The Minor Theatre: Being a Collection of the Most Approved Farces, Operas, and Comedies, in One, Two and Three Acts, Том 3

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Сторінка 13 - SHARP. Yes, Sir. And yet that all of ours is of so little consequence, that a man with a very small share of philosophy may part from it without much pain or uneasiness. However, Sir, I'll convince you in half an hour that Mrs. Melissa knows nothing of your circumstances; and I'll tell you what too, Sir, she shan't be here tonight, and yet you shall marry her tomorrow morning.
Сторінка 18 - His proofs fell so thick upon me, as witness my head (showing his head plastered), that I would have given up all the maidenheads in the kingdom, rather than have my brains beat to a jelly. MEL: Very well! But I'll be revenged!
Сторінка 17 - My four little Children that are continually crying for Bread. Greg. Give 'em a Rod! best Cure in the World for crying Children.
Сторінка 18 - A bawd! a bawd! Do I look like a bawd, madam? SHARP: And so, madam, in the scuffle, my coat was torn to pieces as well as your reputation. MEL: And so you joined to make me infamous! SHARP: For heaven's sake, madam, what could I do? His proofs fell so thick upon me, as witness my head...
Сторінка 19 - I have pursued you like your shadow; I have besieged your door for a glimpse of your exit and entrance, like a distressed creditor, who has no arms against privilege but, perseverance. Pap. So, now he is in for it ; stop him who can.
Сторінка 49 - Leander is entirely contrary to the will of her father, and that there is no time to lose, and that an immediate remedy is necessary. For my part, I know of but one, which is a dose of purgative running-away, mixt with two...
Сторінка 6 - I know her generous temper, and am almost persuaded to rely upon it. What! because I am poor, shall I abandon my honour?
Сторінка 13 - GENTEEL in personage, Conduct, and equipage, Noble by heritage, Generous and free: Brave, not romantic; Learned, not pedantic; Frolic, not frantic; This must he be. Honor maintaining, Meanness disdaining, Still entertaining, Engaging and new. Neat, but not finical; Sage, but not cynical; Never tyrannical, But ever true. Henry Carey [ ? -1743] "PHILLADA FLOUTS ME': O WHAT a plague is love!
Сторінка 24 - Have you betrayed me, villain? Did you not tell me this moment, she did not in the least suspect my circumstances? SHARP: No more she did, sir, till I told her. GAY: Very well; and was this your skill and dexterity?
Сторінка 26 - GAY: But as I can't have her company, Mrs Kitty, 'twill be a greater pleasure to me, and a greater compliment to her, to defer our mirth; besides I can't enjoy anything at present, and she not partake of it.

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