis Newman, esq. to

Yea, Miss J. E. Pyrland Hall, Somersetshire Rowley, G. D.D. University College, Oxford, to

Ripley, Miss Juliana
Runciman, Mr. Welbeck-street, to

Moreton, Miss, Lower Tooting
Rumsey, Mr. J. R. Southgate, to

Marshall, Miss E. Eagle Hall, Southgate
Standley, Edward, esq. King-street, to

Ryley, Miss
Sperling, Rev. H. Papworth, St. Agnes, to

Macnab, Miss A. Newton, Perthshire
Sharp, W. Henry, esq. Weymouth-street, to

Stone, Miss A. L. Brightwell Spence, Robert, esy. Camberwell, to

Harmar, Miss C. Cannon-street Stopford, Lord, son of the Earl of Courtown, to

Scott, Lady A. M, sister tu D. of Buccleugba Storie, Rev. J. G. Rector of Stow, to

Perring, Miss E. Portland-place St. Aubyn, Sir John, bart. to

Vinicombe, Mrs. Juliana Travers, Joseph, esq. Park-street, Islington, to

Taylor, Miss Mary, Finsbury-square Tichbourne, Robert 6. esq. Hampshire, to

Nunez, Miss R. Belmont Park Hants Vaehell, Horatio, esq. Coptfold Hall, Essex, to

Honywood, Miss M. late of Marks Hall Waller, Edward, esq. Clifton, to

Sawkins, Miss, of Brampton Waterfield, Wm. Hill, esq. 7th Regt. Bombay, to

Dowling, Miss M, Boulogne-sur-mer Waith, Major C. of the 17th Light Dragoons, to

Jacobson, Miss Anne, Maidstone
Westenra, the Hon. Richard, to

Scott, Miss, county of Monaghan
Williams, Mr. E. Wm. St. Mildred's-court, to

Weston, Miss Isabella Mary,
Willey, Mr. Thos, purser, R.N. to

Parsons, Miss F. M. Milk-street Withers, Mr. Rathbone-place, to

Ring, Miss, Wincanton Yates, Mr. John, City-road, to

Bramwell, Miss F. Prospect-place,Paddington.


Allen, Miss M. York-place, City-road. Barnes, Mrs. Ann, Lincoln’s-inn-fields-Bannister, Miss C. Strand-Backer, Mr. W. Twickenham, 58-Baughan, Mrs. Upper MitchamCommon, 82—Beckwith, Miss J. P. daughter of Sir F. S. Beckwith, 18-Berille, Rev. W. King st . Portman-sq.--Blizard, Lady M. Devonshire89.–Blair, J. H. esq. M.P. Gordon's HotelBonner, Mr. C. Fleet-st.-Bolland, Mr. J. jun. Distaff-lane-Bodkin, Miss M. A. PeckhamBrown, E. esq. London-st. Greenwich, 72

Carr, Rev. C. Vicar, Ealing, 82-Champion, Capt. C. F. Newman-st.-Chambers, Mr. R. Dove-ct. Lombard-st.-Cleland, Capt. J. R.N. Islington, 83--Cornewall, C. A. esq.-Cousins, Miss H. M. Hackney-Collins, Mrs. Greenwich. Davenport, Mr. J. Salisbury-sq. 66—Domville, Miss M. Highgate, 14-Edenborough, Miss M. A. Cheapside, 17. Frances, Mrs. Acre-lane, Clapham-French, Mrs. Islington, late of Sydenham, 97—Frost, Mrs. Kensington.

Glossop, Mrs. M. 129, High Holborn-Gomm, Miss, Hill st. Berkeley-sq.-Grierson, I. esq. London-Graham, Miss M. Prospect-pl. Soạthwark, 19-Green, Mr. T. H. Kennington.

Hammersley, Mrs. Auburies, 73–Harrison, Mrs. Islington—Headen, Mı. T. Islington, 24– Hirst, Mrs. Great Bussell-st, Bloomsbury-sq. Hough, Mrs. Surrey-pl. Kent-rd. 72.

Incé, D. esq. Boston-street, 55—Jacobs, P. esq. Newman-st. 42-Jerningham, Mrs. relict of E.Jerningham, esg. Bolton-row---Jones, Mr. 'T. Ludgate-hin, 76 Johnstone, J. C. esq. Waddon.

Kentish, Mr. J. Padddington-st.

Langton, Mrs. M. C. Whitehall-pl.-Langton, J. W. esq. North-end, Croydon, 76_-Llewelyn, H. B. esq. London Hospital, 31--Long, Mrs. C. Chelsea, 56-Louch, H. esq. Rotherhithe, 65.

Marks, Mr. J. Cumming-st. Pentonville, 65Milliogton, Mr. J. Hayes, 35--Moore, W. esq. midshipman on board the ship Salisbury-Mor. rison, Mrs. widow of Gen. Morrison, Manchester-sq. 86.

Newton, W. esq. St. Mary-le-bone, 61-Noble, Miss C. Kentish-town, 69.

Oliver, Mrs. J. S. Thistle-grove, Little Chelsea -Oliver, Mr. G. Blackheath-hill, 84--Oldham, J. esq. Montague-place, Russell-square, 70.

Potter, Mrs. S. Charles-st. Middlesex Hospital, 73—Pratt, Lady F. daughter of the Marquis of Camden-Prichard, Mrs. Newgate-st.

Reavley, Mrs. Isabella, Gower-st. 76---Reid, J. M.D. Grenville-st.Brunswick-sq.--Ross, Mrs. R. Stock Exchange--Ross, Miss M. Howard-st. Strand, 12–Rush,J.eldest daughter of R. Rush, Envoy Extraordinary, and Minister Plenipotentiary from the United States,

Satchell, Mr. J. Newington-pl.---Scott, Miss A. (Bedford-sq. 36-Shepherd, Mr. J. Hyde st.

Bloomsbury-Smith, T. P. esq. late of Stoke Newington--Smith, T.esq.Crayford,82-Smith, Mrs. John-st. Oxford st.

Tagg, Mr. S. Bell-yard, Temple-bar--Taylor, Mr. J. Maiden-lane, Cheapside, 54— Tennant, J. esq. Denmark-hill, 62

Walker, Mrs. M. Hampstead-Weller, Mrs. Croydon, 33.


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has greatly declined, since every vilThe consecration of the new Parish lage has its shop, every road its traChurch of Windsor, has been performed vellers, and long credit has succeeded by the Bishop of Salisbury. -Contri to ready, money -A diving bell, butions for the relief of the distressed under the direction of a sub-marine Irish flow in with encreasing speed in adventurer called Crusoe, has been this coupty.

shipped from London for Holland, to CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

recover the cargo of a vessel sunk W.C. Walters, esq. B. A. of Jesus there twenty-two years ago. College, has been elected a Fellow of

DORSETSHIRE. that Society. -Mr. G. Hume, and Mr. A few days since, fourteen antique J. Chapman, scholars of King's College, lances, or swords, were dug up in have been admitted Fellows of that Wetherbury Castle, Rings, near Milsociety.The Rev. H. Pepys, B. D. bourne, by some labourers who were Fellow of St. John's College, bas been removing a thorn bush. They are in presented by the Masters and Fellows a good state of preservation. of that Society, to the Rectory of

DURHAM. Moreton, in Essex, vacant by the death The subscription entered into at of the Rev. W. Wilson, B. D.

Stockton for the relief of the Irish, Doctors in Divinity.--The Rev. W. amounts to 1381. 98. 7d-His Grace Ainger, of St. John's College, superin the Duke of Atbol, bas given fifty bar- i tendant of the Clerical Institution, at rels of Herrings to the Liverpool ComSt. Bee's, in Cumberland, the Rev. J. mittee for the relief of the distressed Jeffery, of St. John's College.

Irish. - The bones of the famous Doctors in Physic.-C. Hewit, Esq. horse, Eclipse, in a case, are now of

Downing, Professor of Med.-J. Ć. fered for sale at 1,000 guineas. Badeley, Esq. of Caius College. Sir R. Anstruther, Bart, of Trinity College, Wanstead - House. The influx of has been admitted Honorary Master of persons to view this splendid mansion Arts.

during the auction, was so very great, CHESHIRE.

that, on an average, there were not less The Rev.J. N. Frame, Ashton-under than from three to five thousand daily. Line, has been presented to the per The furniture was of surprising magnipetual Incumbancy of Stayley Bridge. ficence, the carpets and hangings alone OORNWALL,

having cost £60,000. The family arms On the 9th June, fifty children were of Tilney and Wellesley were embroi. baptized in the parish Church of St. dered on all the carpets. The walls, Austle, and on the following day, as well as the windows, were hung with nineteen-total sixty-nine in two suc the richest Genoa velvet, with three cessive days !

-Menheliot and Gram borders of gold lace, at three guineas pound fairs have been fully supplied and a half per yard. We understand, with cattle, which sold at very low that the three magnificent paintings in prices. Throughout the county, the the entrance hall, are destined to decoseason promises abundant crops, and rate the walls of the principal staircase particularly fruits.

at Leeds Castle, in this county. CUMBERLAND.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. The Rev. H. Lowther, A. M. has A number of locusts, alighted in a been presented, by the Earl of Lons field at Kingswood, near Bristol, on the dale, to the rectory of Bolton, vacant 18th of June. One was picked up, by the death of the Rev. R. Watts. which measured three inches in length; At a collection made in Cockermouth it had horns shaped like those of a stag. for the Irish, nearly £50 was obtained. At Gloucester Midsummer Fair, The inbabitants of the neighbouring business was remarkably flat. Sheep villages are following the charitable were rather plentiful, and were dull of and humane example.

sale at from threepence to fourpence DERBYSHIRE.

per lb.-Pigs almost upsaleable. Sermons have been preached with

HAMPSHIRE. great success in the different places of The sum of £158. 15s. 2d. has been worship throughout this county, for the subscribed at Lymington, for the relief relief of the suffering Irish.

of the Irish. The pier at Ryde is to DEVONSHIRE,

be carried five hundred feet farther The Exeter fair produced a good into the sea forthwith. shew of cattle, at somewhat better

HEREFORDSHIRE. prices than of late. The cloth fair The producc of sixteen acres of

good land, in the parish of Rick,

NORFOLK. mersworth (containing wheat, barley, At his last 'audit, Sir G. Jerningham oats, and peas, with the straw, in liberally took off 20 per cent. from the stacks well secured from the weather), rent of his tenants.--The Lynn elechas been sold by auction, at the very tion was concluded on Friday, June 28, low price of 251. being 11. 11s. 3d. per when Col. Walpole was elected by a acre. - On the 20th of June, the doors majority of sixty-five.--We underof Hereford prison were thrown open, stand that it is the intention of the there not being a single prisoner under bankers of Norwich to reduce the inte. confinement.

rest allowed by them from 3 to 2} per HERTFORDSHIRE.

cent. A collection at Hemel Hempstead

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Church, for the benefit of the distressed Earl Fitzwilliam has again made a Irish amounted to 361. 38. 3 d.

liberal abatement of from 20 to 40 per HUNTINGDONSHIRE.

cent. to his tenants in this county. The harvest commenced early; the

NORTHUMBERLAND. crops though not generally heavy are Skipton fortnight fair, July 2, was of excellent quality.

crowded to excess with both fat beasts, KENT.

sheep, and lambs; but in none of the Lord Petre has signified his inten above could last fair's prices be obtaintion of making the very liberal reduce ed. The workmen employed in digtion of 20 per Cent. upon the Impro- ging the foundation of the goal at Morpriation tythes.-His Lordship, has peth lately, found at the depth of thiralso given notice to bis tenants, that teen feet from the surface, an oak tree, 20 per Cent, will be allowed on the measuring thirty-eight feet in length, rents due on Lady-day. One hun and nine feet in circumference, and dred and seventy silver coins of Henry perfectly sound. The skeleton of a VII. and VIII. and Edward III, were deer's head with fine branching horns lately found under the root of a tree, was also lately found at the same place, in Black wose Field, near Hythe. about fifteen feet below the surface, LANCASHIRE.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. A gentleman of Loughborough has We understand that at the last rent collected from the Liverpool official day at Winwick, the worthy and rereports of corn, flour and meal, im- spected rector made a return of one ported from Ireland, during the last pound per acre, on which occasion the seven ' weeks, the followivg items tenants caused a merry peal to be rung

Wheat, 21,344 quarters; Oats, on the bells of the parish church; and 24,884 qrs.; Barley, 906 qrs.; Beans, spent the day with the utmost festivity 279 qrs.; Oatmeal, 984 qrs.; and Flour, and rejoicing. Sermons have been 8,433 bags; and all this time the peo preached and collections made at all ple in that country bave been perishing the places of worship in Nottingham, of famine !

in aid of the distressed Irish--the doLEICESTERSHIRE.

nations were considerable, and highly A flock of sheep, consisting of forty- creditable to the inhabitants of that nine hoggrels, were found dead in a town. field on the forrest, supposed to have

SHROPSHIRE. been killed by lightning.

Collections to a considerable amount LINCOLNSHIRE.

have been made under the King's letter Last month were taken from a rook

in this county.

-At Shrewsbury Fair ery at Hemengby, near Horncastle, a there was about an average supply. couple of milk-white rooks, with white Fat sheep averaged 3 d. and some very bills and legs, and without a tiuge of prime 4d. per 1b. Store sheep much any other colour whatever.

the same as last fair. MONMOUTHSHIRE.

SOMERSETSHIRE. The remains of a Roman pavement, The quartern loaf of the best wheaten in a fine state of preservation, has been bread is selling at Frome at 5d.lately discovered in the grounds of Mr. The ladies of Melksham have formed Stokes, at Caerwent.--At Usk wool themselves into a society for collecting fair there was a large supply. The articles of apparel for the distressed prices were, for coarse wool, from Ils. Irish. -Taunton fair was fully supto 13s.; fine from 13s, to 16s. per stone, plied with stock. The demand was of 13lbs.The alarming practice of unusually flat, and the prices obtained desertion of farms and driving off the stock is, in Monmouthshire, by no

STAFFORDSHIRE. means confined to the little or insigni. Wolverhampton Fair has been but ficant farmer, or to the least fertile soils moderately supplied with cattle and

sheep. Fat stock of every description

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very low.

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of the country.

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