English Comedy, Томи 5 – 6

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Сторінка 184 - I don't know what you heavy inmates call noise and extravagance; but we gentlemen, who are well fed, and cut a figure, sir, think it a fine life, and that we must be very pretty fellows, who are kept only to be looked at. Humph. Very well, sir — I hope the fashion of being lewd and extravagant, despising of decency and order, is almost at an end, since it is arrived at persons of your quality.
Сторінка 221 - I am this moment obliged to be at every one of them, and 'twould be wrong if I should not be in the hall to attend one of 'em at least; the rest would take it ill else. Therefore, I must leave what I have said to Mr. Serjeant's consideration, and I will digest his arguments on my part, and you shall hear from me again, sir.
Сторінка 227 - ... door.] — [To MYRTLE.] I have, thank Heaven, had time to recollect myself, and shall not, for fear of what such a rash man as you think of me, keep longer unexplained the false appearances under which your infirmity of temper makes you suffer ; when perhaps too much regard to a false point of honour makes me prolong that suffering. Myrt. I am sure Mr. Bevil cannot doubt but I had rather have satisfaction from his innocence than his sword.
Сторінка 221 - Tis a wonderful thing, Sir, that Men of Professions do not study to talk the Substance of what they have to say, in the Language of the rest of the World : Sure, they'd find their Account in it.
Сторінка 228 - Dear Bevil, your friendly conduct has convinced me that there is nothing manly but what is conducted by reason, and agreeable to the practice of virtue and justice. And yet how many have been sacrificed to that idol, the unreasonable opinion of men ! Nay, they are so ridiculous in it, that they often use their swords against each other with dissembled anger and real fear. Betrayed by honor, and compelled by shame, They hazard being, to preserve a name: Nor dare inquire into the dread mistake, Till...
Сторінка 30 - As readily as I would venture my last guinea, that good fortune might follow. The woman, that has not touched the heart of a man, before he leads her to the altar, has scarcely a chance to charm it, when possession and security turn their powerful arms against her.
Сторінка 233 - There is not one there but myself knows his person ; I was born in the parish where he is Lord of the Manor. I have seen him often and often at church in the country. Do not hesitate, but come hither; they will think you bring a certain security against Mr.
Сторінка 203 - I'm with him. [Exit. Isab. Well, go thy ways, thou wilful innocent ! — I once had almost as much love for a man, who poorly left me to marry an estate; and I am now, against my will, what they call an old maid— but I will not let the peevishness of that condition grow upon me, only keep up the suspicion of it, to prevent this creature's being any other than a virgin, except upon proper terms.
Сторінка 198 - Well, you may be sure of me if you can disappoint him ; but my intelligence says the mother has actually sent for the conveyancer to draw articles for his marriage with Lucinda...
Сторінка 211 - TOM. We are miserable to be in Love, and under the Command of others than those we love — with that generous Passion in the Heart, to be sent to and fro on Errands, call'd, check'd and rated for the meanest Trifles.

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