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This Number closes the Third Volume of Harper's New MONTHLY MAGAZINE. In closing the Second Volume the Publishers referred to the distinguished success which had attended its establishment, as an incentive to further efforts to make it worthy the immense patronage it had received :—they refer with confidence to the Contents of the present Volume, for proof that their promise has been abundantly fulfilled.

The Magazine has reached its present enormous circulation, simply because it gives a greater amount of reading matter, of a higher quality, in better style, and at a cheaper price than any other periodical ever published. Knowing this to be the fact, the Publishers have spared, and will hereafter spare, no labor or expense which will increase the value and interest of the Magazine in all these respects. The outlay upon the present volume has been from five to ten thousand dollars more than that upon either of its predecessors. The best talent of the country has been engaged in writing and illustrating original articles for its pages :—its selections have been made from a wider field and with increased care ; its typographical appearance has been rendered still more elegant; and several new departments have been added to its original plan.

The Magazine now contains, regularly :

First. One or more original articles upon some topic of historical or national interest, written by some able and popular writer, and illustrated by from fifteen to thirty wood engravings, executed in the highest style of art.

Second. Copious selections from the current periodical literature of the day, with tales of the most distinguished authors, such as Dickens, BULWER, Lever, and others — chosen always for their literary merit, popular interest, and general utility.

Third. A Monthly Record of the events of the day, foreign and domestic, prepared with care and with the most perfect freedom from prejudice and partiality of every kind.

Fourth. Critical Notices of the Books of the Day, written with ability, candor, and spirit, and designed to give the public a clear and reliable estimate of the important works constantly issuing from the press.

Fifth. A Monthly Summary of European Intelligence, concerning books, authors, and whatever else has interest and importance for the cultivated reader.

Sixth. An Editor's Table, in which some of the leading topics of the day will be discussed with ability and independence.

Seventh. An Editor's Easy Chair or Drawer, which will be devoted to literary and general gossip, memoranda of the topics talked about in social circles, graphic sketches of the most interesting minor matters of the day, anecdotes of literary men, sentences of interest from papers not worth reprinting at length, and generally an agreeable and entertaining collection of literary miscellany.

The object of the Publishers is to combine the greatest possible VARIETY and INTEREST, with the greatest possible Utility. Special care will always be exercised in admitting nothing into the Magazine in the slightest degree offensive to the most sensitive delicacy; and there will be a steady aim to exert a healthy moral and intellectual influence, by the most attractive means.

For the very liberal patronage the Magazine has already received, and especially for the universally flattering commendations of the Press, the Publishers desire to express their cordial thanks, and to renew their assurances, that no effort shall be spared to render the work still more acceptable and useful, and still more worthy of the encouragement it has received.

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Adventure with a Grizzly Bear

101 | Editor's TABLE. Ally Somers.

610 The indestructibleness of the religious principle American Notabilities

834 in the human soul, 701. Night as represented by Anecdotes of Curran .


the Poets : Hoiner, Apollonius Rhodius, Virgil,

Byron, Job, 702. Pedantic fallacies on education, Anecdotes of Paginini..


703. Progression of Ancestry and Posterity, 704. Application of Electro-Magnetism to Rail- Westward course of empire, 851. Marriage : the way Transit

786 nuptial torch, woman's rights, divorces, 846. True Autobiography of a Sensitive Spirit. 479

Charity : St. Augustine thereupon, 848. Bear-Steak. 484

510 Blind Lovers of Chamouny..

Episode in the Life of John Rayner
Escape from a Mexican Quicksand

481 Bookworms.


Execution of Fieschi, Pepin, and Morey. 76 Bored Wells in Mississippi.

Fairy's Choice

800 Breton Wedding

Faquir's Curse

375 Brush with a Bison.

Fashions for June

143 Captain's Self-Devotion

Fashions for July.

287 Chapter on Giraffes..

Fashions for August

431 Coffee-Planting in Ceylon

Fashions for September

575 Conversation in a Stage Coach

Fashions for October.

719 Cricket

Fashions for November .

863 Convict's Tale

Feet-Washing in Munich

349 Daughter of Blood.

Floating Island ..

781 Deserted House..


Fortunes of the Reverend Caleb Ellison... 680 Eagle and Swan.


Francis's Life Boats and Life Cars. By
Eclipse in July, 1851

Јасов Аввотт..

161 Editor's DRAWER.

French Cottage Cookery.

369 Frenchman in London.

236 Preliminary ; Word-painting; Grandiloquence ; Memories of Childhood ; Good-nature, 282. EnGallop for Life..

802 glishman's independence; Parodies; Done twice; Hartley Coleridge.

334 Punctuation; Epitaph; Personification, 284. Small Highest House in Wåthendale.

521 courtesies ; Home California ; Grumblers ; Rachel Household of Sir Thomas More Baker, 421. Take physic, doctor; Moralizing ; Curiosity, 422. Sabbath morning; Pictures of

42, 183, 310, 498, 623, 757 Napoleon; Libraries ; Booing; Childlike temper; Hunter's Wife ..

388 Pretty spry, 423. The sea; Old Eben; Harvest Ice-Hill Party in Russia

66 time : Long Island ghosts. 571. Alleged lunatic; Incident during the Mutiny of 1797.

652 Musical elephant, 572. The Bible;

New use of a note of hand; The Ship of Death ; Taste in tomb. Incidents of Duelling..

630 stones ; Tennyson's Word-painting, 573. West- Incident of Indian Life

80 ern eloquence; John Bull of old; Interrupting Infirmities of Genius.

327 conversation, 575. Ollapod on October; The Vir- Joanna Baillie...

88 tues too cheap, 704. Charms of the incomprehen- Jeweled Watch..

96 sible; Harriet Martineau on love; The fire annihilator, 705. Originality; Eccentricities of Swift; Joe Smith and the Mormons.

64 The Iron Duke in Rhyme; On reminiscences, 706. Josephine at Malmaison

222 Taking an interest : Determination of the Will, Joys and Sorrows of Lumbering.

517 707. In France without French ; Mrs. Ramsbot.

685 tom; The Disbanded Volunteer, 851. Baron Von: Lamartine on the Restoration.. dullbrainz; Domestic Remedies; Dr. Johnson on Last days of the Emperor Alexander. 565 Scotland, 852. Hopeful Pupils ; Lord Timothy Last Priestess of Pele ...

354 Dexter; Adjutant-birds, 853. Dinner-giving; Keep cool; Peter Funk; Titles of songs; John Bull as

LEAVES FROM PUNCH. a beat-ee, 854.

Tired of the World ; Pleasure Trip of Messrs.

Robinson and Jones; A Perfect Wretch, 141. Editor's Easy CHAIR.

Facts and Comments by Mr. Punch ; Comparative Ex cathedrâ ; The commercial and romantic way Love; Taking the Census; Mysterious Machine, of telling a thing, 707. The winning loser, 708. 285. Experimental Philosophy ; The Interesting Equestrianism as a beautifyer, 709. Advent of Story; Elegant and Rational Costume for Hot autunn; Retrospective and prospective; Hard Weather; A Wet Day at a Country Inn; Scene times; The Arctic expedition, 819. Catherine at the Sea-Side; Affecting rather; Real EnjoyHayes; Madame Thillon; Mrs. Warner; Healy's ment; A Taste for the Beautiful; Singular Opii. Webster; The Art Union; Leutze's Washington cal Delusion; A most alarming Swelling; SunCrossing the Delaware; American clippers, 850. beams from Cucumbers ; Much Ado about No. French gossip; Borrel and his wife, 851. Albert thing; Little Lessons for Little Ladies, 425. Smith, 832.

Holding the Mirror up to Nature; A Bite; Much

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