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This first volume of a Re-issue of the DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY comprises the first, second and third volumes of the original edition, viz., Volume I (Abbadie-Anne) published in January 1885; Volume II (Annesley-Baird) published in April 1885; Volume III (Baker-Beadon) published in July 1885. Errors have as far as possible been corrected, and some of the bibliographies have been revised, but otherwise the text remains unaltered.

Three supplementary volumes, which form the XXIInd and last volume of this Re-issue, were published in the autumn of 1901, and supply (with a few accidental omissions) memoirs of persons who died while the original volumes were in course of quarterly publication. These supplementary volumes bring this record of national biography down to the death of Queen Victoria (22 January 1901), the date which forms the limit of the undertaking.

THE INDEX AND EPITOME of the DICTIONARY, which is published in a separate volume, supplies, with full cross-references, one alphabetical list of all memoirs in both the DICTIONARY (1885-1900) and the SUPPLEMENT to the DICTIONARY (1901).

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