Listening to the Whispers: Re-thinking Ethics in Healthcare

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University of Wisconsin Press, 30 трав. 2006 р. - 330 стор.

Listening to the Whispers gives voice to scholars in philosophy, medical anthropology, physical therapy, and nursing, helping readers re-think ethics across the disciplines in the context of today's healthcare system. Diverse voices, often unheard, challenge readers to enlarge the circle of their ethical concerns and look for hidden pathways toward new understandings of ethics. Essays range from a focus on the context of corporatization and managed care environments to a call for questioning the fundamental values of society as these values silently affect many others in healthcare. Each chapter is followed by a brief essay that highlights issues useful for scholarly research and classroom discussion. The conversations of interpretive research in healthcare contained in this volume encourage readers to re-think ethics in ways that will help to create an ethical healthcare system with a future of new possibilities.

Outstanding Academic Title, Choice Magazine

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Christine Sorrell Dinkins, Ph.D., is assistant professor of philosophy at Wofford College. Jeanne Merkle Sorrell, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, is professor in the College of Nursing and Health Science and Special Projects Coordinator in the Office of Healthcare Ethics at George Mason University.

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