A History and Description of New England, General and Local

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Сторінка 684 - Lo, the poor Indian, whose untutored mind Sees God in clouds, and hears Him in the wind...
Сторінка 726 - ... and they shall have all other powers necessary for the legislature of a free and sovereign state. But they shall have no power to add to, alter, abolish, or infringe any part of this constitution.
Сторінка 395 - ... from the northwest angle of Nova Scotia, viz., that angle which is formed by a line drawn due north from the source of St. Croix River to the highlands; along the said highlands which divide those rivers that empty themselves into the river St. Lawrence, from those which fall into the Atlantic Ocean, to the northwesternmost head of Connecticut River; thence down along the middle of that river to the forty-fifth degree of north latitude...
Сторінка 48 - In this march we passed over very good ground, pleasant and fertile, fit for pasture, for the space of some three miles, having but little wood, and that Oke like stands left in our pastures in England, good and great, fit timber for any use.
Сторінка 701 - If thou art worn and hard beset With sorrows, that thou wouldst forget, If thou wouldst read a lesson, that will keep Thy heart from fainting and thy soul from sleep, Go to the woods and hills! — No tears Dim the sweet look that Nature wears.
Сторінка 684 - By the way, among the rocks, there were two ponds, one a blackish water and the other reddish.
Сторінка 410 - A curse upon ye, white men. May the Great Spirit curse ye when he speaks in the clouds, and his words are fire! Chocorua had a son— and ye killed him while the sky looked bright! Lightning blast your crops!
Сторінка 17 - The march begins in military state, And nations on his eye suspended wait; Stern Famine guards the solitary coast, And Winter barricades the realms of Frost; He comes...
Сторінка 819 - I, Ethan Allen, declare that unless the people of Guilford peaceably submit to the authority of Vermont the town shall be made as desolate as were the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Сторінка 718 - 'in the name of the great Jehovah and of the continental congress.

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