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Reason and imagination, 194

Bugar, 102
Religion, learning, and poetry,

Bugar from starch, 104
Reminiscences, 138

Superstition, 576
Reminiscences of an old monkey, 91
Reviews and notices of new publications. Tailor, a generoas, 576
A Treatise on Water. By Abraham Tale of marvels, a, 527
Booth, 434

Talleyrand, Prince, 487
Kaowledge for the People; or, the Plain Taste, 487

Why and Because. By John Timbs, Tastes, diversity in, 73

Time, 151
Life of Lord Byron. By John Galt, 132 Titian, 198, 536
The Devil's Progress, 221

Tombstone repository in Paris, visit to
The Poetical Works of Professor Wilson,

the, 561

Torch, quenching of the, 291
The Wild Garland and Sacred Melo Treatise on water, a, 434
dies, 55

Truth, or a fact, 152
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, 198

Turkey, state of medicine in, 535
Robinson Crusoe, 572

Turkish ladies, 488
Royalty, fallen, etiquette of, 485
Raling passion, strength of the, 248 Ulysses, the modern, 336
Russia, 103, 576

Unearthly witness, the, 325
Russia, worship in, 487

Vandyke, Titian, and Reynolds, 198
Sabbath, the, 536

Virtue and genius, 245
Sacred Melodies, 55

Visit to the tombstone repository in Paris,
Saint Simon, the Eve of in Colombia, 60

Scenery, Alpine, 19

Vitalis, 309
Scott, Sir Walter. Apparitions, 181 Volcano, 102

His conversational powers, 342
Scottish easterly hart, 1, 440

Wat Tylers, the two, 238
Setiptures, literary beauties of the, 137 Water, 433
Sharp, a, a flat, and a natural, 103 Weather, predictions of the, 186
Shelley, Mr. 242

Weeks and his “ woe,” 238
Shipp, anecdote by, 576

Why and because, the, 416
Singer, a generous, 576

Widows, the two, 563
Singular Smith, 240

Wild Garland, the, 55
Six-bottle men, the, 236

Wilson, Professor, poetry of, 463
Soakes, 536

Windermere, a day at, 153
Solitude, 437

Wine, history and effects of, 260
South America, Ojeda's adventures in, 641 Witches, the last of the, 295
Spanish Constitutionalists, the late cam. Woman, 371
paign of, 359

Women, Greek, 536
Spanish idea of the arts, 102

Women of Albania, 440
Story-tellers, eastern, 486

Wrong leg, the, 231


Air, the realms of, 430
All is not dark below, 90
Angel help, 59
Bank of happiness, the, 526
Banner of heaven, the, 58
Banners of the free, the, 75
Bowles, Caroline. "To little Mary, 10
Browne, Mary Anne. Caractacus, 166

The first and last voyage, 9
Caractacus, 166
Children, to a group of, 197
Convict, the, 468
Cowslip, the, 57
Cui bono, 142
Death-fetch, the, 270
Delta Evening tranquillity, 9

Sunset after rain, 166
The vale of pines, 117

Delta. Thomson's birthplace, 509
Devil's progress, the, 222
Earth, to the, 123
Elegy from the Spanish, 131
Ettrick Shepherd, the. "The skylark, 614
Evening hymn to the Virgin, 503
Evening tranquillity, 9
First and last voyage, the, 9
Friendship, emblem of, 57
Happiness, the bank of, 526
Heaven, the banner of, 58
Hemans, Mrs. A spirit's return, 40

The palmer, 418
The penitent's return, 498

The shepherd poet of the Alps, 178
How and the why, the, 239
Howitt, R. To a group of children, 197
Howitt, William. The three Maries, 308

Song, 347


Infant, lines to an, 259

Siamese twins, the, 560

Skylark, the, 514
Körner. My native land, 142

Spaniards, yield not to despair, 371
Lady, the, to her lover, 246

Spirit's return, a, 40
Lamb, Charles. Angel help, 69

Stanzas, horrible, 403
Life and death, 310

Sunset after rain, 166
Love scene, a, 222

Magdalen, to the, 58

Tear, the, 316
Manrique, Don Jorge, on the death of his Tears, the use of, 347
father, 131

Thomson's birthplace, 509
Maries, the three, 308

To a group of children, 197
Mars disarmed, 476

To Albert, 259
Marseilles hymn, the, 75

To little Mary, 10
Modern Pythagorean, the. The tear, 316 To the earth, 123
Monks of old, the, 221

Truth, youth, and age, 499
My native land, 142

Vale of pines, the, 117
Nature, the God of, 58

Village queen, the, 484
Night in a city, 468

Vision, a, 347
On a child, 90

Waring, Samuel Miller. The God of Na-
Palmer, the, 418

Peter weeping, 59
Past, a sigh for the, 300

The banner of heaven, 58
Penitent's return, the, 498

To the Magdalen, 58
Peter weeping, 59

Weep not for him that dieth, 347
Plague in the city, 467

Wild deer, address to a, 469
Plague, signs of the, 466

Wilson, Professor. Address to a sleeping
Port, the return to, 465

child, 470
Pringle, Thomas. Spaniards, yield not to Address to a wild deer, 469
despair, 371

Night in a city, 468

Signs of the plague, 466
Realms of air, 430

The convict, 468
Reminiscences, 499

The return to port, 465
Round-leaved sundew, to the, 57

The plague in the city, 467

The ship, 464
Sacred melodies, 58

The wreck, 464
Secret, the, 132

Winter, the coming of, 345
Shadow, the, 336

Word, the careless, 281
Shepherd poet of the Alps, the, 178 Wreck, the, 464
Ship, the, 464

ture, 58

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He went down the sloping lawn

No witness but the skies He enter'd the waving wood,

And the stream's light waves were near ; Where naught but the step of the bounding And up from the heart to the bright young

fawn Broke on his solitude.

Flow'd freely many a tear. He sat by the mossy stone

And he thought beneath these trees Whence the clear rivulet gush’d,

He had many an hour beguiled ; And thoughts of childhood's hours by-gone And he bow'd his head upon his knees, Upon his spirit rush'd.

And wept like a very child. | ATHENEUM, vol. 5, 3d series.

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