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manures, however much it may be reference to the original owner. to my benefit, unless he asks my There are certainly great difficulleave first. The object he may ties in the way of framing statutory have in view is to prove the excel enactments for preserving literary lence of the commodity he has to rights, because it is hard to prove offer to the public, and my subse that what has occurred to one quent crops are his advertisement; man's imagination may not have but he has no right to force a occurred to another's. I am aware benefit upon me unless I am a con that it is an inaccurate use of lansenting party. No doubt the ex guage to talk about broad lines of treme radicals of the present day demarcation; but I may say that do not hesitate to say that the soil there are well-defined limits which of England is intended for the separate originality from plagibenefit of the population, wholly arism; and I think that these irrespective of the rights of land limits are surpassed when a dralords, and this has considerable at matic author boldly takes a living tractions for all persons who are not writer's plot and characters, and landlords; and it may be backed up works them into a play. It would, by the incontrovertible assertion perhaps, be too much to expect an that no person has a right wilfully heroic government to trouble itself to destroy property. But all hard with such a prosaic thing as the principles of this nature require law of copyright; but still, to use modification when they come to a now famous expression, there is be examined in detail. And as it some 'blundering and plunderwill be found that nobody has ing' which, for the sake of a not really so great an interest in land unimportant part of the commuas the owner of it, and that all nity, ought to be set right. The inproposed improvements should be defatigable manager of the Gaiety submitted to his judgment first, Theatre, Mr. John Hollingshead, so the products of brain-work, has taken the matter up, supwhich are the results of real hard ported by many of our most poputoil just as much as any crops, are lar authors, and we may be satisnot to be lightly made use of by fied that he is not the sort of man literary trespassers, without any to let a palpable grievance 'slide.'




say what

Nancy.' By Rhoda Broughton. pages we feel we are being told of R. Bentley & Sons.

no mere puppets evoked from the ‘Abel Drake's Wife.' By John writer's imagination, but of real Saunders. New edition. Henry S. flesh-and-blood people who have King & Co.

lived and loved and gone to their ' Cholera ; how to Avoid and rest like the myriads before Treat it.' By Henry Blanc, M.D. them. Henry S. King & Co.

The generality of writers little How Shall we Employ and know how much they lose by Amuse our Invalids?' By Harriet pandering to what they consider Power. Henry S. King & Co. the world's taste, and not daring

'In Strange Company.' By to be themselves and James Greenwood. Henry S. they think. So long as we copy King & Co.

one another what chance is there Feathers and Fairies.' Ву of our giving the public a fresh Hon. A. Bethell. Griffiths & sensation ? No one could accuse Farran.

Miss Broughton of copying; but 'Snowed Up.' By Emilia Mar she must be careful not to copy ryat Norris. Griffiths & Farran. herself too often. Already we

* Vignettes in Rhyme.' By begin to perceive a slight resemAustin Dobson. Henry S. King blance in her brusque, not always and Co.

pleasant, heroines, and her tho*Narcissus and other Poems. roughly British heroes. ‘Nancy' By L. Carpenter. llenry S. King (who is not half so finished a and Co.

picture, by the way, as

* Lenore' Thwarted.' By Florence Mont or 'Esther') is charmingly natural gomery. R. Bentley & Sons, in the first volume, falls off slight

· Wild Animals.' Illustrated ly in the second, and is so unlike by Joseph Wolf. Engraved by herself in the third that we can J. W. and Edward Whymper. hardly recognise in the woman

who lies to so little purpose and E have derived so much

suspects her husband's fidelity for pleasure from the perusal less, the frank, outspoken, daring of Miss Broughton's work, that we girl whom Sir Roger Tempest almost wish it were not our duty married. The story appears to to review it. Where so large a have been concluded in a hurrypart is good, seems ungracious the episode of Sir Roger and Mrs. to find fault with a little, and yet Huntley being by no means satisthere are blots in these volumes factorily cleared up;

the character that would have destroyed the of Zéphine herself very sketchy, labour of a less popular author. and the reader left quite in the Miss Broughton's novels have dark as to whether she was really taken a great hold on a certain the intriguante her flirtation with portion of the reading public. 'Algy' caused her to appear, or She is so naïve in her expressions ; the deserted and unhappy wife so frank and ingenuous in her Sir Roger seemed to think her. descriptions, and so thoroughly The lapses in grammar, too, are natural in her portraiture, that very frequent. This is an old whilst we glance through her fault of Miss Broughton's, but the

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but that better may be done. letterpress by Daniel Giraud Her first book was drawn after Elliot, F.L.S., F,Z.S. nature; we think for the two last In drawing, artistic design, enshe has trusted to imagination, graving, and general 'get up,' by no means so safe a master. this volume is a perfect picture. She had better stick to nature. The bold, graphic illustrations of

Joseph Wolf, the German LandWe have not space this month seer, have been done full justice to do more than notice that, to by the exquisite engraving of through the kindness of Messrs. Messrs. Whymper, and we hope to J. W. and Edward Whymper, we be able to allude to them more have received a copy of Wolf's particularly in our next issue.

Wild Animals,'a book containing Meanwhile we can imagine no twenty illustrations of the denizens more appropriate book for a of the forest, with appropriate Christmas or New Year's offering.

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