Buffalo Medical and Surgical Journal, Том 34

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Joseph Warren & Company, Printers, 1895

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Сторінка 126 - ESSENTIALS OF NERVOUS DISEASES AND INSANITY, their Symptoms and Treatment. By JOHN C. SHAW, MD, Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, Long Island College Hospital Medical School ; Consulting Neurologist to St.
Сторінка 320 - July 14, 1905, provided that an Essay deemed by the Committee of Award to be worthy of the Prize shall have been offered. Essays intended for competition may be upon any subject in Medicine, but...
Сторінка 734 - No person shall keep COWS for the production of milk for market, or for sale or exchange, or for manufacturing the same, or cream from the same, into articles of food, in a crowded or unhealthy condition, or feed the cows on food that is unhealthy, or that produces impure, unhealthy, diseased or unwholesome milk.
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Сторінка 311 - AND DERMATOLOGY. By various authors. Edited by PRINCE A. MORROW, AM, MD, Clinical Professor of Genito-Urinary Diseases ; formerly Lecturer on Dermatology in the University of the City of New York ; Surgeon to the Charity Hospital, etc.
Сторінка 184 - A Quarterly Digest of Advances, Discoveries and Improvements in the Medical and Surgical Sciences. Edited by Hobart Amory Hare, MD, Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia. Octavo, handsomely bound in cloth, 440 pages, 28 illustrations. Per volume, $2.50, by express prepaid to any address. Per annum, in four cloth-bound volumes, $10.00. Lea Brothers & Co., Publishers, Philadelphia and New York.
Сторінка 183 - MD, Surgeon in charge of the Nose, Throat, and Ear Department of the Northern Dispensary of Philadelphia ; formerly Assistant in the Nose and Throat...

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