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and should be in the hands of every architect, sanitary engineer and plumber who wishes to keep himself up to the minute on this important feature of construction. Contains following chapters, each illustrated with a full-page plate: Kitchen sink, laundry tubs, vegetable wash sink; lavatories, pantry sinks, contents of marble slabs; bath tub, foot and sitz bath, shower bath; water closets, venting of water closets; lowdown water closets, water closets operated by flush valves, water closet range; slop sink, urinals, the bidet; hotel and restaurant sink, grease trap; refrigerators, safe wastes, laundry waste, lines of refrigerators, bar sinks, soda fountain sinks; horse stall, frost-proof water closets; connections for S traps, venting; connections for drum traps; soil pipe connections; supporting of soil pipe; main trap and fresh air inlet; floor drains and cellar drains, subsoil drainage; water closets and floor connections; local venting; connections for bath rooms; connections for bath rooms, continued; connections for bath rooms, continued; connections for bath rooms, continued; examples of poor practice; roughing work ready for test; testing of plumbing system; method of continuous venting; continuous venting for two-floor work; continuous venting for two lines of fixtures on three or more floors; continuous venting of water closets; plumbing for cottage house; construction for cellar piping; plumbing for residence, use of special fittings; plumbing for two-flat house; plumbing for apartment building, plumbing for double apartment building; plumbing for office building; plumbing for public toilet rooms; plumbing for public toilet rooms, continued; plumbing for bath establishment; plumbing for engine house, factory plumbing; automatic flushing for schools, factories, etc.; use of flushing valves; urinals for public toilet rooms; the Durham system, the destruction of pipes by electrolysis; construction of work without use of lead; automatic sewage lift; automatic sump tank; country plumbing; construction of cesspools; septic tank and automatic sewage siphon; country plumbing; water supply for country house; thawing of water mains and service by electricity; double boilers; hot water supply of large buildings; automatic control of hot water tank; suggestion for estimating plumbing construction. 407 octavo pages, fully illustrated by 58 full-page engravings. Third, revised and enlarged edition just issued. Price $4.00


A complete practical treatise of 450 pages covering the subject of Modern Plumbing in all its branches, a large amount of space being devoted to a very complete and practical treatment of the subject of Hot Water Supply and Circulation and Range Boiler Work. Its thirty chapters include about every phase of the subject one can think of, making it an indispensable work to the master plumber, the journeyman plumber, and the apprentice plumber, containing chapters on: the plumber's tools; wiping solder; composition and use; joint wiping; lead work; traps; siphonage of traps; venting; continuous venting; house sewer and sewer connections; house drain; soil piping, roughing; main trap and fresh air inlet; floor, yard, cellar drains, rain leaders, etc.; fixture wastes; water closets; ventilation; improved plumbing connections; residence plumbing; plumbing for hotels, schools, factories, stables, etc.; modern country plumbing; Altration of sewage and water supply; hot and cold supply; range boilers; circulation; circulating pipes; range boiler problems; hot water for large buildings; water lift and its use; multiple connections for hot water boilers; heating of radiation by supply system; theory for the plumber; drawing for the plumber. Fully illustrated by 347 engravings. Price.




PROCESSES. Edited by GARDNER D. Hiscox.
The most valuable Techno-chemical Formula Book published, including over 10,000
selected scientific, chemical, technological, and practical recipes and processes.
This is the most complete Book of Formulas ever published, giving thousands of
recipes for the manufacture of valuable articles for everyday use. Hints, Helps,
Practical Ideas, and Secret Processes are revealed within its pages. It covers every
þranch of the useful arts and tells thousands of ways of making money, and is just the
book everyone should have at his command.
Modern in its treatment of every subject that properly falls within its scope, the book
may truthfully be said to present the very latest formulas to be found in the arts and
industries, and to retain those processes which long experience has proven worthy of a
permanent record. To present here even a limited number of the subjects which ind
à place in this valuable work would be difficult. Suffice to say that in its pages will
be found matter of intense interest and immeasurably practical value to the scientific
amateur and to him who wishes to obtain a knowledge of the many processes used in
the arts, trades and manufacture, a knowledge which will render his pursuits more
instructive and remunerative. Serving as a reference book to the small and large
manufacturer and supplying intelligent seekers with the information necessary to
conduct a process, the work will be found of inestimable worth to the Metallurgist, the
Photographer, the Perfumer, the Painter, the Manufacturer of Glues, Pastes, Cements,
and Mucilages, the Compounder of Alloys, the Cook, the Physician, the Druggist, the
Electrician, the Brewer, the Engineer, the Foundryman, the Machinist, the Potter, the
Tanner, the Confectioner, the Chiropodist, the Manicure, the Manufacturer of Chem-
ical Novelties and Toilet Preparations, the Dyer, the Electroplater, the Enameler, the
Engraver, the Provisioner, the Glass Worker, the Goldbeater, the Watchmaker, the
Jeweler, the Hat Maker, the Ink Manufacturer, the Optician, the Farmer, the Dairy-
man, the Paper Maker, the Wood and Metal Worker, the Chandler and Soap Maker,
the Veterinary Surgeon, and the Technologist in general.
A mine of information, and up-to-date in every respect. A book which will prove of
value to EVERYONE, as it covers every branch of the Useful Arts. Every home
needs this book; every office, every factory, every store, every public and private en-
terprise-EVERYWÉERE-should have a copy.

800 pages.

“Your Twentieth Century Book of Recipes, Formulas, and Processes duly received.
I am glad to have a copy of it, and if I could not replace it, money couldn't buy it. It
is the best thing of the sort I ever saw.' (Signed). M. E. TRUX, Sparta, Wis.
There are few persons who would not be able to find in the book some single formula
that would repay several times the cost of the book.”—Merchants' Record and Show
"I purchased your book 'Henley's Twentieth Century Book of Recipes, Formulas and
Processes' about a year ago and it is worth its weight in gold..

-WM. H. MURRAY, Bennington, Vt.

"THE BOOK WORTH THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS” “On close examination of your 'Twentieth Century Receipt Book,' I find it to be a very valuable and useful book with the very best of practical information obtainable. The price of the book, $3.00, is very small in comparison to the benefits which one can obtain from it. I consider the book worth fully three hundred dollars to anyone.” -DR. A. C. SPETTS, New York.

“ONE OF THE WORLD'S MOST USEFUL BOOKS" "Some time ago, I got one of your 'Twentieth Century Books of Formulas' and have made my living from it ever since. I am alone since my husband's death with two small children to care for and am trying so hard to support them. I have customers who take from me Toilet Articles I put up, following directions given in the book, and I have found everyone of them to be fine.". -MRS. J. H. MCMAKEN, West Toledo, Ohio.



This book gives full details on all points, treating in a concise and simple manner the
elements of nearly everything it is necessary to understand for a commencement in
any branch of the India Rubber Manufacture. The making of all kinds of Rubber
Hand Stamps, Small Articles of India Rubber, U. S. Government Composition, Dating
Hand Stamps, the Manipulation of Sheet Rubber, Tøy Balloons, India Rubber Solu-
tions, Cements, Blackings, Renovating Varnish, and Treatment for India Rubber
Shoes, etc.; the Hektograph Stamp Inks, and Miscellaneous Notes, with a Short
Account of the Discovery, Collection and Manufacture of India Rubber, are set forth
in a manner designed to be readily understood, the explanations being plain and simple.
Including a chapter on Rubber Tire Making and Vulcanizing; also a chapter on the
uses of rubber in Surgery and Dentistry. Third revised and enlarged edition. 175
pages. Illustrated




A practical hand-book on filing, gumming, swaging, hammering, and the brazing of band saws, the speed, work, and power to run circular saws, etc. A handy book for those who have charge of saws, or for those mechanics who do their own filing, as it deals with the proper shape and pitches of saw teeth of all kinds and gives many useful hints and rules for gumming, setting, and filing, and is a practical aid to those who use saws for any purpose. Complete tables of proper shape, pitch, and saw teeth as well as sizes and number of teeth of various saws are included. Third edition, revised and enlarged. Illustrated. Price




This book begins at the boiler room and takes in the whole power plant. A plain
talk on every-day work about engines, boilers, and their accessories. It is not intended
to be scientific or mathematical. All formulas are in simple form so that any one
understanding plain arithmetic can readily understand any of them. The author
has made this the most practical book in print; has given the results of his years of
experience, and has included about all that has to do with an engine room or a power
plant. You are not left to guess at a single point. You are shown clearly what to
expect under the various conditions; how to secure the best results; ways of prevent-
ing “shut downs” and repairs; in short, all that goes to make up the requirements
of a good engineer, capable of taking charge of a plant. It's plain enough for practical
men and yet of value to those high in the profession.
A partial list of contents is: The boiler room, cleaning boilers, firing, feeding; pumps,
inspection and repair; chimneys, sizes and cost; piping; mason work; foundations;
testing cement; pile driving; engines, slow and high speed; valves; valve setting;
Corliss engines, setting valves, single and double eccentric; air pumps and condensers;
different types of condensers; water needed; lining up; pounds; pins not square in
crosshead or crank; engineers’ tools; pistons and piston rings; bearing metal; hard-
ened copper; drip pipes from cylinder jackets; belts, how made, care of; oils; greases;
testing Tubricants; rules and tables, including steam tables; areas of segments;
squares and square roots; cubes and cube root; areas and circumferences of circles.
Notes on: Brick work; explosions; pumps; pump yalves; heaters, economizers;
safety valves; lap, lead, and clearance. Has a complete examination for a license,
etc., etc. Second edition. 285 pages. Illustrated. Price


Everyone who appreciates the effect of such great inventions as the Steam Engine,
Steamboat, Locomotive, Sewing Machine, Steel Working, and other fundamental
discoveries, is interested in knowing a little about the men who made them and their
Mr. Goddard has selected thirty-two of the world's engineers who have contributed
most largely to the advancement of our civilization by mechanical means, giving only
such facts as are of general interest and in a way which appeals to all, whether
mechanics or not. 280 pages.
35 illustrations. Price


A practical treatise for the stationary engineer, telling how to erect, adjust, and run
the principal steam engines in use in the United States. Describing the principal
features of various special and well-known makes of engines: Temper Cut-off, Shipping
and Receiving Foundations, Erecting and Starting, Valve Setting, Care and Use,
Emergencies, Erecting and Adjusting Special Engines.
The questions asked throughout the catechism are plain and to the point, and the
answers are given in such simple language as to be readily understood by anyone. All
the instructions given are complete and up-to-date; and they are written in a popular
style, without any technicalities or mathematical formulæ. The work is of a handy
size for the pocket, clearly and well printed, nicely bound, and profusely illustrated.
To young engineers this catechism will be of great value, especially to those who may
be preparing to go forward to be examined for certificates of competency; and to
engineers generally it will be of no little service, as they will find in this volume more
really practical and useful information than is to be found anywhere else within a like
compass. 387 pages.
Seventh edition. Price


Shows the horsepower of any stationary engine without calculation. No matter what
the cylinder diameter of stroke, the steam pressure of cut-off, the revolutions, or
whether condensing or non-condensing, it's all there. Easy to use, accurate, and

saves time and calculations. Especially useful to engineers and designers. 50 cents MODERN STEAM ENGINEERING IN THEORY AND PRACTICE. By GARDNER

D. Hiscox.
This is a complete and practical work issued for Stationary Engineers and Firemen,
dealing with the care and management of boilers, engines, pumps, superheated steam,
refrigerating machinery, dynamos, motors, elevators, air compressors, and all other
branches with which the modern engineer must be familiar. Nearly 200 questions with
their answers on steam and electrical engineering, likely to be asked by the Examin-
ing Board, are included.
Among the chapters are: Historical: steam and its properties; appliances for the
generation of steam; types of boilers; chimney and its work; heat economy of the
feed water; steam pumps and their work; incrustation and its work; steam above
atmospheric pressure; flow of steam from nozzles; superheated steam and its work;
adiabatic expansion of steam; indicator and its work; steam engine proportions; slide
valve engines and valve motion; Corliss engine and its valve gear; compound engine
and its theory; triple and multiple expansion engine; steam turbine; refrigeration;
elevators and their management; cost of power; steam engine troubles; electric
power and electric plants. 487 pages. 405 engravings. 3d Edition.


This unique volume of 413 pages is not only a catechism on the question and answer
principle, but it contains formulas and worked-out answers for all the Steam problems
that appertain to the operation and management of the Steam Engine. Illustrations
of various valves and valve gear with their principles of operation are given. Thirty-
four Tables that are indispensable to every engineer and fireman that wishes to be
progressive and is ambitious to become master of his calling are within its pages. It is
a most valuable instructor in the service of Steam Engineering. Leading engineers
have recommended it as a valuable educator for the beginner as well as a reference book
for the engineer. It is thoroughly indexed for every detail. Every essential question
on the Steam Engine with its answer is contained in this valuable work. Sixteenth
edition. Price


A practical pocket-book for the steam engineer. Shows how to work the problems of
the engine room and shows “why." Tells how to figure horsepower of engines and
boilers; area of boilers; has tables of areas and circumferences, steam tables; has a
dictionary of engineering terms. Puts you on to all of the little kinks in figuring what-
ever there is to figure around a power plant. Tells you about the heat unit; absolute
zero: adiabatic expansion; duty of engines; factor of safety; and a thousand and one
other things; and everything is plain and simple-not the hardest way to figure, but
the easiest. Second Edition.

50 cents




This book is the standard and latest work published on the subject and has been pre-
pared for the use of all engaged in the business of steam, hot-water heating, and ventila-
tion. It is an original and exhaustive work. Tells how to get heating contracts, how
to install heating and ventilating apparatus, the best business methods to be used,
with “Tricks of the Trade for shop use. Rules and data for estimating radiation
and cost and such tables and information as make it an indispensable work for every:
one interested in steam, hot-water heating, and ventilation. It describes all the principal
systems of steam, hot-water, vacuum, vapor, and vacuum-vapor heating, together
with the new accelerated systems of hot-water circulation, including chapters on
up-to-date methods of ventilation and the fan or blower system of heating and ventila-
tion. Containing chapters on: I. Introduction. II. Heat. III. Évolution of
artificial heating apparatus. IV. Boiler surface and settings. V. The chimney flue.
VI. Pipe and fittings. VII. Valves, various kinds. VIII. Forms of radiating
surfaces. IX. Locating of radiating surfaces. X. Estimating radiation. XI. Steam-


heating apparatus. XII. Exhaust-steam heating. XIII. Hot-water heating. XIV. Pressure systems of hot-water work. XV. Hot-water appliances. XVI. Greenhouse heating. XVII. Vacuum vapor and vacuum exhaust heating. XVIII. Miscellaneous heating. XIX. Radiator and pipe connections. XX. Ventilation. XXI, Mechanical ventilation and hot-blast heating. XXII. Steam appliances. XXIII. District heating. XXIV. Pipe and boiler covering. XXV. Temperature regulation and heat control. XXVI. Business methods. XXVII. Miscellaneous. XXVIII. Rules, tables, and useful information. 367 pages. 300 detailed engravings. Second Edition-Revised. Price .


VAPOR AND VACUUM HEATING PRACTICE. By ALFRED G. KING. This work, just off the press, is arranged in question and answer form; it is intended as a guide and text-book for the younger, inexperienced fitter and as a reference book for all fitters. This book tells "how" and also tells “why." No work of its kind has ever been published. It answers all the questions regarding each method or system that would be asked by the steam fitter or heating contractor, and may be used as a text or reference book, and for examination questions by Trade Schools or Steam Fitters' Associations. Rules, data, tables and descriptive methods are given, together with much other detailed information of daily practical use to those engaged in or interested in the various methods of heating. Valuable to those preparing for examinations. Answers every question asked relating to modern Steam, Hot-Water, Vapor and Vacuum Heating. Among the contents are: The Theory and Laws of Heat. Methods of Heating. Chimneys and Flues. Boilers for Heating. Boiler Trimmings and Settings. Radiation. Steam Heating. Boiler, Radiator and Pipe Connections for Steam Heating. Hot Water Heating. The Two-Pipe Gravity System of Hot Water Heating. The Circuit System of Hot Water Heating. The Overhead System of Hot Water Heating. Boiler, Radiator and Pipe Connections for Gravity Systems of Hot Water Heating. Accelerated Hot Water Heating. Expansion Tank Connections. Domestic Hot Water Heating. Valves and Air Valves. Vacuum Vapor and Vacuo-Vapor Heating. Mechanical Systems of Vacuum Heating. Non-Mechanical Vacuum Systems. Vapor Systems. Atmospheric and Modulating Systems. Heating Greenhouses. Information, Rules and Tables. 200 pages, 127 illustrations. Octavo. Cloth. Price




This work was formerly known as “The American Steel Worker," but on the pub-
lication of the new, revised edition, the publishers deemed it advisable to change its
title to a more suitable one. It is the standard work on Hardening, Tempering,
and Annealing Steel of all kinds.
This book tells how to select, and how to work, temper, harden, and anneal steel for
everything on earth. It doesn't tell how to temper one class of tools and then leave
the treatment of another kind of tool to your imagination and judgment, but it gives
careful instructions for every detail of every tool, whether it be a tap, a reamer or just
a screw-driver. It tells about the tempering of small watch springs, the hardening of
cutlery, and the annealing of dies. In fact, there isn't a thing that a steel worker
would want to know that isn't included. It is the standard book on selecting, harden-
ing, and tempering all grades of steel. Among the chapter headings might be mentioned
the following subjects: Introduction; the workman; steel; methods of heating:
heating tool steel; forging; annealing; hardening baths; baths for hardening; þarden-
ing steel; drawing the temper after hardening; examples of hardening; pack harden-
ing: case hardening; spring tempering: making tools of machine steel; special steels;
steel for various tools; causes of trouble; high speed steels, etc. 400 pages. Very
fully illustrated. Fourth Edition. Price


A new work treating in a clear, concise manner all modern processes for the heating,
annealing, forging, welding, hardening, and tempering of steel, making it a book of
great practical value to the metal-working mechanic in general, with special directions
for the successful hardening and tempering of all steel tools used in the arts, including
milling cutters, taps, thread dies, reamers, both solid and shell, hollow mills, punches

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