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or junction. This was wholly proach the subject, not in levity, accidental. A ball of twine is or to gratify an idle curiosity, but not an unlimited quantity, and with a view to investigate phejunctions must sometimes be made. nomena, the genuine character of Moreover, it was physically im- which candid mind could possible that Miss Cook could longer deny. have used her hands to break The theory of psychic force was the string or join it again, or considered, and objective cerebral that even if she had been per emanations were brought under refectly free and had stood upon view. More light was wanted, in a the chair, her face could have material, as well as a metaphorical reached the aperture through sense, and more light was obtained. which the others had been seen. As the phenomena became more

However, to leave no room for developed the faces stood a higher ill-natured suspicion, disingenuous degree of illumination. Katie argument, or acrid insinuations of then began, not only to show her want of good faith, it was proposed, hands but to use them. She at the following séance, to make put on gloves and rings, wrote another test. Miss Cook was tied notes rapidly and correctly, and as before, but with string of a allowed us to feel her hair, touch better description, that had been her face, and press her lips. carefully examined by all present. On one occasion she gave an She then took her seat in the explanation of the manner cabinet, and one of her curls was which she materialised herself. passed through a hole in the door She said she took more or less level with her head, and secured power from every person in the outside with a hair-pin turned at circle. right angles, so as to be visible to At a subsequent séance she was us all. In a few minutes after asked whether she would cut off wards the head and face of the and give us a piece of her headapparition appeared, and 'Katie,' dress, which resembled a sort of exclaimed, in a tone of jubilant turban of white cloth. “Yes,' she triumph, which those who heard said, 'give me a pair of scissors are not likely to forget—Now quickly. These were handed to am I the medium ?'

her, and we saw her distinctly cut A great variety of other tests off a piece of the substance about were afterwards, from time to time, twoinches square, which she handed applied, and other faces appeared. to me, and which is now in the Notably came one of a young girl possession of one of the gentlewho had a mark over the left eye, men present on that occasion. who looked sorrowfully at us, It has since been submitted to and in reply to our questions several well-known drapers, who vainly endeavoured to speak. The have failed to discover of what only sounds we could gather were, material it is composed. It is not 'I can't,' accompanied by a pecu- linen or calico, cambric or muslin. liar expression of sadness, and then It has not been found possible to the face disappeared.

match it, and when interrogated It now became evident that the on the subject, Messrs. Howell phenomena were in rapid course of and James, and another house of development. Miss Cook and her equally high repute, said, 'they family expressed themselves wil- supposed it must be Indian.' ling to give every assistance to The time had now arrived when those who really desired to ap it was deemed desirable to en

deavour, if possible, to obtain some and on two occasions (at one of more definite view of the appari- which I was present) she stood tion than could be gained through unflinchingly under this intense the aperture I have described. and tremendous glare, and several

With this end the doors of the photographs were taken of her cupboard were thrown open, and on glass. a shawl was improvised as a cur I am particularly desirous to tain and hung over the opening. mention these facts, as those who Katie had previously promised take upon themselves offhand to to show herself bodily, if possible, deny the existence of phenomena and she proved as good as her they have never witnessed, inword.

variably exclaim, Why are not The first séance for the full figure these wonderful manifestations was rather exciting, but not disap seen in the light ?' pointing. Miss Cook took her place The events to which I refer took as usual, but her hands were tied place in the winter and spring of and sealed, and as a further pre last year. I have notes of many caution, a broad white tape was of the séances, and can give partied round her waist and sealed. ticulars in reference to them which The end was then passed through it is unnecessary to dilate upon a brass eye screwed into the here. floor; again sealed (as were the When the summer came I had screws of the eye), and finally little time for further inquiry. trailed along the floor of the Miss Cook and her family left room in view of the whole circle. town, of course, as everybody did, In a very few minutes the but on her return, in October last, curtain was gradually pushed I received an invitation from my aside; then came a white, well friend Mr. Luxmoore, of 16, Gloufashioned arm, and then a little cester Square, Hyde Park, who has naked foot, and eventually the long taken a deep interest, as well full-sized figure of a female taller as a useful part, in the elucidation than the medium and more robust. of the phenomena, to be present at She was dressed in a white robe a séance at his house, with Miss with a double skirt. It was ga Cook as the medium. thered in at the waist, and the Having heard that there had portion over the chest was in been a few developing séances since what, I believe, are called plaits. the return of our interesting little On her head she wore a covering friend, I was anxious to ascertain very similar to that from which a what had been done. We asportion had been cut as described. sembled to the number of some She spoke to us in a whispered fourteen or fifteen persons in the voice and disappeared. Subse large front drawing-room of Mr. quently she again showed herself, Luxmoore's house. The night was but in no instance did she come out cold, and there was a bright fire of the cabinet. There was then on the hearth, and a moderator sufficient light to see her features lamp was burning, the wick of and observe her movements. which was turned down, but not

A few nights afterwards, she to such an extent as to prevent us was asked whether she could seeing clearly anything that might bear a magnesium light, and whe take place. The back drawingther she could stay long enough room was in perfect darkness. to be photographed under it. We examined it and locked the She said she thought she could, door. The furniture, which was

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of a heavy description, was pushed that do for you ? She remained back from the folding-doors to a on this occasion about an hour, distance of some ten or twelve feet. and at the expiration of that time The doors, which instead of being said, ‘My medium is in a very unon hinges slid out from the wall comfortable position : her head has in panel fashion were then partly fallen over the arm of the chair. drawn to, so as to leave an aper Let some one come and put her ture of about two feet and a half right.' wide by some twelve feet high, Who is to come ?' asked Mr. and in front of the opening thus Luxmoore. formed was hung a curtain. An • Oh! any one—but come at arm-chair was placed just behind once,' was the rejoinder. one half of the sliding panel I then ran through the opening, formed by the door, and Miss and found Miss Cook exactly as Cook, having been tied and other- described. I looked in vain for wise secured in the same manner the apparition in the snow-white as at home, took her seat in it. robes and naked feet. I neither

In a very few minutes the ac saw her nor heard her. Miss Cook customed voice of the apparition was in a deep trance. I moved her was heard speaking to the medium, into a more comfortable position, who subsequently gave a low moan and returned to the circle. Katie and went off into a deep trance. then reappeared, bidding us goodThe figure then appeared and night and calling each person by spoke to us, recognising several name. The duration of this séance of the circle and asking the names was one hour and five minutes. of one or two whom she did not Miss Cook has an opinion, which appear to know. She then went is shared by her friends and by back into the room, and returned those who have watched the proimmediately carrying a large china gress of the phenomena, that they bowl (one of two which had stood are capable of more ample deveon a round table several paces re lopment. If their genuine chamoved from the medium), and racter be admitted, then comes placed it on the carpet in the front the question, whether we have exroom. She afterwards brought out hausted the exact sciences, and the other bowl and some other whether limits have been set to ornamental objects. She carried on human knowledge? It is a bold a lively conversation for a consi- assertion for men of science to derable time, and when a hymn make that things do not occur, was sung, joined in, in a sweet, because they are contrary to what clear contralto voice somewhat dif- they conceive to be the laws of ferent from that of the medium. She nature and the quality of matter. allowed a lady who sat close to Many earnest minds and cultithe curtain to touch her, and she vated understandings are beput on a diamond ring which I ginning to be turned to the subhanded to her. This she after- ject; but into its more subtle wards dropped into one of the phases it would be out of place china bowls, observing that she for me here to enter. liked to look at gems, but had no I have carefully abstained from need of such things.

adducing collateral evidence to A Russian gentleman present show that there is reason to beasked her if she would turn round, lieve that there exists some intellion which she made a regular gent sentient external agency that, pirouette, observing, naïvely, 'Will under certain conditions, can com

municate with us. This would that occurred at one of Miss open too wide a field for philoso- Cook's séances last winter. On phical speculation in an article the occasion to which I refer I like the present. Therefore I shall was sitting close to the cabinet dismiss it, with the remark, that with my ear to the curtain, so all these varied branches of a sub that had the medium attempted ject, full of interest and full of to disengage her hands or to take mystery, have been subjected to off one garment and replace it by similar rigid tests and the same another I must have heard her. accurate investigation as I have I only refer to this to meet the endeavoured to describe with re objection of persons who say, gard to apparitions; and that no 'How do you know that the fraud or imposture has been de young lady did not get out of her tected.

ligatures and array herself in the I am not prepared by any means costume in which you saw the to say that all communications so-called apparition ?' My reply obtained through these sources is that it was simply impossible have been frank and truthful. My for her to make any movement of contention merely goes to this the kind without my knowledge. length: that the phenomena are The experiment can, however, genuine, but that their character easily be tried. Let any person depends, in great part, on that of get behind a curtain and take off the medium, and his or her sur a single garment-much less a roundings.

whole suit—and put on another, In the case of manifestations and the noise absolutely inseparwhen no medium is present, I able from the movement of the cannot offer any explanation. In body must be audibly heard by consistency is, in fact, one of the

any person with his ear at the leading characteristics of the ma other side of the curtain. On the nifestations. Thus, when there is occasion I refer to the medium reason to anticipate that they will

was perfectly motionless, and had be good, they are often the reverse been so for a considerable time. of satisfactory; while in cases The apparition then said, “Exwhere, owing to the state of the tinguish the light entirely. This atmosphere, want of sympathy in was done.

A sweet perfume then the circle, or other causes, failure became diffused over the room, might be expected, there has been and a strong light was a decided success, and even marked through the crevices of the curprogress. Were the intention to tain in the cabinet. The appadeceive, there need be no failures. rition then stepped out, holding The professional conjurer and prac in her hand a luminous body tiser of legerdemain can always about the size of a hen's egg. produce promised results. Not so The reflection from this substance with the phenomena called spiri- lighted up her face. tual manifestations. Nothing can sented exactly such a light as be promised ; and in the case of might be produced by placing a apparitions, the medium is the candle within an alabaster vase. only person who is unconscious of I asked whether I might touch it, their presence.

and obtained permission. It felt Before proceeding to refer to hard and polished — something the latest experiments which I like horn, and, as far as I could am enabled to record, I ought judge by touching it with the tips to mention a curious incident of the fingers of my right hand,

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was nearly spherical in form. door, having the F.R.S. on his It remained for about five left, and removed but a few feet minutes, and the figure advanced from where the medium into the room, extending the hand seated. The apparition came this that held the luminous substance, time wearing a thin white veil so that those in the circle farthest reaching down to the waist; no off might see it. The figure then one had ever before seen her returned behind the curtain, and similarly arrayed. Having talked the gas was turned on.

for some time on a variety of Other lights of a different kind subjects, she disappeared, and have frequently been observed at presently we heard her moving dark séances with Miss Cook. Pre the furniture about. She then viously to one of the latter being appeared again, rolling before her held, the young lady got into the in perambulator fashion a heavy cabinet, the doors of which were chair with a high straight back, afterwards locked, although the that stood in a recess of the back key was not removed; the light drawing-room. This she pushed was then extinguished, and in a into the room, and having fetched few minutes afterwards we heard a cushion for her feet, sat down the key turned in the lock, the amongst us. The F.R.S. watched doors were thrown open, and the her very narrowly, as it was his young lady was lifted out and duty to do; and having asked to almost flung into the middle of be allowed to touch her hand, she the room.

She stated that she at once consented, and he held it felt herself lifted up by the in his own for a second or two. shoulders and carried out, but He then examined the fingers to that she saw nothing. The per see whether one of them was cut sons present at the time were like that of the medium, but said seated at a table, and held each he was unable to trace any sign of other's hands, so that nobody could the cut, nor could we see the have moved and crossed the floor strapping. Having asked the to the cabinet without the know- apparition whether he might come ledge of the others. No footfall to Miss Cook's séances, she replied, was heard prior to the doors being 'Yes, whenever you like, except unlocked, neither was the medium to developing circles.' Presently entranced.

she asked for pencil and paper, On the 28th of October I was and having rapidly written an again invited to be present at a order to admit the applicant, séance at Mr. Luxmoore's, with laughingly threw it to him. I Miss Cook as the medium. On then reminded her of the uncomthis occasion a well known Fellow fortable position in which the of the Royal Society and a chemist medium had been placed a few of admitted ability formed one of nights before, and asked her what the circle. Miss Cook did not became of her (the apparition) appear to be very well. A few when I entered the room to place days previously she had cut her Miss Cook in an easier position. finger accidentally, and the maimed The answer she gave me was that digit was strapped up with court she could become invisible and plaster. Before she took her seat intangible at will. in the chair, the lamp (shaded Then how long do you take to somewhat) was placed on a table materialise yourself?' I asked. close to the curtain. Mr. Luxmoore • That,' she replied, 'depends took his usual seat by the sliding upon circumstances sometimes

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